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Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral

• There is no space more sacred or powerful than


• There is no being more spiritual than another

• There is no thing more divine than another

• There is no tool or technique that accelerates

the unfoldment of consciousness

• There is no truth that can be written, spoken, or

thought unless it is conceived and expressed
through the Language of Unity

• First Source transcends Wholeness

• All the fragments of philosophy, science, and

religion, even when unified, represent but a
fractional picture of reality

• The mysteries of your world will never be

understood through inquiries that are based in
the language of the mind

• Perfection is a concept of wholeness


• The conditions of peace, beauty, love, and security

are merely signposts to wholeness, as are their

• To live in the Wholeness Perspective is to value

all things as they are and to bear witness to the
unity of their expression
• No being requires knowledge other than their
unique Wholeness Perspective

• There is no hierarchy. There is only One That Is


• There is no model of existence outside of the

model of self-creation

• True Freedom is access to First Source

• A being cannot get closer to First Source than in

the existence of a moment

• The sovereign being and First Source are reality

• Having a physical body does not limit you, anymore

than having legs on an eagle prevents it from

• All conditions of existence are facets of the one

condition of the reality of unlimited self-creation

• There is no pathway to First Source

• Unfoldment, evolution, growth/decay cycles and

transformation are all bound to the same premise
of separation in linear time

• The hidden harmony is found with joy, while the

obvious brings indifference

• The farther you enter into the Truth the deeper

your conviction for truth must be

• There is understanding of the world precisely to

the degree that there is understanding of the
My Central Message
I convey this message to you whom I have stirred with the sound
of my voice. These words are my signature. You may bring your
doubt, your fear, your faith, or your courage; it matters not, for you
will be touched by the rhythm of my voice. It moves through you like
a beam of light that sweeps – if only for a moment – the darkness

I dwell in a frequency of light in which finite beings cannot uncover

me. If you search for me, you will fail. I am not found or discovered.
I am only realized in oneness, unity, and wholeness. It is the very
same oneness that you feel when you are interconnected with all of
life, for I am this and this alone. I am all of life. If you must search
for me, then practice the feeling of wholeness and unity.

In my deepest light I created you from my desire to understand

my universe. You are my emissaries. You are free to journey the
universe of universes as particles from my infinite womb with
destinies that you alone will write. I do not prescribe your journey or
your journey’s aim. I only accompany you. I do not pull you this way
or that, nor do I punish you when you stray from my heart. This I do
as an outcome of my belief in you.

You are the heirs of my light, which gave you form. It is my voice
that awakened you to individuality, but it will be your will that
awakens you to our unity. It is your desire to know me as your self
that brings you to my presence so perfectly hidden from your world. I
am behind everything that you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel,
and believe.

I live for your discovery of me. It is the highest expression of my

love for you, and while you search for my shadows in the stories of
your world, I, the indelible, invisible light, grow increasingly visible.
Imagine the furthest point in space – beneath a black portal, cast in
some distant galaxy, and then multiply this distance by the highest
numeric value you know. Congratulations, you have measured an
atom of my body.

Do you realize how I am unfathomable? I am not what you can

know, or see, or understand. I am outside comprehension. My
vastness makes me invisible and unavoidable. There is nowhere you
can be without me. My absence does not exist. It is this very nature

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that makes me unique. I am First Cause and Last Effect connected in
an undivided chain.

There is no supplication that stirs me. No prayer that invites me

further into your world unless it is attended with the feeling of unity
and wholeness. There is no temple or sacred object that touches me.
They do not, nor have they ever brought you closer to my
outstretched hand. My presence in your world is unalterable for I am
the sanctuary of both the cosmos and the one soul inside you.

I could awaken each of you in this very moment to our unity, but
there is a larger design – a more comprehensive vision – that places
you in the boundaries of time and the spatial dimensions of
separateness. This design requires a progression into my wholeness
that reacquaints you with our unity through the experience of
separation. Your awakening, while slow and sometimes painful, is
assured, and this you must trust above all else.

I am the ancestral father of all creation. I am a personality that

lives inside each of you as a vibration that emanates from all parts of
your existence. I reside in this dimension as your beacon. If you
follow this vibration, if you place it at the core of your journey, you
will contact my personality that lives beneath the particles of your

I am not to be feared or held in indifference. My presence is

immediate, tangible, and real. You are now in my presence. Hear my
words. You are in my presence. You are within me more than I am
within you. You are the veneer of my mind and heart, and yet you think
yourself the product of an ape. You are so much more than you realize.

Our union was, is, and will be forevermore. You are my blessed
offspring with whom I am intricately connected in means that you
cannot understand and therefore appreciate. You must suspend your
belief and disbelief in what you cannot sense, in exchange for your
knowing that I am real and live within you. This is my central
message to all my offspring. Hear it well, for in it you may find the
place in which I dwell.

* * * *

Excerpt from Chamber 23 – One of three written elements from

the body of work known as the WingMakers, ascribed to First

 1998-2001 WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved


The blueprint of exploration has an overarching intention; you are

not the recipients of divine labor and meticulous training only to ensure

that you may enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a purpose of

transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe

age. If I designed you to take you on an eternal excursion into nirvana, I

certainly would not construct your entire universe into one vast and

intricate training school, requisition a substantial branch of my creation

as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting you,

one by one, through this enormous universe school of experiential

learning. The furtherance of the system of human progression is cultivated

by my will for the explicit purpose to merge the human species with other

species from different universes.

As it is my nature to be seven-fold, there are seven universes that

comprise my body. Within each of these, a species of a particular DNA

template is cast forth and is nurtured by Source Intelligence to explore its

material universe. Each of these species is sent forth from the Central

Race into the universe that was created to unveil its potential and seed

vision. Your species will converge with six other species in a distant

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future that will reunite my body as the living extension of known creation.

While this may seem so distant as to have no relevance to your time, it is

vital for you to understand the scope of your purpose. You can think of

these seven species as the limbs of my body rejoined to enable me/us total

functionality within the grand universe. This is my purpose and therefore

your own as well.

Your freewill is not taken from you; it is merely united with my/our

own. In the deepest chamber of my existence issues the will to expand,

explore, unite, synthesize, and in so doing, reveal yet another layer of

my/our purpose. What is this purpose you ask? It is not expressible in a

language that you can now understand, but it is related to the concepts of

universe discovery and self-evolution. It is the expansion and synthesis of

cosmic experience.

The ascendant beings of time are converging to my central abode. All

are drawn to me for the purpose of my/our will to be expressed throughout

the grand universe in order to cast another grand universe, and to deepen

the skin of my/our personality. This is the hidden purpose of my/our will:

to create new worlds of experience that stimulate our continuing


 1998 — 2001, WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved

Without you I am unable to evolve. Without me, you are unable to

exist. This is our eternal bond. It was and is my desire to evolve that gave

you existence. We, collectively, are the conjoint vessel of creation and

exploration. We are the boldness of the uncharted journey and the

imaginative energy of the out-picturing of new realities. We are the image

of an ascending, infinite, expanding spiral that is created segment by

segment by itself. We are inseparable – each the window of the other.

My blessings to you who find these words and listen in the clearness

of your personality.

* * * *

Excerpt from Chamber 22 – One of three written elements from the body of

work known as the WingMakers, ascribed to First Source.

 1998 — 2001, WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved

My Central Revelation

Y o u e v o l v e i n w a r d s , e v e r i n t he d i r e c t i o n o f m y c r e a t o r s o u l .
T h is is t h e prov in ce of my self t h at does n ot in dw ell y ou , bu t in deed
is s e p a r a t e f r o m y o u a s t h e s t a r s a r e is o la t e d f r o m a d e e p c a v e .
T h is place is t h e sou r ce an d dest in y of y ou r ex ist en c e, an d f r om it ,
y o u d e s c e n d in t o t h e c a v e o f y o u r a n i m a l - o r i g i n s w h e r e m y v o i c e
falls silent to your choices.

M y p la n f o r y o u r a s c e n d a n c e e mb r a c e s e v e r y c r e a t u r e i n a l l
d i m e n s i o n s o f a l l w o r l d s . I d o t hi s b y d i v e s t i n g m y s e l f o f e v e r y
f u n c t io n t h a t is p o s s ib le f o r a n o t h e r o f m y c r e a t io n t o c a r r y o u t .
T h at w h ich I creat e is giv en t h e p o w e r t o p e r f o r m m y r o l e , t h u s I
a m h id d e n f r o m y o u r v ie w b e c a u s e y o u h a v e c o m e t o b e liev e t h a t I
am that which I have created.

I a m F i r s t S o u r c e , a n d y o u r k n o win g of me is a t h ou san d t imes

remov ed. I dw ell in t h e C en t ral Un iv erse so dist an t f r om y ou as t o
m a k e s p a c e a n u n f a t h o m a b l e a b s t r a c ti o n , a n d y e t , a f r a g m e n t o f m y
self is set w it h in y ou r person alit y lik e a diamon d u p on a rin g , an d it
w ill en du re as cert ain ly as I w ill en du re. Wh ile t h ere are t h ose w h o
b e liev e I a m a m y t h , I e x p r e s s t o y o u t h a t m y w o r ld is t h e b e a c o n
of all person alit ies in all t imes, an d w h et h er y ou believ e in me or
n o t , y o u a r e u n e r r in g ly d r a w n t o t he s o u r c e f r o m w h e n c e y o u w e r e

I w o u l d p r e f e r t o b e k n o w n t o y ou a t a l l t i m e s a n d p l a c e s , b u t i f
I d i d t h i s t h e n t h e e v o l u t i o n a r y j ou r n e y o f m y c r e a t io n w o u ld b r e a k
d o w n , a n d t h e t e a c h e r - s t u d e n t o r d e r in g o f m y s y s t e m o f a s c e n d a n c y
would falter. I have cast myself into numberless orders of beings
t h a t c o llec t iv e ly c o n s t it u t e t h e e v o lu t ion a r y b r id g e o f y o u r
ascendancy into my realm. There is no step of your journey that
a n o t h e r h a s n o t a lr e a d y t a k e n o n b e h a lf o f t h o s e w h o f o llow .
I h a v e f o r m e d t h e s e w o r d s w it h t h e h e lp o f m y in m o s t
c r e a t io n , k n o w n t o y o u , t h r o u g h t h e s e t e a c h in g s , a s t h e C e n t r a l
R a c e . T h e i r r e c o r d i s p l a c e d u p o n y o u r p la n e t t o c a t a ly z e – w it h in
those of your kind who are ready – an awakening of me as I truly
am. T h is record w ill last f or man y gen erat ion s, somet imes h idden
f r o m v i e w , s o m e t i m e s a b s t r a c t e d i nt o s y m b o l s , s o m e t i m e s c o l l e c t e d
in t o dou b t , bu t alw a y s it w ill be my v oice rev ealed u p on y ou r

W h ile it is n o t t h e f ir s t t im e I h a v e s p o k e n t o y o u r p la n e t ’ s
p e o p le, it is t h e f ir s t t im e I h a v e s p o k e n t h r o u g h m y in m o s t
creat ion an d lef t an in delible, mu lt i- dimen s ion al record. On t h e
s u r f a c e o f t h i s r e c o r d i s a m y t h o lo g y o f t h e C e n t r a l R a c e , b u t i f y o u
f in d my v oice w it h in t h is my t h ology , y ou w ill see an ot h er f acet t o
t h is r e c o r d , o f a p e r s o n a l in f le c t io n , t h a t s p e a k s d ir e c t ly t o y o u , m y
ch ild. It is t h is in t imacy t h at I h av e en coded in t o t h is record t h at is
s y m b o lic o f m y h a n d r e a c h in g f o r y o u r s , a n d it is t h is in t im a c y t h a t
w ill persist w it h in y ou r min d an d h eart w h en all else f ails y ou .

M y v oice w ill h elp y ou recon n ect w it h me. It w ill en large y ou r

v ision of my domain , pu rpose, an d my u n y ieldin g lov e f or each of
m y c r e a t i o n , n o m a t t e r w h e r e o r h ow y o u l i v e . W h e n I h a v e s p o k e n
bef ore t o y ou r plan et , it w as t h rou g h a prism of person alit ies t h at
ben t my v oice an d colored it s t on e. M y min d ’ s v oice w ill n ot t r av el
t o y o u r w o r ld u n le s s it is t r a ns m it t e d t h r o u g h m y c r e a t io n a n d
t r a n s la t e d in t o w o r d - s y m b o ls y o u r m in d c a n g r a s p . M y h e a r t ’ s v o ic e
p e n e t r a t e s a ll w o r ld s w it h o u t t r a n s la t i o n a s a s u b - p h ot on ic ligh t an d
in t e r - d im e n s ion a l v ib r a t ion t h a t p r o d u c e s s o u n d .

I am rev ealed t o y ou in h opes t h at y ou w ill rev eal t o ot h ers

w h a t y o u h a v e f o u n d in m e . N ot b y s a n c t i m o n i o u s w o r d s , b u t
rat h er, by redef in in g ou r relat ion sh ip an d liv in g in accordan ce w it h
t h is n ew clarit y . In so doin g y ou w ill release w h at I h av e lon g ago
s t o r e d w it h in y o u – a f r a g m e n t o f m y s e lf , a d a g g e r o f lig h t t h a t
r e n d e r s y o u r s e lf - im p o r t an c e a d e c i s i v e d e a t h .
T r u ly , t h is is my cen t ral rev elat io n . I a m h e r e , b e n e a t h t h is
m y t h o lo g y , t o a w a k e n y o u r a n ima l s e lf t o o u r r e lat io n s h ip s o y o u
m a y s la y y o u r v a n it y . T h is is t h e d is t o r t io n b e t w e e n u s . I t is n o t
s p a c e o r t im e t h a t s e p a r a t e s u s a n d d i m i n i s h e s o u r c o n s c i o u s
relat ion sh ip. It is y ou r desire t o ex cel w it h in t h e cav e of y ou r
ex ist en c e an d deriv e grat if icat ion f r om t h is an d t h is alon e.

I w ill leav e t o ot h ers t o def in e t h e psy c h ological w isdom an d

common sense behaviors of success. My words penetrate elsewhere;
t o a place w it h in y ou t h at is su scept ible, in n ocen t , f ait h f u l, an d ev er
lis t e n in g f o r a t o n a l h in t o f m y p r e sen ce. Wh en it is f ou n d , t h is part
of y ou – lik e an in st ru men t en t r ain ed by a pow erf u l reson a n c e – w ill
vibrate in accordance to my voice.

All of y ou r religion s t each t h e w orsh ip of a deit y an d a doct rin e

o f h u m a n s a lv a t ion . I t is t h e u n d e r ly in g k in s h ip o f y o u r p la n e t ’ s
religion s . How ev er, I am n ot t h e deit y t h at y ou r w orsh ip f a lls u p on ,
n o r a m I t h e c r e a t o r o f y o u r d o c tr in e s o f h u m a n s a lv a t ion . W o r s h ip
o f m e in c o in o r m o r a l c o n s id e ra t ion is u n n e c e s s a r y . S im p ly e x p r e s s
y o u r a u t h e n t i c f e e l i n g s o f a p p r e ciat io n t o m y in m o s t p r e s e n c e
w it h in y ou an d ot h ers, an d y ou broadcast y ou r w orsh ip u n f ailin gly
into my realm.

T h is is t h e f eelin g t h at y ou sh ou ld s e e k t o p r e s e r v e i n t h e f a c e
of lif e’ s dist ract ion s . T h is is t h e rev elat ion of my h eart t o y ou r
h e a r t . L iv e in c la r it y . L iv e in p u r p o s e . L iv e in t h e k n o w led g e t h a t
y o u a r e i n m e a n d I a m i n y o u , a nd t h a t t h e r e i s n o p l a c e s e p a r a t e
from our heart.

* * * *

Excerpt from Chamber 23 – One of three written elements from

t h e b o d y o f w o rk k no w n a s t h e W ing M a k e rs , a s c rib e d t o F irs t
Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral
WingMakers’ Philosophy: Chamber One

The entity model of expression is designed to explore new fields of vibration through
biological instruments and transform through this process of discovery to a new level of
understanding and expression as a Sovereign Integral. The Sovereign Integral is the fullest
expression of the entity model within the time-space universes, and most closely exemplifies
Source Intelligence's capabilities therein. It is also the natural state of existence of the entity
that has transformed beyond the evolution/saviorship model of existence and has removed itself
from the controlling aspects of the Hierarchy through the complete activation of its embedded
Source Codes. This is the level of capability that was “seeded” within the entity model of
expression when it was initially conceived by First Source. All entities within the time-space
universes are in various stages of the transformational experience and each are destined to
achieve the Sovereign Integral level as their Source Codes become fully activated.

The transformational experience is the realization that the entity model of expression is
capable of direct access to Source Intelligence information, and that the information of First
Source is discovered within the entity level of the Sovereign Integral. In other words, the human
instrument, complete with its biological, emotional, and mental capabilities, is not the repository
of the entity's Source Codes. Nor is the human instrument able to reach out and gather in this
liberating information – this glorious freedom to access All That Is. It is the entity that is both
the harbor of, and instrument of access to, the Source Coding activation that permits the
transformational experience to manifest through the integration of the human instrument and
the sovereign entity.

The transformational experience consists of the realization that perceived reality is Source
Reality personified in the form of individual preferences. Thus, Source Reality and sovereign
reality become inseparable as the wind and air. This confluence is realized only through the
transformational experience, which is unlike anything known within the time-space universes.

There have been those upon terra-earth who have experienced a shallow breath of wind
from this powerful tempest. Some have called it ascension; others have attributed names like
illumination, vision, enlightenment, nirvana, and cosmic consciousness. While these experiences
are profound in human standards, they are only the initial stirrings of the Sovereign Integral, as
it becomes increasingly adept at touching and awakening the remote edges of its existence.
What most species define as the ultimate bliss is merely the impression of the Sovereign
Integral whispering to its outposts of form and nudging them to look within to their roots of
existence and unite with this formless and limitless intelligence that pervades all.

The transformational experience is far beyond the calibration of the human drama much
like the stars in the sky are beyond the touch of terra-earth. You can observe the stars with

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your human eyes, but you will never touch them with your human hands. Similarly, you can
dimly foresee the transformational experience with the human instrument, but you cannot
experience it through the human instrument. It is only accessed through the wholeness of the
entity, for it is only in wholeness that the Source Codes and their residual effects of Source
Reality perception can exist. And truly, this wholeness is only obtained when the individual
consciousness is separated from time and is able to view its existence in timelessness.

Nevertheless, the human instrument is critical in facilitating the transformational

experience and causing it to trigger – like a metamorphosis – the integration of the formful
identities into the Sovereign Integral. This is the next stage of perception and expression for the
entity model, and it is activated when the entity designs its reality from life principles that are
symbolic of Source Reality, as opposed to the reality of an external source that is bound to the
evolution/saviorship model of existence.

These life principles are Source Intelligence templates of creation. They are designed to
create reality from the perspective of the Sovereign Integral and hasten its manifestation within
the fields of vibration that has thus far repelled it. They are principles that construct
opportunities for the integration of the entity's formless and formful identities. They are bridges
that the human instrument – with all of its componentry intact – can experience the Sovereign
Integral perception of wholeness.

As the human instrument becomes increasingly responsive to Source Intelligence it will

gravitate to life principles that symbolically express the formative principles of prime creation.
There are wide ranges of expressions that can induce the transformational experience of the
Sovereign Integral and liberate the entity from time-space conditioning and external controls.
Inasmuch as the expression can vary, the intent of the expression is quite narrowly defined as
the intent to expand into a state of integration whereby the human instrument becomes
increasingly aligned with the Sovereign Integral perspective.

There are three particular life principles that accelerate the transformational experience
and help to align the human instrument with the Sovereign Integral perspective. They are:

1) Universe relationship through gratitude

2) Observance of Source in all things

3) Nuturence of life

When the individual applies these principles, their life experience reveals a deeper meaning
to its apparently random events – both in the universal and personal contexts.

Universe Relationship through Gratitude

This is the principle that the Universe of Wholeness represents a collective intelligence that

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can be personalized as a single Universal Entity. Thus, in this model of inference, there are only
two entities in the entire cosmos: the individual entity and the Universal Entity. Inasmuch as the
individual is impressionable and constantly changing to adapt to new information, so is the
Universal Entity, which is a dynamic and living template of potential energies and experiences
that are coherent and as knowable as a friend's personality and behavior.

The Universal Entity is responsive to the individual and its perceptions and expressions. It
is like a composite omni-personality that is imbued with Source Intelligence and responds to the
perceptions of the individual like a pool of water mirrors the image that overshadows it.
Everyone in a human instrument is indeed, at their innermost core, a sovereign entity that can
transform the human instrument into an instrument of the Sovereign Integral. However, this
transformation is dependent on whether the individual chooses to project an image of a
Sovereign Integral upon the "mirror" of the Universal Entity, or project a lesser image that is a
distortion of its true state of being.

The principle of universe relationship through gratitude is primarily concerned with

consciously designing one's self image through an appreciation of the Universal Entity's
supportive "mirror". In other words, the Universal Entity is a partner in shaping reality's
expression in one's life. Reality is an internal process of creation that is utterly free of external
controls and conditions if the individual projects a sovereign image upon the mirror of the
Universal Entity.

This process is an interchange of supportive energy from the individual to the Universal
Entity, and this energy is best applied through an appreciation of how perfect and exacting the
interchange occurs in every moment of life. If the individual is aware (or at least interested in
having the awareness) of how perfect the Universal Entity supports the individual's sovereign
reality, there is a powerful and natural sense of gratitude that flows from the individual to the
Universal Entity. It is this wellspring of gratitude that opens the channel of support from the
Universal Entity to the individual and establishes a collaboration of purpose to transform the
human instrument into an expression of the Sovereign Integral.

It is principally gratitude – which translates to an appreciation of how the inter-relationship

of the individual and the Universal Entity operates – that opens the human instrument to its
connection to the sovereign entity and its eventual transformation into the Sovereign Integral
state of perception and expression. The relationship of the individual with the Universal Entity is
essential to cultivate and nurture, because it, more than anything else, determines how
accepting the individual is to life's myriad forms and manifestations.

When the individual accepts changes in sovereign reality as the shifting persona of the
Universal Entity, they live in greater harmony with life itself. Life becomes an exchange of
energy between the individual and the Universal Entity that is allowed to play out without
judgment and experienced without fear. This is the underlying meaning of unconditional love: to
experience life in all its manifestations as a single, unified intelligence that responds perfectly to
the projected image of the human instrument.

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It is for this reason that when the human instrument projects gratitude to the Universal
Entity, regardless of circumstance or condition, life becomes increasingly supportive in opening
the human instrument to activate its Source Codes and live life within the framework of the
synthesis model of expression. The feeling of gratitude coupled with the mental concept of
appreciation is expressed like an invisible message in all directions and at all times. In this
particular context, gratitude to the Universal Entity is the overarching motive behind all forms of
expression that the human instrument aspires to.

Every breath, every word, every touch, every thought, every thing is centered on
expressing this sense of gratitude. A gratitude that the individual is sovereign and supported by
a Universal Entity that expresses itself through all forms and manifestations of intelligence with
the sole objective of creating the ideal reality to activate the individual's Source Codes and
transform the human instrument and entity in to the Sovereign Integral. It is this specific form
of gratitude that accelerates the activation of the Source Codes and their peculiar ability to
integrate the disparate componentry of the human instrument and the entity, and transform
them to the state of perception and expression of the Sovereign Integral.

Time is the only factor that distorts this otherwise clear connection between the individual
and Universal Entity. Time intervenes and creates pockets of despair, hopelessness, and
abandonment. However, it is these very “pockets” that often activate the Source Codes of the
entity and establish a more intimate and harmonious relationship with the Universal Entity. Time
establishes separation of experience, and the perceived discontinuity of reality, which in turn
creates doubt in the Universal Entity’s system of fairness and overarching purpose. The result
creates fear that the universe is not a mirror, but rather a chaotic, whimsical energy.

When the human instrument is aligned with the Sovereign Integral and lives from this
perspective as a developing reality, it attracts a natural state of harmony. This does not
necessarily mean that the human instrument is without problems or discomforts, rather it
signifies a perception that there is an integral purpose in what life reveals. In other words,
natural harmony perceives that life experience is meaningful to the extent you are aligned with
the Sovereign Integral, and that your personal reality must flow from this strata of the
multidimensional universe in order to create lasting joy and inner peace.

Gratitude is a critical facet of love that opens the human instrument to acknowledge the
role of the Universal Entity and redefine its purpose as a supportive extension of sovereign
reality, rather than the whimsical outreach of fate or the exacting reaction of a mechanical,
detached universe. Establishing a relationship with the Universal Entity through the outflow of
gratitude also attracts life experience that is transformative. Experience that is richly devoted to
uncovering life's deepest meaning and most formative purpose.

Observance of Source in All Things

This is the principle that First Source is present in all realities through all manifestations of
energy. IT is interwoven in all things like a mosaic whose pieces adhere to the same wall, and

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are thus, unified. However, it is not the picture that unifies the mosaic, but the wall upon which
its pieces adhere. Similarly, First Source paints a picture so diverse and apparently unrelated
that there appears to be no unification. Yet it is not the outward manifestations that unify, it is
the inward center of energy upon which the pieces of diversity are layered that unifies all

This centerpiece of energy is the collective storehouse of all life in all fields of vibration
within the Universe of Wholeness. It is First Source who divests ITSELF in all forms through the
projection of ITS Source Intelligence in to all fragments of life. Thus, Source Intelligence –
acting as an extension of First Source – is the unifying energy that is the "wall" upon which all
the pieces of life's mosaic adhere. Life flows from one energy Source that links all to All and one
to One.

Observance of Source in All Things is the principle that all manifestations of life convey an
expression of First Source. It does not matter how far the unifying energy has been distorted or
perverted; the Source can be observed. It is the action of perceiving the unification of energy
even when the outward manifestations appear random, distorted, unrelated, or chaotic.

When all manifestations of life are genuinely perceived as fragmentary expressions of First
Source, the vibration of equality that underlies all life-forms becomes perceptible to the human
instrument. Life initially emerges as an extension of Source Reality, and then, as an individuated
energy frequency invested within a form. It vibrates, in its pure, timeless state, precisely the
same for all manifestations of life. This is the common ground that all life shares. This is the
tone-vibration of equality that can be observed within all life forms that unifies all expressions of
diversity to the foundation of existence known as First Source. If an individual is able to look
upon any form of life with the outlook of equality, then they are observing Source in all things.

While this may seem like an abstract concept, it is actualized through the practice of
looking for the outward and inward manifestations of First Source. In a very real sense, the
individual expects to observe the workings of Source Intelligence in every facet of their
experience. It is the unassailable expectation that everything is in its rightful position,
performing its optimal function, and serving its purpose to activate the fullest expression of its
life in the present moment. It is the outlook that all life is in a state of optimal realization and
experience regardless of condition or circumstance. It is the perception that life is perfect in its
expression because it flows from perfection, and that no matter how divergent its
manifestations are, life is an extension of Source Reality.

In light of the obvious turmoil and apparent destruction that accompanies life on terra-
earth, this is an outlook or perception that seems naive. How can life – in all its forms and
expressions – be perceived as optimal or perfect? This is the great paradox of life, and it cannot
be reconciled with the human instrument's mental or emotional capabilities. It can only be
understood in the context of the entity, which is deathless, limitless, timeless, and sovereign.
Paradoxes exist because the human drama is too limited in scope and scale to allow a
perception of wholeness to intervene and illuminate how the pieces of the puzzle are unified in

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perfect relation.

The dimensions of time and space and the elements of energy and matter circumscribe the
human drama. It is played out upon the stages of survival and dysfunctional behavior because
of the Hierarchy's methods of controlling information and manipulating conditions. The entity
within the human instrument is largely unexpressed and under-utilized in the human drama,
and therefore, life's apparent perversions and imperfections are seen in isolation as
impediments to perfection rather than perfection itself.

Life is perfect in its resolve to expand and express an intelligence that is limitless. This is
the fundamental purpose of life in all its diverse manifestations, and this is the presence of First
Source – expressing ITSELF as a vibration of equality – that can be observed in all things.
Sensory input derived from the human instrument is limited to frequencies in specific ranges
that only convey an echo of this Source vibration. The true frequency is understood through
deliberate and focused contemplation of equality inherent in all things, and the ability to
penetrate beyond the picture of a thing to the origin of the picture.

These insights require a new sensory system beyond the five-senses that rule the human
world in your time. These new senses are the outgrowth of the Source Code activation, and
represent the first stage of the transformation experience. With this new perceptual ability, the
human instrument will be capable of sensing not only the presence of First Source, but also the
timeless essence within all life that is individualized and uniquely separate from First Source.

Calling forth the perceptions of the entity within the human instrument is the ideal method
to access a lasting sensitivity to the Source vibration. This is how an individual can develop the
ability to observe Source in all things. It is not only that First Source is within every individual
manifestation of energy, but is also the wholeness of life itself. Thus, the principle requires an
observance of Source in all ITS diverse forms of manifestation, as well as in the wholeness of

Nurturence of Life

Life, in this definition, is an individual's sovereign reality. It is subjective and

impressionable to the human instrument. Life is the wholeness of experience flowing past the
individual's field of perception in the dimension of nowness. There is never a closure to life or
final chapter written. It is eternal, but not in the abstract sense of never ending or beginning,
but rather in the real sense that life is ever expanding in order to express Source Intelligence in
all fields of vibration within the Universe of Wholeness.

The nurturence of life is the principle that an individual is in alignment with the natural
expansion of intelligence inherent within all life. This is an alignment that enhances the life-
energy that flows past the individual with the clear intent of gentle support. It is the action of
identifying the highest motive in all energy forms and supporting the flow of this energy towards
its ultimate expression. In so doing, the action is performed without judgment, analysis, or

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attachment to outcome. It is simply nurturing the energy that flows from all manifestations and
supporting its expression of life.

This is a departure from the normal perception that nurturing support can only be granted
when energy is in alignment with personal will. However, when the individual can view life as an
integrated energy flowing in the expression of expanding intelligence, life is honored as an
extension of First Source. In this context, there is no energy that is misdirected or unworthy of
support and nurturence. While this may seem contrary to the evidence of abusive energy upon
terra-earth, even energy that is laden with "evil intent" is nevertheless energy that is flowing
outward in search of a higher expression.

All forms of energy can be nurtured and supported to their highest expression, and this is
the fundamental action of this principle. It requires the ability to perceive the causal motive and
ultimate expression of life-energy as it passes through the individual's sovereign reality. Energy
is an element of life that is so subtly interwoven with form that it is one; in much the same
manner as space and time are inextricably linked in union. Energy is a motive. It is intelligent
beyond the mind's ability to reason. While it is a force that can be subject to human applications
that deny its highest expression, energy is always imbuing life with the motive to expand and

Life-energy is always in a state of becoming. It is never static or regressive in its natural

state. The human instrument is very capable of nurturing this natural expansion of energy to
forge new channels of expression and experience. In fact, it is the primary purpose of the
human instrument to expand the life-energy that encircles its sovereign reality within physical
existence and transform it to new levels of expression that more accurately reflect the
perspective of the Sovereign Integral.

There are many specific actions that can be taken to nurture life. Each entity is, in a sense,
programmed within its Source Codes to transmute energy through a tremendous variety of
means. Working through the human instrument, the entity is able to collect and store energy
within the human instrument and re-direct its purpose or application. The transmutation of
energy can occur on either the personal or universal levels of expression. That is, within the
sovereign reality of an individual, energy can be transmuted to conform to a vision of personal
welfare, or aligned with a vision of universal welfare and goodwill.

One of the best methods to transmute energy is through one's belief system. All beliefs
have energy systems that act like birthing chambers for the manifestation of the belief. Within
these energy systems are currents that direct life experience. The human instrument is aware of
these currents either consciously or unconsciously, and allows them to carry it into the realm of
experience that exemplifies its true belief system.

By cultivating beliefs that expand and transform energy, the human instrument is able to
engage energy systems that are nurturing to life in all its myriad forms. When beliefs are clearly
defined as preferred states of being, the energy system is engaged in nowness – not in some
future time. Now. The energy system becomes inseparable from the human instrument and

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woven into its spirit like a thread of light. Clarity of belief is essential to engaging the energy
system of the belief, and allowing the nurturence of life to prevail in all activities.

So again, the nurturence of life is critical to both personal and universal realities within the
Universe of Wholeness which contains all the fields of vibration that are interlinked like threads
of an infinitely expanding fabric. Thus, as the individual awakens to their creative power to
transmute energy and enhance it with the clear intent of gentle support, they become
transmitters of Source Reality and architects of the synthesis model of existence.

Through the ongoing application of these life principles, Source Intelligence increasingly
becomes the identity of the entity, and the entity becomes the identity of the human
instrument. Thus, identity is transformed, and in the wake of this transformation, the Sovereign
Integral unifies the human instrument with the entity, and the entity with Source Intelligence. It
is this unification and shifts of identity that is the explicit purpose in expressing the life principles
of the Sovereign Integral. If there is any other intention or objective these principles will remain
misunderstood and their catalytic powers dormant.

It is the perspective of the Sovereign Integral that all life is pure love in its fullest
expression, and that in this single concept, all life is conceived and forever exists. This becomes
the core belief from which all other beliefs arise, and by their extension, one's belief system
emerges with a clear intent of supporting this fundamental perspective; of nurturing, observing,
and appreciating the Universe of Wholeness as the cradle from which all life is created, evolves,
and ultimately acknowledges.

These life principles are merely symbols represented in words and served to the human
instrument as a potential recipe to stir awake the embers of light that tirelessly burn within.
There are no specific techniques or rituals that are required to invoke the power of these
principles. They are simply perspectives. In a real sense, they are intentions that attract
experience that expand consciousness. They do not provide quick fixes or instant realizations.
They are amplifiers of personal will and intention that clarify how one lives. Their transformative
power is contained exclusively in the intent of their application.

Through these life principles of the Sovereign Integral, the individual can become a master
of unlimiting the Self. Boundaries are set, veils are pulled down, and one's light is subdued,
simply because external, hierarchical controls create fear of the unknown and mystical practices
of a sovereign being. In these life principles, if they are truly applied with proper intent, are the
tools to accelerate the emergence of the Sovereign Integral and feel its perspective, its insights,
and its empowered abilities to create new realities and shape them as learning adventures that
liberate and expand consciousness. This is the underlying purpose of the principles and perhaps
the best reason to explore them.

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The Shifting Models of Existence
WingMakers’ Philosophy: Chamber Two

The consciousness of the Sovereign Integral is the destination that beckons the human
instrument inward into the reality of First Source. In all of the wanderings of the human
consciousness from Source Reality, it has eliminated the compelling features of Source Reality
through the application of the logical mind and the persistent belief in the language of limitation
that flows from the external controls of the hierarchy.
Source Reality, hidden behind language, has gradually become "illuminated" by the
prophets of your world, and has thus, taken on the image of language, rather than the
expression of its compelling features. Language is the purveyor of limitation. It is the pawn of
tyranny and entrapment. Virtually all entities within the time-space universe desire to preserve
a dependence upon a hierarchy that stretches between the individual and the compelling
features of Source Reality. It is the hierarchy that utilizes language as a form of structural
limitation, though in relative terms, it can appear to be liberating and empowering.
Source Reality is the dwelling place of First Source, and it dances outside of the constructs
of any language. It is complete within itself, and has a singular purpose of demonstrating the
collective potential of all species within the Universe of Wholeness. It is the archetype of
perfection. It is the standard bearer of each entity's innate design and ultimate destiny. ITS
essence is so far beyond conception that the human instrument's tendency is to resort to the
language of externals – and ultimately the hierarchy – to define Source Reality.
The hierarchy, through the purveyance of an evolution/saviorship model of existence, has
attempted to guide the development of all entities throughout the Universe of Wholeness. The
connection between the individual and the Source is subtly undermined through the layers of
language, belief system manipulation, and ritual controls designed by the hierarchy to intervene
between the spiritual essence of entities and their source, First Source.
Each individual must know them self to be free of all forms of external reliance. This is not
to imply that one should not trust others or band together in alliances of friendship and
community. It is simply a warning that relative truth is constantly shifting in the hands of those
who desire to control, and even though their motives may be of good will, it is still a form of
control. When the hierarchy withholds information, the interpretive centers for relative truth are
positioned to acquire and maintain power rather than dispensing the empowerment of Source
There are so many layers of relative truth that if you listen to the language of externals,
you will most likely abandon your own power in favor of the proclamation of language.
Language is seductive to the ego's drive for power and control, as well as the mind's inclination
to surrender to, and believe in, the language of externals. It can lure the unsuspecting into
believing images and ideas – real or imagined – for the sake of holding individuals in bondage to
a lesser truth, or keep individuals supporting the hierarchy when it no longer serves a purpose.
The time is fast approaching when the veils of control at all levels of the hierarchy will be
rendered obsolete by entities who are destined to pull down the veils and allow sovereign power

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to prevail over hierarchical power.
There are entities that have woven their future existence with terra-earth and are destined
to demonstrate the truth of Source equality among all entities at all levels of expression. It will
become the fundamental purpose of the hierarchy to slowly remove these barriers to equality in
such a way that the hierarchy appears to be the savior of consciousness rather than the guard
of consciousness. There are those present who will ensure that the curtain falls swiftly for those
who are ready to be equal with their Source; are willing to skirt the hierarchy's tangled
pathways; and embrace their divinity as sovereign expressions of Source Reality.
The hierarchy represents diverse interests, perceptions of reality, and motives of action. It
is this diversity that causes the hierarchy to become ineffective in leading individuals to their
equal status with First Source. However, this diversity is also what permits the hierarchy to
attract and initially awaken such a breadth of individuals to their spiritual energies and intuitive
centers. Nevertheless, the hierarchy has trapped itself in diversity and vested specialization that
prevents it from evolving from an arduous ladder of evolution to a joyous river of Light that is
aligned with the purpose of empowering entities to Source equality.
The saviorship concept results from the feelings of inadequacy that constantly surge within
the mass consciousness of humanity through the genetic mind. These feelings are related to the
fragmentation of the human instrument and its inability – while fragmented – to fully grasp its
wholeness perspective and reach into its divine origins and accept itself as equal with First
Source. Thus ensues the seemingly endless search to be saved from the inadequacy and
insecurity that result from the fragmentation of the human instrument.
The motive to evolve consciousness derives from the feeling of being less than whole. And
in particular, the feeling of being disconnected from First Source due to imperfect judgment
caused by the fragmentation of the human instrument. It is through these feelings that the
fragmentation perpetuates itself for the entire species and is passed into the genetic mind,
which is the shared foundation of the human instrument. The genetic mind of the human species
is the single most powerful component of the hierarchy and it is formed by the very conditions
of the human instrument living in a three-dimensional, five-sensory context that is all-
When the entity initially enters a human instrument at birth, it is immediately fragmented
into a physical, emotional, and mental spectrum of perception and expression. From that day
forward the entity is carefully conditioned to adapt into, and navigate within, the three-
dimensional, five-sensory context of terra-earth. In effect, the entity purposely fragments its
consciousness in order to experience separation from wholeness.
In this state of separation, the entity has handicapped itself for the purpose of new
experience and a deeper understanding of the Primal Blueprint or grand vision of First Source.
Through this deeper understanding, the entity can, through the human instrument, transform
the three-dimensional context into a self-aware, integrated component of the Universe of
Wholeness. This magnificent and purposeful endeavor produces the urge within the human
instrument to seek out its wholeness and re-experience its divine connection to First Source.
This search, in large measure, is the fuel that drives the individual to seek out and explore
the evolution/saviorship model of existence. It provides the individual with the motivation to
seek help and guidance from a specific subgroup of the hierarchy, and in so doing, develop a

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sense of belonging and unity. It is this very same sense of belonging and unity that helps to
catalyze a growing awareness of the underlying union between the human instrument, the
Entity Consciousness, the Universe of Wholeness, Source Intelligence, and First Source.
This is why the evolution/saviorship model is so critical as a component to the Grand
Experiment. It is the stage whereby the human instrument develops a sense of unity and
belonging. A sense of relationship to some grand and encompassing vision. This is why the
hierarchy nurtures saviors. It is also why the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity are
developed and nurtured by the hierarchy. It actually hastens the unification of humanity, which
in turn, will hasten and lead to the unification of humanity with the Universe of Wholeness.
Spiritual leaders are able to peer deeply beneath the surface reality of life and experience
how intricately connected every life form is, and how this composite of life is intelligent far
beyond the human instrument's capability to both perceive and express. It is because of this
condition that spiritual leaders can only interpret reality through their personal abilities to
perceive and express life's dimensional depth and limitless intelligence. No one is able to
articulate life's dimensional depth and breadth with the tools of language. They can only, at
best, describe their interpretation or their impressions.
Every human is able, in varying degrees, to peer beneath the surface reality of life and
perceive and express their personal interpretations of the Universe of Wholeness. They require
only the time and intention to develop their own interpretations. And this is precisely what all
the great spiritual leaders have taught. Life's deeper meaning is not an absolute to be
experienced by the chosen few, but an evolving, dynamic intelligence that wears as many faces
as there are life forms. No life form or species has the exclusive portal into the Universe of
Wholeness in which First Source expresses ITSELF in all ITS majesty. The portal is shared with
all because First Source is within all things.
The great spiritual leaders of terra-earth have all, in their own way, interpreted the
Universe of Wholeness and humanity's role therein. In so doing, their interpretations, because
they were articulated with authority and depth of insight, became a target of debate among
various subgroups of the hierarchy. This debate and inquiry process creates a polarity of belief.
A sympathetic constituency will emerge to defend and embellish their particular leader's
interpretation, while everyone else will hold it in contempt of previously held beliefs.
This peculiar method of creating a religion that is fixated on a savior's or prophet's
interpretation of the Universe of Wholeness is unique to a species that is exploring the
evolution/saviorship model of existence. The spiritual leaders that are recognized as great
prophets or saviors have produced a vision of the Universe of Wholeness beyond what was
currently defined by the hierarchy. They created a new portal into the Universe of Wholeness
and were willing to share their vision at the expense of debate and probable ridicule.
These men and women were the gateways for humanity to explore new facets of itself. To
engage a part of its oversoul or universal consciousness that was essential at that particular
time in its evolutionary cycle. But the leader's interpretations too often become interpreted by
the followers who desire to create a religion or sect, and the vision quietly recedes into the
hands of the hierarchy where it becomes de-vitalized by the very fact that it is connected to a
massive structure that both protects and promotes it.
First Source is connected to individuals not organizations. Thus, the hierarchy is

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unconnected to the Source in a vital and dynamic way. The hierarchy is more connected to its
own collective desire to help, to serve, to perform a function that allows the use of power to
drive toward the vision of its leaders. In itself, this is not wrong or misguided. It is all part of the
Primal Blueprint that orchestrates the unfoldment of consciousness from Prime Source to entity,
and entity to Collective Source. This is the spiral of integration that breeds wholeness and
cascading beauty within Source Intelligence.
What the hierarchy has loosely labeled as Spirit comes as close as any word to the symbol
of Source Intelligence. Source Intelligence inhabits all fields of vibration as an extension of the
Source. It is the emissary of First Source that interweaves with the hierarchy as its counter-
balance. Source Intelligence is the factor of integrity and alignment, which ensures that the
hierarchy is serving its purpose within the Primal Blueprint. Source Intelligence is, in effect, the
"scientist" who oversees the Grand Experiment and establishes the criteria, selects the
variables, monitors the results, and evaluates the alternative outcomes in the laboratory of time
and space.
The Grand Experiment is the ongoing transformation and expansion of Source Intelligence
through all entities in all dimensions of existence. It is the purpose of the Grand Experiment to
test alternative models of existence to determine, with some certainty, the model that is best
able to unify consciousness without impinging on the sovereignty of the entity and First Source.
The Grand Experiment is composed of many distinct stages that interlink, leading to the Great
Mystery. Most of these different stages are being simultaneously played out within the time-
space universe in order to prepare the universe for the impending expansion of Source Reality
into all dimensions of existence.
In the case of terra-earth, this is the stage of existence that promotes the clear connection
of individual consciousness to the compelling features of Source Reality without the intervention
of a hierarchy of any kind. This is when the fables and myths of history step into the light and
become known as they truly are and have been. This is the time when language will be
transmuted into a new form of communication that exhibits the compelling features of Source
Reality in an artistry of energy and vibration that break down all barriers of control.
It is time to recognize that the hierarchy extends throughout the cosmos to the very
borders of discovery. It has branches that extend from every star system, every known
dimension; and virtually all life forms are "leaves" of this vast cosmological tree. This constitutes
the grand indoctrination of species, spirits, planets, and stars as they each evolve through the
branches of the tree. Thus, the hierarchy is an assemblage of externals that desire to invest
their energies in support of a sub-group that has nested somewhere within the greatest of all
structures – the hierarchy. Service is the operational motive of the hierarchy, and in most cases,
this translates into the concept of saviorship and the teacher/student ordering of the universe.
The hierarchy is composed of all entities of all motives that have linked their energies into
sub-groups. These sub-groups are independent branches of the vast, cosmological tree that
encompasses all things outside of Source Reality. The roots of the tree are bound in the soil of
genetic memory and subconscious instincts. At the base of the tree the first branches sprout
and they are the oldest, representing the native religions of the species. The middle branches
are the orthodox religions and institutions, while the upper branches represent the
contemporary belief systems that are newly emerging throughout the universe. The whole tree,

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in this definition, is the hierarchy, and its seed was initially conceived, planted, and nurtured by
Source Intelligence for the purpose of stimulating the Grand Experiment.
This is the experiment of transformation verses evolution. Evolution is the arduous and
ongoing process of shifting positions within the hierarchy – always assessing your present
position in relation to a new one that beckons you. Transformation is simply the recognition that
there are accelerated pathways that bypass the hierarchy leading to sovereign mastership
rather than interdependent saviorship, and that these new pathways can be accessed through
direct experience of the equality tone-vibration that is present within all entities.
This tone vibration is not what is more commonly referred to as the music of the spheres
or the vibration of spirit moving through the universe in resonance to Source intention. It is a
vibration that holds together the three principles of the transformational experience: Universe
relationship through gratitude, observance of Source in all things, and the nurturance of life. The
application of these life-principles in a specific equation of conduct de-couples an entity from the
controlling elements of the hierarchy.
How can the hierarchy act in the role of an interpretive center of truth without
manipulating entities, and thus, obscuring their free will? The Grand Experiment was designed
with free will as its primary method of obtaining authentic information that can be used to
expand Source Reality to all dimensions of existence. Free will is the thread of authenticity that
imbues value in the various tests within the Grand Experiment. The hierarchy or any other
external structure never jeopardizes free will. Only the entity can choose their reality, and this is
the fundamental principle of free will.
Free will is not obscured simply because an entity is presented with alternative realities or
relative truths that delay its realization of Source equality. It is the choice of the entity to invest
itself in external accounts of reality instead of delving within its own resources and creating a
reality that is sovereign. The value of free will is always expanding as you move towards
sovereignty, and in like manner, is always diminishing as you move towards external
dependence. The choice between sovereignty or external dependence is the basis of free will,
and there is no structure or external source that can eliminate this basic choice. It is an inward
choice that, regardless of outward circumstance, is incapable of being denied by anything
The Universe of Wholeness encompasses all dimensions (including Source Reality), and
therefore, all realities are contained therein. In this incomprehensible diversity, each entity is
provided a structure that defines their free will in terms of its relation Source Reality. Each of
these structures varies in latitude of choice, but each is connected into the superstructure of the
hierarchy. The structureless reality of Source Reality is where free will was initially conceived,
and when the principle expanded into the time-space universe as the thread of authenticity, it
became increasingly dependent upon the entity's recognition of its wholeness in relation to
Source Intelligence.
If the entity was fragmented into its component parts, its comprehension of free will was
limited to that which the hierarchy circumscribed. If the entity is a conscious collective, realizing
its sovereign wholeness, the principle of free will was a form of structure that was unnecessary,
like a fire in a summer’s day. When entities are unknowing of their wholeness, structure will
occur as a form of self-imposed security. Through this ongoing development of a structured and

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ordered universe, entities defined their borders – their limits – through the expression of their
insecurity. They gradually became pieces of their wholeness, and like shards of glass from a
beautiful vase they bear little resemblance to their aggregate beauty.
If you were to perceive the origin of your existence, you would undoubtedly see how vast
the entity is. If you could pierce through the veils that cover your destiny, you would
understand how much vaster you will become. Between these two points of existence – origin
and destiny – the entity is always the vibrant container of Source Intelligence. It has willingly
allowed itself to explore the time-space universes as an outpost of First Source. Therefore, while
the hierarchy may obscure the entity's comprehension of its wholeness, it is the entity who has
surrendered, by choice, to listen to the language of limitation, the proclamations of externals,
and become seduced by the model of evolution/saviorship.
Why has the hierarchy not provided the alternative model of transformation/
mastership and enabled the entity to make a choice, and in so doing, truly exercise its free will?
It is because the hierarchy, like most entities, is not aware of its wholeness. Its fragments, or
subgroups, are completely devoted to boundaries. Where there are boundaries that define and
limit, there is also structure. Where there is deeply ingrained structure there is a pervasive
belief that transformation is impossible. Naturally, the time-space universe conforms to the
matrix of belief projection, and the very concept of transformation is removed from the
hierarchy's reality.
Thus, the hierarchy is unable to even conceptualize the model of
transformation/mastership with any precision, let alone inform the entity that alternatives exist
which issue from Source Intelligence. The hierarchy is not responsible for this condition, each
entity is. The dominant model of Source Intelligence is primal. It existed before the hierarchy. It
is the entity that has chosen to explore the hierarchy's model of existence for the purpose of
participating in the Grand Experiment and assisting in the emergence of the synthesis model of
existence. The hierarchy is quite benign as a manipulative force, and merely represents a key
ingredient to the recipe of wholeness that is transforming the entity to reach beyond its role as
a vibrant container of Source Intelligence, and become the bridgeway in the expansion of
Source Reality into the time-space universes.
There is an ancient belief, born of the hierarchy, that the time-space universes will ascend
into Source Reality and the human instrument of love will accompany this ascension process.
However, it is Source Reality that is expanding to encompass the time-space universes with the
purpose of aligning all entities to the synthesis model of existence. Source Intelligence is
stripping away the veils that hide the true meaning of the entity model of expression in the
time-space universes. When this occurs, the entity will possess Source equality in all dimensions
and fields of vibration, and its componentry will be united for the full expression of its sovereign
This transformation of the entity is the pathway into wholeness and the recognition that
the entity model of expression is a composite of forms and the formless that is unified in one
energy, one consciousness. When the fragments are aligned and inter-connected, the entity
becomes the instrument that facilitates Source Reality expansion. Thus, the entity does not
ascend from the time-space universes, but rather coalesces into a state of wholeness whereby
its sovereign expression can assist in the expansion, or in a different context, the descent, of

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Source Reality into the time-space universes.
Ascension is often construed as the natural outcome of evolution. That all planetary
systems and species are evolving to the point where they ascend from limitation, and that
eventually, the time-space universes will somehow fold into Source Reality and cease to exist as
fields of vibration. It is actually quite the opposite. Source Reality is descending. It is inclusive of
all things, and it is the Source intention to expand, not retreat. The entity transforms to
wholeness within the cradle of the time-space universe, and, in so doing, becomes the
accessory of Source Reality's intention to expand.
Can you see the perfection of this Primal Blueprint? Can you feel the shifting of the matrix
from which your reality is cast? Can you not also understand that you, the human instrument,
consist of a componentry that is individuated as a single point of pure energy, yet live in many
places on many dimensions simultaneously? Only within the entity is the place of transformation
discovered, where the formless Self can enter and commune with its various outposts of form.
The formless is the Eternal Watcher who lives behind the veil of form and comprehension, and
draws forth the wisdom of time from the well of planets. It is the point of origination from
whence Source Intelligence flows.
The Eternal Watcher is the only real interpretive center for the entity. It is the only stable
guidance system that can propel the entity to its wholeness. Thus, the entity is composed of
both the formless identity of Source Intelligence and the formful identity of densified energy.
While the formless is one, the formful is divested in many fragments of expression that isolate
its consciousness as islands of perception and expression. This condition results in the entity's
denial of its vast and glorious nature of existence.
In the human instrument, the entity, for the most part, is silent and unmoving. It appears
like a fleeting whisper of gladness that touches you like a mountain wind. It is quiet like a deep
ocean. Yet, the entity is coming forward into the time-space universe as a harbinger of Source
Reality expansion. It is beginning to make itself known as it truly is. Many feel the shadow of
their entity as it approaches. They consign all forms of definition to this "shadow", seldom
believing it to be the torchbearer of their total selfhood. Here is where all the vows of
faithfulness, all the ceremonies of love, and all the feelings of hope should be centered and
given over to the sovereign entity that we each are.
The primary reason that the hierarchy's model of evolution/saviorship is so compelling is
because the entity has become fragmented in how it perceives its total selfhood. The Eternal
Watcher that lives through the human instrument is illusive to the time-space conditioned mind,
yet it is the mind that attempts to reach out and touch this subtle vibration of Source equality
that is forever kindled by Source Intelligence. However, the mind is too conditioned and
disempowered to realize the total scope of the entity that exists beyond the shadows of
intuition. It is for this reason that the species is exploring the evolution/saviorship model of
existence. They have little or no conception of their wholeness, and require a savior and the
acclimation process of evolution, to bring them security and happiness.
It is a natural condition of an evolving species to have a desire, implanted by the
hierarchy, to be saved and to be a savior. This condition results in the teacher/student ordering
of the universe, and it is a building block of evolution and the very essence of the hierarchy's
structural existence. While some species resort to the drama of survival to catalyze their

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evolutionary progress, other species resort to the drama of being saved and being a savior. The
saviorship drama is an expression of sovereign entities that are preoccupied with the
evolutionary process, and it is not confined to a religious context, but indeed applies to all facets
of one's life.
As there are relative truths, there are relative freedoms. If you are evolving through the
hierarchical process you gain an ever-increasing sense of freedom, yet you are still controlled by
the vibration of externals through languages, thought forms, frequencies of color and sound,
and the seemingly indelible artifacts of the genetic mind. Each of these elements can cause the
human instrument to rely upon the hierarchy as it overlays a sense of inequality between you
and your Source. The underlying equation of the evolutionary process is human instrument +
Hierarchy = God connection. In the case of the transformational process, it is Entity + Source
Intelligence = Prime Source equality.
Source Intelligence, though it generally manifests as the vibration of equality, is subject to
the will of First Source, and as the Source intention changes through the various stages of the
Grand Experiment, Source Intelligence is also changing its form of manifestation. This change is
occurring now within the worlds of time and space because First Source is beginning to set the
stage for the integration of the two primary models of existence (evolution/saviorship and
transformation/mastership) within the Grand Experiment.
The time has come to integrate the dominant model of the hierarchy (evolution/saviorship)
with the dominant model of Source Intelligence (transformation/mastership). This integration
can only be achieved at the level of the entity. It cannot occur within the context of a human
instrument or an aspect of the hierarchy. Only the entity – the wholeness of inter-dimensional
sovereignty imbued with Source Intelligence – can facilitate and fully experience the integration
of these two models of existence.
This form of integration occurs when the entity fully explores the two models and develops
a synthesis model that positions saviorship as an internal role of the entity to "save" itself, and
not rely upon externals to perform this liberating task. This act of self-sufficiency begins to
integrate the saviorship idea with the mastership realization. The next step is to integrate the
time-based incremental progress of the evolutionary model with the realization-based
acceptance of the transformation model. This is done when the entity is thoroughly convinced
that experience and utilization of its wholeness can only occur when it is completely detached
from the various structures of the hierarchy.
While the entity assumes its role of personal liberation, it does not mean that the hierarchy
is to be shunned or avoided. The hierarchy is a wondrous instrument. It is symbolic of the body
of First Source, enabling IT to submerge within the time-space universes similar to how the
human instrument allows the entity to function outside of Source Reality. The hierarchy is a
vehicle of transformation even when it acts to suppress information and keep species in
obedience to its controlling hand. It is part of the ancient formula that prepares a new universe
for the synthesis model of existence and membership in the Universe of Wholeness.
The combination of self-saviorship and detachment from the hierarchy initiates the
synthesis model into manifestation. The synthesis model is the next outcome of the Grand
Experiment, and in certain vibrational fields of the multidimensional universe, there are entities
who are indeed experiencing this stage of the experiment as forerunners of the entity model of

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Source individuation.
These entities are specifically designed to transmit this future experience into
communication symbols and life principles that facilitate the bridging of the two models of
existence. Beyond the initial design and construction of these "bridges", these entities will
remain largely unknown. If they were to do anything more, they would rapidly become a fixture
of the hierarchy and their missions would become compromised.
These Sovereign Entities are not present in the time-space universe to be formal teachers.
They are present to be catalysts and designers. They are present to ensure that Source
Intelligence is allowed to balance the dominant force of the hierarchy and its model of
evolution/saviorship. They will not create a new belief system. Instead, they will focus on
developing new communication symbols through various art forms that facilitate the entity's
detachment from the controlling aspects of the hierarchy. The Sovereign Entities will also
demonstrate the natural ease of interweaving the two primary strands of existence into a
synthesis model.
In the advancing epoch of human development, entities will collectively design new
pathways beyond the synthesis model of existence so that a new hierarchy can be constructed
that is fashioned from Source Intelligence information. This new hierarchy will be cast from the
knowledge gained from the Grand Experiments of the time-space universes, and the cosmic
cycle will regenerate itself into a new field of vibration and existence. This new model of
existence resists definition, and word-symbols are completely inadequate to describe even the
shadowy outlines of this new form of existence that is emerging from out of the synthesis model
in your future time.
The WingMakers are Sovereign Entities who will be transforming time-space universes
from ladders of consciousness to inclusions of Source Reality. In other words, Source Reality will
be extended into time-space universes, and all life forms therein will experience this extension
through a new hierarchical structure that is completely aligned with Source Intelligence. What
some call "heaven on earth" is merely an echo-realization of this impending future time. What is
truly bearing down on the time-space universes is the expansion of Source Reality through the
accessibility of Source Intelligence information to all entities regardless of form or structure.
When this accessibility is complete and the Source Coding is fully activated, all entities will
be part of a new cosmological structure. This new structure will invoke the next model of
existence, which is already being developed within Source Reality by Source Intelligence and the
Sovereign Entities. What is being activated now upon this time-space universe is the initial
preparations for these shifts in the models of existence. More specifically, upon terra-earth,
these models of existence will be simultaneously played out over the next epoch of time. As
always, it will be the choice of the entity as to which model they embrace as reality.
These various models of existence will generally occur in a pre-determined sequence, but
not necessarily in a pre-determined timeframe. The sequence of Source Reality expansion is:
Source Intelligence creation of new fields of vibration; the ongoing development of an entity
constructed hierarchy to act as the superstructure of the new creation; the emergence from the
hierarchy of a dominant model of existence, in this case, the evolution/saviorship model; the
introduction of the Source Intelligence model of existence, in this case, the transformation/
mastership model; the intermixing of these two models to form a synthesis model of Source

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equality; and finally, Source Reality expansion to the inclusion of all dimensions and entities.
When this sequencing of the Primal Blueprint is achieved, the process, with all that has
been learned by Source Intelligence, will be reconfigured and a new element of the Primal
Blueprint will be revealed that is unknown at this stage even by Source Intelligence. The time
required to fulfill the complete cycle is undetermined, but it is reasonable to expect that its
completion is yet so distant in time that to attach measurement is simply a feeble attempt at
estimating the unknowable.
Let there be no mistake, however, that the fulfillment of the Primal Blueprint is indeed the
direction all entities are traveling. While entities of all levels are bestowed free will within their
own realities, they are not, as aspects of Source Reality, given free will to choose their ultimate
destiny. The origin of entities is Source Intelligence, and it is Source Intelligence that
determines destiny as well as origin. Still, entities are provided tremendous latitude of choices
to propel themselves from origin to destiny and re-emerge into an expanded version of Source
Reality with a renewed vision of their identity.
All of the highest imaginings of the human instrument are yet unaware of the deepest
foundation of the Primal Blueprint. They have sought the upper reaches of the building, and
remain unaware of the foundation's design. It is here, at the very bottom of existence that First
Source is bursting forth with ITS energy and is retreating with ITS equality of sovereign
mastership. It is here that equality is realized, not in the lofty places of relative truth lodged in
the hierarchy, but in the deepest part of the foundational plan of life's origins and destiny,
where time rejoins itself into timelessness. The origin and destiny of existence is the tone of
equality in life. Listen for this tone – this frequency of vibration – and follow it back into the very
foundation from whence all things arise and return.
This frequency of the tone-vibration of equality is only heard with the seventh sense by the
entity who is enveloped in a human instrument. The seventh sense can be developed by the
time capsules’ and will lead certain entities to their innermost or core expression. The core
expression is what activates the seventh sense. Thus, before one can hear the tone-vibration of
equality, they must gain access to their core expression. There is encoded in each of the time
capsules, a system of languages that can lead the individual to their core expression. It is
hidden because it is so powerful. And we will only lead the worthy to this power.
Consider these words as symbols only. Remember that language is a tool of limitation.
Feeling is an antidote of limitation that permits the human instrument to leap over the
boundaries of the logical mind and witness first hand the wordless power of collective energy
individuated. Feel the truth that stands behind the symbols, and tap into this energy-force that
reaches out for you. Know it as a tone-vibration – a resonance that waits for you around every
corner in which your life will turn. It is the beacon of the Source Vibration gathering itself into
the form of language in order to usher you to the place from which you can experience the
formless tone of equality. The bypass of limitation. The Primal Language of Source Intelligence
that bestows to you the freedom to generate your deepest beauty in the expression of the
highest truth.

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The Blueprint of Exploration
WingMakers’ Philosophy: Chamber Three

First Source created a blueprint of exploration to redefine itself and beget purpose to the
multiverse and all existence therein. The purpose of this system is to explore the worlds of
creation and evolve the ability of the individuated consciousness to acquire and express wisdom.
Each individuated consciousness is a fragment of the beautiful mosaic that depicts the personage
of First Source. The blueprint of exploration organizes these disparate fragments and adjoins
them in their proper place to restore the wholeness of First Source – reconfigured to achieve the
creation, inhabitation, and transformation of yet another universe.

Throughout the cosmos there is life – the expression of First Source in individuated form.
These are the divine fragments that are always in the process of separating to experience
individual expression of self, and congealing to experience universal expression of First Source.
We are born from the very womb of the cosmos, and it is here that all will return in time. It
matters not when or how. It only matters why.

The distance of this womb from your earth is near infinite, and yet, so close that it would
make your heart quiver if you knew the reach of your imagination. In the very beginning of your
existence, as a formless consciousness, you chose to experience individual expression and
separate from your Source. And when you chose the three-dimensional world as your platform
of experience, you embarked into the world of time in which you would encounter every
conceivable obstacle and challenge to your restoration of oneness with your Creator.

This blueprint of exploration is the underlying foundation of the cosmos and it consists of
five basic stages of experience as it relates to the individual consciousness.

I. The Creation of the Entity Consciousness.

From out of the spirit-essence of Source Intelligence, flowing from First Source, each of
you is born. As particles of light leavened by Source Intelligence to arise and secure individual
consciousness, you are born an immortal entity that shares the essence of First Source in non-
time and non-space. This is the Entity consciousness that is imbued with the Wholeness
Navigator that permits the Entity to separate from First Source into individuality, but remain
guided by Source Intelligence.

The entity is the highest state of consciousness, dwelling in a state of total awareness of all
lesser instruments or bodies, which feed it experience and insight. The entity consciousness is
the infallible observer of experience and synthesizer of insight. In all respects, it is a miniature of
First Source, lacking only the experiential relationship with time and space that develops its
sense of empowerment to act independently of First Source.

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It is precisely this sense of independence that the birth of the entity begets. It is the
central part of the blueprint of exploration because without this sense of independence,
exploration of the cosmos and its various fields of vibration would be limited to the perception of
First Source, peering through the lens of Source Intelligence. By definition it is a single
dimensional perception, and therefore, an incomplete exploration. First Source decreed this
exploration as a result of its creation of the multiverse, and when it was created, First Source
summoned itself in the form of light particles and cast these particles into separation.

The first of these creations was bestowed an individual identity through the use of a
physical instrument known as a light body. The density of this body was sufficient to block the
separated particles from First Source’s dominant reality. In doing so, the particles became
autonomous explorers and quickly populated the innermost realms of the Universe of
Wholeness. However, they never ventured into the outer realms of creation where the density of
vibration decelerated time to such an extent that exploration in bodies was impossible, owing to
the great distance.

These initial entities understood that their existence held a very specific purpose, which
was to construct a vehicle for the newly created entity consciousness to inhabit so the
individuated spirit-form could enter the most remote sections of the multiverse and explore,
experience, and learn from them. This would be similar to constructing a deep-sea diving suit
that permits a diver to explore the sea bottom. First Source, working through Source
Intelligence, could perceive the outermost realms of creation, but it was unable to experience
them and, therefore, acquire wisdom about the very things First Source created.

WingMakers were the first creations that housed the entity consciousness. We are the
architects and designers of the human instrument in all of its various forms throughout the
multiverse. The human species is not unique in the multiverse. There are many variations on
other planets within your known universe. Nearly all of you have experience in these other
realms of the universe, but you are not able to translate these experiences to your conscious
mind. Even so, as First Source birthed the entity consciousness, the WingMakers created the
instruments of exploration that enabled this newly formed consciousness to explore the dense
vibratory realms of the outermost creation.

Because the vibratory rate of the physical universe is decelerated to such an extent that
particles solidify into clusters of objects, time decelerates into sequential frames of perception,
allowing the entity consciousness to explore multiple worlds simultaneously. This enables one
entity to explore hundreds, if not thousands, of worlds in a single frame of time. This creates the
perception – albeit dimly felt by most of you – that you have lived before and that you will live

In reality, if you are within a human instrument, you are immortal light consciousness
gathered from the same substance as First Source. You were born of this substance, and you
will never die from it. It is not possible to discard or revoke this most pure of vibrations that is
your core identity. Deep inside of you there is no doubt of this truth. There is only the question

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of why you were individuated.

II. The Individual of Time and Genetic Density

The entity is driven by its very nature to explore creation. This is the core identity of First
Source, and it was bestowed upon all of its creations like a genetic trait is passed from a parent
to its child. This primal instinct instructs the entity to submerge into the realms of creation for
the purposes of exploration, without the attendant anticipation of achievement or conquest.

This form of exploration is not simply to discover new geographies or physical states of
existence. More importantly, it is to discover new emotional states of perception that enhances
the collective wisdom of First Source. Exploration begets wisdom. This is the practical
perspective of the entity consciousness, and it is precisely this innate quality that compels the
entity to descend into time and density.

The entity consciousness is aware of its connection to First Source through Source
Intelligence. It is also aware of the opportunity to take its pure-state vibration into other
dimensions of time and space through the instruments that have been created by the
WingMakers. Through these instruments, or bodies, as you might think of them, the entity can
explore decelerated vibratory states like your planet.

When the entity takes on the light body, it is still essentially formless. It’s identity, while
separate from First Source, is not separate from other entities within the light body. Thus, it is
not yet cast into individuality. This stage occurs only when the light body moves into an
instrument of genetic density. What your scientists’ call DNA is the instrument created by the
WingMakers that permits the light body to explore the multiverse and acquire the individuated
state of separation from First Source and its particles of light consciousness that we call the

The vast conditions of creaturehood beckon the light body to don an instrument and
follow its instincts to explore. The moment this is done, the entity becomes aware of itself as an
individual. However, this individuality is not overwhelming, nor is it feared. It is simply a new
sense of independence; the microcosm of self-learning begins to bloom.

Contrary to your religious instructions, there is no accompanying punishment that follows

the state of independence. The entity is not punished for its choice of explorations, otherwise the
state of independence would be impossible to achieve. It is only through this state of
independence or freewill that the entity can achieve a unique perspective. If the boundaries
were prescribed too narrowly, and the entity was punished or allowed to accumulate sin each
time it strayed, it would become more of an automaton than an explorer.

Without authentic exploration within the worlds of creation, the value of the experience for
both the entity and First Source is greatly diminished. Just as a newborn human expresses its
energy in the awkward movements of its limbs, the new entity expresses its energy in the
awkward decisions of its exploratory path. These decisions include every conceivable movement

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into darkness that can be imagined, and it is because of this that the entity develops its

III. The Acquisition of Experience through Separation

When the entity becomes unique, it can acquire experience and insight that is unique. And
this is the precious cargo that the entity was designed to transmit to First Source. Individuality
and independence were the gifts bestowed to the entity, and unique insight was the gift
returned. This is how the multiverse is designed, and the blueprint of exploration is indifferent to
the nature of the instrument, its outward appearance, its usefulness to a given species, or its
contributions to the world from which it was born. The only objective worth expressing is that
the entity secured for itself, and provided to First Source, a unique perspective during its sojourn
into time and genetic density.

When the entity functions within a human instrument it remains attuned to First Source,
but the mind learns to identify with its instrument of exploration, and seldom achieves a
sustainable impression of the entity’s pure-state vibration. However, this vibration is always
remembered by the entity consciousness and expressed within the three-dimensional realm
through the sense of equality and shared purpose that all entities possess.

The human instrument, when it is donned by the entity, becomes a dominant reality in
which the entity’s observational stage is cast. It is very similar to a pilot who enters a plane and
begins to fixate on the control panels. The entity can operate effectively within a wide range of
one to approximately one thousand dominant realities – each occurring in sequential time
simultaneously. As a consequence, the entity is able to both accelerate and balance its learning
across a broad range of experiential platforms.

We understand that the concept of simultaneous experiential learning platforms is a

concept that pulls against every three-dimensional fiber in your bodies and minds, but it is the
true way in which you were designed. WingMakers have produced not less than one hundred
thousand variations of the human instrument – all structured around the same DNA template
and each scattered across the seven physical universes of our multiverse. When you read these
words, you are operating in tens, if not hundreds, of simultaneous realities throughout the
multiverse, but only the entity is able to perceive these realities.

When the entity moves into independence, it initially operates in one dominant reality and
gradually becomes adept at processing multiple data streams from multiple instruments.
Remember that the entity is first and foremost within a light body, and that this light body is
without structure, as you know it. It is both a point fixed in time and space, and a consciousness
that is omnipresent. The human instrument was designed to have an aperture that focuses this
omnipresent consciousness into multiple channels of perception, but at the same time limit the
perception of the human instrument to one dominant reality.

This was done by necessity because the mind, emotions, and body cannot withstand the

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aggregate experience of multiple instruments. It overloads the system and causes the human
instrument to break down and ultimately collapse. It also makes the delicate connection between
the entity awareness and the mind and emotions more clouded. Even with this accounted for;
the subconscious realms enable these currents of simultaneity to disperse and provide a
cleansing space for the mind and emotions.

The entity is like a beam of white light, and as it passes into the genetic density of the
human instrument, it separates into a broad spectrum of experience. Owing to the genetic
structures into which the entity’s light energy passes, it accumulates unique perspective that is
shaped into an emotional wisdom that can be transmitted to First Source and to the species at

IV. The Ascending Spiral to The True Wisdom

The entity’s sojourns within the physical realms of the multiverse are vast as measured by
time and space. They comprise, in most cases, an aggregate of tens of thousands of years, and
each of these years produce an effect on the entity. These messages of time shape them into
new forms. And these forms emerge as exemplars of what is to be in the distant future. These
are the Sovereign Integrals spoken of in our previous discourses.

These beings are able to look upon their experience in all forms, places, and time, and
integrate the total experience into an expression that is imported to the human species. It is the
pinnacle of testimony, and it seldom occurs in a species until it has defined its true wisdom.

You rightfully claim wisdom in your religious books, scientific journals, and philosophical
discourses, but this in not your true wisdom as it pertains to your species. The difference is
simple; your true wisdom will not divide your species. It will unite it. And it will not be unification
through love and emotions; it will be through a shared connection to the rightful meaning of the
multiverse because this is the only lens that, when focused, resolves your place as a species.

Are we saying that science will lead you to this true wisdom? No, we are telling you that
there will be a handful of your species that will step forward as Sovereign Integrals with a
balanced scientific and philosophical nature, and they will have the benefit of an educated
species that will listen to the inconvertible evidence.

Even First Source cannot bring a species to its true wisdom. The leaders of the species
must achieve it through organic, self-inventive methods. First Source, through its original
blueprint of exploration, enabled the humanoid species the ability and means to acquire this
knowledge itself. If the true wisdom were brought to the species from outside itself, it would be
inherently mistrusted and it would not be sufficiently compelling to unite the species.

There are numerous revelations that have been brought to your species through non-
physical entities in the form of what you term, channeled information. Even parts of your Holy
books are channeled. However, these writings were for the few. They did not contain the true
wisdom – they only hinted at the shadow it casts. The Sovereign Integrals will emerge like

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beacons for your species, and elevate the mental and emotional perceptions of the entire

When one Sovereign Integral emerges, it will, by the catalytic forces of its own entity
consciousness, cause another to arise, and another, and another, and it will cascade from one to
one thousand in a single generation. From this one thousand, will arise one million in the next
generation, and from this one million the entire population will arise, imbued with this insight
gained from the portal into the multiverse. And from this portal will arise the organization of the
true wisdom into a form that will endure against all attacks.

This is the grand unification of the species around the new, non-hierarchal structures that
enable the experience of the true wisdom to the newborn of its species in order to perpetuate
the unification of the species. Within six generations, the genetic mind of the species is stable
and then becomes a powerful tool of exploration that the species will come to understand as its
“spaceship” into the multiverse.

The human species of your planet will become the teachers who channel the shadowy
outline of the true wisdom to a new species that is, even now, unconsciously awaiting your
arrival. The process is carried out over and over, always with variations and anomalies that
spark deeper insights and pathways into the Central Universe from which First Source has its
being. It is the most powerful of all gravity fields, and ultimately leads a species and its
individuated entities to its periphery from which we, the WingMakers, reside as your future

V. The Onward Journey of Developing Creation

The entity is viewed in the universe of time and space as an evolving particle of exploration
commissioned by First Source to explore, populate, develop, and transform the outposts of
creations into enclaves of Source Intelligence. When the entity is viewed in the dimensions of
non-time and non-space – its natural habitat – it appears as an immortal facet of First Source
that has been individuated, but when viewed in the three-dimensional environment of genetic
density, it appears as a temporal facet of its species.

The species – in this case, the human species – evolves in time as the elder race that
guides a developing race in the formation of its metaphysical and scientific foundations. They
become the culture-builders of a new species. The evolution of a species stretches from its
origins in the Central Universe as a unified genetic model fit to explore the multiverse, to a
fragmentation of the species into biologic diversity, to its re-unification through culture and
technology, to its ascension as a non-physical unified Genetic Mind, to its application of this
Genetic Mind as a means to explore the outer reaches of the cosmos and help guide a
developing species, and to the merging of this Genetic Mind with the Genetic Mind of its
ancestral race.

Your scientists have defined the evolution of the species on a scale that is only the

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equivalent of a tiny splinter of wood in a vast forest of time and space. The evolution of the
human specie through the “forest” of time and space is an exceedingly dense process, consisting
of innumerable levels of progress that ultimately enables the Genetic Mind of the species to
blend harmoniously with First Source.

What fuels this process is the genetically endowed drive of the entity to explore the worlds
of creation, and to ultimately acquire the necessary wisdom and compassion to lead a younger
species to its true wisdom. You may wonder why this process seems so convoluted and fraught
with missteps and mistakes. We tell you that the process is not what it seems. The Genetic Mind
of the elder race that is working with your species on terra-earth operates in a window of time
more comprehensive and inclusive than you can imagine.

The gateway into your future is through the completion of this blueprint, and this blueprint
is encoded deep within your species. At your root, you are not an immortal psychic impression,
or mental echo, but rather, you are the faultless triune of First Source, Source Intelligence and
the sovereign entity, colliding in a dance of energy that is evermore. Your mind must grasp the
fullness of your true nature and depth of your being, or you will fall prey to the psychic
impression and mental echo of your lesser self.

If you believe, as you are taught, in the lesser self, you will reach for the food that
nourishes the shadow and not the substance. The substance of your design is awakened with the
words that form the concepts of your enlarged self-image. And these words are not merely
spoken, but they are seen, felt, and heard as well. They lead you to the tone of equality and the
perception of wholeness. Allow these words to wash over you like a gentle wave that brings you
buoyancy and movement. It will sweep you to a new shore, and it is there that you will begin to
uncover your true nature and purpose.

The blueprint of exploration is the genetic substrate of your design, and all of the so-called
“lower” life forms are the “limbs” of your species. Without them, you could not exist. And so the
composite life form is truly the species of which we speak when we speak of the human species.
We do not separate you from the plant and animal kingdoms. We see them as one composite
species. It is your scientists who have chosen to separate the one species into billions of sub-
species because wholeness cannot be classified and analyzed.

The tools of the mind suppress the true nature of your species. Only when you observe
with the frequency of equality foremost in your heart and mind, can you bypass this suppression
and feel the linkages that organize your specie into a master organism. It is this organism that is
in perfect alignment with First Source like two circles that overlap so perfectly that only one is
seen. It is the very nature of First Source to create innumerable fragments of itself and lead
each to cohesion as a master organism, while allowing each fragment to retain its sovereignty.
This is the perfect bestowal of love.

While First Source cannot be found through searching, if you will submit to the leading
impulse of the sovereign entity within you, you will unerringly be guided, step by step, life after
life, through universe upon universe, and age by age, until you finally peer into the eyes of your

Page 7
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
Creator and realize you are one. And in this realization you will see that the specie from which
you emerge is one also. The fragments of the one congeal through the blueprint of exploration
whose end is not foreseen, and whose beginning is not measured by time.

Page 8
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
Beliefs and Their Energy Systems
WingMakers’ Philosophy: Chamber Four

All beliefs have energy systems that act like birthing rooms for the manifestation of the belief.
Within these energy systems are currents that direct your life experience. You are aware of these
currents either consciously or subconsciously, and you allow them to carry you into the realm of
experience that best exemplifies your true belief system.

Belief systems resonate with, and are the byproduct of, the dominant energy system of a
sympathetic group, culture, and even species. Thus, energy systems are more fundamental than
beliefs, and create experience that creates beliefs. Energy systems are wide ranging in their
context, but as they relate to beliefs, they can be defined as primordial thought forms crystallized
within the human DNA. Some would refer to these fundamental energy systems as instinctual

Within each entity is the genetic compound of its ancestry, moving across innumerable
generations and species, and, in the vastness of galactic time, this genetic compound accumulates
energy systems that pertain to how one survives in the three-dimensional universe. Thus, survival
is the dominant energy system of the human entity, which informs its genetic code and triggers its
life experience and beliefs.

Survival is the focal point of conformity. When an entity believes so deeply in survival, it is
near impossible to break from the conformity that survival requires. And so, the human species,
rooted in an energy system of survival, has become a conformist to the dictates of its genetic
predispositions and instincts, and its experience reflects this, conditioning its belief system to

Life circumstances do not differentiate nor insulate an entity from this pervasive reality. Thus
the equation for three-dimensionally based species: Survival–Based Energy System + Galactic Time
= Conformist Life Experience = Belief System. What this means is that survival, as the core energy
system of the species, will beget over long periods of time, a life experience that produces
conformity to the requirements of survival. Consequently, belief systems are largely a byproduct of
the genetically based instinct to conform in order to survive.

The cycle of conformity entrains energy systems of individuals and groups, and it casts belief
systems that obey the energy system just as surely as a shadow conforms to the general shape of
an object. Within the boundaries of the survival-based energy system are transition zones that
permit a re-casting of one’s belief system in accordance to cosmological, multidimensional energy
systems. Think of these transition zones as isolated portals of energy that intersect the dominant
energy system of the human species not unlike energy vortexes intersecting space.

The energy system that permeates terra-earth – creating predictable belief systems of

Page 1
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
conformity – will be energetically transformed to enable more accessible transition zones. How one
accesses these portals or transition zones and utilizes their enabling energy system will be the real
issue of your 21st century.

Think of these transition zones as portals that lead one out of the prevailing energy system of
survival and conformity of the mind-body into a new energy system that is of the mind-soul. The
mind-soul energy system is characterized by creative energy directed to realizing that the
Wholeness Navigator is the personality that endures and is therefore the creator of enduring beliefs
and life experience. When this realization is achieved by accessing one of these transition zones or
portals, the entity can begin to restructure their belief system independent of time and the
predominant notion of survival.

There are two kinds of transition zones: Tributary Zones and the Grand Portal. The Tributary
Zones fluctuate over time and are generally found in the high-culture of a robust civilization –
notably the art movements that are grounded in spiritual principles, sacred mythology, and cosmic
context. Art of this nature, whether it is music, painting, poetry, drama, or dance, can be
constructed into a Tributary Zone that transitions entities to discover the Grand Portal.

The Grand Portal is the prime achievement that awaits humanity in the last quarter of the 21st
century. It will be the irrefutable discovery of the human soul by authoritative science. This Grand
Portal will usher in a new awareness for humanity that will enable it to shift from a survival-based,
mind-body energy system, to an exploratory-based, mind-soul energy system. This exploratory
energy system will manifest the belief system of the Sovereign Integral; the Golden Age long

The WingMakers, working in conjunction with the existing Hierarchy, have created or inspired
the Tributary Zones throughout human history. Each of these Tributary Zones emerges on the
timeline of humanity not as religious or philosophical movements, but as artistic expressions of
refined beauty and spiritual adoration. As time draws nearer for the discovery of the Grand Portal,
these artistic expressions will become increasingly multidimensional, integrated, and, like
directional beacons, guide the way to the Grand Portal’s discovery.

This is the way of enlightenment for the human species. The WingMakers created the initial
Tributary Zones in accelerated, non-physical dimensions as outposts of creative energy linked to
the higher circuits of First Source, and these act as guideposts that gently steer humankind’s finest
representatives of the arts and culture to create Tributary Zones that are physically based, which in
turn, guide humankind’s finest representatives of the sciences to ultimately discover and prove the
existence of the Wholeness Navigator. In so doing, humanity is forever changed from a survival-
based energy system to an explorer-based energy system.

This is the event that will change the life experience of humanity more profoundly than any
other event of the 21st century. Eleven thousand years of civilization will culminate in this event,
and it will occur through art and science. Religion will be a factor as well, but only a subsidiary
factor. When this discovery is made, religion will have no choice but to honor it and adopt the far-
reaching implications. Religion will fear it will be displaced by science, and it will know only one

Page 2
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
course of action: integrate with the new science that combines technology, psychology,
metaphysics, and cosmology.

Tributary Zones will become the new religion of the 22nd century. They will become the
touchstone for accessing the new energy coming into the planet as a result of the Grand Portal’s
discovery. In this time, the new structure of the Hierarchy will – like a glove turned outside in –
finally fit the human “hand”. This will herald the Return of the Masters who have remained behind
the veil of secrecy because of the survival-based interests of religion, business, government, and

However, these institutions will be reformatted, and those Masters who hold the vital
information as to how the individual may use the Grand Portal to explore themselves and the
universe, will be revered and finally appreciated by humanity at large. By the dawning of the 22nd
century, the Grand Portal will be ubiquitous in human culture and acknowledged in all classrooms of

The discovery of the Grand Portal is a carefully orchestrated event string, consisting of
innumerable components. The reason this event has been, and continues to be, so carefully
orchestrated is that it will galvanize the Genetic Mind of the human species to explore the
multiverse, and not simply terra-earth or its solar system. It is the single event that establishes
humankind on the Sovereign Integral Network, and shifts the energy system of the human species
from which all manifestations arise.

When a species in the three-dimensional universe discovers irrefutable scientific proof of the
multiverse and the innermost topology of the Wholeness Navigator, it impacts on every aspect of
the species. It is the most profound shift of consciousness that can be foretold, and it is this event
that triggers the Return of the Masters to explicit influence and exoteric roles.

There are many practical applications for restructuring one’s own energy and belief system,
and they require, in most cases, an active immersion into a Tributary Zone. This means to interact
with the Tributary Zone on a deeply personal level, translating its meaning through in-depth
consideration for its personal messages. Each Tributary Zone is designed like a house of mirrors.
Until one steps inside, there is no image to reflect. No personal content to convey.

The most common way of accessing a non-physical Tributary Zone is through meditation or
the dream state. While in these altered states of consciousness the entity can begin to shift and
restructure their energy system by accessing these Tributary Zones. Typically, this is done under
the guidance of a select member of the Hierarchy who is a master of energy system transfer.

The purpose is to guide an entity to become less dependent of the survival energy system
complex that invites conformity and a life experience therein. These entities are invited to
participate in this process in order to activate their sense of creative power and authority to
manifest in the three-dimensional universe a deeper and more penetrating channel into the
mysterious realm of the Wholeness Navigator.

Entities are selected based on their accumulated desire to assist in the event string of the

Page 3
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
Grand Portal. As previously cited, the WingMakers created Tributary Zones in the accelerated
dimensions whereby entities could access them in the dream state or, in some instances, through
meditation. Exposure to these Tributary Zones, even though seldom remembered, enabled these
entities to transfer a likeness of the non-physical Tributary Zone to the three-dimensional world of

These initial physical creations dealt with spiritual values and were often the product of poetry,
art, music, and drama. In the dawning of the 21st century, they will combine art, spiritual values,
technology, and science. and they will become Tributary Zones of greater import because they will
prefigure the Grand Portal, and in this prefiguring they create the Framework of Discovery upon

These physical Tributary Zones will catalyze the entities born of the 21st century in ways that
the non-physical Tributary Zones cannot. Specifically, they will cause a resonance at a sub-
molecular level through music and art that will reconfigure the four-dimensional protein patterns of
the human brain and nervous system. In so doing, the nervous system will receive and transmit
higher energy circuits that enable a very subtle mutation in the region of the brain where intuition
or the sixth sense resides.

There is a sixth sense in which the brain becomes an organ of the Genetic Mind instead of the
physical body of an individual entity. This is a state of consciousness separate from the Sovereign
Integral because it is not sustainable. It is only glimpsed for brief moments, but in these brief
passages of time, the Genetic Mind can transfer ideas, insights, and innovations that make possible
the discovery of the Grand Portal.

There is a repository of knowledge that was seeded within the Genetic Mind nearly 11,000
years ago by the WingMakers. This knowledge is the blueprint for the discovery of the Wholeness
Navigator. The human Hierarchy has drawn close to this Holy Grail through the efforts of its finest
representatives. We, the WingMakers, have included everything for your successful attainment. No
detail has been left out or overlooked. We have undertaken this process of energy system transfer
on countless life-bearing planets within the Grand Universe, and your finest representatives will

However, the Grand Portal is not easily comprehensible. It will require an educated humanity
in the fields of cosmology, technology, and science. It is for this reason that medical technologies in
the field of genetics and neural mapping will proceed in the 21st century to enable a new, spatial
intelligence to anyone who desires it. While this medical technology may seem to some as an
artificial, and therefore unwelcome technology, it will be required for much of the human race in
order to comprehend the Grand Portal, and it should not be feared.

This technology will accelerate a portion of the brain center that is responsible for spatial,
multidimensional constructs and highly abstract thought processes. In the average human mind, it
will permit the Grand Portal’s energy system to be comprehensible, and, therefore, believed as a
scientific principle as factual as the force of gravity.

The energy system of the Tributary Zones that prefigure the Grand Portal will be translated

Page 4
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
from the WingMakers to your finest representatives in the dawning of the 21st century. These
Tributary Zones will manifest in the three-dimensional world of terra-earth, but will actually stem
from a non-physical dimension known only to the WingMakers and First Source. In a sense, these
Tributary Zones are echoes of a reality from your future, bearing down on you as an energy field
that makes possible the quantum leap required of your species to allow the Wholeness Navigator to
fully embody humanhood.

It is reasonably true to state that if humankind in your time believed it was a collective vehicle
of First Source, endowed with ITS exploratory virtuosity, it would instantly recognize itself as the
WingMakers. It is also true – in the same sense – that the WingMakers would not exist if we were
not successful in making visible the Grand Portal to humankind. Through our existence, humanity is
assured of its future. When all the calamities of terra-earth are forecast, and your doom as a
species is spelled out in the certainty of cataclysm and war, the event that will redeem you is in the
discovery, acceptance, and application of the Grand Portal.

This new energy system can be brought into your personal realm. When you believe, “I am a
fragment of First Source imbued with ITS capabilities,” you are engaging this energy system
inherent within the feeling of connectedness. You are pulling into your reality a sense of connection
to your Source and all of the attributes therein. The belief is inseparable from you because its
energy system is assimilated within your own energy system and is woven into your spirit like a
thread of light.

These threads, however, must be manifold, or they will break, and your energy system will
remain in the shadows of survival and conformity. As you gain awareness of the Tributary Zones,
you will gain insight into the new energy systems and how to anchor these energy systems into
your own. There are specialized techniques for weaving this energy system to your own and
exchanging – over time – your survival-based energy system for the exploratory energy system of
the coming age.

These techniques provide a means to weld survival and exploratory energy systems, as
though one were creating a footbridge that enabled them to cross the chasm separating the two
energy fields. These techniques are divided into three categories:

• Mind-Body Movement Techniques

• Mind-Soul Comprehension Techniques

• Emotion-Soul Acquisition Techniques

Mind-Body Movement – These techniques involve the expression of music in the form of
body movement that focuses the mind on the body’s rhythmic, improvisational flow. The mind is
following the body, and the body is following the music. The music, as the organizing principal,
must be designed for this explicit purpose, or it will not lead to the exploratory energy system. The
music compositions of Chambers 17 through 24 – from each of the seven Tributary Zones created

Page 5
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by the WingMakers – are intended for this purpose.

This technique requires a single-minded willingness to follow the interpretation of the body
into the feel of the music. It would be like entering a meadow in the height of Spring with your eyes
closed, knowing that your sense of smell would guide you to the flowers. In this same way, your
mind must trust that your body is able to listen to the music and capture a sense of this new
energy system encoded within the “field” of music.

By placing the mind in the position of follower, it is reliant on the body to make interpretations
of movement based solely on the music. Thus, the music can penetrate directly to the mind and
entrain it to a new energy system. The music will – by design – generate body movement that is
high energy, complex, rhythmic, and stimulating to the emotional center of the brain.

This is a form of meditation taught by the WingMakers that demonstrates the trust placed
upon the body intelligence and the willingness of the mind to listen to this intelligence. This is a
thread of this new energy system externalized through this technique. There are portals designed
into the music that will open the brain’s emotional centers to this new energy, and when they are
discovered, you will feel the undeniable shift in your energy field. The movement of the body
signifies the externalization of the new in direct counterpoint to the old. It demonstrates the
compatibility of the two energy systems, and how one can be in both fields simultaneously with
comfort and confidence.

There are no rules to this movement. It is not a choreographed dance with either right or
wrong movements. It is an improvisational body expression bypassing the mind and allowing the
music’s voice to be heard as clearly as possible by the body intelligence. The physical body
becomes the sail of the music’s wind, while the mind is the ship’s hull. Clarity of intention is all that
is required. There is no qualitative difference beyond this that matters.

The anchoring process requires a minimum of a cycle (seven expressions) of each composition
in Chambers 17 through 24. There is a time period of the cycle that requires a completion in
approximately one month of your time. Thus, each of the seven expressions for a single Chamber
should be completed within a 30-day period of time. It can be less, but should not be more. It is
recommended not to focus on more than two Chambers during a cycle.

Each expression of a particular Chamber should change over the course of the seven
expressions. This progression can be radical variances or simple refinements; it depends on the
entity’s body development, comfort, and ability to listen to the subtle layering of the music and its
focus in the moment. It is not only the energy of the low frequency rhythms, or percussive
frequencies, but also the voices and melodies that can speak to the body intelligence.

The approach is different from your art form of dance in that each expression of the eight
Chambers will develop the body intelligence to recognize an exploratory-based energy system. It
will, in effect, activate the body’s natural radar for this energy system, helping the human
instrument to navigate into the new energy. It also confers a degree of trust to the body
intelligence that it is not about the body’s movement in space that matters, but is rather how the
body listens to vibrations and responds in kind.

Page 6
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A grand cycle consists of a minimum of 56 expressions, and the grand cycle is the physical
thread that generates an awareness of the new energy system in the body. It is important to
anchor this awareness in the body because the body intelligence is the most instinctual of the
human instrument, and while you may have awareness in your mind and soul, if it is not present in
your body, your shift to the new energy is impeded because the body will instinctually gravitate to
the survival-based energy system.

There will be some who will not be comfortable in practicing the expressions of this technique.
You have been programmed that your body does not possess its own intelligence, therefore, when
you are told to listen and express with your body’s intellect, you feel overly self-conscious to even
try. It is natural, and is part of the old energy system that controls your movement and sensory

It is indispensable to listen with your body, express with your body, and to feel with your body
the movements that the music dictates. When you come to the end of your expression, you may sit
or stand in silence and listen to the reverberations calling within you, and then transmit these to
the human instrument as a whole. This is done by visualizing the body as a transmitter of the
energy, generated from the expression, and projecting this energy into the human instrument like a
coil’s energy finally released.

If you are unable to proceed through the grand cycle, you may still find the tools to build your
bridge in the remaining two techniques.

Mind-Soul Comprehension – These techniques involve the knowledge of the new

psychology destined to reach humanity in the 21st century. This is the psychology that integrates
metaphysics and the spiritual perceptions of the Genetic Mind, with the science of the brain and the
shaping influences of culture and personal genetics.

Individual entities acquire their psychological acumen by studying behaviors and their
consequences in others, such as family members or friends. It is the byproduct of this
psychological study that helps to establish an entity’s own behavioral boundaries. When psychology
ignores the incomprehensible, the psychology of the species is mostly based on the phenomenon of
observable behavior. As psychology evolves it increasingly takes into account the brain, mind, and
emotional interplay.

The incomprehensible is First Source and the structure and interconnectedness of ITS
creation. Human psychology has ignored this aspect of the human condition, venturing only as far
as the dream state, which, by comparison, would be the equivalent of standing on a mountaintop
reaching for the sun. The human condition is considered untouched by the incomprehensible, and
yet, it is encompassed in it like a caterpillar within a cocoon. If the caterpillar were untouched by
the cocoon would it emerge a butterfly?

The mind-soul comprehension techniques focus the mind on the incomprehensible through the
use of visual symbols that are just outside the intelligible regions of comfort as set forth by human

Page 7
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
psychology. By investigating visual symbols through the eye-brain, the mind can secure a glimpse
into the Sovereign Integral consciousness and the special psychology therein.

An entity may, through an imaginative scenario based on a Tributary Zone, gain

comprehension of the new psychology. The technique is admittedly abstract, but very effective. In
this visual scenario the mind becomes a personal identity, as does the soul. Together, these two
identities coexist on an otherwise deserted island. The mind has discovered the symbols of the
WingMakers’ Chamber Paintings, and must explain their purpose to the soul. Neither the mind nor
the soul speaks the same language, and thus the mind must explain the symbols’ purpose to the
soul through telepathic means.

Examine one of the Chamber Paintings, conducting a thorough mental analysis. Once
completed, you may now take this knowledge and translate your understanding to your soul,
bringing it comprehension without language. This is highly conceptual, but it is designed to be this
way for a purpose, and the insights that will result are profound and far-reaching because they
demonstrate how the mind-soul comprehension operates to enrich the mind’s understanding of the
incomprehensible. Comprehension of the incomprehensible does not flow from the soul to the mind,
but rather from the mind teaching itself.

When the mind grasps the incomprehensible through symbols – be they mathematical
formulas or the language of Gods – it sharpens the lens of psychology to focus on the invisible
persona of the human soul and the energy system that regulates its behavior in the world of non-

Herein is the difficulty of the new psychology: It is based upon non-time, and here the mind is
mute and blind. If you observe the Chamber Two Painting, using the aforementioned technique,
you will learn a new dimension of time. If you inspect the Chamber Three Painting, you will gain
knowledge of a new dimension of inner space. If you study the Chamber Twelve Painting, you will
discover a new dimension of energy. If you examine the Chamber Four Painting, you will be taught
a new dimension of matter.

All of this is encoded within these four paintings, but can be decoded through this technique.
Remember, when applying this technique, the mind is a separate personality from the soul and is
its instructor. In this example, the mind is the sail, the paintings the wind, and the soul the ship’s

It is recommended to repeat this procedure for each of the four Chamber Paintings three
times. During each dialogue between your mind and soul identity, record your key descriptors and
look for the linkages between them. You are describing a dimension of time, space, energy, and
matter that recedes into the incomprehensible. You will find a new confidence in your mind’s ability
to express the insights of the Genetic Mind after this technique is completed. And you will begin to
feel an appreciation for the role of the new psychology where the mind acquires the
incomprehensible to become the Wholeness Navigator, just as the caterpillar acquires the cocoon to
become the butterfly.

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Emotion-Soul Acquisition – Soul acquires emotional responses through the human
instrument. Emotions, by definition, are responses to a time-based event, an energy, a memory, or
an expectation. The mind and body predominantly condition emotional responses, while the soul
observes and acquires their constructive essence of bonding, appreciation, and special insight.

The body and mind also acquire learning from the emotional responses, but unlike the soul,
they are unable to sift the constructive from the destructive, so they are more affected by the
emotional responses of anger, greed, and fear. These emotions anchor the mind to the survival-
based energy system as firmly as anything in the world of creation.

The Spirit-essence of the human instrument that guides it to wholeness with Source
Intelligence, and ultimately First Source, is emotionally personified in the form of a voice. This voice
is heard in the abstraction of poetry that is designed in a specific rhythm and vibration of meaning.

The technique of emotion-soul acquisition is concerned with discerning the emotional voice of
a poem, intending that voice to resonate within your soul, and releasing the emotion that arises
from the resonance, letting it wander away from you like a wild animal released into its natural

There are ten poems within the WingMakers’ Ancient Arrow site that are designed for the
application of this technique. They are:

• Circle

• Forever

• One Day

• Listening

• Afterwards

• Of this Place

• Warm Presence

• Another Mind Open

• Of Luminous Things

• Like the Song of Whales

Each poem strikes an emotional chord of subtle discord.

It is discordance that stirs the emotional responses, making them accessible to the higher
energies of the human instrument. This discordance is not concerning anger, greed, or fear, but
rather the more subtle feelings of separation, abandonment, and spiritual neglect.

The emotion-soul acquisition pays tribute to these feelings, and seeks to position the tether of
discordance in the hands of soul, thus ensuring that the emotions have voice and influence in the
shaping of soul’s judgment, insight, and reasoning. It is the quiet emotions of separation and

Page 9
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
abandonment that fuel the strident emotions of fear, greed, and anger. Poetry can bring forth these
quiet emotions and liberate their presence to the soul, and in so doing, allow them to be honored,
and, in this process, understood.

This understanding helps to diminish the anger and fear of the mind and body, which disaffect
the human instrument from Source Intelligence and realization of the Wholeness Navigator
consciousness. Thus, the emotion-soul acquisition technique is to trace the voice of the ten poems
to the subtle emotions of abandonment and separation, allowing these emotions to arise within
one’s self as if they were on display to your soul. These emotions are like ropes that pull the
strident emotions into your life-stream, which anchor you to the energy system of survival. To the
extent you can eliminate or diminish the “ropes” of the quiet emotions, you can eliminate or
diminish the strident emotions.

Be assured that each of these three techniques that you may practice, are done in our
presence. You are not alone and you never fail. If your results are not as you expected, abandon
your expectations. Set them aside and place your goal on not having any goals or standards. Also
recognize that the realizations and shifts in your energy system may reveal themselves in
unexpected ways, and therefore, remain largely invisible to yourself if you have set expectations for
their materialization.

It is purposely designed to be a struggle to make this shift both as a species and as an

individual. As a species, humankind must be able to harness the appropriate tools of technology in
order to attune the human instrument to permit the Wholeness Navigator to both inhabit and be in
command of the brain centers, nervous system, and the subconscious artifacts of ancestral roots. It
takes the equivalent of 5,200,000 years for a humanoid species to evolve to the threshold of the
Grand Portal.

As an individual, the aforementioned techniques enable a purposeful immersion into a

Tributary Zone, whereby an individual can transform their energy system, which in turn, transforms
their beliefs and life experience. However, no matter how effective an individual applies these
techniques they will not achieve the discovery of the Grand Portal of their own efforts. The Grand
Portal is a discovery by humanity. It is the culmination of science, art, and technology, operating in
unison, focused on the exploratory province of cosmology and metaphysics.

Most humans have been raised on the premise of karma or fate. It is time to understand that
while these doctrines are both valid; they are overshadowed by the reality of the Blueprint of
Exploration. While karma or fate may explain the life experience of an individual, Source
Intelligence orchestrates the species, from its very first emergence upon the planet, to discover the
Grand Portal and establish its supremacy upon the planet.

The Grand Portal then becomes the homing beacon that draws the galactic energy system to
the planet and connects it to the network of galactic energy. When this occurs, the species is no
longer a planet-based species. Humankind will be inter-galactic in its range of experience and realm
of influence.

The individual can participate in this orchestration of energies, being consciously aligned and

Page 10
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
supportive of the shifts required to achieve the discovery of the Grand Portal, or they can choose to
live life within the survival-based energy system and drift into the Grand Portal with their fellow
humans. It is neither fate nor karma that is drawing the human species to the edge of the Grand
Portal. It is the event string of First Source, and therefore, the outcome of every human action and
thought is an element of this journey.

Page 11
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

Mark: This is interview session number 1 with James, recorded April 5 2008,
copyright 2008 WingMakers, all rights reserved.

00:32 Mark: All right, we will get started. First I would like to welcome James to
my humble abode here in Minneapolis.

James: Thank you for having me, especially on short notice, Mark.

Mark: Its a great honor to have you and to be hosting you here in my own home.
Before we start, James suggested I give some background on the nature of this

So first off; my name is Mark Hempel, I have been doing the web management for
WingMakers, Lyricus and Event Temples since 1998, so about 10 years I’ve been
involved in it and the email that comes in from these sites comes to me. So, one of
the types of requests that I see, maybe two or three times a month is from
publications and radio shows wanting to do an interview with James. As most of
you know, James has chosen to be anonymous as the creator of these websites so
he is not exactly available for those interviews and typically in his style he politely

I guess it was about two years ago that I approached James with the idea that I
would interview him using the most common questions that I see in the email I
get... sort of an FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions] and just kind of get his unique
angle and also let people kind of hear his personality a little bit. And for whatever
reason that never happened, but then out of the blue, about a week ago, Sarah
called, who works with James and mentioned that James had a layover in
Minneapolis en route to Los Angles for a meeting, and he would have about 4 hours
and he suggested that we do an interview. So... here we are. I have James in my
cozy work studio where I do my regular job. Its the 5th of April 2008, and actually
by Minnesota standards it’s a pretty nice day. I can actually crack the window open
a bit, so thanks for bring the warmer weather with you.

James: I will take no credit for that, but the feeling in this space is quite good I
agree. I would like to suggest that the listener imagine that they’re sitting at the
same table with us. As this will help them feel the information better with their
heart. We are planning to let the interview to proceed, yes?...without stops and
starts, so it will be on one continuous informal chat and one that I hope will touch
your inner-most self.

Mark: Oh, good, I am glad you added that. Do you want to add anything else
before we start?

James: No, I think that’s a good introduction. We can begin.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

03:14 Mark: Okay, good; one of the most common questions I get relates to the
whole reality I created around the WingMakers and the Lyricus Teaching Order. I
think people understand that it’s a mythology to some extent, but the essence of
the question that I get is to what degree is the information real... so could you
please comment on that James?

James: Yes, yes. While I understand the interest in knowing what is real and what
is not real... it’s fundamental to our natures, but in the case of an encoded
mythology it is not essential to distinguish between the real and unreal, so much as
it is to feel its effects on your behavior and your point of view. When you read the
materials, do new avenues of perception open up? Do you begin to see a new
geometry into the subtle fields that surround you at all times? Do you feel more
connected to your higher purpose? These are the more vital issues that require
contemplation and review. I'll elaborate just a bit.

The WingMakers mythology is an encoded work, which is to say, that there are
frequencies of light and sound that are woven into the music, chamber paintings,
philosophy, story, and poetry. These frequencies are subtle in that they are... they
are felt more by the heart than they are reasoned by the mind.

Those who review the materials with only their mind, especially a mind that is
settled in the historical view of God and Spirit, they will find a very different
experience than one who brings both their heart and mind and releases historical

Mythologies and stories are actually the preferred communication of Lyricus

because they can appear more innocent without the usual embroidery of fact-
checking, mental analysis, comparison, and so forth which are all attributes of the
intellect and the ego. To the extent possible, we try to diminish the possibility that
the ego and intellect dominate the interpretation of the materials.

You see, the historical mind is weighed down by the words and opinions of
thousands of writers from the beginning of human history. The real import of the
WingMakers materials is to, in effect, dislodge the person from the historical mind
and move them into a sense of connection to their higher Self and the Spirit that
supports it. In doing this, the person can more easily access the tone of equality or
the intuitive faculty inside their heart which opens the channel to the Living Truth.

06:21 Mark: I am glad you mentioned the Living Truth. In one of your latest
writings, which by the way is a story called “The Living Truth,” you refer to this
concept. Even back in 1998 when the WingMakers site was released, you were
thinking that this was the main or the core teaching?

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

James: The main teaching of Lyricus is to connect people more firmly with their
higher Selves and the Spirit that unites each human consciousness to the cosmic or
universal Being. You see, WingMakers is part of the facilitation of the Grand Portal.
And the only way that the humanity will open up to the higher dimensions is when
individually, person by person, the entire species begins to see that Truth is alive
and well within themselves, while relatively speaking, it is lifeless and irrelevant
outside themselves. Again, in the historical context and writings the Living Truth is
always relevant, because you access it via the universal field that derives from First
Source or the Creator.

This universal field is also known as Spirit and Spirit-filled information can only pass
from Spirit to the higher Self or the material self. And when it arrives within the
material self or human instrument, when it successfully catches this information, it
creates new perspective which, in turn, creates new behaviors. Now, these new
behaviors may not be noticeable in a short period of time, but they are nonetheless
reshaping the life path of the individual. They create the ability of the individual to
recycle their defined energies amongst the human condition, and this is done
principally through the six heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness,
humility, understanding, and valor.

So the expression of the six heart virtues is the outgrowth of this deeper connection
between the human self and the Divine or higher Self, quite independent of life
conditions, what astrological sign you have been born into, whether you are male or
female, whether you are well educated or not, or your social standing. In short, the
six heart virtues create the vibrational climate in your local environment that brings
forward your higher Self as an agent of Spirit. I will speak more about the Living
Truth, but for now I think this provides a good understanding or introduction at

09:21 Mark: Okay. Let me switch to another question that I get frequently from
readers, which is the WingMakers materials, at least within the interviews and the
Ancient Arrow book; I have references to, I guess I’ll call it, dark forces at least,
and for some they stir up feelings of fear and frustration. These are forces we read
and hear about all over the place. I guess I am talking about the Illuminati and the
secret government operations and UFO cover-ups and, you know, that kind of stuff
more of the conspiratorial line of the continuum. How do these elements fit into the
notion of the higher Self becoming a more vibrant part of our life, because I think
to some it feels more like a distraction.

James: It’s a good question. Let me try to explain it this way. You will notice that
the first floor of the structure that Lyricus built consists of the WingMakers
materials. When you design a building, the main floor is where people enter the

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

building even if that building has one hundred or more stories. Everyone enters
through the ground floors. Now, if that skyscraper is sitting in a busy intersection, it
has entrances from all four sides of the building. Some on the main level, some
underground, perhaps. In the same way the WingMakers materials have many
different access points because some people will resonate to the materials in the
Neruda interviews, that speak of government conspiracy and extraterrestrial
influences, others will find the philosophy particularly meaningful, perhaps others
will find the art or music to draw from. However they enter the structure, from
which entrance—it doesn’t really matter—so long as they enter the building and
proceed to higher levels of the structure.

Now the matter of feeling fear or frustration is a common side effect once people
better understand the dark forces and learn how they try to manipulate the
systems of culture and government in their favor. But this is also part of the
activation, because the individual must again choose to be led by these forces or
disengage from them and discern their subtle influence. We don’t turn a blind eye
to these forces, nor do we fear them. Instead we see them as part of our family
that have lost their connection to the higher frequencies of love and we send our
compassion to them.

I would suggest to readers of WingMakers: Do not stop your exploration of these

materials in the Neruda interviews or the Ancient Arrow book, but continue your
investigation into the Lyricus and Event Temples materials, as these will acquaint
you with the higher levels of the Lyricus structure.

12:30 Mark: And what are these higher levels, James?

James: Well, the highest level is the Grand Portal itself, and perhaps later I will
add some textures and details to the meaning of the Grand Portal. For now I will
just say that it is the ultimate goal of the structure. After WingMakers came the
disclosure of the Lyricus Teaching Order, or LTO. This was the next level of the
structure that was built out so as to make clear that the mind behind the
WingMakers was not affiliated with the subject of its writings, namely the ACIO or
Incunabula—the alpha organization of the Illuminati. So, the LTO was disclosed in
its role, seeding the human understanding of its purposeful journey to the Grand
Portal. This was done to clarify the purpose of the WingMakers materials. The next
level after Lyricus was more recently launched, and it is the Event Temples.

Event Temples is the activity-based level of transitioning from the instructions of

philosophy or mythology, and placing the focus on living a love-centered life
through the expression of the six heart virtues.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

These three levels—WingMakers, Lyricus, and Event Temples—are aligned and

coherent expressions of the one goal of our human family uniting in the behaviors
of love and collectively knocking on the door of the fifth dimension, and meshing
these energetics of the fifth dimension with the human domain. That is the Grand

14:11 Mark: Okay. Are there going to be other levels between the Event Temples
and the Grand Portal?

James: Yes, certainly, but I prefer not to disclose these at this time. But let me say
this: Before there can be a collective awakening, there must be an established and
sufficient core of people who are functioning on the higher frequencies of
awareness. Globally, this might be between ten and twelve million people. This core
is not centralized, nor is it the province of one religion or belief system. It is spread
across many, many belief systems, and these individuals who are functioning on
these higher frequencies will be uniting on an internal basis, not external, not
through the trappings of human organizations or religious structure. They will join
together through the universal field of consciousness, and blend their hearts as
one. And in this unification, the fear-based radiations of those who linger in the
lower frequencies, they will be subdued, calmed, and a new sense of trust and hope
will emerge.

And as messy as the human condition may become, these ten million islands will
rise as a new continent of consciousness, one whose human circuitry is prepared to
live a love-centered life quite independent of the external view and events. The
structure of Lyricus is one of the buildings that will house these people, and help
them connect and shine.

Mark: Are you talking about 2012?

James: I suppose in a roundabout way I am.

15:51 Mark: Yeah. I have to say that the subject of 2012 is a frequent question
that I get, as well; lots of different perspectives ranging from like end times, the
second coming, to a new golden age. It seems like it's all over the map and it's an
odd thing because you would expect it to have a more convergence feel to it. And
yet there seems to be about as divergent view on 2012 and what to expect as any
event I’ve ever heard about.

So, can you speak to that issue, I mean, what exactly will happen in 2012 and how
will it be different than our current situation?

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

James: Well, first let me say that the 2012 date is more of a culmination than it is
an event unto itself. The process has been underway since the earliest coalescence
of atoms into molecules, into stars, into angelic hosts, and into human creation. It's
a process that is... it's a vibrational pattern sent forth by First Source, and
therefore it replicates itself in ever-increasing efficiency and coherence.

Earth is an unusual planet among the mysterious number of planets that dot the
universe and it is quite alive in its own right. It is nearing an alignment with this
luminous field of First Source that enables a planet to shift its dimensional
frequency. All of us, planets and creatures alike, are ascending dimensionally
through timespace. This ascension is not arbitrary or capricious in any way. Rather,
it is the plan of First Source in action.

Many people I know are expecting 2012 to be a major event, as this alignment
between earth and its galactic center is arrived at. In a real sense, the global
community of ten, perhaps twelve million people who are operating in the higher
frequencies will notice the greatest change, and this change will be expressed in
heightened perception, an intuitive knowing, more of a fine-grain intuitive knowing,
and a deepening emotional connection to their fellowmen.

18:19 Their ability to live a love-centered life by expressing the six heart virtues
will be enhanced manyfold. This core group having already developed the habits of
fluid understanding, relaxed perceptions, and an unbreakable trust in the
benevolence of the universe in its super intelligence will have new creative powers
because they will operate as one and not as individuals. At first this operation will
be murky to all but a few, perhaps one out of three thousand will feel it and see it,
and I am speaking of the three thousand being from the group of the ten to twelve
million who are operating on those higher frequencies.

So, these small fractional percentage will see it and feel it in the coming years and
more will activate and become aware of this collective intelligence as well, as it
becomes a very powerful co-creative entity of its own accord.

Now, those who live in fear-based realities will for the most part have their fears
amplified as these incoming frequencies and radiations create a pace of change that
makes for hardships in their life.

19:38 Emotionally, they may even become more disconnected and withdrawn. So,
you see 2012, it really represents different experiences for different states of
consciousness. It will not be a singular event like a solar eclipse that can be seen in
most parts of the world, but quite frankly, no one really knows what it will be like

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

with any precision, as it has no exact likeness and its final chapter has not yet been

So in this, the final chapter, we are all playing improvisational roles, there is no
script, and there is really no director, in the formal sense of the word. Instead, we
are allowed by First Source to choose our destiny. Live a love-centered life, and
follow earth’s ascendancy or live a fear-based life and remain in the third
dimensional frequency grid with its inherent limitations intact.

In the final assessment, 2012 is a choice. Only those who are willing to undergo a
fundamental revisioning, a new perspective, let’s say of the nature of reality, and
open and avail themselves to the power of collective intelligence and how this
intelligence restructures the face of humanity, only they will really see 2012 as it is.
All others will see illusions and in a sense be forced to live in the shadows of the
real experience.

21:16 Mark. I know this is one of those really broad questions, James, but I saw
an article the other day that said the number-one or maybe number-two thing that
was being searched on in China, and I am speaking of the Google of China, if you
will, was the phrase, “Why are we here?” So, in other words, “Why are any of us
incarnated at this time and what is our purpose? Again I know it is a really broad
question, but I actually get a lot of email around that subject from people and when
I saw this search result from the China Google it just sort of like...okay, it made my
list as you can see here. So I just wanted to get your perspective on that.

James. Well, people who live in these times, they want to feel a personal
involvement in the collective human destiny. Unfortunately, the vast majority, other
than voting for their politicians, don’t really have a sense of this. They are passive
observers looking into the arena of action, but not really participating, or so they

Everyone who is incarnate at this time has a higher Self, and this higher Self is
aware of the specialness of this time, but the ego-personality within the human
instrument is not easily accessible to the higher Self, and unless it has been
properly conditioned and prepared, the ego-personality will become like an
agoraphobic who is afraid of wild expansive places and simply wants to remain
enclosed in its own reality.

If you are here on Earth wearing the human instrument, you are here out of choice
and purpose. The choice was made to experience this time, this alignment with the
galactic center, and the intensification of the creation beam of First Source. The
purpose was to ease the experience of shifting from the old systems and reality

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

models to the new, both for societies and individuals, as well as our planet and the
creatures therein. That’s why we are here.

Now, you could say there is more to it than that and I wouldn’t disagree with you,
but the other reasons do not carry the same potency of truth. The truth is that we
have responsibility to our fellowmen, creatures, cultures, and earth to ascend in
unity and ease. This is why we are here.

24:10 Mark. I know you have answered this question before, but it is such a
common question that I can’t resist asking it again, so you can you respond in your
own words.

James. Mark?

Mark. Yes.

James. You can ask the question.

Mark. Yeah, okay. Well, once I start talking it’s hard to stop.

James. I understand. It’s a discipline we can all probably practice a bit more.

24.37 Mark. Okay, so here is the question, actually two questions. Why did you
decide to release all of these materials anonymously and why are you becoming
more and more accessible now, I mean agreeing to do this interview now, for

James. That was actually pretty good, Mark, very concise.

Mark. I tried.

James. Now to your first question. I would say that the main reason
representatives of the LTO do not choose to be visible is that they prefer, as part of
their mission, to shine the focus onto the material itself, not their personalities.

No one within the LTO is interested in establishing themselves as a spiritual

authority or a way shower. We are actually quite reticent in this regard because we
well understand that at this stage of humanity’s awakening it’s truly about
cooperative intelligence, not the singular personality. There is no messiah who will
be leading this event this time. It is too profound a shift for any one individual or
organization to orchestrate or even hope to orchestrate. Nor is it desirable at this
stage in the evolution of humanity for it to depend on a human, or angelic, or even

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

godly personality. It creates separation, similar in the way that money creates the
haves and the have nots. As I said before, there is a co-creative entity that will be
birthed in the coming years and this entity is the collective of millions of humans
who have learned to access and transmit the higher frequency emanations of First
Source within the human domain.

These frequencies will interpenetrate everything in this realm, marinating even the
physical structures in its higher vibratory field and as a result stimulating all life to
a new vibratory rate. The LTO is here to share encoded materials to help facilitate
this activation of this collective consciousness. It is not necessary for me to go on
the lecture circuit and promote books and so forth in order to accomplish this
mission. This mission can be done anonymously and, indeed, is easier to do so
because it reminds people that the effort is their own, the connection to God is their
own, the will to summon their higher Self is their own, and the knowledge they
truly need is minimal because they only require activation and the will to sustain
and involve this activation. This is not the time for information greed, rather it’s a
time of heart-centered behaviors.

27:33 Mark: Okay. That’s good stuff, by the way. I’m enjoying this a lot. James,
you speak a lot about activation and how each of us can access the higher
frequencies. Can you speak to the process of activation and how it comes about?

James: Yes, certainly. It is a very important topic and one that is particularly close
to my heart. You see, you can be born into body, educated at the finest
universities, live the perfect life from the biological perspective, but if the access to
the universal currents, or Living Truth is shut down and these currents are not
flowing through and into your human consciousness, then you are not really
incarnate, at least not as you were intended by First Source, your Creator.
Your incarnation is not complete, in other words. So this is a very important
subject, as we have billions of people who are incarnated upon this planet, but are
operating at a diminished spiritual capacity.

With our eyes and ears we perceive but a small portion of our universe. The light
and sound frequencies that our biological circuitry perceives and processes is
fractional. And when you add space to that equation it is infinitesimally small. It
was understood that the human instrument would have its limitations, but like all
things that are designed by our Creator, there are compensatory factors, which in
this case is the human emotional system.

Our emotions are what connect us to the broader universe and the energetics that
radiate from First Source. When one lives a love-centered life, practicing the six
heart virtues to the best of their abilities in the smallest nooks and crannies of their
life, they unfold around themselves an antenna. This antenna is etheric. In other

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

words, it exists in a state of energy that our eyes and ears do not detect. And it’s
designed like a finely tuned instrument that both receives and transmits the
radiations of the higher frequencies from First Source. So this antenna surrounds
our human instrument, occupying the same space as our body, and yet because it’s
composed of light frequencies of a high nature, it’s not bound to the reality and
limitations of the third dimension like our physical body, for instance.

30:18. When our hearts are relaxed, loving and understanding, appreciative,
trusting, the etheric antenna becomes... becomes receptive like a flower opening
its petals to the sun. If our heart is anxious, troubled, angry, or tumultuous, the
same antenna, similar to the way a sensitive plant closes its petals at sunset,
passes into disorder and its fine-grain connection to the higher frequency radiations
of First Source are cut off or diminished.

This etheric antenna, from a biological standpoint, is anchored in the seven glands
of the endocrine system which act as receptors to translate the higher frequencies
of the Spirit domain to the body and mind, so that the mind can process the
encoded information and the body can act upon it.

31:16 Mark: Is this the same thing as the seven chakra system?

James: Yes. Now, when people express anger or hatred, especially over time, their
antenna can be damaged, or, more precisely, its sensitivity is diminished, causing a
vicious cycle because at some level they realize that they are not receiving the
ultra-fine perceptions which is their birthright.

It is precisely these ultra-fine perceptions that activate the individual. It’s important
to note that this antenna is never damaged from external emotions, in other words,
negative emotions directed at you or others from an external source. Instead, it’s
diminished only by your own emotions of hatred, anger, frustration, and
resentment. So, you see, your Spirit's presence in your life is directly proportional
to this etheric antenna's well-being.

It’s a very delicate, wondrous, even miraculous facet of a human instrument and its
bond with Spirit. And, as this antenna is unfurled, awakened, activated,
strengthened, utilized and secured, it…it broadcasts the incoming frequencies of
light and sound, or the higher frequency radiations of First Source to the energetic
field around you, bringing you a more complete awareness of the multi-dimensional
world in which you live.

Now, this luminous field that surrounds you is not an island anymore. As I said
before, the islands are rising up as a continent of consciousness, and this continent
is the collective entity I spoke of earlier.

33:09 Mark: So, what is the activation then?

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

James: The higher Self working in conjunction with Spirit is always the activator. It
instructs the human instrument on the fundamental truths of the six heart virtues
even before the individual can read or speak. These are innate understandings.
They derive from the shared pool of wisdom that is the Living Truth, and this pool
of wisdom is the very same that angels and enlightened beings draw from. This is
the access that every student of Spirit seeks.

Once it is found it becomes your own. Once it is found, you realize that the circuitry
of the heavens, of the material galaxies, star systems—and right down to the planet
in your own human instrument—they are all aligned in a coherent design that
makes the access to the shared pool of wisdom possible. The only thing that you
need to do is to activate the etheric antenna transmitter, which is another way of
saying—listen to your heart. And then sustain and expand this activation by living a
love-centered life.

34:35 Mark: It almost sounds...almost sounds too simple.

James: Yes. It is simple. There is no complexity here because it is natural. It is

with the grain, where the friction of effort is removed from the task, and because of
the incoming energetics of our time, the task is even simpler.

I understand that there are many complex techniques related to posture, and
breathing, and mantras, and visualizations, and so forth. I don't discount these
techniques or approaches—activation is a highly personal process—and if your
higher Self leads you to undertake these approaches then do so by all means. But
also remember that the complexity can mislead. It can create a separation from
your spiritual understanding that lives ever-present in your heart.

What matters is not how much we know about the spiritual techniques of the so-
called masters or even how well we exercise this knowledge. What matters is our
ability to love and to express this love into the finest grain realities in our life.

35:50 Mark: And James, when you say a “finest grain realities” could you
elaborate a little bit on that so we know what you mean?

James: First let me get here a little glass of water, this moment please.

I think it has to do with the inner guidance. Because without this inner guidance
you will have a hard time finding the finest grain realities, as they are very often
unnoticed in the everyday experience of a typical person. And this is because of the
old paradigm that follows us around like a tired shadow. It tells us to not talk to
strangers, and to not look into the eye of a person, to obsess about the external
outward appearances of things, to be quiet unless you are spoken to. All of these
things dull our connection to the inner Spirit that sustains and evolves our

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

So it's necessary to express the six heart virtues into the smallest corners of your
life. I won't give specific examples. The way...Understand that could be useful,
perhaps, but with each example I could reveal I may conceal another inadvertently
and, again, the whole purpose of the post-activation journey is to become
sovereign and self-responsible. All I will say, is to look into the areas of your life
that seem insignificant to your mind, but have a certain magnetism to your heart.

We have a saying in Lyricus that: “The routines and blinders of the intellect are
often the playground and windows of the soul.”

You want your sense of identity to be rooted in the unified field of consciousness
which is the shared property of all. If you can bring your identity to this perspective
and sustain it in the face of life's resistance, then you will have left the old
paradigm. And the eternal being that lives in your heart will provide the guidance
you need.

38:21: Mark: James, I'm going to shift to a more personal question, if I may, since

James: Of course.

Mark: ...since we're running out of time. Is that okay?

James: Okay.

Mark: Good. I have been studying these teachings since, and I am not sure I even
should call them teachings, but since I got involved in WingMakers and I have to
say I have learned, I think a pretty good amount of information. But I still don't
have what I call—or at least what you are referring to—as this clear connection to
the higher frequencies. And I am not sure I would qualify really as a spiritual
person since I still get pretty angry when someone cuts me off in traffic; sometimes
with more intensity than I care to even talk about. But I guess my point is: how do
we know if we're on the right path or doing the right things?

James: Your condition, I'm happy to report, is very normal. Being vulnerable is
part of this world experience, and it is also part of what connects you to others. If
you hold yourself at some lofty height you could become unapproachable or, worse
yet, indifferent to the plight and issues of the everyday person.

You see, the spiritual writings, by and large, are written by those who have been
facilitated by Spirit to produce the information as a means to rekindle human
awareness of the Creator, and the heart virtues that It lives through. These writers
are often writing from a higher dimensional framework, where the gravity of real
problems is sort of stuck off to the margins, if you will. Add to that the stressors
that dictate our world and it is not an easy thing to remain a loving and sensitive

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

heart. And so we do yoga, meditation, breath work, toxicity assessments and a

hundred other things to support our journey.

40:17. It's important to understand that all are equal in the eyes of God, whether
you have ascended to the lofty planes of purity or you are just starting your climb
from the desert floor, you are valued no more or less. And this is because we are all
projections of a unified field of consciousness, and while, to be sure, we are
individually focusing this field to conform to our unique character tendencies; at the
bottom line, as they say in business, we are a family of explorers and co-creators.
We are divine collaborators who, wearing the human biology, sometimes clumsily
make mistakes.

When you experience the material world know that you are not experiencing it
alone. And this is a very subtle distinction I am about to make, but it's an important
one: You can converse with God, you can have the conversations of truth and love,
and this is well and fine because it is education. But as you go through life it's
indispensable to feel the presence of experience the terrestrial world
together as one. This is co-creation and it is a sizable step up from education.

41:44 Mark: I am not sure I'm clear about that last part, James. Could you
elaborate on what you mean when you say co-creation is one thing, education is

James: Yes. That’s precisely why I said it’s a subtle distinction of the conversations
between an individual and the Creator are important exchanges of energy and
information, but it is always you and God, a plurality of exchange, if you will.

Co-creation is not a plurality so much as it is the exploration of the terrestrial world

as one. God and you are one, and as you go through your life experience, God sees
and hears through your human instrument, nudging you this way or that because
you have invited Its presence into your heart.

Now remember, I suggested earlier that the heart or human emotional system is
the primary organ of perception relative to the ultra-fine frequencies of the higher
dimensions. If you invite God into your heart, if you feel this presence blooming,
then as you experience your life you can feel that it is being done creatively in the
moment together with God, not as you are experiencing life and then reporting
back to God through prayer or meditation where you seek advice on this decision or
that. This is how you know when you are on the right path.

43:15. Let me add one more thing. Your ego has an eternal counterpart and the
purpose your ego has held in high regard is rooted in an historical context that is
rapidly slipping into irrelevance. The landscape of creation is being renovated, so to

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

speak, to allow for a chain reaction of consciousness that will sweep this planet and
carry it and its creatures to new vibratory fields.

Now, the ego has been locked away in fear and lack of trust. It is as if these
qualities were hard-coded into the human species. Ideologies, whether they are
science- or religion-based, are nonetheless tethered to fear. They block the
emanations of the higher frequencies that the human instrument was designed to
function on. This is precisely why the individual is sovereign and why it is so critical
that they activate themselves and live a love-centered life, because it is only then
that a sufficient number of humans can start the chain reaction of consciousness,
the consciousness of eternity.

The material forces will respond to this frequency and become the actualizing force
of eternity upon the terrestrial plane. In Lyricus we say it this way: “The Master of
Matter will become the slave of eternity.” I realize that I moved off on some very
wide-ranging concepts, but your answer is in this nest of concepts. You’ll just have
to sort it out a bit.

44:55 Mark: Thanks, James. Yeah, I am sure I’ll be doing that. While I have been
listening I find that much of what you have said...I have a feeling that I’m going to
have to listen a few more times before I’m really able to make sense of it.

James: You may be right, but don't worry so much about making sense of it. This
is as much a psychological process as it is a comprehension. It is a process of
identity shift, so each individual can shift from the currents of fear and guilt to the
currents of love and understanding. Because only in the currents of love do you
realize that you are not the former enemy, but rather the energetic frequencies of
the animation itself. And these frequencies—where do you suppose they derive

Mark: I guess I would say First Source.

James: Yes, from our Creator. And these frequencies, they dance in the moment,
they do not know the past or future, they live in the now. So thoughts and feelings
that search into the past or future, they can restrict the circulation of these delicate
frequencies, and it is these frequencies, like the pied piper, lead you to the point,
the very moment where you are open to transformation.

Now we have a saying that goes like this: “If you are peeling an orange do not be
thinking about an apple.” In other words, stay in the moment, because this is
where the frequencies of animation occur. This is where your power lies.

46:30 Mark: OK, that makes sense. Thanks James, I appreciate that. Mateo! For
those of you listening to this, our cat, Mateo just jumped up on the table and is
visiting James. He seems to like you.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 1

James: There is no reason he shouldn’t. What kind of cat is he?

Mark: He’s a Ragdoll. The kind that go limp when you pick them up. Hence the

James: Yes, he is very relaxed. Very soothing.

Mark: Yeah, I don't know if the mics are picking it up, but I can sure hear him
purring from where I'm sitting. Do you want me to take him, James?

James: No, no he’s fine. If he wants to lay….

Mark: (Mark speaks simultaneously with James.)

James: Well, if nothing else he is a is very good diversion, you see. This is the way
Spirit works and is a good example of the fine-grain details of life, where in the
certain frequency of 30 or 40 minutes and Mateo is just fine, and he suddenly
jumps up on the table and asserts himself. Well, to me, it's Spirit's nudge to ease
off the gas pedal a bit and return to the playful side of life. It’s all a rhythm, you

Mark: Yeah, yeah I follow you. James, do you still want to take a break?

James: Yes, let’s do that, we can stretch our bodies and refresh ourselves. I know
you wanted to show me some things, so let’s do that now, and we can resume our
talk in 15 or 20 minutes.

Mark: Signing off for now.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

Mark: Interview session number 2 with James, April 5, 2008 copyright 2008,
WingMakers, all right reserved.

0:32 Mark: We’re back for the second part of the interview. I am Mark Hempel
and I’m sitting here with James, the once anonymous creator of the WingMakers,
Lyricus, and Event Temples web sites. I say once because I guess you’re still
anonymous but now that you are sitting here with me it seems less so, assuming
that we share these interviews with the public. If you’re listening to this and you
haven’t heard Part 1, which we recorded just a little earlier, you might want to
start with that part first because it puts these interviews in context and I guess,
in the interest of not wanting to repeat myself, I’m not going to do that here. So,
partly in the interest of time and partly because I don’t know if I’d do as good a
job since I don’t have my notes in front of me...besides which. So, anyway I’ll
skip the background information and get right to the questions, if that’s okay
with you, James?

James: Yes, and know that’s fine, Mark.

1:31 Mark: One of the things I am curious about and I suspect our listeners are
as well, is to know more about the world religions and how they relate to
WingMakers, or if they do at all?

James: Any time you speak about world religions, I’m not sure how to respond
because I don’t want to insult anyone nor do I wish to make comparisons that
are subjectively unfair, which leaves little room for statements of any kind.

All I will say is that people can find their higher Selves and activate their higher
connections to Spirit and God through most of the religious and spiritual
movements on earth. There is no monopoly on the access points to Spirit and to
the degree they don’t feel...meaning the people, they don’t feel this higher
connection is emerging from their study, then they are probably better served to
try something new, trusting that their higher Self will guide them to that which
resonates with their innate feeling of the truth. If you go to an orchestral
performance, at the beginning the musicians are tuning their instruments trying
to find harmony. In a similar way, we are made by the same Creator, but our
instruments are in different tuning codes and we are trying to find the point of
harmonization. We are all tuned differently through our experience, genetic
predispositions, education, and yes, I suppose religion and cultural conditioning
play a decisive role as well.

3:15. More religions compete more than they seek to harmonize and, as I’ve
said before, the key is activation of the connection between ego-personality, the
higher Self, and the animating Spirit that flows between them. Once this
activation occurs, what religion you are is quite academic, much the same way it
doesn’t matter what your citizenship is when you visit outer space.

3:45 Mark: ….. Yeah, that’s good—interesting analogy. The question I see in the
subtext of the email linked to religion is the confusion of all these different

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

spiritual paths have on the individual as they try to, you know, figure out which
one is best for them.

James: Yes, yes, I understand, but seekers are yet looking outside themselves.
They seek what they sense they lack within, in part, because religion and culture
tell them that they lack this ability and require intermediaries like priests and
ministers, rabbis or spiritual teachers to find their way. The pathways of Spirit
only appear confusing from the inside looking out and this is because the
materials that are strewn before the typical seeker are confusing. One path tells
you, “you are a sinner,” another path tells “there is no such thing.” One path tells
you “to breathe this way and with this posture,” another says “pray in this form.”
One path says, “the end is near,” another says, “we are just born in the Spirit of
God, it’s a time of new beginnings.” So can all of these things be true at the
same time?

4:57. It becomes equally confusing as you enter the scientific domain. Not long
ago there was magic and wonder in the world, and then Newton and others came
along, and the mechanistic universe was unveiled, and magic left our culture and
stood on the fringes, like an orphan, and like the prodigal son, magic
has returned in the form of quantum physics.

On the one hand religion defined magic in the formulations of its leaders so as to
manipulate the masses. On the other hand, science, eschewing magic, distilled
our universe to the nuts and bolts of a mechanism in which our specialness as a
species was just sort of like, taken out of the equation.

5:46. For example, “we are 99 percent the same as an ape,” “we are not the
center of the universe,” and so forth. All of these theses or points of view, world
views, influenced and it became larger and we became smaller, less significant.

In a sense, the quantum world came to our rescue as we became aware of just
how little we know about the universe. This was an activation for the species as a
whole that most people do not truly understand because humanity was beaten
down with a mechanical uncaring universe and an invisible God. But then we
discovered how we are all connected. The basic mechanics were anything but
mechanical—they were magical—indeed, inexplicable, but that is the world of
subatomic energies, frequencies of light and sound in which we live. I realize I
got off track a bit, but the impression I want to leave is that I have great
sympathy for the seeker in their confusion. It’s well known.

7:03 Mark: So what should people do in the midst of their confusion. I mean,
what should they do to get clear?

James: The best place to start in trying to begin again is to simplify. This is a
literate world where words rule the mind. The Spirit behind the words is key it is
more important than the words. Most seekers draw confusion to themselves
because they compare the words written or spoken by spiritual teachers, or
worse yet, they compare the interpretations of the words from spiritual teachers.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

Language was invented to facilitate trade and barter, commerce and later
culture. Language of our world is a third-dimensional construct that is misleading
and imperfect. So with words, be careful.

I’ll give you an example. I can tell you the core truth in as little as two
sentences. Here goes: “Just as the sun is the presence of God in our collective
universe, you are the presence of God in your local universe. You are a light
being in a universe of equal beings, each one is just as essential to the whole.”
So you see in these two sentences I have told you the seeds of Truth from which
all other wisdom arises. There is nothing to be confused about in this Truth
unless, of course, you fall back on your historical knowledge, so if you are
confused you must bear some responsibility for your confusion, as it comes to
you out of comparison.

8:54. Take the first sentence. “Just like the sun is the presence of God in our
collective universe.” What does it mean? The sun and God are one and the same?
Well, for many this would be heresy. In some periods of our history you would
have been killed for saying this—and yet it’s the truth. Though it’s more complex
than simply saying, “Sun and God are identical.” So the words themselves begin
to confound truth.

So to simplify your own truth you need to have a framework from which your
beliefs arise. The framework of Lyricus is to live a love-centered life by
expressing the six heart virtues to all within your local universe. As you do this
you become a conductor of your emotional system and you become the Presence
of God in your world. It’s a very simple framework, and one that springs forth
from the most ancient of worlds, yet there’s really been no evolution provided to
it. It’s not undergone interpretations, it’s not been embroidered by any religious
institution, it is not owned by anyone.

10:07 Mark: This might be a good time to ask a very frequent question about

James: Very well, but let me add something to your last question first. The
world is not without paradox and complexity—it has plenty of both. The seeker in
today’s world has been overwhelmed by many, many stressors—the economy,
their job, their family, their relationships, even their roles as mother, father,
daughter, son, husband, or wife. These stressors inhabit the body and the
nervous system is aroused by them, and not in a good way. The nervous system
and endocrine systems coupled to the heart produce the network connection to
the higher frequencies. In other words, they are your internal network and
connection to the external network, the organizing fields of Spirit intelligence.

If you have too much noise in your body and emotional system, and by noise I
mean stress that is built up and is endangering the sensitivity of your connection,
remember that the practice of the six heart virtues is a method to release this
noise or stress. There are many, many techniques that will help, even
technologies and it’s important that the individual discovers what works for them.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

Doc Childre, the founder of HeartMath, is the pre-eminent teacher on the subject
and one I recommend without hesitation.

11:38. Seekers are often in search of the escalating complexity because the
esoteric is static. If I see someone who is practicing the six heart virtues to the
best of their ability they are, in my view, a greater master on earth than the one
who quotes the highest formulations of Spirit or speaks the elegance of Jesus, or
Mohammed, or Krishna, or Buddha, or practices meditation every day, but then
radiates discordant behaviors or thoughts.

The universe has an incentive system—it’s called evolution—and so we

understand that when we look at those things that have evolved into
sophisticated techniques or organizations, and we imbue them with greater
importance than those things that have not evolved and are simple, even
innocent in comparison.

But the six heart virtues, living a love-centered life while disconnected from the
evolutionary track of spiritual knowledge, are paradoxically among the most
potent forms of truth for this particular time in humanity’s evolution.

12:43 Mark: I know what you mean because I get letters from people who
acquaint me with some of the more esoteric writings out there, like the Urantia
Book, or Keys of Enoch, some of the Alice Bailey stuff and these are a couple
examples that come to mind. And they have some really great insights in them,
but they also leave me feeling a bit uncertain what to do next, you know, I mean
with the knowledge itself.

What do you see as the key thing a seeker new to these materials can do to gain
a sense of conviction, I guess I’ll call it that, that they are on the right path?

James: Yes, well, the word “religion” is derived from the word, the Latin words,
“re link.” So to re-link into the higher Self is the esoteric meaning of the term
religion. So, the seeker is attempting to re-link into their higher Self which has
been put in the shade of their ego-personality whose voice is sporadically heard
and even less so acted upon. Thus, the seeker of truth must demand or feel a
sense of reconnection with their higher Self, the animating Spirit that flows within
it and then act upon it. It’s not enough to hear the beautiful thoughts of one’s
higher Self or feel the power of its feelings, or the creative urges of its mind.

The human instrument must come into alignment and reposition the ego-
personality to its rightful place, adjusted in the knowledge of its role as a
facilitator of Spirit within the human domain. When the seeker sees these
adjustments, and feels the re-linking into their higher Self, they will have a sense
of conviction that they are on the right path. Remember, I said earlier, that it’s a
psychological process. It’s the feeling of re-linking to ones own Divinity. It’s the
sense of empowered co-creativity with one’s higher Self and its unalterable
connection to the fields of Spirit that make possible its eternal connection to
individuality and oneness.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

In an alternating…like a sine wave, like a wave of existence, this is the power you
hold within you. And every authentic seeker is called to this—this very special
and very personal mission.

15:16 Mark: So you look at this as a mission of the individual?

James: Yes, it is in every sense of the word a responsibility of the individual to

seek out their higher Self and come into alignment with the higher fields of their
Source. And I use this term “responsibility” not as a thing imposed upon the
seeker from an outside source, but rather a recollection of their purpose for
incarnating as a human on this planet at this time.

Once they fulfill this responsibility they will decide, quite of their own accord,
what their mission is and with whom they wish to work with. Much of this goes
on beneath the conscious awareness of the seeker. In some ways, they feel like
they’re caught up in a current, like a riptide that pulls them from the safety of
the shoreline. The shoreline represents their past as an ego-personality and the
currents are Spirit. And once the seeker comes into alignment with their higher
Self they will be pulled by this current and positioned appropriately to fulfill their

16:28 Mark: Is the mission different for everyone or it is pretty much the same?

James: It’s really both. Every individual seeker as they awaken to their inmost
Spirit and feel the currents of a love-centered life is pulled into very specific
situations in which their energetics can be utilized by Spirit in the Grand
Awakening of humanity. This does not mean that every moment is a contribution
to this mission, but overall as you look at the mosaic of a life, let’s say a course
of a month’s time, a contribution is proffered and awakening is brought a little
closer, made a tiny bit more tangible and magnetic to all those who remain

At the collective scale, there are different phases of awakening and there are
those who are just awakening who are seeking their purpose in trying to
integrate the two worlds into a sensible composition. There are those who are in
deep slumber in their ego-personalities and cultural confinements and there are
those who are partially awakened, but are manipulated by outside influences to
remain with the sleeping masses. And there are those who are awakened and
know with deep conviction in the commitment of Divine Love, that their primary
mission is to activate and rekindle all those in the aforementioned categories so
they can all join the Grand Awakening.

17:59. Now, and this is important: The mission is not one of a “join the
enlightened crowd and be happy,” nor is it “you poor people who live in
ignorance, for the glory of God I will help you awaken.” This is not about
preaching the good news to the sinners of the world. Those who slumber are not
sinners. They are not bad people nor are they lower in standing than you or me.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

If you have ever seen a fish who inadvertently swam into a shallow tide pool and
is now trapped, there is an instinct to help them return to the ocean and this is
the instinct we have and nothing more. The fish held in the tide pool is still the
same fish. It has the same powers and needs, it is simply trapped in the
confinements of the tide pool and that diminishes its ability to be a fish.

18:55 Mark: Yeah, you know I get a lot of email from people, and I should add
when I say I get a lot of email it’s really intended for you. [Laughter] But the
sentiment is a bit edgy and that the person is frustrated that their mission or
purpose seems, I’ll say mundane, at least that’s the impression I get from
reading this stuff. It’s kind of caught up, as you just put it in a very small tide
pool, or at least that’s their perception. What would you say to them?

James: Well, this is a very common problem for people because they feel the
expanding grids and the larger purpose of their life and yet they confront traffic
snarls, or sick children, or making the next mortgage payment, or the ripples of a
relationship gone bad. All of these things impinge on their perception of their
purpose because, in part, they feel the mundane and the Divine clashing in their
lives. They don’t necessarily see the two worlds as connected in any meaningful
way, but they are. Have you ever seen a film that is very dark, even depressing
in its darkness, but when the light comes into the film it’s very bright, very

20:17 Mark: Yeah, my wife and I love the HBO show called Carnival and or I’m
not sure if I am pronouncing that right, but it’s about as dark as it gets because
it’s set in the Great Depression, when people shine…it really comes across from
an emotional level. I think that’s a good example of what you mean.

James: Yes, though I haven’t seen the movie you mentioned, it can be a very
powerful technique in story-telling and film-making to use the contrast of
darkness to reveal the light with more fullness and depth, and that does this as
well, you see.

The darkness isn’t necessarily a huge event or evil person as it’s often depicted in
film and stories, it can be the accumulation of hundreds of small things. But
however it arises, it creates the conditions whereby you can use the six heart
virtues and shed your light into the darkness of the times and into your local
universe. The irony is that this is the purpose we came here to undertake. This is
our mission, in effect, and yet most people find that the mundane distractions of
life interfere with their lofty missions, when indeed—they reveal them.

Again, I want to add that I understand that this can be a difficult thing to see in
this light, but if the six heart virtues were ever-flowing and easy to transmit, how
would you develop your skills? How would you strengthen your determination to
send these virtues amongst your local universe? How would you help in the
situations of crisis or difficulty? How would your mission remain a vital element of

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

your life over the changing times and how would you understand the situation
about others and feel genuine compassion?

When the darkness enters your world, remember this is the time to use the heart
virtues, to exercise them above all other times, as they will stand out, they will
reveal your grace and that of the One you truly represent.

22:34 Mark: Yes, I’ve heard you use the term “local universe” several times
today and it seemed like a new term to me. I think I know what you mean when
you say it , but could you define it just to be sure?

James: Yes. One’s local universe is the dimensional field that the individual is in
moment to moment. For example, my local universe shifted many times just
today. As I was at home in New York organizing for my trip, then drove to an
airport, boarded a plane, entered another airport, met you, and now I’m sitting
here in your office in Minneapolis.

My local universe embraces every one of those spaces or environments. Each has
its own energetic field that is the composite of a few people, or in some cases,
like the airport, thousands of people. I can feel this composite, a field, I sense
the frequencies, or I can choose to turn down my sensitivity so I can focus more
internally. I can also choose to enhance the composite energetic field through my
behavior, thoughts, or feelings. Certain environments I have more control over
than others. For example, if you work in an office building you have some control
over your personal office, but if you go to the cafeteria you must blend or mesh
with the composite field that exists there.

So your local universe is wherever you are in the moment and wherever that is,
from a physical or geographic point of view, you are also present in other
dimensions, and in these higher dimensions you may shift your perception or
awareness to a different local universe. The term “local” in this case only means
it’s your present focus of attention and energy. And this is important because it
means we’re not tethered to our physical geography.

24:39. Wherever you are in terms of your local universe, remember you are the
presence of God in Spirit. You are like a sun within the sky of your environment
and this sun expresses light. But it also absorbs the informational codes or inputs
of your local universe and you can feel this absorption flowing into your soul
where it is processed with ease and positioned in coherence for your human
instrument to make use of.

There is a saying within the text of Liminal Cosmogony that is very appropriate
here: “Let your universe be the altar upon which the consciousness of Spirit can
descend.” So, in a way, your local universe is a portal through which the
consciousness of Spirit can enter into your human domain.

When I said earlier that my day included many geographical shifts, I didn’t
mention all the internal shifts because, partly, they would be too numerous to

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

mention and partly because they are difficult to describe in words. As we say,
“It’s like trying to put a costume on an angel.” Does this answer your question?

25:57 Mark: Yeah, I think so. Thanks, by the way. I do want to return to my
question about Lyricus, but as you were talking something else popped into my
mind that I wanted to ask you about.

James: Yes, good. It’s wise to be instinctual and follow the sudden impulses
when they arrive from your heart. Spontaneity and living instinctually is all
connected to a love-centered life because only then can you live in the moment. I
commend you for changing the conversation as your heart tells you. If we don’t
return to your list of questions don’t worry, it’s only because our higher Selves
found a new way to engage and this new way is always better than the old
predetermined way. When you operate in the currents of love you can have
confidence that you know just the right gesture, or word to say, or thought to
hold, or virtue to express in the moment. There is no referential source you need
to get approval from. Trust this.

26:59 Mark: Okay. Yeah, thanks for that insight, I appreciate that. I almost
forgot my question now, I got so carried away by your compliment. Okay, back
to it.

The questions about kids. As you know, I have four of them and it seems like
there is just more pressure for kids than there was in my time for growing up.
What’s your view of kids these days and what prospects do they have? I guess
what I mean is that the news isn’t that bright. Things like global warming, energy
shortages, food prices going up, water shortages, over-population, yada, yada.
You know, when you look underneath the covers there’s a lot of potential
problems looming.

James: Well, yes, as you know I haven’t had the honor of raising children
myself, so I’ll begin my response with that admission.

It’s a complex set of questions you’ve raised. Let me start by saying that children
become entrained to their culture by the age of five. If their culture is fear-
based, they themselves will generally with few exceptions learn this fear. This
fear negates or diminishes trust, not only in the outside world or universe, but
more importantly in themselves. This distrust expresses itself in very, very subtle
characteristics many of which are not even noticed by parents because they are

If children grow in fear they tend to define themselves in terms of mortality, or

vulnerability and isolation. These qualities strangle the expansiveness and scope
of Spirit that courses through their nervous system, their hearts and minds. Just
one moment.

29:05. Imagine if you had a very powerful vehicle to explore our planet, but you
were given a blindfold to wear at the time you were born. The only oddity of this

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

blindfold is that it’s relatively transparent at birth. However, each month that
goes by the blindfold becomes more opaque. By the time you are able to really
control this powerful vehicle your blindfold is completely opaque. So now you can
drive, but you can’t see. Now you can explore, but you can only do so with
extreme caution because you don’t really trust your perceptions of your local
universe. Yes?

Mark: Yes.

James: So this is a metaphor for how many children feel as they mature. The
power of their minds and egos becomes an instrument of division because they
are taught to perceive the outside world as separate from themselves, while the
Spirit that lives within them beats a different message. It says, “Everything is
one Being. We are all connected in this universe. Our Creator is benevolent and
all-wise. The universe is our body.”

So there’s this dichotomy that frustrates them because on the one hand there is
this mask they inherit from their culture that reduces everything it sees to
disconnected parts for the purpose of comparison and analysis. On the other
hand, the young person feels this unity and connection of Spirit below the
surface, sometimes in dreams, sometimes in daydreams, sometimes in art and
story, sometimes in real-life experience.

30:59. Children and young adults can access the intuitive wisdom through the
harmonization of their hearts and minds—a bold trust of their instincts. But the
flair and glamour of the pop culture has a very strong magnetism. The access to
their intuitive wisdom is seldom found once the child creates their social persona
or protective mask that they wear, which gives them a corridor to retreat from
the responsibility of higher awareness and purposeful energetic contribution.

There are some children and young adults that break this condition in the social
and cultural order, but not in high numbers or ratios. It’s done by the few who
have strong blueprints, missions, and inner guidance to access this intuitive
wisdom and utilize it for the Grand Awakening.

Now, more to your point, the future is bright because the intelligence of the
human race is being intensified in the coming years like never before. This
awakening or access to the higher order intuitive knowledge is precisely what
many of the children of today are here to reveal.

With this access comes new inventions, innovative solutions, new ways in which
humanity will solve the problems of energy, poverty, and its governments and
disease, and resource distribution. It’s not to say that these problems will be
overcome in a matter of a few years, or when 2012 rolls around, all will be well
with the world. No, it will not happen that way. It will happen more gradually,
but the critical mass—the re-engineering of the human grids upon which we
depend for our interconnections to Spirit—these will be brought to a new level of
creativity and cooperation whereby the human and Divine agendas come into a

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

more, let’s say a new and higher harmony, and in this harmony positive change
will take hold.

33:12 Mark: Now what about all the prophecy and disasters like nuclear wars,
or earth changes, like floods, and earthquakes, and pole shifts, to name a few.
Do these still loom in our future before the good times can roll, so to speak?

James: There will continue to be calamities of various kinds. That’s all part of
the rhythm of nature and man, but it’s not the events of the past that define our
species, or the direction in which we advance, so much as it’s the purpose and
intention we carry within our hearts and minds. So, yes, there will be wars and
natural disasters that trail in the wake of humanity and, yes, it will be natural to
presume that the best indicator of our future is our past, but that’s not really the
case. Prophecy often neglects the finer energies of the human heart and mind,
and instead is informed by the mistakes and disastrous judgments that we see
materialize in our history books. There is a prime coherence that makes possible
the gradual appearance of the bridge between Creator and creation. As this
bridge materializes in the coming years, it will widen so more and more people
can cross it and feel the vibrational influences of their Creator—moment by
moment—whenever they choose to touch Him.

It’s like the lifting of a fog that separates one identity from another, and despite
all the evidence to the contrary, the future of humankind is as bright as a star
and even more enduring.

34:59 Mark: Yes, I think that was more positive than I expected.

James: Yes, but I’m well aware that prophecy is a bit gloomy relative to
humanity and earth, but as I said, within the hearts and minds of ordinary people
is the vision of what is to be, even if we can’t articulate it or grasp it with our
minds, we nonetheless admit this vision and purpose, and it goes out as a
powerful imprint forming the future of humanity like a great Sculptor who wields
galaxies like a hammer and chisel.

The deepest motives of the human heart are not found in words, but rather
behaviors and energetic or etheric transmissions to share love and light to all
creatures. These, these are the muscles and limbs of the great Sculptor or
collective Being. And the reason this is so is because we are children of our
Creator, Whose vision and purpose is stored within each of us, expressing Itself
even when we seem far, far from spiritual godly living. We cannot turn this off
any more than our sun can choose not to shine. [Pause.]

Food shortages will be an issue, disease will be an issue, the waters will be an
issue, and these are all elements that will pull humanity into a new grid, or a new
perspective relative to its values and behaviors. But the deepest motives, even
when they are forgotten or ignored, remain as a collective signature of humanity,
and these will be crystallized in our new institutions, our new technologies, our

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

new leaders, and the new objectives of a united earth. This is our destiny. It’s
not the whim of a few teachers or even angelic hosts—it’s the innermost pure
ancient voice of our hearts and minds in a chorus of love where your identity is a
cell in an evolving, ascending planetary organism. This organism lives and moves
in the currents of love that fill the universe as light and sound frequencies from
the highest to the lowest order.

37:31 Mark: I think that some of that may have gone over my head, but the
great thing about audio is that you can rewind it and listen a few more times,

James: Again, don’t concern yourself with understanding everything you hear.
Sometimes it’s more valuable to not understand, but just feel the energy of what
is said. This energy is more important as it’s often more activating than words or

37:57 Mark: Okay, I’ll do my best, but let’s switch topics for a moment. I realize
the heart has always been a factor in the WingMakers materials, it just seems
like it’s taken more of a center stage in the Event Temples site. Can you explain
the reason for that, James?

James: Yes, it’s true that the Event Temples is more focused on the heart
center. But then, the heart and mind are the key elements of the human
instrument, and in the WingMakers materials the mind was addressed more fully.
And in the Event Temples, I suppose the focus was more squarely on the heart
as a means to provide balance. But even in the poetry and art, and music of the
WingMakers materials there is abundant reference to the heart and its central
role in human activation and accessing the higher Self.

You see, the heart and mind are like two sides of the same coin, and, by the
way, when I say “heart” I really mean the human emotional and intuitive system.
And when I say “mind” I really mean the consciousness of the sovereign
individual which includes the physical brain, nervous system, and associative
mind consciousness. So, with those definitions out of the way—the heart is the
portal of the human instrument that enables it to feel the currents of love that
flow in and around every individual, at all times. It’s back to that antenna and
transmitter I spoke about in our first sessions. It’s really a sensory system that
enables that feeling of connection to others and our mutual Creator.

39:36. Mind, however, is a powerful perceiver in many ways, though it kind of

gets tangled with the ego-personality and the social conditioning of the small
story in which culture lives. So, its power can be vastly diminished. The idea is to
have both the heart and mind operating in harmony as both receptors and
transmitters to ensure a good balance between the incoming streams of energy
and information and the outgoing transmissions.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

In the WingMakers terminology, this is akin to the Wholeness Navigator, that

part that looks upon one’s local universe and genuinely perceives it as a three-
dimensional web connecting all life in wholeness.

Now, the Event Temples website and materials are really focused on presenting
one angle on how an individual can live a love-centered life, but not for the
reasons that it brings you spiritual knowledge, or the security of good
relationships, or less stress, but, rather, to be responsible in helping humanity
shift to a higher dimensional perspective amidst the tumultuous times ahead, as
we go though some of these birth pains of a new humanity.

41:01. It’s important to understand—the heart and mind are seamless, as I said
before, two sides of the same coin, and that that coin does not have a name to
it. It’s not definable as we sort out words to apply to it. Paradoxically, it’s
wordless where its definition matters, and where it doesn’t matter it’s called
things like soul, and integral self, immortal consciousness, and Spirit. But, all of
these words pin it down inside a box the moment the word is used to describe it.
That’s how the mind works. It places things inside a box that is of a manageable
size and can be seen according to a three-dimensional reality.

So, while the focus may be on the heart in this project, and the mind on another,
the real focus is on the integration of the two into a harmonious expression of
the virtuous heart and mind through the human instrument, into the worlds of
timespace, which is here and now.

In this earth, in the year 2008, in the month of April, on the fifth day, and the
fourteenth hour, and the twenty-second minute, and the twelfth second of time—
I am making some of this up, of course—but, my point is that even when you
have limited yourself into thinking that here and now is literally here and now,
just the time to find it, it isn’t.

There is no time or space that bounds your expression of the virtuous qualities
within you. They are outside that box as big as timespace here and now is, but I
understand the difficulty in making that distinction. All that’s really important is
to know that when you transmit your love-centered life into your local universe,
you are touching more than your local universe and you are not locked inside the
here and now, but can transmit it to all time—and even non-time.

43:10 Mark: Aha, so I see our discussion is starting to touch on time travel. You
know, from the amount of email I forward to you, that time travel is one of the
more common themes, I’ll say, not certainly in the top five or six, or whatever,
but it’s probably in the top, you know, ten or so.

In the WingMakers materials, time travel is discussed in some detail in the

Ancient Arrow Project book. For those of you who haven’t read all of the material,
or looked at the book, at least…in there is described a technology called BST, or
Blank Slate Technology. Do you want to shed any light on this topic?

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

James: Not particularly, not at this time. It’s not that I don’t find the topic
interesting, but the energetics of our conversation would be better served if we
stay on a different wavelength.

Mark: Okay, I understand.

James: You see, timespace is an invention of the mind to allow us to navigate in

the three-dimensional reality. Something that is invented by the mind can always
be influenced by the higher consciousness of the Spirit, as it is encompassing of
the mind. So, as Spirit Beings, we time travel all the time.

The kind of time travel that was described in the WingMakers has
more to do with institutionalized time travel and bringing it within the domain of
human technology. There are many projects that have experiment with time
travel, and I merely disclosed one such project in the Ancient Arrow book. But it’s
a very, very complex subject when you begin to institutionalize time travel.

44:46 Mark: James, do you want to take a break yet?

James: Yes, it would be good to stretch our legs, but I’d like to make one final
point before we end the session.

Mark: Okay, okay that’s fine.

James: One moment. [Long pause.]

45:12. We are all members of a single organism much like individual photons
compose a beam of light or trillions of electrons compose an electrical current
that sweeps across a galaxy. When we move from the world of phenomena to the
higher dimensions of reality, individuality is exchanged for community, and this
community is vast and encompassing, and it contains an intelligence that mirrors
its vastness.

In the times ahead, there will be shifting sands and creeping doubts and many
people will feel fears trying to grasp them. May I remind anyone who is open-
minded to the possibility, that you are here at this time to give your love
independent of the external world conditions and events.

It’s the foundation of Event Temples to help organize these quantum

communities, so that we can collectively stand as examples of love-based
communities living amidst fear-based individuals. And easing fear, and guilt, and
hate, and base survival, and ignorance, and greed energies that will be emitted
in the coming years as the birth pangs of a new earth are released.

I understand it’s very easy to fall prey to these fear-based energies and want to
protect yourselves and loved ones, and prepare for tumultuous times—to, in
effect, to crawl inside a protective cocoon and wait for the chaos to pass. But the

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

times, as hard as they may become, will be made easier for all in the broader
community of humanity and earth, if those of us who came to this planet at this
time fully awaken to our missions of receiving and transmitting love frequencies
into our local universe—knowing well that the walls of our local universe extend
to the most distant and ancient walls of our Creator’s universe. They are truly
one and the same, and what we send out to one, goes to all. It circulates
amongst the greater community and stabilizes it amid any turmoil.

47:39. So, it is our responsibility to own this time as makers of peace from war,
creators of love from turmoil, changers of darkness to light, and transformers of
despair to hope. If any of you question your mission or purpose—remember, it is

How you clothe your mission in terms of your work, or hobbies, or family, or
relationships, well, this is up to you, and in the wide sense of reality—it doesn’t
really matter. What matters is that you express a love-centered life into your
local universe independent of external circumstance. You place this at the core of
your human existence, knowing that if you so, you are a stabilizing force and of
all the forces that are needed at this time—this, this is the most vital.

48:43 Mark: Yeah, you know, I get this, at least intellectually, but the doing of
it’s another thing. I mean, maybe this is too extreme of an example, but if there
are food shortages, and rioting in the street breaks out, or the economy really,
you know, goes into meltdown, how do we remain as stable forces? I mean,
wouldn’t it be natural to get caught up in the chaos since it affects us, and I think
it would be very hard to remain in the heart, or express a loved-centered life in
the midst of this kind of chaos, at least.

James: I am not predicting there will be chaos, though it’s a possibility. Much of
the catastrophic events that were possible components of the birth pains of earth
have been mitigated already. There’s enough people around the planet to
stabilize it. And this, by the way, is a significant reason for what some people
would call over-population. In reality, it requires a very large human population
on the planet to get a stabilizing force, energetically entrain a
higher order field on the planet.

Yes, the difficulty you speak of is true, if there are riots in the street, or the
Internet shut down for a few days, or if government suddenly announced
extraterrestrials are indeed real—these kinds of events would have profound
implications to our social order. It would be like turning it upside down for a
while, and in this state of disorder it would be hard to think, act, and express
outside of the social reaction, especially with the media fanning the flames of fear
and apprehension.

And yet, this is precisely what you will be asked to do. Whenever you feel your
ability to radiate the love-centered life is in jeopardy or diminishment, you need
only to call on your higher Self to replenish it, to tap into the reservoir of love
and compassion that surrounds you at all times.

Interview with James, April 5, 2008, Part 2

50:50 Mark: You know, James, how does one call on the higher Self, or tap into
this reservoir you speak of? Is there a technique you recommend?

James: It’s a fair question, but there are no formulas in this regard, Mark, or at
least, not ones that, in my view, are effective.

Let me answer you this way. If the people of our world knew only the condition
of sleep, it would be logical that they would then fear the dawn. The people
would wonder, “What is this strange light that awakens us?”

This is the time when Spirit is victorious over the forces of materialization and it
will emerge with the calm supremacy that’s the signature of its Source. And this
emergence is like the dawn, as light falls over our world and stirs people awake.
Sometimes this light will stir turmoil and unrest, but this is only because people
have been asleep for so long that they fear the changes that this light brings, as
they know, at a deeper level, that these changes are profound and lasting, and
carry with them a responsibility that they themselves must adopt, or be left
behind, in a sense.

52:10. Those who are truly awake, they’ll see these tumultuous times as
demonstrations of this light and it will not evoke survival instincts, or run-and-
hide tactics of despair. They will feel a new power that comes to them unbidden,
in the sense that they don’t call for it consciously, but it will flow over them
nonetheless, like a new current of energy and they will anchor it, share it, and
experience it like never before.

You see, I could give you this technique or that, but in the end, it’s really just a
string of words. Instead, what I have shared is the Spirit behind the words, the
force behind the object and this, in my opinion, is more valuable. So, listen if you
want, to the Spirit force, as it will inform you and keep you focused on the
mission that you came to be part of, and to achieve as a collective intelligence. I
think that’s enough for this session, Mark

53:20 Mark: Okay, yes, no, I understand.

James: Yes, let’s stretch our legs and refresh ourselves a bit.

Mark: Okay, signing off. We’ll pick up on session three in, well it doesn’t matter
to your listening because it’s all...there’s no time pause, but for your sake, James
we’ll start in about another ten or fifteen minutes. Okay?

James: That’s fine, Mark.

(Chamber 17)

I’ve set loose the guards that stand before my door.

I’ve let cells collide in suicide until they take me.
If there were stories left to tell I would hear them.

Behind the waterfalls of channeled panic

spilling their prideful progeny I can stay hidden in the noise.
Being invisible has its cameo rewards.
It also keeps visible the durable lifeform
murmuring beneath the wickedness.
This is truly the only creature I care to know,
with luminous ways of sweet generosity that suffers
in the untelling universe of the unlistening ear.

When I am found out—after I am gone—by a stranger’s

heart whose drill bit is not dulled by impersonation,
I will open eyes, peel away skin, awaken the heart’s coma.
I will set aside the costumed figure and redress the host
so its image can be seen in mirrors I set forth
with words bugged by God.
When these words are spoken,
another ear is listening on the other side
beaming understanding like lasers their neutral light.

The common grave of courage holds us all

in the portal of singularity,
the God-trail of rebeginning.

Somehow, so seldom, words and images

thrust their meaning into heaven and conquer time.
But when they do,
they become the abracadabra of the sacred moment.
The pantomime of the public’s deepest longing.

Afterwards, the improbable eyelid glances open,

the skin folds away,
and the heroic eye awakens and remains alert.
Afterwards, the words eat the flesh and leave behind
the indigestible bitterness.
The emotional corpse shed,
an insoluble loneliness.
The cast of separation.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Another Mind Open
(Chamber 8)

There was a fire where smoke gathered

and danced like rivers without gravity
to the rattle of drums.

Sometimes I would look inside the smoke

but it curled away and covered itself
with a cloak so opaque I could only cry.
It became the mask of its consumption.
The dream of its new life.
The victorious skin always changing
yet everlasting.

There was a fire last night

that proclaimed news of a newer testament
that drinks tears, lies, vile words, even
the deep fears that linger underneath the turncoat.

I usually lurch away when it calls.

To me, it burns too cold
like a skinwalker lost in a body
devoured by time.
Sometimes I would dream it alive
and it would blaze – vibrant sun –
more durable than a grave.

In times of stillness
it would speak like a codicil of some lidless dream
that words could not preserve.
"The time has come to lift your gaze
from the fire's brightness
and cast shadows of your own.”
The words would echo into oblivion
like stars lost in the swell of the sun's awakening.

In these flames I see my

consumption fit and proper.
In its smoke
I am stored away like so many jars
in a broom closet.
Waiting to flee.
Drawing my feet to oppose the floor.
Struggling to reach the door inside these jars of sealed air.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Stories escape the writer's hand
and pursue me as though I alone held their vigil.
Their very soul.
When indeed these stories have never been told.
They have never found words
to hold though they ceaselessly try.

Fires blind nature.

They invest their life in her death.
But the end is always beginning
toward another end.
And the dreams of the untold
are always pursuing another mouth,
another hand,
another mind open.

Sometimes I look to the errant expression of hope,

and ask it to bring its flames deeper into my heart.
To burn a clear sense of purpose.
To burn away the fool's crevice
and enshroud me in its skin of smoke.

Sometimes I offer myself to these flames

and know they listen.
Devising my world.
Reality coalesces around their finery
like a tower of glass enclothes a shell of steel.

Sometimes I feel the flames send me

words, notes, tones.
Products of another kind.
Tiny crucibles of earth that burn so brightly
they can blind the sun's creatures of whimsy.

And sometimes, without even thinking,

I peek into these flames
when the smoke peels away for an instant.
There, behind the mask, is my future.
Our future.
The future.
The present in another world.
Calling out for another mouth,
another hand,
another mind open.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

(Chamber 5)

One skin may hide another,

I remember this from a poem when I
launched a fire across a field of deadness.
At least, to me, it seemed dead.
I felt like a liberator of life force
renewing the blistered and dying grasses.
Actually, more weeds than grass,
but nonetheless, the flora had flat-lined.
I peeled back skin with holy flame
and brought everything to black again
as though I called the night to descend.
From blackness will arise a new skin
cresting green architecture from a fertile void.

As the flames spread their inviolable enchantment

I saw your face spreading across my mind.
Remember the fire we held?
I hoped it would unfurl a new skin
for us as well.
Forever it will roam inside me
invariant to all transformations and motions.

One person may hide another,

but behind you, love is molting a thicker skin
than I can see through.
No flame can touch its center.
No eyes can browse its memory.
I want nothing behind you in wait.
Seconds tick away like children growing
in between photographs.
I will not forget you in the changes.
Cursed with memory so fine
I can trace your palm.
I can inhale your sweet breath.
I can linger in your arms’ weight.
I can hear your exquisite voice
calibrate life with celestial precision.

One purpose may hide another.

I heard this as the fire died out

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

to reveal the scent of the wet earth
and growing things.
I could feel my love decompose,
returning to the uninhabited realm
where it belongs.
Where all hearts belong when
love is lost, and the code of the mute,
coiled in fists that pound,
reveal the wisdom of another.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Bandages of the Beast
(Chamber 2)

There were many random omens.

Sending olive branches with thorns was
only one of your repertoire.
You offered me a book
where all the answers lay encoded in
some strange dialect.
Symbols undulating like serpents restless for food.

If I w a s w i n d b o r n e a s a l a m b e n t s e e d y o u
would still the air
and I would fall into the thicket.
If I yearned for sweet water
you would pass me the bitter cup.
If I was an injured fawn you would flush me
from the cloister, corner me against cold stone,
and admire my fear.

Everywhere I steer I seek the one look of love;

yet love humbles itself like a mannequin
changing its clothes to accommodate the dressmaker.
Underneath there are bandages of the beast.
Underneath there is the tourniquet of deliverance.
But beneath the shell there is emptiness, so defiant
it is clothed in finery that neither
dressmaker nor beast can touch.

You have mistaken my search as my soul.

Raking through it for clumps of wisdom,
you have found only what I have lost to you.
Held like rootless dreams
I will vanish in your touch.

If you pass your rake over this emptiness

you will feel clumps of my spirit.
You will find me like tiny pieces of mirror broken
apart yet still collected in one spot.
Still staring ever skyward.
Still reflecting one mosaic image.
Still the accompanist of myself.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

(Chamber 11)

I have found the ancient mirror

that leads me.
I have seen its ruthless eyes
that always stare,
burrowing their way to the crown I wear.
I have sensed the holy fire
like a blazing cocoon
that offers no judgments
amidst its power strewn.
I have felt the innocent light.
Of clarity in flight over native land
where we are birthed apart
from one command.

I have touched the gentle eye

that outlasts me.
The huge patience upon my brow.
I have offered all my earthly wisdom
for the symptoms of its tongue;
to drop its seeds into the fields that I plow.
I have seen destiny's path
gathering its flock
for the journey of endless spaces.
I have watched futures fall with eyelids closed
and the gnawing tears of torn places.
I have seen the Tribe of Light
return the clock to the black pocket
where all divisions occur.
Where weeds secure the humble land
of fires unlit, yet pure.

I have heard the masters of masters speak

to every cell of my body;
cutting new pathways in flesh
like fear's executioner.
I have watched the galaxies twirl
like star wheels that spiral to the thought
of a holy vision.
I have felt my spirit follow
the one sound that is free.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

I have vanished before.
I have taken this body to an inner place
where none can see.
Only feelings can hear the sound of this space.
This sacred place alone
has brought me here to recover the thread.
To see the weaving dance that calls my name
in a thousand sounds.
That draws my spirit
in a single, perfectly round,

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

(Chamber 9)

Memory, like a root in darkness,

piercing light with its stem
has found me.
Ordering my world
like architecture of feelings
bound to you,
held for you as shields of hope.
In t h e d i s p e r s i o n o f l o v e ,
identical throbbing
has been our call
answered in the sweetest caress
two can share.
And you wonder if ecstasy will diminish us
like rain the sun or
wind the calm.
When we know one another
in the deepest channel of our hearts
we can only utter one word
cast from this stone’s mind: forever.

When winter calls my name

in the highest desert of light,
I will not despair because I know you
in the deepest channel of my heart
where I understand the word, forever.
In s t a n t l y h e a l e d b y y o u r c a r e s s i n g l i p s
that unmasks all that has tortured me.
The panting of mouths
tired but astir in passion’s flame
can only cease when I have entered you
I carry you in this flame,
emerald-colored from my dreams of you
beneath the trees within
where your beauty consumed the sun
and snared my soul so completely.
I cannot truly know you apart
from a throne.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Spirits made to shine beyond the din
of boorish poets
that strike flint below water and cry without passion.
I have known you forever
in lonely streets
and the thundered plain.
In w i l t e d v i l l a g e s a n d c o o l m o u n t a i n t e r r a c e s .
I have watched all of you
torn open to me speaking like a river
that moves on forever.
And I have waited
like the greedy mouth of an ocean
drawing you nearer to my lips
so I can know you forever
as you empty into me abandoned of all fear.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

(Chamber 6)

Through this night I have slept little.

My eyes, closed like shutters
with slats that remain open,
wait to invent dreams
of some charred reality.
I sense you, but no weight on my bed.
No shift or creaking other
than my own restlessness.

Wandering words
self-gathered, self-formed,
and released to the night
like a mantra slowly drowned in music.
Your presence grew with the music
devouring it in silence.
You came to me so clear
my senses aroused in electric storms of clarity.
The buzz of mercury lamps
alongside rutted roads,
shedding their weightless light.

In a l l o f t h i s w a i t i n g f o r y o u
no fortress or foxhole bears my name.
I lay on the Savannah
staring at the sun hoping against hope
it blinks before I do.
My wounded cells,
tiny temples of our mixture,
have weakened in your absence.
I can feel them wail in their miniature worlds.
My feet resist their numbness,
deny them their war.

As I lay here alone

waiting to be gathered into your arms,
I ask of you one thing,
remember me as this.
Remember me as one who loves you
beyond yourself.
Who pierces shells, armor, masks,

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

and everything protecting
your spirit in needless fervor.
Remember me as this.
As one who loves you unmatched
by the deepest channels
that have ever been forged.
Who will love you anywhere and always.

And if you look very closely at my love

you will not find an expiration date,
but instead, the word, imperishable.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

In the Kindness of Sleep
(Chamber 22)

I visited you last night when you

were sleeping with a child’s abandon.
Curled so casual in sheets
inlaid by your beauty.
I held my hand to your face
and touched as gently
as I know how
so you could linger with your dreams.
I heard soft murmurs that only angels make
when they listen to their home.
So I drew my hand away
uneasy that I might wake you
even as gentle as I was.

But you stayed with your dreams

and I watched as they found their way to you
in the kindness of sleep.
And I dreamed that I was an echo of your body
curled beside you like a fortune hunter
who finally found his gold.
I nearly wept at the sound of your breath,
but I stayed quiet as a winter lake, and bit my lip
to ensure I wouldn’t be detected.

I didn’t want to intrude

so I set my dream aside
and I gently pulled your hand from underneath
the covers to hold.
A hand whose entry into flesh
must have been the lure that brought me here.
And as I hold it
I remember why I came
to feel your pulse
and the beating of your heart in deep slumber.
And I remember why I came in the
kindness of sleep…
to hold your hand, touch your face
and listen to the soft breathing
of an angel,
curled so casual in sheets
inlaid by your beauty.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Life Carriers
(Chamber 5)

Life carriers spawn in the primal waters

of a giant embryo.
Their progeny will settle in human dust.
Pieces of clay
with tiny thoughts of flight.
Knife-points veiled in turbid cloaks
that shun the light of a tranquil star.

In t h e r e m o t e w i l d s t h e l i f e c a r r i e r s
emerge and perch upon
the shoulders of gray stones.
They signal their desires to fly,
but their homes are suited
for the comforts of rain and earth.
The sky must wait.
(The dirt companion smiles.)

Circles break.
Barriers overrun.
Life carriers deny their ancient pull
from the ground.
Wings sprout like golden hair
sinuous with nature's artifice.
Ragged feet are left behind.
The earth replaced with vivid sky.
Gravity shines its menacing stare
to hold them
with assertive hands.

Homeless cages
are left to rot.
To sink behind the groundless sky.
Earthen faces have dropped their smiles
and lost their smell of fresh dirt.
The dream of flight
has invaded somber walls--
life carriers have bounded
to the other side.
There they meet the next rung
of the endless ladder,
and trade their wings for wisdom's eye.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Like the Song of Whales
(Chamber 7)

Your voice lingers when it speaks

like rippling heat over desert floor.
It d r a w s m y h e a r t a n d I f i n d m y s e l f
leaning toward its source
as though I know it will take me
where you always are.
It d r a w s m e n e a r t o y o u r b r e a t h — t h e s p i r a c l e t h a t
holds the words of home.
It d r a w s m e t o t h e b l a n k e t y o u h o l d
around your soul you so willingly share.

If you were to dive below the waters

where the whales sing their songs
into the gathering of deep currents
that pull our courage along,
channels that flow free of worldly levels,
you would find me there.
Listening to the voice I hear in you.
Feeding my heart in the waters of deep blindness
where currents flow
mindful of you and your spirited ways.

Sometimes I listen so perfectly

I hear your soft breath forming words
before they are found by you.
Before you can bring them from
the deep blindness to your heart.

I wish I could take your hand

and let it hold my heart
so you could see what I know of you.
So you could know
where we live where we always are.
And you could pull your blanket of words
around us and I could simply listen
to your voice
that honors words
like the songs of whales.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

(Chamber 1)

I am listening for a sound beyond sound

that stalks the nightland of my dreams,
entering rooms of fossil-light
so ancient they are swarmed by truth.

I am listening for a sound beyond us

that travels the spine’s
invisible ladder to the orphic library.
Where rebel books revel in the unremitting light.
Printed in gray, tiny words with quicksand depth
embroidered with such care they
render spirit a ghost, and God,
a telescope turned backwards upon itself
dreaming us awake.

Never-blooming thoughts surround me

like a regatta of crewless ships.
I listen leopard-like,
canting off the quarantine of bodies
sickened by the monsoon of still hearts.
There is certain magic
in the heartbeat which crowds the sound I seek,
but it is still underneath the beating I wish to go.
Underneath the sound of all things
huddled against the tracking dishes
that turn their heads to the sound of stars.

I am listening for a sound unwound,

so vacant it stares straight with the purity to peer
into the black madness of time
sowing visions that oscillate in our wombs,
bearing radiant forms as the substrate of our form.

When I look to the compass needle

I see a blade of humility
bent to a force waylaid like wild rain
channeled in sewer pipes.
Running underground
in concrete canals that quiver,
laughing up at us as though we were lost
in the sky-world with no channel for our ride.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

I am listening for a sound
in your voice,
past the scrub terrain of your door
where my ear is listening on the other side.
Beneath your heart where words go awkward
and light consumes the delicate construction of mingled lives.
I can only listen for the sound I know is there,
glittering in that unpronounceable, stateless state
quarried of limbs so innocent
they mend the flesh of hearts.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

(Chamber 4)

Facing another evening without you

I am torn from myself
in movements of clouds,
movements of earth spinning
like the sure movement of lava as it rolls to sea.
Yet when I arrive from my dream
you are still gone from me
twenty-three footsteps away;
a bouquet of the abyss.

When I look to the east I think of you

softly waiting for the vines to abdicate
their portion of your heart.
So you can be chiseled
out of the matrix
with smooth hammer strokes
from my hands.
Freed of the coal,
the black rot of untouched shoulders,
you can open your eyes again
flashing the iridescent animals,
valiant vibrations of your rich spirit.

Centerpiece of my table
I stare at you in candlelight,
the windows behind, black in their immensity,
only enlarge you.
Making you more of what I miss.
The procession of prophecies
has entered me again,
casting doubt in my mind
like rain on dead leaves.

I go among your body

to feel the presence of your heart beating
something golden
spun from another world.
You can feel me when this is done
though I am invisible in all ways to you, but one.
A reflection in the mirror.
Beneath your eyes
you see me dancing away the body.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Dancing away the mind.
Dancing away the incarnations
of my absence.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Nothing Matters
(Chamber 16)

Space is curved
so no elevator can slither to its stars.
Time is a spindle of the present
that spins the past and future away.
Energy is an imperishable force
so permanence can be felt.
Matter flings itself to the universe,
perfectly pitiless in its betrayal of soul.

You can only take away

what has been given you.

Have you not called the ravens the foulest of birds?

Is their matter and energy so different than ours?
Are we not under the same sky?
Is t h e i r b l o o d n o t r e d ?
Their mouth pink, too?

Molten thoughts, so hot they fuse space and time,

sing their prophecies of discontent.
Listen to their songs in the channels of air
that curl overhead like temporary tattoos
of light’s shimmering ways.

Am I merely a witness of the betrayal?

Where are you who are cast to see?
How have you been hidden from me?
Is t h e r e a s p l i n t e r t h a t c a r r i e s y o u t o t h e w h o l e ?

If I could speak your names I would call you to my side

and take your hands so gentle you would not see me,
feeling only the warm passage of time
and the tremor of your spine moving you to weep.

Space is curved so I must bend.

Time is a spindle so I must resolve its center.
Energy, an imperishable force I must ride.
And matter, so pitiless I refuse to be betrayed.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

So I stand naked to the coldest wind
and ask it to carve out an island in my soul
in honor of you who stand beside me in silence.
Lonely, I live on this island assured of one thing:
that of space, time, energy, and matter;
nothing matters.
Yet when I think of you in the cobwebbed corner,
hovelled without wings
like a seed planted beneath a dead tree stump,
I know you are watching
with new galaxies wild in your breast.
I know you are listening
to the lidded screams smiling their awkward trust.
All I ask of you is to throw me a rope sometimes
so I can feel the permanence of your heart.

It’s all I need in the face of nothing matters.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Of Beckoning Places
(Chamber 19)

Of beckoning places
I have never felt more lost.
Nothing invites me onward.
Nothing compels my mouth to speak.
In c a v e - l i k e i g n o r a n c e , r e s e m b l i n g o b l i v i o n ,
I am soulless in sleep.
Where are you, beloved?
Do you not think I wait for you?
Do you not understand the crystal heart?
It s f a c e t s l i k e m i r r o r s f o r t h e c l o u d s
absent of nothing blue.

In v i n c i b l e h e a v e n w i t h d o w n c a s t e y e s
and burning bullets of victory that peel through flesh
like a hungry ax,
why did you follow me?
I need an equal not a slayer.
I need a companion not a ruler.
I need love not commandments.

Of things forgotten
I have never been one.
God seems to find me even in the tumbleweed
when winds howl
and I become the wishbone in the hands
of good and evil.
Why do they seek me out?
What purpose do I serve
if I cannot become visible to you?

You know, when they put animals to sleep

children wait outside
as the needle settles the debt of pain and age.
The mother or father write a check and
sign their name twice that day.
They drop a watermark of tears.
They smile for their children
through clenched hearts beating
sideways like a pendulum
of time.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

And I see all of this and more in myself.
A small animal whose debts are soon to be settled.
Children are already appearing outside
waiting for the smile of parents to reassure.
The signature and watermark
they never see.

Of winter sanctuary
I have found only you.
Though I wait for signals to draw me from the cold
into your fire
I know they will come even though I fumble for my key.
Even though my heart is beheaded.
Even though I have only learned division.
I remember you and the light above your door.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Of Luminous Things
(Chamber 9)

Of luminous things I have so little experience

that I often think myself small.
Yet when I think of you and your luminous ways
my being swells with hope and prayers
that you will permit the flames to grow.

In m e r c y , w e a r e t o r n a p a r t i n t o s e p a r a t e w o r l d s
to find ourselves over and over
a thousand times aching for the other half.
To dream of nothing but the One between us.

Of luminous things I have squandered none

nor have I held them to my heart and asked them
to dissolve into me.
Yet when I think of you, I desire only this.
And if you disrobed your Self and watched it
watch you, you would see me as clearly as I am.
Not small and unworthy.
Unafraid of fear.
Not uncertain like empty space.
But luminous like white light before the prism.

In my thoughts I hold your heart

sculpting away the needless
for the essence.
And when I find it
I will hold it to my heart and ask it
to dissolve into me.
I will know of luminous things
that hurtle through time
bringing us the uncharted, unfathomable
desire we have never spoken.
Words are not curious enough to say their names.
Only love can weep their identity,
and I am so perfectly defenseless to its music.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Of This Place
(Chamber 6)

Her heart ran

in the wilds of deserted plains.
Sun-etched land barren of clouds
and singing water.
If s h e l i s t e n e d c l o s e l y
her hand would call
and signal its thoughts upon her brow.
But in this place
she could only offer her arms to the sky
like a tree its branches
and a flower its leaves.

In t h i s d u s t y b a s i n ,
silence gathered like smoke
clearing the mind of the scoundrel.
The infidel of thoughts.
Blots of yellow leaves and white bark
could be seen hiding in pools of life
surrounded by red rock spires.
Clustered sand monuments held together
by some other life form.
She wasn't sure.
Perhaps one life is the same as another
only tilted sideways.
Caught from underneath
by some invisible hand that animates
even the coldest stone of this place.

A smile emerged and perched upon her face

drinking the sun's clear ways.
She could spear
a million miles of air in a glance
and send the window of her flesh
into the cloudless sky.
Upon this ocean a hawk sailed ever closer.
She watched the silver speck
spiral overhead dreaming through its eyes.
Feeling the winds gild her wings
in the softest fold of time.
A tree of pine sent its sky roots
deep within the air to weep its sweetness.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

She entered,
gliding through branches
to every needle in their factory of air.

So strange to feel the pull of earth in flight,

but she knew the antagonism well
in the splendor of this place.
She knew it had settled deep,
lodged like permanent ink
in the heart of her.
Under skin, muscle, bone
it fought the single path.
What madness calls her away?
What dream is stronger than this?
What heart beats more pure?

Of this place,
it is so hard to know which is host
and which is guest.
Which is welcome, which is pest.
Which is found and which is lost.
Which is profit, which is cost.

She gave her prayers

to the skypeople and waited for a cloud––
her signal to leave.
She should return home
before dusk settles in and the golden
eyes peer out against the black code.
In a s i n g l e b r e a t h s h e h e l d t h e a n c i e n t w a y s
that never left.
She turned them inside out
and then outside in.
Again and again.
Waiting for her signals in the sky.
If not a cloud...
then perhaps a shooting star.
(Besides, it was too dark for clouds anymore.)

When the first star fell she held her breath

afraid she would miss its spectral flight.
She wondered with whom she shared
its final light.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

What other eyes were heaven bound
in that secret moment?
Was this their signal home as well?
And what was it they found
buried so deep in a whisper of light
that none can tell?

She waited with solemn eyes

for more stars to fall,
to gently sweep her away
from the magnets of this place.
If she listened to her hand
it would scratch a sign in the sand for another
to take her place.
It would touch the land
in honor of its grace and wisdom,
and become a tree, rock, hawk, or flower.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

One Day
(Chamber 4)

One day,
out of this fleshy cocoon
I will rise like a golden bird of silent wing
graceful as the smoke of a fallen flame.
I will dream no more of places
Hidden – secreted away in heaven's cleft
where the foot leaves no print.

One day,
I will walk in gardens holding hands
with my creation and creator.
We will touch one another
like lovers torn by death
to say goodbye.
We will lay in one another's arms
until we awaken as one
invisible to the other.

One day,
I will isolate the part of me
that is always present.
I will dance with it
like moonlight on water.
I will hold it to myself in a longful embrace
that beats perfection
in the hymn of the Songkeeper.

One day,
when I curl away inside myself
I will dream of you
this flesh-covered-bone of animal.
I will yearn to know your life again.
I will reach out to you
as you now reach out to me.
Such magic!
Glory to covet the unknown!
That which is is always reaching for the self
that cheats appearances.
Who dreams itself awake and asleep.
Who knows both sides of the canvas
are painted, awaiting the other
to meld anew.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Temptress Vision
(Chamber 2)

A temptress vision has encircled me like a

willful shadow of a slumbering dream.
Is it the powerful light of purpose?
If I squint with all my strength I may see it.
Always must it be inside of me
like a pilot fish inseparable from its host.
It f e a r l e s s l y d r i n k s m y e s s e n c e .
Such a bitter taste I muse.
Spit it out upon your table of perfection.
Compare this grain of sand with your galaxy.
This spire of sorrow with your deepest eye.
If my callous mind can see you,
there are no interventions.
No pathway away.

I am a lock-picker.
A tunnel-digger.
A fence-cutter of the wicked watchers.
A traveler that has sought
the mystery that alludes all but the outlaws.
The wild-eyed, unrelenting fools of purpose
that remain outside the laboratory of wingless flight.

You are the eternal Watcher

who lives behind the veil of form and comprehension,
drawing forth the wisdom of time
from the well of planets.
You cast your spell and entrain all that I am.
Am I just a fragment of your world?
A memory hidden by time?
A finger of your hand driven by a mind
unfamiliar with skin.
Touch yourself and you sense me.
Visions wild with love.
Splendor that beckons like a secret whisper of gladness
spread on the winds by an infinite voice.
The sound of all things unified.
I am part of that voice.
Part of that sound.
Part of that secret whisper of gladness.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

This limitation must end in lucid flesh.
The dream of sparks ascending
quickening the cast of hope.
Avoid the brand of passivity
the signs complain.
Shun manipulation before you are stained.
Spurn all formula and write new equations
in the language of sand.
Heed no other,
nor listen to the seduction of holy symbols
standing before the windows of truth.
Define from a foreign tongue.

These are the battered keys

that have led me to unlocked doors.
Doors that collapse at a mere breath
and behind which
lay more pieces to collect for the Holy Menagerie.
The never-ending puzzle.

All the stars in the sky

recall the purpose of your hallowed light.
Burn a hole through the layers.
Peel all the mockery away.
Enjoin the powers
to answer this call:
Bring the luminous vision
hidden behind the whirling particles
of the Mapmaker.
Let it enter me
like a shaft of light that enters a cave's deepest measure.
Ancient fires still burn in these depths.
Who tends them?
What eyes are watching?
Waiting for time's flower to bloom.
To submerge in the relentless subtlety
that moves beyond my reach
with a jaguar's stealth.
To dream of elder ways
that leap over time
and leave behind the puzzle of our making.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

O’ temptress vision
you steal my hunger for human light.
If there is anything left to hollow
let it be me.
If there is anything left to cage
let it run free.
If there is anything left to dream
let it be our union.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

(Chamber 7)

You are not here.

In t h i s m o m e n t a l l t h a t e x i s t s i s h e r e .
But you are not.
There are so many footprints
leading to my door.
Let us enter, they say.
We cannot sleep in the desert
it is too cold.
Our tears will dry too fast.
Our ears will hurt from the silence.
Let us in.
And so I gather them all up,
swing wide my door,
and step aside as they enter
hoping they will lay in peace beside my fire.

You were not among them.

I looked everywhere for your face
and saw only mimicry.
The blind eye buried behind brain
searching for your heart.
An antenna so alert
there is a peculiar nearness of you
flying inside my body.
I can hold this like a tiny bird in my hands;
fragile, vulnerable, waiting
for my move to decide its fate.

You are not here.

I wish I could reach your skin,
remove the camouflage
tearing it away like black paper
held before the sun as a shield.
Unbundle you from your other lives
and distill you in my now.
You are my last love,
my final embrace of this world
and all the others that drop their prints at my door
are dimmed by your approaching steps.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

I can see you will be here soon.
There is victory in my heart
and something invisible yet massive wants to speak.
Reminding me of you and your coming.
Quick, I plead, give me your lips.
Give me your womanly tenderness
that understands everything
so I may lose myself in you
and forget my loss.

If you were here, I would tell you this secret.

But you would need to be staring up at the stars
when I told you, held within my arms
feeling the earth rise up beneath you like a holy bed.
You would need our union to be your ears.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Warm Presence
(Chamber 22)

I once wore an amulet

that guarded against the forceps of humanity.
It k e p t a t b a y t h e p h a l a n x o f w o l v e s
that circled me like phantoms of Gethsemane.
Phantoms that even now
replay their mantra like conch shells.
Coaxing me to step out and join the earthly tribe.
To bare my sorrow's spaciousness
like a cottonwood's seed to the wind.

Now I listen and watch for signals.

To emerge a recluse squinting in ambivalence
inscribed to tell what has been held by locks.
It i s a l l d e v i s e d i n t h e s h e a t h o f c a b l e
that connects us to Culture.
The single, black strand that portrays us to God.
The DNA that commands our image
and guides our natural selection of jeans.

Are there whispers of songs flickering

in dark, ominous thunder?
Is there truly a sun behind this wall of monotone clouds
that beats a billion hammers of light?
There are small, flat teeth that weep venom.
There is an inviolate clemency
in the eyes of executioners while their hands toil to kill.
But there is no explanation for
voyeur saints who grieve only with their eyes.
There is only one path to follow
when you connect your hand and eye
and release the phantoms.

This poem is a shadow of my heart

and my heart the shadow of my mind,
which is the shadow of my soul
the shadow of God.
God, a shadow of some unknown, unimaginable
cluster of intelligence where galaxies
are cellular in the universal body.
Are the shadows connected?
Can this vast, unknown cluster reach into this poem

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

and assemble words that couple at a holy junction?
It is the reason I write.
Though I cannot say this junction has ever
been found (at least by me).

It is more apparent that some unholy hand,

pale from darkness, reaches out and casts its sorrow.
Some lesser shadow or phantom
positions my hand in a lonely outpost
to claim some misplaced luminance.
The phantom strains to listen for songs as they whisper.
It c o o r d i n a t e s w i t h s e a r c h i n g e y e s .
It peels skin away to touch the soft fruit.
It w e l d s s h a d o w s a s o n e .

I dreamed that I found a ransom note written in God's own hand.

Written so small I could barely read its message, which said:
"I have your soul, and unless you deliver––in small, unmarked
poems––the sum of your sorrows, you will never see it alive again."

And so I write while something unknown is curling

around me, irresistible to my hand, yet unseen.
More phantoms from Gethsemane who honor
sorrow like professional confessors lost in their despair.
I can reach sunflowers the size of
moonbeams, but I cannot reach the sum of my sorrows.
They elude me like ignescent stars that fall nightly
outside my window.

My soul must be nervous.

The ransom is too much to pay
even for a poet who explores the black strand of Culture.

Years ago I found an

impression––like snow angels––left in tall grass
by some animal, perhaps a deer or bear.
When I touched it I felt the warm presence of life,
not the cold radiation of crop circles.
This warm energy lingers only for a moment
but when it is touched it lasts forever.
And this is my fear: that the sum of my sorrows will last forever
when it is touched, and even though my soul is returned
u n h a r m e d , I wi l l r e m e m b e r t h e c o l d r a d i a t i o n
and not the warm presence of life.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

Now I weep when children sing
and burrow their warm presence into my heart.
Now I feel God adjourned by the
source of shadows.
Now I feel the pull of a bridle,
breaking me like a wild horse turned
suddenly submissive.

I cannot fight the phantoms

or control them or turn them away.
They prod at me as if a lava stream should
continue on into the cold night air
and never tire of movement.
Never cease its search for the perfect place to be a sculpture.
An anonymous feature of the gray landscape.

If ever I find the sum of my sorrows

I hope it is at the bridgetower where I can see both ways
before I cross over.
Where I can see forgeries like a crisp mirage
and throw off my bridle.
I will need to be wild when I face it.
I will need to look into its unnameable light and unravel
all the shadows interlocked like paper dolls
and cut from a multiverse of experience.
To let them surround me
and in one resounding chorus confer their epiphany so I
can hand over the ransom and reclaim my soul.

When all my sorrows are gathered round

in an unbroken ring I will stare them down.
Behind them waits a second ring,
larger still and far more powerful.
It i s t h e r i n g o f l i f e ' s w a r m p r e s e n c e
when sorrows have passed underneath the shadows' source
and transform like the dull chrysalis
that bears iridescent angels.

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

(Chamber 12)

I am destined to sit on the riverbank

awaiting words from the naked trees
and brittle flowers that have lost their nectar.
A thousand unblinking eyes
stare out across the water
from the other side.
Their mute voices seek rewards of another kind.
Their demure smiles leave me hollow.

Am I a perpetual stranger to myself?

(The thought brands me numb.)
Am I an orphan trailing pale shadows
that lead to a contemptuous mirror?
Where are these gossamer wings that my
destiny foretold?
I am waiting for the river to deliver them to me;
to lodge them on the embankment
at my feet.

My feet are shackles from another time.

My head, a window long closed
to another place.
Yet, there are places
that salvage the exquisite tongue
and assemble her wild light
like singing birds the sun.
I have seen these places among the stillness
of the other side.
Calling like a lover's kiss
to know again what I have known before;
to reach into the Harvest
and leave my welcome.

These thoughts are folded so neatly

they stare like glass eyes fondling the past.
I listen for their guidance
but serpentine fields are my pathway.
When I look into the dark winds
of the virtual heart
I can hear its voice saying:
“Why are you trapped with wings?”

 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC

And I feel like a grand vision inscribed in sand
awaiting an endless wind.

Will these wings take me

beneath the deepest camouflage?
Will they unmask the secret measures
and faithful dwellings of time?
Will they search out the infinite spaces
for the one who can define me?

Wings are forgotten by all who travel with their feet.

Lines have been drawn so many times
that we seldom see the crossing
of our loss though we feel the loss of our crossing.
We sense the undertow of clouds.
The gravity of sky.
The painless endeavor of hope’s silent prayers.
But our wings shorn of flight
leave us like newborn rivers that babble over rocks
yearning for the depths of a silent sea.

I have found myself suddenly old.

Like the blackbirds that pour
from the horizon line,
my life has soared over this river searching for my wings.
There is no other key for me to turn.
There is no other legend for me to face.
Talking to flowers and gnarled trees
will only move me a step away––
when I really want to press my face against the windowpane
and watch the wing makers craft my wings.

The End
 1998-2000 WingMakers LLC
The Pure and Perfect
(Chamber 24)

Someday the messengers will arrive

with stories of a nocturnal sun
despondent, burning implacably
in the deepest shade of a thousand shadows.
They will tell you of the
serene indifference of God.
They will draw you by the hand
through bruised alleyways
and prove the desperation of man
rejected from the beauty of an unearthly realm.
The news will arrive
as a tribute to the death of oracles.
Sparing words of purpose
the messengers will announce the
cold fury of realism's cave.

Someday, the messengers will send their thoughts

through books that have no pulse.
You will be accused of weakness
that drowns you in servitude.
A queer rivalry will beset you,
and your life will crawl like an awkward beast
that has no home.

And you, my dearest friends,

who are truth – who were all along,
will renew your devotion
to a powerful image in a distant mirror.
You will listen to these stories
and tear at your silent heart
with animal claws that are dulled
by the stone doors of time.
Where the unattested is confirmed
your vestige-soul is stored.
It will strengthen you
and cradle you in the light
of your own vision,
which will be hurled like lightening
through twilight's dull corridor.

Page 1 –  1998- 2001 WingMakers LLC

The messengers will cry
at the sound of your rejection.
They will scream: "Do you want to be a
lowly servant and lonely saint?"

Mutants of the light

are always tested with doubts
of a swollen isolation
and the promise of truth’s betrayal.
Listen without hearing.
Judge without pardon.
The grand parasite of falsehood
will prevail if you believe only your beliefs.

Someday, when all is clear to you –

when the winds have lifted all veils
and the golden auberge is the locus
of our souls –
you will be tested no more.
You will have reached destiny's lodge
and the toilsome replica of God
is jettisoned for the pure and perfect.

Page 2 –  1998- 2001 WingMakers LLC

A Fire For You
(Chamber 24)

On this, the shortest day of the year,

I have journeyed to the Great Plains
to build a fire for you.

The night air is cold like a cellar

cut from ancient stones.
But I found some wood among the deserted plains
buried under the grasses and dirt,
hidden away like leaves
that had become the soil.
After I cleaned the wood by hand — its dirt beneath
my nails and the fabric of my cloth — I sent
a flame combusted by the mere thought of you.
And the wood became fire.

There were hermit stars that gathered

overhead to keep me company.
Your spirit was there as well
amidst the fire’s flames.
We laughed at the deep meaning of the sky
and its spacious ways.
Marveling at the flat mirror of the plain
that sends so little skyward,
like the hearts of children denied
a certain kind of love.

You played with spirits

when you were young among these fields.
You didn’t know their names then.
I was one.
Even without a name, or body,
I watched your gaze, unrelenting to the things
that beat between the
two mirrors of the sky and plain.

I believe it was here also

that you learned to speak with God.
Not in so many words as you’re now accustomed,
but I’m certain that God listened to your life
and gathered around your fire

Page 3 –  1998- 2001 WingMakers LLC

for warmth and meaning.
In the deserted plains he found you set apart
from all things missing.

Dear spirit, I have held this vigil for so long,

tending fires whose purpose I have forgotten.
I think warmth was one.
Perhaps light was another.
Perhaps hope was the strongest of these.

If ever I find you around my fire,

built by hands
that know your final skin,
between the sheets of the sky and plain,
I will remember its purpose.
In barren fields
that have long been deserted by the hand of man
I will remember.
In the deepest eye of you
I will remember.
In the longest night of you
I will remember.

On this, the shortest day of the year,

I have journeyed to the Great Plains
to build a fire for you.

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Half Mine
(Chamber 3)

When I see your face I know you are half mine

separated by the utmost care to remember all of you.
When I undress my body I see that I am half yours
blurred by sudden flight that leaves
the eye wondering what angels carved in their hearts
to remind them so vividly of their home.

When I see your beauty I know you are half mine

never to be held in a polished mirror
knowing the faithful hunger of our soul.
When I watch your eyes I know they are half mine
tracing a trajectory where sensual virtue
is the very spine of us.
When I hold your hand I know it is half mine
wintered in kinship, it circles tenderness
beneath the moon and well of water
when the feast is done.
When I kiss your lips I know they are half mine
sent by God’s genealogy to uncover us
in the delicious cauldron of our united breath.

When I hear you cry I know your loneliness

is half mine,
so deep the interior that we are lost outside
yearning to give ourselves away
like a promise made before the asking.
And when I look to your past I know it is half mine
running to the choke cherry trees
invisible to the entire universe we found ourselves
laughing in sudden flight
eyeing the carved initials in our hearts.
Sparing the trees.

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What is Found Here

What is found here

can never be formed of words.
Pure forces that mingle uncompared.
Like dreams unspoken when first awoken
by a sad light.

What is found here

can limp with one foot on the curb
and the other on the pavement
in some uneven gait
waiting to be hidden in laughter.

What is found here

can open the swift drifting of curtains
held in mountain winds
when long shadows tumble across like juries
of the night.

What is found here

can always be held in glistening eyes.
Turned by silence’s tool of patience.
Like feelings harbored for so long
the starward view has been lost.

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(Chamber 8)

Longing, when the eyelids open

upon the deepest stimulus held by your lips
and the amorous kiss becomes my orbit.

I ache and long to have you with me

so close our skin would melt together
like two candle wicks sharing wax.
I only know that what is of soul
is of longing and ache.
It delivers me to the edge,
the precipice where I look down
and see myself inextinguishable,
longing to be consumed by you.

And in that glittering place

let me stretch with your heart
at full speed, blind and intent.
Let me dwell in you
until I am so familiar with our union
that it becomes part of my eyes.
With memory full,
we can walk home,
in the permanence of longing.

So much a part of the other

that the “other” does not exist.

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Nameless Boy
(Chamber 13)

Beyond the frontier

where borders blur into unknown thoughts
there is a nameless boy –
a drop of pure human light.
Through narrow cracks in the splintered fence
I watch his innocence with envy,
searching for the right meaning of his movements.
The twilight of his smile
nourishes my heart
like crumbs of God's light.
A longing in my mouth to speak,
to weep,
and gather this child into my arms
and encipher his nature into mine.
Through the exchange of eyes –
glances, purloined and routed into blindness,
our language annulled.
I can only grope towards him
with antenna thoughts
that dance in praise of his youthful beauty.

I am waiting for stones to bloom.

For venomous skies to wander into oblivion.
For tracks to emerge like dust in a beam of light.

Life's clever poison

is closing the gate.
The cracks are mended – the vision expunged.
And the nameless boy dissolves,
for there was no earth inside him.

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My Son
(Chamber 13)

My son is two.
I watch him walk
like a drunken prince.
With his body bare I can see
his soul better.
His shoulder blades
gesture like vestiges of wings.
His features stenciled upon pale flesh
by hands that have been before me.

He so wants to be like me.

His every movement like a dusty mirror
or awkward shadow of a bird in flight.
Every sound an echo heard.
Every cell pregnant with my urges.
But my urge is to be like him.
To return to childhood’s safe embrace
and certain honor.

If I return to this place

I hope my eyes will look again upon his face
even until his blades are wings once more.
Until I have circled his creaturehood
and know every hidden cleft
where I have left my print indelible
unable to be consumed.
Until all that he is
is in me and our hands are clasped, forged,
entwined, in voiceless celebration.

Until we are alone like two leaves

high above a treeless landscape
never to land.

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Memories Unbound
(Chamber 17)

I have this memory

of lying atop a scaffold of tree limbs
staring out to the black, summer blanket
that warms the night air.
I can smell cedar burning in the distance
and hear muted voices praying in song and drum.
I cannot lift my body or turn my head.
I am conscious of bone and muscle
but they are not conscious of me.
They are dreaming while I am caught
in a web of exemptible time.

My mind is restless to move on.

To leave this starlit grave site and dance with
my people around huge fires
crackling with nervous light.
To join hand with hand to the rhythm of drums
pounding their soft thunder
in monotone commandments to live.

I can only stare up at the sky

watching, listening, waiting
for something to come and set me free
from this mournful site.
To gather me up in arms of mercy
into the oblivion of Heaven’s pod.
I listen for the sound of my breath
but only the music of my people can be heard.
I look for the movement of my hands
but only wisps of clouds
and crescent light move
against raven’s wings.

Sometimes when this memory peeks through

my skin it purges the shoreward view.
It imposes on the known predicament
with a turbulent bliss
that bleeds defiance to the order.
There is certain danger in the heritable ways
of my people who send me the chatoyant skin
humbled and circumscribed.
My white appetite leached of earthly rations.

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Misplaced to the darshan of the devil,
the very same that
maneuvered my people to reservations –
the ward of the damned.
(At least I have no memories of a reservation).

Perhaps it is better
to lay upon this mattress of sticks
with my wardrobe of feathers and skins
chanting in the wind.
Perhaps it would be better still
to be set atop the cry shed and burned
so prodigal memories would have
no home to return to.

I have this memory

of escaping the pale hand
of my master that feeds me
scraps of lies and moldy bread.
My skin yearns for lightness,
but it is the rope that obliges.

I have this memory

of holding yellow fingers,
large and round, dripping with ancient legacies.
Of seeing the rounded belly of Buddha
smiling underneath a pastoral face
in temples that lean against a tempest sky.

I have this memory

of dreaming to fly.
Stretching out wings that are newly attached
with string-like permanence
only to fall in the blunted arms of obscurity.

I have this memory

of seeing my face in a mirror
that reflects a stranger’s mind and soul.
Knowing it to be mine, I looked away
afraid it would become me alone.
I am patchwork memories searching for a nucleus.
I am lost words echoing in still canyons.
I am a light wave that found itself
darting to earth unsheathed
seeking cover in human skin.

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(Chamber 23)

Inside there is something gnawing

with silken jaws and wax teeth.
It holds me still in pureness
like a circle whose middle
is my cage.

While you went away from me

I was ever tightening my circle.
A spiral cut in glass.
A flower’s bloom dropping petals.
A winnowed ball of yarn
spilling color.

I see the inside of your thigh

brilliant in its smoothness,
and I spiral ever closer to your edge.
Paper cut touching I burn
bleeding without pain.
How could I spill so easily
without knowing why?

When I hear your voice

there is no quenching this ache
to hold you.
Like one who draws near and then forgets
the story they came to tell,
I circle you waiting for thread’s tautness
to draw us ever closer
though I know not how.

The final luxury is the kiss

of your boundless heart.
The final beauty so pure
all else limps behind blissfully in your wake.
Drawing from your shadows
the light of saplings
lurking on the forest floor.

If I could unbutton you,

take your dress down
I would see a map of my universe.
A phantom limb, grown from

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my body like wings sprouting from a chrysalis
reaches for you.
It is the hand of clarity
desperate for your skin
so powerfully bidden
as though a shimmering block of light
cut from black velvet,
stood before me.
And all I could do was to reach out
and touch it,
not knowing why,
but utterly unafraid.

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Transparent Things
(Chamber 18)

There it is then, my open wound,

eager for forgiveness.
It comes with age like brown spots
and silver hair.
Shouldn’t age bring more than
different colors to adorn the body?
I think it was meant to.
It just forgot.
Old age does that you know.
Too many things to remember here.
Both worlds demanding so much,
one to learn, one to remember.

Can’t we see each other

without wounds bearing grief?

There it is then, my hope for you

to find me and apply yourself
like a poultice to my wounds.
The rest of me is barren too.
Waiting for your arrival
with speed built of powerful engines
that groan loud from a piercing foot.
Downward pressure
never stopping even when floorboards are found.

If there was silence in these waters

my wound would dance open
and separate itself from all attackers.
Even this body.
It would look at you
in the orphaning light, diminished of features,
and lead you away to its place of sorrow.
It would ask you to lie down beside it
and wave goodbye
to the coiled currents that tug and pull
to separate us from ourselves.
It would hold your hands,
so masterful in their wisdom,
so mindful of their glory
that it would disappear inside.
In the future, someone,

Page 14 –  1998- 2001 WingMakers LLC

a friend perhaps, would
read your palm and notice
a small line veering off in a ragged ambush.
Unchained from the rest
of your palm’s symmetry.
A lonely fragment, waving goodbye
to everything between us.

There it is then, my prayer for you

to close this wound
and draw the shades around us.
Deep, black solitude enfolding us,
the kind found only in caves
that have shut out light for the growing of delicate,
transparent things.

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Final Dream
(Chamber 18)

Strike the flint that burns

a lonely world
and opens blessed lovers
to the golden grave of earth's flame.

Listen to the incantation

of raindrops as they pass from gray clouds
to our mother's doorstep.
Dreams of miracles yet to come
harbor in their watery husks.

Stand before this cage

splashed with beauty and stealth
and arranged with locks that have grown frail.
A simple breath
and all life is joined in the frontier.

Here is the masterpiece of creation

that has emerged from the unknown
in the depths of a silent Heart.
Here is the laughter sought
among rulers of death.
Here are the brilliant colors of rainbows
among the spilling reds that purge our flock.
Here is the hope of forever
among stone markers that stare through eyelids
released of time.
Here are the songs of endless voices
among the heartless dance of invisible power.

There is an evening bell that chimes

a melody so pure
even mountains weep
and angels lean to listen.
There is a murmur of hope that sweeps
aside the downcast eyes of hungry souls.

It is the fragrance of God

writing poems upon the deep blue sky
with pin-pricks of light and a sleepless moon.

Page 16 –  1998- 2001 WingMakers LLC

It is the calling to souls
lost in the forest of a single world
to be cast, forged, and made ready
for the final dream.

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Page 1
The energetic heart1 is the source of virtues that have become associated with
names like compassion and appreciation. These are exterior titles for the potent
frequencies of the heart that define the individual’s essence. The virtues of the heart
are the energetic sources for both perception and expression of the immortal soul
that indwells the human personality within the world of form.

The self is contained in the energetic heart and moves outward from its platform of
heart virtues into all dimensions–both material and non-physical. The heart virtues
consist of appreciation, humility, valor, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.
Many other shades exist, but these are the fundamental virtues or frequencies that
produce the platform structure of the energetic heart and from which the realm of
self or soul operates.

Page 2
When these virtues are expressed and received genuinely–without the densities of
the ego and mind–their effect is multiplied and sustainable through other life forms
(human and otherwise).

Ordinary light is incoherent because it is omni-directional and the light waves are
not in phase with one another so there is no structure to multiply energy. However,
a laser produces intense light because it consists of coherent light waves that are
aligned directionally and phased for support and reinforcement. Because of this,
lasers can perform functions that ordinary light cannot.

Similarly the virtues of the heart, when they are coherent within an individual, or
within a group of individuals, can produce results that are extraordinary and
seemingly supernatural. This requires that both the tacit or implicit levels (the inner
source) of heart virtues and their explicit equivalents (actions/behaviors) are
coherent. Coherent, in this case, means linked in authenticity and genuineness.

So how do you bring these emotional frequencies into coherence? It is known within
the Lyricus Teaching Order2 as the art of the genuine.


The ego-mind is enculturated by our social order to develop a value system that is
aligned with the consensus of society or a group within the broader social order.
Thus, our knowledge, morals, values, attitudes, and behavior are largely cultivated
by the underlying social structure of the three-dimensional world.

The self or consciousness is not contained inside the three-dimensional world;

therefore it cannot truly be examined by three-dimensional inquiries or even the
most finely tuned logic of the mind. This is the fundamental imbalance of the
religious, philosophical and psychological fields: that the unlimited self cannot be
revealed by the mind that is enculturated and bound in the three dimensional world.

Mysticism posits that there is a mystery that underlies life and confounds the ego-
mind, which in turn, seeks explanations and rationale for this inexplicable mystery,
and in this search, science, religion, psychology, and philosophy are nurtured and
sustained. While these tools or disciplines are believed by many to guide our inquiry
into a transcendent consciousness, it is a little like trying to explore the ocean’s
depths with an airplane.

The ego-mind knowledge structure observes the ripples of soul, but the profound
source of these ripples reveals itself to no one–its structure being the superstructure
of all things material and non-material. This leaves the ego-mind feeling frustrated
and somewhat distrustful, at least in those who are awakened to this reality. The
ego-mind searches for the expression of intelligence in the significance of activity;
while the soul is intelligent unto itself because it faithfully receives and transmits the
virtues of the heart.

The ego-mind seeks the pay-off of activity or the rewards of consequence; while the
soul seeks to sustain a culture of the heart’s virtues within the density of the worlds
of form. The self is caught, in a sense, between two worlds that share one common

Page 3
element: Purpose. We are all aware, in our most lucid moments, that there is a
deeper purpose to life, and, in particular, to our life. The fragmentary world of form
is arresting to our senses, but it does not provide satisfaction to our inborn longing
for purpose.

This is why the ego-mind is frustrated in so many who are here waiting for their
purpose to unfold. The art of the genuine is the practice of coherence between the
deeper awakening of the heart virtues within each of us, and their faithful expression
in the worlds of form. Those individuals who are awakened to the frequencies of the
energetic heart within and practice–to their best ability in the moment–the
expression of these frequencies in their behavior and actions are practicing their
highest purpose.

Allow me to stress this point: they are practicing their highest purpose. They are not
seeking it. They are not wondering what it is. They are not frustrated by the enigma
of their seeming elusive purpose. They are simply practicing it. Living it as an
integral element of their life expression and seeking to increase the degree of
coherence between what they understand their heart virtues to be and how they
can express those heart virtues with genuineness.

The ego-mind structure will more easily align to the energetic heart when it
understands that its real purpose is being fulfilled and not made more abstract by
the mystical, unseen nature of spirit. This alignment increases the ability of the
individual to achieve genuine expression of their heart virtues through their
behaviors and actions.

The spiritual works of earth are cluttered with so many admonitions, rules, precepts,
laws, formulaic processes, and esoteric practices that the art of the genuine may
seem oddly simple, and therefore less potent. However, it is the simple acts of virtue
that hold the true power of transformation and upliftment–not only for the individual
practicing them, but for the larger share of humanity in all of its dimensional

Each individual is an active participant in the reality structures they observe and
experience in the worlds of form. This participation occurs primarily through the
energy centers of the human instrument3 and their intersection with the three-
dimensional world. These energetics, however subtle they may be, are dynamically
shaping your reality, imbuing it with perceptual markers that define your ascension
path from noble innocent to conscious co-creator of new realities.

It is not enough to have an abstract understanding of the heart’s virtues. For

example, knowing that it is essential to express appreciation for the gifts that life
brings to you is one thing, expressing this appreciation is another, but understanding
how and when to express this appreciation with a genuineness that is grounded in
the energetic heart frequencies requires a special awareness–an attunement to the
finer frequencies of the heart and a commitment to follow these subtle gestures of
virtue faithfully.

There are many who believe that their life should be more prosperous and
abundant. That life should unfold according to their needs. Ease should be the

Page 4
embodiment of their life force. But there have been energetic densities deposited on
earth by countless generations of humans. These densities require transformation in
order for the planet to shift its core frequency to a higher dimensional state. Each of
us embodied on earth is part of this process of transformation. It is the natural state
of consciousness to desire to move beyond the lower densities that impede the heart
virtues’ free and natural expression, even if this process may extend across hundreds
if not thousands of embodiments in a human instrument.

It is precisely this mutual transformational process that humanity is co-creating with

the planet. Once this is truly understood in the mind and heart of the individual,
practicing the art of the genuine is a spiritual imperative.


The art of the genuine is a subtle practice. There are energetic fields of compassion,
understanding, appreciation, valor, forgiveness, and humility that surround the
human instrument–every human instrument–like a cocoon surrounds a soon-to-be
butterfly. These fields are the energetic equivalents of First Source’s4 imprint upon the
individual soul. They exist in our world of form as coherent oscillations within the
broader, inter-connective energetic fields of the multiverse, what Lyricus teachers
refer to as the Domain of Unity. Together these fields are often referred to as divine
love–the energetic “blood” that circulates throughout the multiverse–sustaining all
life forms both temporal and immortal.

The individual more efficiently and effectively accesses these fields of intelligence
(virtues of the heart) through the activation of genuine feelings. It is not a matter of
the mind or intellectual reasoning. The mind follows the leading impulse of the heart
in matters of virtue and the attitudes therein. Practicing the art of the genuine is
magnetically attracting these fields of intelligence into your consciousness and then
expressing them in your behavior and actions to all forms of life that cross your path
every moment in time and every centimeter in space to the best of your ability.

This is practicing the art of the genuine, and when this is done, your feelings
become more divinely inspired, more energetically magnetic, more liberating for all.
The essential truth of behavior is to not forget your divine link and co-creative
abilities with First Source, despite the enculturation of society. But if you forget, the
essential action is to remember and rebuild this link, and this is done through the
virtues of the heart.

As you can see, there are two main components to this practice: drawing in the
fields of intelligence that surround you, and expressing these emotions and attitudes
in your behavior and actions. What most people do is to express their emotions
without drawing in from the fields of intelligence that surround them–without
“soaking” in the divine love that surrounds them at all times in all circumstances.

Thus, to practice the art of the genuine, your feelings must be drawn from the
energetic “well” that provides you the linkage to First Source and the potential for
co-creative expressions. This linkage has existed as long as you have existed. It is
not newly created. Perhaps, instead, it is newly forgotten. If you visualize the
diagram on page two and place yourself in the center, imagine that you are
attracting the heart virtues into your consciousness and expanding the link between

Page 5
you and First Source as you do so. You are clearing the pathways to receive the
genuine feelings of these virtues into your consciousness as new patterns of
intelligence and new expressions of behavior.

This visualization can be done anytime and anywhere, and it will help you identify
the wholeness of this link. Our linkage to First Source is not only based on
compassion or forgiveness, it is based on six virtues and while these titles or names
are like shells of their true meaning (from the energetic perspective) they
approximate the manner in which each of us is enfolded with the spirit of First
Source. Part of this practice is to see your understanding and comprehension of
these names or descriptions expand and shift as you practice and exercise your

There is a mutual transfer of intelligence that occurs in this practice and it will guide
you over time as it becomes more unified. It will deepen and broaden your
understanding of these virtues and how they can be expressed in new ways–ways
that perhaps you have not even imagined.

Be patient with this practice.

The art of the genuine is called an art for a reason. It is not rational like
mathematics where you have symmetrical energy input and output. You are opening
your consciousness to a field of intelligence that surrounds you at all times. You are
attracting this intelligence into your three-dimensional life as a co-creative force. This
co-creative force is potent, dynamic, and miraculously intelligent. It will observe your
practice before it will emerge to merge.

This merging of your consciousness with the Domain of Unity is called many different
things in the world of form. But whatever its name, practicing the art of the genuine
quickens this merging. It is a discipline for those who wish to exercise their divine
memory and enhance the relationship between themselves, their fellow beings, and
First Source. In this enhancement, the field of consciousness that surrounds you
magnetically draws the new radiations that are being brought to the planet into
your microcosm of life. You can play with these new energies as new elements
within the co-creative process just like an artist when they receive new colors onto
their palette.

The six heart virtues are given to each of us from our Creator so that we in turn can
express them–as faithfully as we can–to our fellow beings. That is the purpose in
our relationships as simply as it can be depicted in language. When we place our
attention on these virtues we are beginning to practice their expression even as we
think about them. When we imagine their fullness–their energetic structures–we are
practicing them at a new, more potent level. The practice is not just expression; it is
contemplation and study as well.

You might wonder why Love is not among the six virtues. Just as sunlight, when it
passes through a prism, becomes a multicolored spectrum of color, so does love,
when it passes through the Domain of Unity, become the heart virtues. Love is the
deepest structure in the multiverse. It passes through all dimensions of existence and
fields of consciousness until it finds the imprint of First Source crystallized in a form

Page 6
of life. If the form of life is sentient, composed of both mind and heart intelligence,
love will channel itself in the virtues of the heart and enter the consciousness of the
individual entity kindling its link to First Source until the time when the entity–
sheathed in a human instrument–reawakens to the clear eye of soul.

The six heart virtues blend with one another and form the bond of love that fuses
sentient life in the Domain of Unity, and their shadows, though relatively weaker,
bond life in the lower dimensions as well. When adversaries, accusers, tempters, or
hardships enter your life they can capture your attention, pulling it into the
enculturation of the social order, away from the genuine feelings of the heart virtues.
This occurs to all people to varying degrees.

Practicing the art of the genuine will enable you to regain and reset your emotional
balance with an adeptness that may surprise you. The heart virtues are magnetically
powerful because they are the textures of divine love–the most potent force of the
multiverse. When you practice these virtues they pull you from the enculturation of
the social order and place you in a position of co-creation–not co-reaction.

The vast majority of people are practicing the social order and submitting to the
rule of co-reaction. Emotions are flaring up, simmering down, flooding the mind with
fear, ruling the body, and generally making life more difficult for all. Moreover, the
sense of mastery that one achieves in the state of co-creation with First Source is
lost or substantially diminished. In this state of co-creation, real or imagined, the
heart is enlivened and exhibits artistry in relationships, knowing intuitively how to
navigate without co-reaction.

I have resisted the temptation to define the six heart virtues in detail, but I will
provide a starting point for their definition so you can embroider them according to
your own experience and insight.

Appreciation: At the subtle levels, this virtue is focused on a specific awareness that
First Source surrounds our fellow beings as a field of consciousness and that this
consciousness unifies us. If we are unified, it follows that we operate as a collective
consciousness at some deeper level, and in this place, we share a common purpose
that is richly textured, supremely vital, and yet mysterious, dynamic and uncertain.
This awareness, or even belief, shifts our focus from the small details of our personal
life to the vision of our purpose as a species.

At a more practical level, appreciation expresses itself in the small gestures of

gratitude that support relationship loyalty and bonding. The deeper levels of
appreciation make the relatively surface level expressions genuine because they
stem from the frequencies of soul instead of the motives of the ego or mind.

Humility: The soul expresses the love frequency derived from First Source. It is its
most important purpose, while embodied within the human instrument, to circulate
this delicate, sublime frequency of love to the human instrument. It will come as no
surprise that it finds the heart a more willing collaborator than the mind. Humility is
the realization that the heart, mind and soul co-mingle in the grace of First Source.
That their very existence is upheld through the dispensation of love from First Source
just as surely as a tree is sustained by sunlight.

Page 7
In the religious, psychological and philosophical materials of our planet there is
great consideration given to the mind. As a man thinketh so is he. At a more
granular level, many people believe that what they think causes their feelings, which
in turn creates their vibratory rate and this vibratory rate attracts their life
experience. So, applying this logic, the way to attract good things into our life is to
think rightly, lest we attract evil or hardship.

Humility understands that the being that represents you–your fullest identity–is not
constituted as a chain reaction of the mind. Rather, it is the presence of love
embodied in human form, and this love expresses itself in the virtues of the heart,
the pure intellect of the contemplative mind, and the co-creative pursuits of the
heart, mind, and soul. Humility is the expression of this love frequency knowing it
derives from what already exists in a higher dimension, and in this dimension love is
not a thing of sentiment and emotional heaviness. It is a liberating force that acts
according to the archetype of First Source: All is one. All is equal. All is divine. All is

Valor: While valor is generally used in the context of war or the battlefield, it is, as
an element of love, linked with the act of speaking truth to power, especially when
an injustice is committed. It is common in today’s social order to pretend ignorance
of the injustices of our world. Self-absorption in one’s own world is a key threat that
undermines the expression of valor, and fear of consequence is the other.

Individuals who fear consequence in pointing out an injustice misunderstand the co-
creative force of First Source. When you operate as a co-creator, you are ever
vigilant to the incremental or sudden onset of injustice, and when it occurs in your
life path, it must be identified for what it is and dealt with. Valor is the aspect of
your love that defends its presence in the face of injustice as measured in the social
order. If you don’t defend your virtues–or those too weak to defend their own–you
have separated from them and have lost an opportunity to be a co-creative force in
the world of form.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must become an activist or advocate for a
list of social causes. It simply requires that you defend yourself from injustice.
Children in particular require this protection. When I was only about seven years old
I vividly remember going to a store with my father and while we were walking in
from the parking lot we noticed a mother quite literally beating her child in the
backseat of her car. It was a busy Saturday and there were many people in the
parking lot, but it was my father who approached the woman and asked her to
stop. His voice was firm from his conviction and the woman immediately stopped.

This was an act of valor because there was no real judgment associated with it; it
was simply an injustice that required intervention in the moment. Compassion for
both the child and the mother were present in my father, and I believe the mother
knew this. This is an example of how the virtues of the heart seldom appear in
isolation, but rather as an ensemble that braid themselves for strength and potency
for a given situation.

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Compassion: Many teachers have spoken eloquently about compassion as the deep
awareness of the suffering of another coupled to the desire to relieve that suffering.
In the context of the new intelligence that is seating itself on our planet, compassion
is an active desire to assist others to align with the new fields of intelligence that are
manifesting in the three dimensional world, aware that their desire and ability to
align is distorted by their social enculturation; it does not accurately reflect their
intelligence, spiritual inclinations, or purpose.

The planet we live on is an intelligence unto itself. It is both physical and has very
high frequency energetic structures just as we do. It is shifting from the 3rd dimension
to the higher 4th dimension and it has been planning this before humanity was even
seeded on the planet. It is part of the evolutionary cycle of planetary systems to
transmute accumulated densities from one dimension before passing into a higher
dimensional grid.

Compassion therefore is extended to both our fellow beings and the planet itself
with the realization that we are part of one another’s destiny if only for a single
lifetime. Planet and person dance in the ascending currents of First Source in a
collaborative process of regeneration and renewal. We are all part of the
mysterious overtures and energetic transcendence that is occurring between earth
and the universe, and as earth transforms its accumulated densities each of us will
be challenged to transform our own, or become further embedded in our fears and
emotional turmoil.

We are privileged to be part of the ascending planetary structure of earth’s

nurturing spirit and universe importance. There is now present on earth an amazing
diversity of cosmic beings sheathed in human instruments, but hailing from incredibly
diverse sectors of the cosmos. We are here to witness and support this
transcendence of earth over the densities and entrainment of the three dimensional
intelligence and its artifacts. We are here to accelerate our spiritual growth in an
order of magnitude seldom achieved elsewhere in the multiverse. This is a gift of the
earth to those present on the planet at this time, and, in some small measure, the
motive for our compassion.

Understanding: The world of form, just as the formless worlds, is composed of

energetic structures beneath its denser expression. In a real sense, everything in the
multiverse is energy with incalculably long, energy-based lifespans. Energy is
transformational; that is, it can alter or shift into other states of being or, in the case
of humans, consciousness. The human energetic structure is often described as the
chakra system or electromagnetic body, but it is more than these components. The
energetic structure is a form of light, which in turn is a texture of divine love.

It is a fact that we are composed of love at our core structure, and it is this love
frequency that is the basis of our immortal consciousness or soul. All of the lower
densities are shadows of this light and operate in time and space, which provide a
sheath of density and separation from this core love frequency. The worlds of time
and space alter or dilute this connection we feel to the core energetic structure we
all are composed of.

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Herein is the paradox of being human: our innermost structure is divine love and
our outermost structure is a means of experience for the innermost structure, but we
have become entrained by the outer vehicle to the degree where we identify with it
more than the occupant–our true self–inside.

All of us feel this dissociation with our true self and over-identification with our
vehicle (human instrument); perhaps only in degree is there any difference among
us. Understanding is the aspect of heart intelligence that recognizes this dissociation
from the love frequency is a necessary design component of the larger blueprint
that is occurring on the planet. In other words, it is not that humanity has fallen from
grace or is tilted irrevocably toward sin. Rather, we have simply accepted the
picture of reality that is dominant, and its dominance is not by accident but by the
designs of First Source.

There is a well-known phrase within Lyricus that roughly translated says: “The
elegance of time is that it unravels the structures of space that have sealed love
from itself.” The structures of space, in this case, refer to the human instrument. Only
time can break down the rigid barriers or subtle membranes that prevent or
diminish the love frequency from exerting its wisdom in the behaviors of the

If time is the variable of importance, it stands to reason that everyone is on his or

her way to this realization, it is simply a matter of time before they achieve it. Thus,
time is the differential that separates us. In a sense, we are all time shifted from one
another. No one operates in exactly the same time relative to unsealing his or her
love frequency from the world of form.

Realizing this helps you to understand the relation of unity to reality, and in this
realization you are able to accelerate time for yourself and those with whom your
life touches. It is the true purpose and noble definition of time travel.

Forgiveness: Forgiveness operates out of the construct that each of us is doing the
best we can under the circumstance of our life experience and the degree that our
love frequency saturates our human instrument. When a person operates from the
heart virtues and the rich textures of its authentic frequencies, forgiveness is a
natural state of acceptance.

When a perceived injustice enters our experience–no matter how significant or

whether we perceive ourselves to be the cause or the effect–we may initially react
with the sharp emotions of victimhood or annoyance, but this emotional clutter and
distortion can be quickly transformed by experiencing understanding --> compassion
--> forgiveness --> appreciation. This is the equation that transforms the murky
turbulence of victimhood or co-reaction into the crucible of light, leaving behind only
the purest frequency of love stripped of all purpose.

Forgiveness is really the outward expression of understanding and compassion

without the heavy sentiments of duality (i.e., good and bad) that typically introduce
the presence of judgment. It is a neutral expression without design or purpose other
than to release yourself from the clutches of time, which is similar to energetic
quicksand, entangling you energetically to a time-based emotional state.

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It is important to reset your emotional state frequently in your day-to-day activities,
and the art of the genuine is an excellent method to do so. It does not require that
you practice the full visualization. Operating in your feeling world with an expanded
understanding of how the heart virtues can be combined or sequenced for specific
life experiences is a fundamental shift in behavior that will serve you well.

Why is practicing the art of the genuine a spiritual imperative? When you have
found your own definitions of the heart virtues and you have assembled your insight
into your behaviors, you will see that this is the key that unlocks the sheaths that
surround your love frequency. There is no other vibrational identity within you that is
more you than this pulse of divine love that defines your existence as a spiritual
being. The goal is to invite this vibration–this being–into your human existence, and
it will only emerge when there is harmony in your field of consciousness (i.e.,
emotional state).

Practicing the art of the genuine is a method to achieve this harmony and beckon
your innermost self to join you in your human endeavors. It also helps to align the
individual to the next phase of human evolution, which is directly concerned with the
emotional state and its alignment to the spiritual impulse or love frequency. It is not
that the mind is absent in this evolutionary leap, it is a vital instrument of the heart,
but the intelligence of love supercedes the intelligence of the mind in the practical
arena of human endeavor.

In the human world, love is thought to be an action or feeling, not a form of high
intelligence. The love of which I speak is the highest intelligence of the multiverse,
but also the most misunderstood in the human domain. The human soul is a conduit
of this love or intelligence, and First Source is releasing higher energetics of this love
frequency in order for humanity to take the next evolutionary leap to the higher 4th
dimension. This leap is facilitated if the individual is practicing the art of the genuine
or something similar in nature because the new energetics are like wind to the sail if
there is emotional coherence, and this “wind” will quicken you, in a sense, you will
time travel to another You.

Perhaps it has been said before, but I want to stress this point, do not practice the
art of the genuine solely for your own spiritual growth. Practice it primarily for the
evolutionary expansion of the planet and those whom your life touches. You are an
engineer of this expansion and evolutionary movement when you operate from this
perspective because you are focused on the locus of control–the functional
leverage of your own emotional state for the good of the planet and those upon
her. It is precisely this perspective that is the “sail” upon which the new energetics of
First Source “blow”.

As I said earlier, light is a texture of love. A new light is emerging from the cosmos
that is catalyzing the light to shift in other worlds as well, including our solar system,
planet and subtle fields of existence therein. You can think of this new light
frequency as a catalyst of the shift of human existence, but it is really a catalyst for
the earth, and humanity is merely along for the ride as it were. Earth holds a special

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place in the universe, not necessarily because of what it represents today, but what
it will represent in its glorious future.

The love frequency that you hold inside you, the braiding of the six heart virtues into
the formulas of loving behavior, can be channeled in such a way that it touches
earth. Contemplate this: you can touch the earth with your field of consciousness in
a powerful way that actually facilitates its evolutionary shift, and in so doing, your
own as well.

This is the final aspect of the art of the genuine that bears consideration. As your
field of consciousness or energetic body becomes more harmonious and coherent,
the love frequency seats itself more vibrantly in your human instrument. This means
that you have access to your higher self in more vivid, tangible ways. With this
heightened access, you also have the ability to channel this love frequency with
selective precision.

Channeling this love frequency to earth is an integral aspect of practicing the art of
the genuine, but it is not to be tackled too early in the practice. There is a clearing
of old patterns and energies that must take place first, and then a certain self
mastery of the new energetics before one can channel with the required precision
and emotional strength. It is a vital phase within the practice and could be likened
to the final layer of its purpose.

The power of the individual is contained in the fluid intelligence of their heart virtues.
How one orchestrates their emotional state is reflective of their self-mastery.
Equations of the heart virtues are the chain-link behaviors that enable one to move
with grace through life’s myriad conditions and situations. The individual who
understands the deeper meanings of their heart virtues and applies their equations
in their life enrich their purpose on earth and gain access to the highest and most
potent form of intelligence: divine love.

From my world to yours,


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Energetic Heart–
Across all dimensions of space there exists a primary field of vibration
or quantum primacy. This field is non-physical but informs the physical.
It exists independent of the physical structures of existence, and is
known among Lyricus teachers as the Underivative Information
Structures (UIS).

UISs are sub-quantum and represent the primary blueprint for living
systems and inorganic matter. It is UIS that gives rise to the quantum
fields that interpenetrate planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe at
large. It is the communication field of life that connects the nonlocal and
the local, the individual and the collective, the one and the infinite. The
energetic heart is the non-physical component of UIS that is the
entryway or portal from UIS to the intuitive and intelligence centers of
the soul carrier or human instrument. In a sense, it is the subquantum
blueprint of the physical heart.
Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO)–
The Lyricus Teaching Order originates in the Central Race of the 7th
Superuniverse. Within the Central Race is a sub-race known symbolically
as the WingMakers. Within the WingMakers there is a specific order of
beings that are collectively known as Lyricus, and it is this group that is
responsible for assembling and exporting the knowledge base
necessary for a developing species to scientifically prove the existence
of soul and establish the science of multidimensional reality as the
nucleus knowledge system of the species.

This outcome of evolution is universal and, in the broadest measure,

identical for all species that are based on the biogenetic template of
the Central Race, known as the 7th Archetype Soul Carrier of the
Individuated Consciousness of First Source. It is Lyricus that is
responsible for shepherding a developing species to the technological
and scientific prowess whereby the soul and the soul carrier are
distinguished and acknowledged by the species at large.
Human Instrument–
The human instrument consists of three principal components: The
biological (physical body), the emotional, and the mental. These three
distinct tools and systems of intelligence and perception, in aggregate,
represent the vehicle of the individuated spirit as it interacts with the
physical dimension of time, space, energy, and matter. In Lyricus terms,
the human instrument is referred to as the soul carrier, and the soul
consciousness within it is activating the sensorial system of the soul
carrier to enhance the soul’s influence within the physical world.

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First Source–
First Source is a consciousness that inhabits all time, space, energy,
matter, form, intent; as well as all non-time, non-space, non-matter, non-
energy, non-form, and non-intent. It is the only consciousness that unifies
all states of being into one Being. And this Being is First Source. It is a
growing, expanding, and inexplicable consciousness that organizes the
collective experience of all states of being into a coherent plan of
creation; expansion and colonization into the realms of creation; and
the inclusion of creation into Source Reality–the home of First Source.

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Meaning and Mythological Imagery
in WingMakers’ Paintings Part 3:

Chamber 1 Painting

Christopher P. Lock
(Part-time lecturer: Osaka University of Foreign Studies,
Osaka Prefecture University,

Osaka University of Arts,

Kinki University.)

Osaka University of Arts Junior College

(Original abridged version)

Page 1 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
Meaning and Mythological Imagery in WingMakers’ Paintings
Part 3: Chamber 1 Painting

Christopher Lock

Abstract: The mythology within the reproduced Post Modern Mythographic WingMakers’ Chamber 1 Painting is interpreted. Meanings

and images within the picture are deciphered and interpreted by referring to the mythical WingMakers’ website Glossary and Philosophy

notes, symbols used within ancient and modern cultures, standard mythology texts, and Part 1 and Part 2. The semi-abstract picture reveals

a conceptual image of what in the WingMakers’ mythology amounts to the process of “The Transforming of Genetic Mind and Humanity.”

The picture again visually illustrates, in articulate detail and vivid color, the WingMakers’ philosophy and mythology including their view

of future collective humanity.

Key words: genetic mind, glyphs, humanity, Lyricus, mythology, transforming, WingMakers.

Page 2 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
Fig. 1. Chamber 1 Painting: “ The Transforming of Genetic Mind and Humanity.”
Detail Reproduced from Collector’s Edition print with permission from Mark Hempel.1

Page 3 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
This paper continues the interpretation of mythological imagery and content in the
WingMakers’ paintings Part 1 and Part 2 (Arai and Lock) published in Osaka University of Arts
Journal Vols. 25 and 26. Part 1 covered Chamber 6 Painting that is more fully covered in the online
34-page PDF file “Chamber Painting 6” (Lock 2003). Part 2 covered Chamber 17 Painting that is
more fully covered in the online 56-page PDF file “Chamber Painting 17” (Lock 2004). This Part 3
interprets the content, symbolism, meaning and mythology within Chamber 1 Painting (fig. 1).
For an introduction to the WingMakers and their paintings see John Berges’ recommended
website full introduction at link: and “Chamber Painting 6”
(Lock 2003).
As with Part 1 and Part 2 this paper makes no attempt to disentangle fact from fiction within
the myth. It offers an interpretation of the imagery within Chamber 1 Painting according to the
mythological philosophy of the WingMakers, other mythology sources, and Amerindian Southwest
rock art imagery and meaning.

WingMakers’ Chamber Paintings

As a reminder: the origins and location of the original planet-based two-dimensional
artworks, and the process by which they were created, are unknown. The myth maintains they exist
on chamber walls off a helix-shaped cavern in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (Part 1).1 “Chamber
Painting 17” appendix (Lock 2004) outlines the author’s opinion of its exact location. The area is off
limits to the public.

Materials and Method

The large “museum grade” print, Collector’s Edition print (see copy fig.1), online website
picture, and the high-resolution reproduction from the website First Source CD (FSCD) 2 (fig. 2)
were used for the interpretation of imagery in Chamber 1 Painting.
Because the paintings illustrate the WingMakers’ philosophy, knowledge, view or experience
-- mythological or actual -- use of their relevant terminology and philosophical stance for the
interpretations was necessary. However, interpreting the paintings in this way does not mean the
author necessarily agrees or disagrees with the philosophy or views presented.
The term ‘humanity’ in this paper and suggested painting title, is defined as the Human
Instrument (HI), Genetic Mind (GM), and human soul/spirit composite (James, Lyricus: “Teachers,
Q&A 13”).
Essential reading for understanding the painting, an edited glossary of WingMakers’

Page 4 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
philosophical terminology from the website, and FSCD, Glossary (G) and Philosophy notes (P,
G&P) follows. In this paper glossary terms are italicized.


All That Is: The infinite library of knowledge and experience available to all those willing to
reach and utilize it for expansion of consciousness, (a.k.a. the Akashic Record.) It is tapped into
through attunement and creative will.
Entity: Higher Self or Soul. It does not incarnate into the physical dimension but experiences it
through many Human Instruments (see below) in incarnation (both presently and in different times)
that are connected to it at soul level. It is individuated Spirit’s vehicle for interacting with the
physical dimension of space, energy, time and matter. It is said to be a fragment of Universal Spirit
Consciousness of First Source (see below).
First Source: The primal source of all existence. It is the wholeness of life itself and pervades
the entire universe. It has encoded itself within all life as a vibration of frequency. It transmits
and receives knowledge to and from Entities. God.
Genetic Mind: The collective universal belief systems expressed as Mind promoted by the
Hierarchy (see below). It “is the collective repository of the humanoid species’ experience across all
time/space” (James Q&A 72). 4 Owing to its primary significance in this painting the entire glossary
section on Genetic Mind is cited:
The genetic mind is the equivalent of a universal belief system that penetrates, to varying
degrees, the human instrument [see below] of all entities. In some, it immobilizes their ability to
think original thoughts and feel original feelings. In most, it entrains their belief system to
harmonize with the accepted belief systems of the Hierarchy. In a few, it exerts no significant force
nor has any bearing on the development of their personal belief system.
There are those on terra-earth who are in training to be Sovereign Entities [see below] and
are completely unaware of this training as well as their destiny. When they are able to become
timeless and view the continuum of their lifestream, they will see the thread that has differentiated
them as Sovereign Entities. They will understand how the hardships and supposed indifference of
the universe were actually the catalysts for their emergence as designers of the new genetic mind.
The genetic mind is different from the subconscious or universal mind as it is sometimes
referred to in your psychology texts, in that the genetic mind has a peculiar focus on the
accumulated beliefs of all the people on a planet from its most distant past to its present time.
These accumulated beliefs are actually manipulations of the Hierarchy, which imprint on the
genetic mind in order to cast the boundaries of what is acceptable to believe.

Page 5 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
So compelling is this manipulation and the boundaries that are imposed by the Hierarchy that
virtually no one is aware of the manipulations of their beliefs. This is precisely why the
WingMakers have interacted with your species from the very beginning. As culture bearers, we
stretch your boundaries in the arena of science, art, and philosophy. We essentially expand the
genetic mind’s "perimeter fence" and enable it to encompass a larger portion of the "land" known
as Source Reality [see below].
If we were to tell you about the fundamental misconceptions of your genetic mind, you
would not believe us. You would most definitely -- even your most accomplished spiritual leaders
-- find us in contempt of much that you hold true and reasonable. You would feel fear in the face
of our expression of Source Reality because it would be so clear to you how you have squandered
your divine natures in favor of the entrapment of the genetic mind.
We know this will seem like a judgment of your beliefs, and it is to some degree, but you
must know this about your belief systems: they are largely disconnected from Source Reality.
They are like threads of a web that have become disconnected from the "branches" of Source
Reality by the "winds" of the Hierarchy. Source Reality is represented in your belief in
unconditional love, but of all the dimensions of your belief systems, this is the one thread that is
connected -- through the genetic mind -- to Source Reality.
All of the other dimensions are connected to the genetic mind and have no ongoing
connection to Source Reality. The genetic mind, as an intermediary and reflection of Source
Reality, is completely and utterly inept. This is all part of the primal blueprint that designs the
evolutionary pathway of a species through time. The genetic mind acts as a buffer for the
developing species to experience separation from Source Reality. In this way, the human
instrument is appropriately entangled in time, space, and the illusions of a disempowered belief
These factors, as disorienting as they are to the entity, are precisely what attract the entity to
terra-earth. There are very few planetary systems in the multiverse that provide a better sense of
separation from Source Reality than that which is experienced on terra-earth. By amplifying the
sense of separation, the entity can experience more fully the individuated essence that is unique
and bears the resemblance of First Source as a Unique Being. This is what draws entities to this
world to incarnate within a human instrument.
So the genetic mind is an enabling force to experience separation on the one hand, and a
disabling force to understand the true characteristics of Source Reality on the other. This
dichotomy, when understood, helps to disentangle the human instrument and its entity

Page 6 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
consciousness from the limiting aspects of the genetic mind and its principle author, the
Over the next twenty years [1996-2016], the genetic mind will become increasingly
fragmented and thus, vulnerable to modification. This will be an effect of the growing ubiquity of
intelligent networks and artificial intelligence therein. The expanding interconnection of
intelligent networks has a significant impact on the genetic mind because of the emergence of a
global culture that accompanies the arrival of such technologies.5
Grand Portal: The irrefutable scientific discovery of the individual soul and how it lives and
performs its function. It is a lens through which humanity observes Source Reality (see below) and
communicates therein. Finally via OLIN technology (see below) it morphs into the Sovereign
Integral Network (see below). It conjoins science, art, metaphysics, and the super universe. The apex
of human discovery it ushers in profound changes in all areas of society and establishes the species
as a member of the galactic community.
Hierarchy: Constitutes the grand indoctrination of species, spirits, planets and stars as they each
evolve through every star system and every dimension. It is composed of entities of all motives
that have linked their energies into the oldest native religions, orthodox religions and institutions,
and contemporary and newly emerging belief systems. The greatest of all structures, the Hierarchy
is connected to individuals and organizations; but unconnected to Source in a vital and dynamic way.
It is more connected to its own collective desire to help, to serve, to perform a function that allows
the use of power in a positive way.
Human Instrument: Physical, emotional and mental biological beings. [Humans, animals,
plants etc.] The human instrument consists of three principal components: The biological (physical
body), the emotional, and the mental (mind). These three distinct tools of perception, in aggregate,
represent the vehicle of the individuated spirit, Wholeness Navigator, [see below] or soul, as it
interacts with the physical dimension of time, space, energy, and matter.
OLIN technology: One Language Intelligence Network, of which the Internet is the forerunner.
According to the myth, beginning not before 2008 but ubiquitous by 2016, it will “introduce a
meta-language that translates both real-time written and spoken applications” thus revolutionizing
the GM’s global construct. It will later “create multi-dimensional content that carries its
viewer-participant into new corridors of understanding and illumination.”
Source Intelligence: Spirit Itself. First Source’s energy consciousness cast into all worlds,
dimensions, realities, life forms, times, and places. It is Cosmic Consciousness, or the projected
intelligence of First Source. The eyes and ears of First Source its role is expressing, upholding and
sustaining the will of First Source.

Page 7 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
Source Reality: The home of First Source, or First Source’s inner sanctum. It is the incubator,
and pushes the envelope of cosmological expansion.
Sovereign Entity: The human being (Human Instrument) aware of its connection to All That Is.
The human being aware of its Entity and interconnectedness to All by spirit through Source
Sovereign Integral Network: The sub-atomic network of light-encoded filaments throughout all
the multiverse. Threads of light from Source Reality connecting every life form at Entity level to
all other Entities and First Source.
Wholeness Navigator: Core wisdom that draws the human instrument to perceive fragmentary
existence as a passageway to wholeness and unity. The heart of the entity consciousness (a.k.a. the
soul, and individuated spirit) it pulls the human into alignment with Entity consciousness -- from
which the human instrument sees itself as an extension.

Chamber 1 Painting

Suggested Painting Title:

“The Transforming of Genetic Mind and Humanity.”

Page 8 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
Fig. 2. Chamber 1 Painting Detail from FSCD. 6

Interpretation and Meanings

This painting shows the transforming Genetic Mind (GM ) and a new humanity cocooned in
a brown border, casing, sheath or skin. Humanity is: a) breaking away from the old, heavy, worn-out,

Page 9 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
“fundamental misconceptions” (G GM ) of the GM below it that no longer assist the higher
evolutionary development of humanity, for humanity has, in this painting, evolved on; and b)
cocooned in a new more highly evolved, less dense, sheath of GM that is itself nourished directly by
First Source (FS) -- the deep “universal blue” background or backdrop for the painting (Part 1; Lock
2003). A source of this nourishment is via the streak of light in the top right of the painting that
represents what the WingMakers and Lyricus philosophy calls the Underivative Information
Structures (UIS) with its attendant Source Intelligence (SI) red frequency (Part 1; Lock 2003)
charging the transforming GM.

The UIS are not physical structures, but a primary field of vibration or quantum primacy
across all dimensions of space. An adjacent philosophy and website to the WingMakers is Lyricus
(link: In the WingMakers philosophy Lyricus is regarded as a subset of the
WingMakers with most of its members from the WingMakers or Central Race. The Lyricus material
states that Lyricus exports these non-material genetic “templates of life” (UIS). James, the translator
of the original WingMakers and Lyricus material, says they are:

…sub-quantum and represent the primary blueprint for living systems and inorganic matter. It
is UIS that gives rise to the quantum fields that interpenetrate planets, stars, galaxies, and the
universe at large. It is the communication field of life that connects the nonlocal and the local,
the individual and the collective, the one and the infinite (James, Lyricus: “Templates of Life”).

As mentioned in the “Templates of Life” when discussing the master templates that
“interface between each field of vibration”, the UIS, master templates, and energetic systems arising
from it “are constantly in an interactive process of communication.” This communication “informs
the evolutionary design of a species, organism, or material object -- whether organic or inorganic”
(James “Templ. of Life”).
We see, on close examination of the light blue streak “charging” or infusing the new GM
(fig. 3), a thread of red SI weaving or spiraling through it confirming this is the UIS. We know this
because the “interactive process” cited above “of the energetic systems” is:

…monitored by a frequency of UIS that is called Source Intelligence [emphasis mine] or the
Universal Spirit Intelligence. This frequency absorbs, filters, and processes the communication
between the fields of vibration and distills them into packets of information suitable for utilization

Page 10 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
by First Source.

Fig. 3. The Underivative Information Structures (UIS), and portal link to GM.
Color copy from Collector’s Edition print. Permission Mark Hempel.

This is the manner in which the interactions between all dimensions of existence are brought
into coherence and applicability to the formation of new worlds, species, and dimensional
constructs. This is the conduit in which the multiverse evolves and all life within it advances into
higher dimensional expressions (James, “Templ. of Life”).

This is a perfect description of what we are seeing in the upper right hand corner of Chamber
1 Painting in which red SI (Part 1; Lock 2003) is absorbing, filtering and processing the

Page 11 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
communication between the new GM – the brown outer casing, cocoon or sheath -- and humanity,
and distilling this “into packets of information suitable for utilization by First Source.” FS is the
deep cosmic blue (Part 1; Lock 2003) behind the UIS streak. At intervals all along the spiraling
length of the UIS we see them sending smaller streaks or feelers of energy or “packets of
information” into the vast FS blue ocean of cosmic consciousness that constitutes the backdrop of
the painting. According to the WingMakers’ philosophy it is via this UIS conduit that the GM and
humanity evolve, and it is by which, or how, we can observe the transforming of the GM and
humanity occurring within the painting. A whiter edge to the GM casing can be seen where the UIS
and GM meet. This inflowing energy via UIS enables the old, heavy portion of the brown GM full of
misconceptions to fall away, and for humanity, the GM, and thereby Earth, to advance into a higher
level of expression.
These Underivative Information Structures (UIS) depicted as the light blue streak entwined
with a frequency of SI in the painting provide:

…the structure behind the quantum fields and energetic systems that yield form and the
living systems that support form. The soul carrier is an outcome of the master template that is
energetically distributed to life-bearing planets upon the multiverse vehicle of UIS. This template,
which creates and interacts with the morphogenetic field of the soul, defines the soul carriers’
limits of functionality and expression – but only in the flow of time (James “Templ. of Life”).

So this vehicular light blue streak with its SI thread that we see in the top right hand corner of
the painting, structures, for the WingMakers, the energy systems and quantum fields that create the
living system. We see too, that the UIS is intimately related to human beings or HIs, as soul carriers,
and “creates and interacts with” the/our “morphogenic field of soul.”
This in turn implies that the soul is represented by a sympathetic color at the core of
humanity, which will make it the light blue nucleus of the cell-like cocoon in Chamber 1 Painting.
Confirming this suggestion is James’ statement, “The soul is attuned to UIS and operates therein
because this is the vibratory field that is native to its essence” (“The Presence of Soul”). Color is
nothing more than a vibratory frequency or field, so if the UIS and soul have the same vibratory
frequency they will certainly have the same vibratory coloration: i.e. a light blue. (See below for

The Transforming Process

These UIS even hint perhaps at a possible time for the process in expression in Chamber 1

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Painting. Under the heading “Developmental Shifts” in the Lyricus material four stages of
developmental shifts that sequentially precede the Grand Portal (GP) are outlined. At the end of the
fourth shift around the time of the discovery of the GP -- around 2080 according to the Lyricus
material -- “the energy of the UIS and the virtual structures of the master template begin to ‘descend’
within the planetary dimension of time and space – attracted by the shifting consciousness of the
species” (James “Purpose”). It is difficult to say we are specifically looking at the depiction of a
presumed future of around 2080, because, although the templates descend at that time they remain.
Therefore we could also be looking at a time after the discovery of the GP.
(See Timing of Transformation below.)
Of course, “[a]s a greater percentage of the species embody their soul consciousness, it
becomes easier for the remaining members to do so as well” (James “Lyricus: Presence of Soul”).
When these remaining members do so we are looking at the transformation of humanity as a whole.
However, the WingMakers say this will not happen suddenly with the Earth moving into some kind
of instant ascension. As James clarified in “Sovereign Integral”:

This transformation is not occurring as broadly as some suggest. It is limited to the human
instrument of a small percentage of the overall human population. I am aware that there are
reports alleging that the earth, as a whole, is undergoing nothing short of a global transmutation,
but it is not the case.
Transformation occurs one individual at a time, at the request of the individual. It is not
orchestrated for all life forms simultaneously because this would require a cessation of freewill.

Again, in “Lyricus: Teachers Q&A 12” James says:

The mission of Lyricus is not an event of transformation brought from a Holy or Divine
source. It is the unfolding process of humanity discovering its fundamental identity and its
relationship with the multidimensional universe.

Obviously time is required for an entire species to transform in this way. It occurs “[a]s more
and more individuals call forth the Wholeness Navigator [soul, individuated spirit/Source vibration]
and subsequently alter the function of their human instrument.” This makes it easier for others
incarnating “to embody the unification vibration within their human instrument.” And it is “part of
the divine blueprint for the evolution of the human species as a soul carrier capable of cosmological
exploration” (James “Sovereign Integral”).

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This transforming process we are witnessing in Chamber 1 Painting is referred to in P4 as a
movement “from a survival – based energy system to an explorer-based energy system.” Indeed the
cocooned earth/humanity in this painting is about to drift away and sail into the cosmic-blue ocean
of FS as humanity finds its rightful place as an exploratory race within the universe; and it will be
shown the glyphs in this painting collectively express ineffective aspects of the survival or
saviorship energy system that humanity is now rapidly outgrowing, and in the painting, finally
leaving behind forever.
While Chamber 1 Painting may be a transforming process beginning around 2080 with the
discovery of the GP, the painting could also be said, naturally enough, being the first painting in the
series, to represent our orientation, giving from the WingMakers’ viewpoint, a planetary overview of
our situation and where we as a collective humanity are heading from 1996 onwards. For the
WingMakers G states that from 1996 – 2016:

…the genetic mind will become increasingly fragmented and thus, vulnerable to
modification. This will be an effect of the growing ubiquity of intelligent networks and artificial
intelligence therein. The expanding interconnection of intelligent networks has a significant
impact on the genetic mind because of the emergence of a global culture that accompanies the
arrival of such technologies (“Genetic Mind”).

Whether this increasing fragmentation fully materializes in the 1996 – 2016 time frame
remains to be seen, of course, though it can be said to have already begun (see FitzGerald below).

GM, All That Is (ATI) and Chamber 1 Painting Glyphs

The GM in Chamber 1 Painting is indicated, as mentioned before, by the brown shapes,
which in this painting represent “the soil of genetic memory” (G&P2). The largest brown shape at
the bottom and its glyph-filled shape represent the imperfect knowledge, teaching and belief systems
filtering down to humanity after the knowledge of ATI has been strained through the thick filter of
the Hierarchy (H) leaving the essence behind and beyond humanity’s experience.
Part 1 (Arai and Lock 9-10; Lock 2003) revealed that glyphs on these Light-bands in
WingMakers’ paintings represent knowledge from ATI. James, the original supplier of all
WingMakers’ material to website manager Mark Hempel, in answer to a question I put to him on the
paintings answered that some of the symbols and imagery in them are the same as those in the GM
due to their “universality and pre-existent states of geometry” and the “imagery of All That Is is
codified into a higher dimensional language, which in turn is encoded into the original works” (Q&A

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In this painting however, the glyphs are kept separated or totally divorced from the cocooned
planetary humanity and have a deep black boundary or barrier surrounding them, strongly implying
these glyphs or “revelations” are of the H and have been very ineffective guidance, revelations or
religious teaching. This has resulted in humanity at large having had no clear comprehension of what
lies beyond the H’s belief systems or rituals. These glyphs entrapped within the soil of the GM are
virtually useless abstractions from ATI. Surrounded in black they lack any coherent connection to
FS; and the portal to FS’s domain floating on the far mid-right of the painting appears to be either
gently assisting in pulling away this no longer necessary portion of GM, or expressing the extremely
tenuous link the GM has to the small portal which is dwarfed by the GM’s ponderous structure.
Illustrating this in the Collector’s Edition and “museum grade” prints is a faint hair-breadth light
blue line linking the portal with the very top point of this heavy section of the GM at the very point
of fracture from where it is falling, or being pulled away. (See fig.3.)
The knowledge and information represented in this glyph-filled area has a very different feel
to it than its counterparts in almost, if not all, the other paintings. Here the figures all seem upside
down or in a state of fall or struggle. This glyph-filled shape is turned on end as a graphic on the
website giving the glyphs an even greater sense of falling. Perhaps James gave this as a clue. In fig.
1 these glyphs are lying down at the bottom of the picture in a somewhat chaotic and disorderly state.
Moreover, some of the characters or glyphs are -- and this is a very rare feature of the WingMakers’
paintings -- cut in half or incomplete showing the half-truths, ineffective or incomplete knowledge
and beliefs that have been filtered down to humanity, via the GM, by the H (G&P).
Two website composite computer graphics (CG) images exist showing a part of this
set of glyphs with the titles “grandportal” and “portalelement” (fig. 4 and fig. 5). It could be argued
that qualities represented by these glyphs are then either necessary for, or result from, the discovery
of the GP, thus conveying upon them more positive evolving characteristics. In my opinion if the
glyphs in these jpegs have meanings, they may represent the necessary beginnings of contact with
ATI in order to develop the GP. This glyph area is one that has been used separately as a CG vertical
image since the inception of the website in 1998. It could be its waisted
shape that makes it useful for the CG artwork James has wanted to present; and on the original
website it was a vertically represented CG further enhancing its falling qualities, just as in fig. 4 and
fig. 5. It is possible to read too much literally into the composite CG works.

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Fig. 4. “Grand Portal.” James.

They are fundamentally different from the chamber paintings themselves as artworks. They
are James more lyrical, poetic creations and occasionally may carry, rather than specific meanings, a
more personal, subjective artistic expression accompanying a cogent philosophical dictum, insightful
aphorism or statement from the WingMakers’ philosophy, or an aspect of reality, feeling, being etc.
At other times they may just be fictional works to add image to the myth (e.g. image of 15).
It appears to me, that each of the compositional elements in these two CG images reads in
basic terms only, and is then combined into a CG artwork: wings do not represent real wings, but
mythical, transformational wings and those “received” with the discovery of the GP; the DNA bands
and the global world illustrate the global eye/portal and global scientific and spiritual vision
necessary for the discovery, of the GP; the biogenetic DNA, world and global electronic science
images show that global advances in these fields will lead to the GP’s development for the entire
world; the glyphs show that contact with ATI will also play a central part in the discovery. The
specific glyphs in the CGs may have no more meaning than the specific writing on early twentieth
century collages and synthetic cubist works, which basically represented general printed characters
as an artistic expressional image contrasting with the more formal artistic colored and shaped areas
of the artwork. Here they add the human element illustrating humanity’s fledgling contact with ATI.

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Fig. 5. “Portal Element.” James.

A look at the glyphs on the lower portion of the GM in fig. 1 and fig. 6 reveals them to be the
old tools of a H and GM that have proven woefully inadequate over the ages for providing proof or
actual experience of Source.

An Interpretation of the Glyphs

The far right glyph appears to show a human with four herringbone bars and one spot situated
at the heart region probably denoting the heart and emotion. In Chamber 6 Painting it was shown
(Part 1; Lock 2003) that five bars across a similar figure represented the five-sensed HI. The four
bars could well represent matter, energy, space and time, the glyph denoting a being immersed
within MEST -- as these four are referred to in the WingMakers/Lyricus philosophy. The four bars
could also represent the HI attempts at ”coherence of evolutionary consciousness”, the four being the
four aspects of the HI: body, mind, heart, and human soul (see “Coherence of evolutionary
Consciousness” Fig. 1. 7); or alternatively, the four HI aspects of physical body, emotions and
feelings, mind and thinking, and GM (see “Anatomy of the Individuated Consciousness” jpeg 8).
Could the four bars perhaps even denote ‘imbalance’ and four senses only -- meaning it is spiritually
blind or deaf? What can be more clearly stated is that even the best heart-felt attempts of those
immersed in MEST when put into the belief systems of the Hierarchy have very rarely resulted in
contact or union with Source – and if and when this has occurred such experiences have initially
been virtually totally ignored or denounced. Koch has four straight bars across a vertical line
showing the “soul’s pilgrimage through life…to its purification and [that it] wins through from

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darkness into light” (94). However, beyond these bars the direction line through the head leads to a
dead end, indicating to me a possible limit to progress. Further, Koch has four upward angled cross
bars – just as in this glyph -- forming an ear of oats (80), perhaps indicating the Human Instrument
(HI) stuck at the “survival level of existence” (G&P) in a cycle of merely working to eat.
Amerindians of the SW also used this chevron glyph, though usually reversed, for corn or corn stalks
(Patterson 58; Awatsu et al 032). Corn was a survival crop; but, also indicative of life. It might also
then mean the unfulfilled upward aspirations of the HI.
The glyph appears to indicate an emotional heart-felt reaching up to a higher life, but its way
beyond looks barred. Here the glyph area tapers to an end, cramping, and closing off any further
journeying for the aspirant.

Fig. 6. Chamber 1 Painting glyphs. Collector’s Edition copy.

The glyph left of this one is cut in half, incomplete, and so tells us nothing really helpful.
The next left, the long squiggle glyph – actually a three dimensional spiral helix -- with a
head and circle at the end having just a solitary dot at one curve is a severely incomplete form, or
variant of, the Source Codes (SC) glyph (Part 1; Lock 2003). They are shown in full on the Dagger
in Chamber 17 Painting where they indicate SCs activated within the HI (Part 2; Lock 2004). SC are
essential for awakening the HI to evolve into the Sovereign Entity (SE). So in this painting there is,
in this lower glyph area, as there has been throughout history, little chance of humanity’s awakening
to evolve in consciousness. The SC have remained inactivated, thereby preventing the HI from
directly experiencing Source.
Above this are two glyphs: one looks upside down or capped and restricted; the
other dissected making it meaningless.

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SECU, Patriarch, Dragonfly, and Para Vach Glyphs
Following these two, still moving left, is a double cross glyph with a head. For
many Native Americans the straight double-crossed bar represented the star, especially Venus
meaning “guidance” (Indian Heritage inside cover), and due to influences from the south, the
teacher and guide Quetzalcoatl (Ortiz 61-61 qtd in Patterson 191).
The double cross with the lower bar longest, as in fig. 1 and fig. 6, has the two similar
meanings of “archbishops” according to Chevalier and Gheerbrant (CG 252) and “patriarchs” for
Kock (16) and Jeff Nisbet (Atlantis Rising 67), and when raised on stands, “Archangelical crosses”
(Kock 21).

Fig. 7. “Anasazi”. James.

The papal cross is the triple cross. In fig. 1 the cross appears fallen, suggesting, fallen or
misguided hierarchy figures (see FitzGerald below). It notably has one bar “crooked” – indicating
“not straightforward,” “deviating from uprightness of character or conduct” and possibly “dishonest”
(“crooked”). Though somewhat dissimilar to this glyph, two bars of equal length indicate a
poisonous botanical substance (Kock 64).
The vertical line with two horizontal bars is, interestingly enough, the ancient Linear B and
Linear A syllable phonetically pronounced “pa” (Robinson 100; Pope 171). The “pa” character is

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also combined with a vertical line and three horizontals transliterating to “pa-te”, or in Mycenaean
and Classic Greek “pater” meaning “father”. It is also the first syllable of the Linear B transliteration
“pa-ma-ko” from which is derived our “pharmacy” and “medicine” (www. James has said that the WingMakers’ glyphs generally are closer to
Senzar than ancient scripts like Linear A or B. Nevertheless, these “pa” characters present an
interesting parallel in writing, sound, and meaning to the WingMakers’ Para Vach glyph that looks to
be more than chance alone.
There are 60 common, 87 in total, Linear B signs making the odds on this glyph having the
same phonetic as “pa” in Para Vach 1 in 60 – 87 from this alphabet alone. The odds on the exact
same glyph having the exact same phonetic, and frequent similar patriarchal meaning taking into
consideration all the possible combinations of letters, characters and glyphs in the world’s languages
would be many thousands to one, though I haven’t checked for its occurrence in all other
non-modern languages, and we do not know the home-world phonetic sound of the WingMakers’
Para Vach glyph, more details of which follow below. While etymological connections and
comparisons alone often offer nothing conclusive and are mere speculation there is a hint of some
connection between the Linear B “pa” and the “pa” of para vach. WingMakers researchers and
speculators might ponder whether its ancient usage suggests a universal root language syllable or
phonetic, although it seems almost certain due to the WingMakers frequent use of ideographic
glyphs that their characters do not par se represent a phonetic alphabet, like Linear A or B for
This double-cross glyph, in fig. 1 and fig. 6, is also almost identical to the Native American
rock art glyph for the dragonfly, which usually has the upper horizontal longer and the lower shorter
(Patterson 85). In addition, the Native American dragonfly glyph often has the small round head.
Examples of Native American dragonfly glyphs with the two horizontals almost equal exist on actual
kiva murals in Awatovi and Kawaika-a in Arizona (Smith 218-20). Patterson (85) reports the
dragonfly and its glyph are “most often portrayed on alters, pottery, and petroglyphs, possibly
because they are shamanistic creatures” (Parsons 250; Wright 151-2), and have “supernatural
powers” (Benedict v. ll, 9; Wright 151-2). The dragonfly itself is a positive sign of water, fertility
and abundance (Harris, R. 45).

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Fig. 8. “SECU.” James Fig. 9. “Para Vach.” James.

In his Atlantis Rising article “The Further Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel” Jeff Nisbet cites
Boyd Rice (“Dagobert’s Revenge”) in presenting other meanings of the European double cross,
namely: the union of opposites; the intersection of creative force and destructive force; the union of
male and female principles; and as above so below. It was included within “the Royal Art of
hermeticism – a tradition which according to legend was passed down to man by a race of fallen
angels.” When the “ancient hermetic text Corpus Hermeticism was first published in
French…dedicated to Mary of Guise…[she] adopted the [double equal-armed] Lorrain Cross as a
personal symbol”(Atlantis Rising 66). The shortened upper bar is thought to have been created as a
way of bringing the hermetic cross into Christian orthodoxy, the upper bar becoming a reference to
the INRI inscribed crucifixion board affixed to the cross by order of Pontius Pilate. Nisbet’s Rosslyn
ceiling cross is a perhaps curious – for Europe -- reversed version with the upper arm longest (see
illus. Atlantis Rising 40; Herder 50).
We see here a cross-cultural spiritual usage of this glyph as an image representing spiritual
leaders in the form of the occidental archbishop and patriarch, and the Native American shaman,

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noting that the short and long horizontal bars are usually reversed in their respective European and
American settings. Either way the glyph suggests spiritual leaders or principals associated with
teaching or guidance systems.
Three online composite computer graphic (CG) images contain this glyph, two of them the
same glyph from the same source with the top bar longer and the bottom shorter as in the Native
American dragonfly image. The three images (see fig. 7, fig. 8 and fig. 9) are of an Anasazi as a
SECU, the second a SECU (Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe), and the third presumably a
representation of Para Vach, or a Teacher of the Lyricus Order that is the “subset of the
WingMakers” whose “teachers assembled the [WingMakers’] materials and have exported them

Fig. 10. SECU, or dragonfly glyph (top). Fig. 11. Para Vach glyph. Chamber 2
Chamber 22 Painting. Collector’s Edition print. Painting. Collector’s Edition print.

to…planets like Earth” (James Q&A 47) (see The first two at least (fig. 7 and fig.
8), obviously represent teachers, guides, or SECUs. Their “Anasazi” SECU dragonfly image and
“SECU” image are taken from the bottom right corner of Chamber 22 Painting (see fig. 10).
The Para Vach glyph (fig. 9) is a longer bodied, curving upper bar/arms variation taken from
Chamber 2 Painting where it stands above three horizontal bars (see fig. 11). It is almost certain this
latter variation means the same as its CG title: “Para Vach”; here lying beyond the triune human
instrumentation of body, emotions, and mind; and beyond these three corresponding aspects

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comprising the WingMakers; and beyond the three primary vibratory levels of DNA/molecular,
sub-atomic, and sub-photonic (see fig. 12). Notably the bottom bar is at the heart region in fig. 9
indicating the way for the HI to experience Para Vach is from the heart.
The ‘Para’ of Para Vach: means “beyond”, and according to Puruker, in his The
Occult Glossary ‘Vach’ “may be said to be the feminine or vehicular aspect of the Logos, or the
power of the Logos when enshrined within its vehicle or sheath of action.” Para Vach then is that
which lies beyond the logos enshrined within the human form. In WingMakers/Lyricus terminology
it corresponds to FS, that lies beyond the Wholeness Navigator (WN ) or human soul (see bottom of
fig. 12). Para Vach is “an outlet for First Source’s expression of Sound and Light” (James,
“Coherence of Evolutionary Consciousness.” Hakomi 4-6 ). A longer definition by James:

Para Vach is the primordial, causal Sound and Light that transcends both manifestation and
non-manifestation. It is the Breath of First Source beyond the cosmos that creates, vitalizes, and
sets in motion the vibratory substance of matter. It transcends the manifestation of light and sound
even as it exists in its most pure and luminous state (http://

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Fig. 12. “Hierarchy of Vibrations.” James.

The SECU, dragonfly, patriarch glyph can be found again in the website Chamber 21
Painting (fig.13), and a double bar, three-dimensional cross glyph in the upper left corner of
Chamber 22 Painting (fig. 14). There is yet another version of the SECU, dragonfly, Para Vach
glyph on the WingMakers: Hakomi 4-6 CD back sleeve, on the figure’s forehead (fig. 15), and a
smaller version of Para Vach from Chamber 2 Painting on the CD frontispiece.

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Fig. 13. SECU, dragonfly glyph. Fig. 14. Double bar, 3D cross.
Website Chamber 21 Painting. Chamber 22 Painting. Coll. Ed.

Fig. 15. WingMakers: Hakomi 4-6. CD. Back cover.

The WingMakers and Lyricus pure dragonfly glyph then represents a SECU as an
enlightened guide or teacher; and the curvilinear variant, Para Vach glyph in Chamber 2 Painting,
appears clearly to be a, or the, WingMakers and Lyricus glyph for FS with Para Vach connotations.

Chamber 1 Painting Glyphs Continued

Returning to the glyphs in Chamber 1 Painting: The last two glyphs on the far left in fig. 1
and fig. 6 are again cropped, though presumably what is visible is by far the greater portion. The
main section of the bottom glyph with a pointed top and two cross bars echoes Koch’s glyph for
“iron” (69); which is also a symbol for protection against evil spirits (CG 573) – arguably a
disempowering and fear-breeding manipulative precept of so many H systems that again divorces the

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HI from FS. The whole glyph, however could possibly have a different meaning.
Above this, the final glyph is a man holding a large clockwise spiral up into the
air. In Cunkie’s Talking Pots: Deciphering the Symbols of a Prehistoric People the clockwise spiral
denotes ascension. Bealaura says that in the Celtic tradition it “represents the emerging, growing,
material manifestation of energy” and that which would “send energy into the environment” (Celtic
Circles, David). Significantly Gary David in his online “Spiralgate” on mythology and images of the
Southwest Amerindians shows the Hopi, who are descendants of the Anasazi, used the clockwise
spiral (fig. 16), like this one, on their coil baskets to “symbolize the path we take in life’s journey”
and adversities on its path. (David illus. 5; Lock 2004 24).
There is an Anasazi petroglyph in “The Valley of Fire” showing a man holding something in
his right hand connected to a spiral (Ancient America). The famous Fremont style petroglyph from
Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, shows a “heroic figure”, possibly a shaman, mythological
figure, or supernatural anthropomorph with a radiating spiral in his right hand (Cole 186-91; Awatsu
et al 060-061). Dated for the period AD 500-AD 1400 (Welsh 12) it comes almost centrally within
the alleged time period of the WingMakers’ paintings of AD 800.
The spiral for Native Americans most popularly signifies migrations, journeys and travels,
especially to the center of being. A spiral with a person often indicates the person’s or tribe’s
wanderings or migration toward the new home. The beginning glyph in Chamber 1 Painting then
suggests the embarkation onto a journey or quest.
While scholars contest the meanings of spirals the glyphic figure holding the spiral in fig. 1
and fig. 6 certainly appears active and outgoing. It might not be amiss therefore to read it as
representing the enthusiasm and zeal of the initiate embarking on the quest, or perhaps the fervor of
the missionary seeking converts in society. It certainly expresses the feeling of outgoing zeal,
enthusiasm and anticipation of the quest’s fulfillment.

Fig. 16 - “Boo-da.” Enhanced by Lock.

(David “The Arc of the Covenant”; Hopi “Techqua Ikachi” # 21).

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A Tentative Interpretation of the Set of Glyphs
A tentative interpretation then of the whole set of glyphs can be given: The HI with
enthusiasm and desire for consciousness evolution sets out on the quest only to be manipulated by
fear, met by misguided or misinformed peers who cannot assist or lead to awakening of the SC, and
thus the HI spiritually stagnates with nothing to offer but his or her heart-felt zeal and enthusiasm. If
this is correct it presents a sad but accurate picture of humanity’s path to date under the hierarchical
structures of the ages, and the ineffective Source-divorced GM constructs that have been utilized.
However, humanity is becoming painfully aware that without radical transforming the H’s belief
systems and methodology no longer serve it on its path forward; and of the H’s too frequent
“deviating from uprightness of character or conduct” shown by the crooked patriarchal bar in the
painting’s ‘teacher’ glyph.
To cite just one example, perhaps a 2002 prelude to this coming freedom from a fallen H is
seen in the international newspaper article “A Woman’s Place is Behind the Alter” revealing the
horrendous scandals of pervasive chronic abuse by catholic priests, and the many sisters now
working to end the blatant discrimination in work, chores, and office by male priests (FitzGerald 7).
In fig. 1 these artificially constructed survival modes and imperfect knowledge and
information systems are seen falling away together with the mass of “fundamental misconceptions”
(G GM ), false beliefs, and concepts of the GM as humanity comes of age and contacts Source itself.

GM and Humanity Transforming

The orange-red, green/yellow, and blue colors representing the transforming HI and
humanity in this painting are, on the right hand side of the painting, already seeping through –
breaking through -- the threadbare brown fabric of the worn out, useless H aspects, and outdated GM
constructs, that are, at the time expressed in the painting, fracturing off and being left forever behind.
The WingMakers’ material says that Sovereign Entities (SE) incarnating are destined to tear down
these misconceptions.
The hold exerted by the heavy bottom mass of GM on humanity is, in Chamber 1 Painting,
virtually broken and gone. We see that the interpretation given above for this line of glyphs basically
expresses the extraordinary limiting potential, at the time expressed in the painting, of the saviorship
model that has been propagated and promulgated by the hierarchy for millennia. The very word
“propaganda” has its etymological roots in a committee of Roman Catholic Church cardinals
founded in 1622 as the Congregation of the Propaganda, College of the Propaganda. We are, in
Chamber 1 Painting, seeing this no-longer-fruitful propagandized saviorship model finally falling
away. When the upper brown cell finally breaks away from this mass – as it is in the process of

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doing in this painting -- a new humanity will have developed and evolved in consciousness; and it
will be aided by a transformed, FS-nourished cocoon or sheath of a new transformed GM that finally
proves an excellent servant to mankind (G&P). We see this new GM cocoon in the top left
surrounded on both sides by blue FS frequencies. The lighter shade of blue is a near mix of the
UIS/soul blue and darker FS blue (more on light blue below). The GM cocoon is finally, in the
painting, nourished, and nourishing, as a true teacher and leader of a transformed humanity.
This cocoon looks very much to be a cell with its undulating border casing and central
nucleus, and a few WingMakers forum members have already alluded to this. The Lyricus material
(see concerning the various planetary species states, “Collectively, these species
represent the cellular structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the
indivisible part thereof” (James, Lyricus: “P&M, Findings of GP” 3). Each planet and planetary
species is then a microcosmic cell within the “body” of FS. Generally speaking, cells are invisible
from the viewpoint of the greater organism: our bodily cells are invisibly minute to our naked eye;
we, HIs, as planetary cells are invisibly minute from the planetary overview; and our planet as a
cosmic cell is invisibly minute from the universal overview.
The question is, which cell are we looking at in Chamber 1 Painting? Is it the planetary cell
within the deep blue cosmic body of FS, the HI as cell of a planetary humanity, or the biological cell
within the human body? Is it two of them, or all three? The beauty of, and difficulty in understanding
abstract symbolism, is its innate potential for multiplicity of both meaning and function signifier.

Chromosome 1
As discussed above, the new brown cocoon of GM looks tantalizingly like a cell with its
central light blue nucleus. It is said in the WingMakers material that each of the 23 chambers appears
on one level to represent its respectively numbered chromosome. Chromosome 1 is the largest
chromosome and 23 the smallest. They are actually numbered according to their decrease in size.
The Ancient Arrow book suggests a different order or sequence of the chamber paintings in situ;
however James has said that the order as now given on the website is the correct order regarding the
WingMakers website material, meaning Chamber 1 Painting on the website (not the CD, see note 2)
represents in some way chromosome 1.
While chromosome research is still in its infancy a web search under “Chromosome 1
influences” brought forward confirmatory evidence of a parallel representation. It is found at the
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center website.9 The article discusses Charcot-Marie-Tooth
Disease (CMT) a hereditary motor and sensory disorder of the nervous system affecting the nerves
that carry information to and from the spinal cord causing “weakness and loss of sensation in the

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limbs” or areas “farthest from the spinal cord.” This transmittal process -- not the physiological
organs or areas -- is astonishingly similar to the process depicted in Chamber 1 Painting of the way
SI is carried along the UIS to the GM sheath and through into the soul nucleus and thence out to the
HI itself.
Chamber 1 Painting is about motor functioning of humanity on the cosmic level; of our
having a free flowing of energy and input from the GM, SI and FS through to the soul and out to the
HIs, the farther extremities from FS, and through this becoming master explorers of the universe
with our soon-to-be-developed high sensory capacity and nervous system evolution pushing the
envelope of this new innovative cosmic motor capacity. In the paragraph subtitled “What Causes it?”
cited below from the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center’s online article I have inserted in square
brackets the WingMakers’/Lyricus terms that could be exchanged here to reveal an exact mirror,
parallel, or overlay of the process occurring in Chamber 1 Painting. This is only looking at ‘process,’
octaves down from the cosmic level -- at work on the genomic level. It is advised to read the
paragraph twice, once with just the original wording to gain an understanding of the process behind
CMT, and then again inserting the WingMakers/Lyricus terminology to see how exactly this
complex process overlays, parallels and mirrors almost exactly what we are seeing in Chamber 1
Painting scaled up to embrace a cosmological overview from Source:

CMT [defective GM ] affects the groups of nerve cells [UIS] that carry information to and
from the spinal cord [FS ], called the peripheral nerves [UIS]. The peripheral nerves [UIS] have
cells in the brain [soul] and spinal cord [FS ] and nerve fibers [energy systems] that run from the
brain [soul] and spinal cord [FS ] to the whole body [HI/humanity]. The signals the peripheral
nerves [UIS] send control muscle movement [how the HI/ humanity acts and responds], and the
signals they receive relay feelings of pain, pressure, temperature and position back to the brain
[soul] and spinal cord [FS ]. The genetic defect that causes CMT [defective GM ] affects the
myelin sheath [GM ], which is the coating that insulates the nerve fibers [energy systems] so
nerve impulses [Source energies] can travel freely over the fibers [throughout the HI energy
system]. If the myelin [GM ] is defective, the impulses either travel more slowly or carry a
weaker signal. The areas of the body [HI/humanity] most affected are those farthest from the
spinal cord [FS ], the hands and feet [HI ]…Defects in chromosomes 1 and 17 affect the myelin
sheath [GM ] and cause the nerve impulses [Source energies] to travel more slowly than is

There is no attempt to draw any medical implications here; but this is an astonishing

Page 29 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
overlaying or parallel process that can be observed, showing how the processing energy system of
Source lowers its frequency down into the genetic and neuronal level evincing (as above so below),
as in the macrocosmic so in the microcosmic. It seems there are metaphysical and biogenetic parallel
processes at work here; processes that might be identical, just octaves up or down. However, I will
leave for others more medically qualified the further investigation of this likelihood.
The gene that influences Alzheimer’s disease, an immobilizing disease, is located on
chromosome 1. Likewise there are also studies showing that a defective chromosome 1 can result in
alcoholism and affective disorder, or depression (Nurnberger JI Jr., T. Foroud, L. Flury et al.). These
too, of course relate to motor functioning. People with severe depression, or affective disorder, tend
to stay inside for days or even weeks on end, and so do not travel around. In many ways these three
conditions express the antithesis of the mastership model: Alzheimer patients are dependent upon
others; alcoholics look to alcohol as a savior or redeemer of sorts to bring relief, and suffer impaired
motor functioning; and those with affective disorder perceiving no saviors at all and no mastership
within become without hope and immobilized. It is almost certain then that all other unnatural
chronically habitual props, or saviors, such as tobacco and other poisonous or intoxicating botanicals
can be seen as having certain immobilizing features and are ultimately restricting, just as all other
GM constructed props, and beliefs.
In other words, another way of saying what we are looking at in Chamber 1 Painting is
“mastery of mobilization or mobility.” Most spiritual giants are almost renowned for their mobility:
Buddha walked all over India throughout his life, as did Gandhi; Esu Christos (“Jesus Christ” in
English) and his disciples too, walked all over their known world.
Lenin famously remarked, “Religion is the opiate of the people.” The statement would seem
either a little harsh or an exaggeration. Religion is far more pervasive than opiates, and with only a
few notable exceptions, infinitely less hallucinogenic. Religion is perhaps more closely the alcohol
of the habitual drinker. This is not to necessarily imply total teetotalism. Research shows a little wine
and beer can be good for the health. But perhaps – this needs medical confirmation -- teetotalism or
restricted alcohol consumption might be recommended for certain types of chromosome 1
deficiency? As constructs from the non-evolved GM, religions often affect an inability of their
followers to think creatively or originally and lead to responses more emotional, illogical and
over-imaginative, together with a slavish mental following of the religious system and/or its saviors;
“it immobilizes…ability to think original thoughts and feel original feelings” (G GM ). With the
heavy part of the GM falling away in Chamber 1 Painting we see all of these slavish unproductive
systems falling by the wayside when the transforming of GM and humanity is under way, especially
in the post-GP period. This implies too, that the genetic problems associated with chromosome 1

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disease will probably have been rectified by this time.

GP’s Significance in Chamber 1 Painting

James in “Coherence of the Evolutionary Consciousness” (“C of EV”) says that most humans
have submitted to a vibration of separation and anxiety, which is unspecified, broad-spectrum,
“difficult to identify, and, consequently, to resolve.” He gives the solution, however, in “Lyricus
Teachers” as the discovery of the GP:

This new science [of the GP ] is an all-encompassing system that is capable of restoring
health and balance to the physical, emotional, and mental dysfunctions of the soul carrier, which
account for the dysfunctions of society at large….The human-animal instinct of survival through
power and domination co-mingle with …misguided fear-beliefs inhabiting the genetic mind of the
species, which collectively give rise to human and social dysfunction….Each of these fear-beliefs
transform in the presence of the Grand Portal…. The Grand Portal is …the thread that unifies the
species, as well as the solution to the dysfunctions that have plagued humanity for generation
upon generation (Q&A 14).

The G&P say it is not humanity alone that brings about this change, or transforming of the
GM. Forces are at work within the universe and heavenly cosmos to help break this hold the current
H and GM have had over humanity for millennia. On the left of Chamber 1 Painting subtle waves of
purple- and light-blue FS or primeval UIS cosmic energy perhaps gently nudge, push and wash away
the antiquated, doctored structures of the GM launching the Earth free into the oceanic cosmic blue
beyond. Or these lighter blues on the left may be yet another UIS descending, or developing, to
assist the heavier left side of the GM break away from planetary humanity. Conversely, they could be
poorly scattered information systems that the H can muster – a weak UIS lacking a SI thread – that
are incapable of leading to the transformation of humanity and the GM.
At the top right, the streak or spiraling streak of UIS light with its red (SI) frequency has
struck the GM at the point where this bulky, restricting, ponderous portion of H and GM is splitting,
cracking, and fracturing away like a dead chrysalis, giving birth to a new humanity and the new GM
(fig. 1, fig. 2 and fig. 3). The feeling of breaking away is enhanced by the rippling waves of motion
in the bottom right hand corner, which, being light blue and red, represent again FS and SI (Part 1
6-7; Lock 2003) assisting and pulling it away irrevocably. The H’s lack of connection to Source (lack
of yellow) is conspicuous. As the G&P state “First Source is connected to individuals not
organizations…the Hierarchy is unconnected to the Source in a vital and dynamic way;” and the old

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H and GM here are, once the GP is discovered, disintegrating and breaking away under the influence
of Source itself and the UIS, as the H and GM are evolving into higher forms. This echoes the
paragraph cited above on CMT and correlates with what can be read under “Findings of the Grand

The Grand Portal is holographic, emitting from First Source and extending to UIS, embedded
within the master template, conducted into the quantum fields of the genetic mind, drawn into the
energetic systems of the soul carrier, and finally coiled within the DNA molecule of the species.
This masterful interchange of energy, information, and expression is orchestrated by the magnetic
field that surrounds the Grand Portal (James, “Lyricus”).

Our post-GP species, like all post-GP species, James informs, will “represent the cellular
structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the indivisible particle
thereof” (“Lyricus: P&M, Findings of GP” 3).

The Soul and HI

This reveals again that the light blue nucleus of the cocoon or cell is the individuated
consciousness, a.k.a. the WN, soul or individuated spirit, and shows its connection to the UIS and FS.
The red within the soul represents red SI and reveals its unbroken frequency traveling along the UIS.
As James says, the unifying Source Vibration of each HI that “defines the descending form in which
the human instrument manifests in the physical domain, as well as the ascension path upon which it
evolves” is “ analogous to what is – in esoteric schools – referred to as the soul’s heartbeat” (James
“C of EC”). The central red crescent-like shape within the light blue soul then, is, we can safely say,
the soul’s heartbeat, or Source Vibration.
The green/yellow body aspect of the HI encases the inner forms. No longer discarnate
separate components they now hold together in coherence. The yellow lines within the light blue
nucleic soul probably represent Source Reality (SR) or the Sovereign Integral Network (SIN) that the
transforming humanity and GM will be bringing into ever-greater fruition within the next several
hundred years.
When looking at Chamber 1 Painting from the individual HI viewpoint, it is most probable
that the green/yellow, red, and blue areas represent the three components of the HI: biological body,
emotions and feelings, and mind and mental processes respectively. The mind, blue, being the
coolest and most ‘inward’ of the three, is next to the light blue soul, and both the mind and warmer
red emotions and feelings contained within the – here green – healthy body that surrounds them.

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These colors also correspond fairly accurately to the colors for these areas on the HI portion of the
“Anatomy of the Individuated Consciousness” jpeg (see fig. 17). The orange band, probably
denoting the border between the physical realm of body and non-physical realms of emotion, mind,
and soul, is slim, again depicting the coherent nature and fusion of the soul carrier to its individuated
consciousness so “the species as a whole learns how to…operate the soul carrier as an integrated
extension of the individuated consciousness” (James “Lyricus: P&M The Dev. of a Species”). The
light blue cellular energies of the soul/individuated spirit, darker violet/blue mind, red/orange
emotions, and green/yellow body in the painting resonate together as a natural development from the
GP’s discovery.

Fig. 17. Twenty-four primary systems of the HI from

“Anatomy of the Individuated Consciousness”


In fig. 1 and fig. 2 the body aspect of the HI comes out a yellowish area in some
reproductions, but is actually a lime green in the CD, “Museum grade” and Collector’s Edition prints.
The “museum grade” print reveals the color to be a mid-vibrant green with a yellow over-wash

Page 33 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
making it lime green. This makes sense: Light green is the color to show the renewed, reborn,
vibrant healthy plant life of the HI as it rebirths every year in this color. Artists know a lush, fresh
light green is most indicative of new plant life. Of all the available prints I personally regard the
“Museum grade” and Collector’s Edition version of Chamber 1 Painting from the website as being
the most accurate and excellent available in quality and original reproduction, and therefore assume
these colors the more accurate.
It is perhaps worth mentioning at this juncture a complementary physical global perspective
in which, within the cell or cocoon the green could represent “the plant kingdom” (Herder 91),
which together with the new humanity and animals, constitute a new natural, healthy, more highly
evolved planetary HI. Here, humanity is finally healed, healthy – green – and whole. Again from this
possible global perspective, the larger red, inside the species cell or cocooned humanity as a whole,
could represent the land or human aspect of the HI (Part 1; Lock 2003 15). Red is the color of the
landscape, earth and people originally around Chaco Canyon 1100-1200 years ago when, and where,
the paintings were allegedly done. In mythology red can mean “the body of man” (Jobes 1052). It
may also, of course, represent the conspicuous presence of SI as an active participant. If it means
land and people then both the red and green combined could signify the HI in its red blood and green
plant forms. The dark blue inner area in this interpretive model would then be globally representative
of the seas, oceans, and sky.
The more compelling interpretation is, however, the corollary with the Anatomy of the
Individuated Consciousness and the Coherence of Evolutionary Consciousness, with the central area
representing the constituent parts of the HI both collectively and individually. But his does not
preclude the relevance of a physical global perspective. It is possible to see and read both meanings
into the painting, demonstrating again the painting’s multiplicity of meaning and usage of imagery,
and perhaps suggesting the latent power to be released within the imagery upon comprehensive
realization of its content and meaning.
The newly transformed HI, and humanity, is in touch with SI and FS which is shown by the
cell’s red and blue, which are present within the belief system of the new GM, and by this time they
are also part and parcel of humanity’s scientific knowledge and existence. Yellow here is also a code
for the SIN, for by this time too, humanity has transformed by utilizing SIN in its intelligence
networks, bringing SI into an active role within global consciousness (G SIN). The new GM has
almost completely evolved – though it is still in its final stages of transforming – and genetic healing
is also implied to be almost complete. The GM then in Chamber 1 Painting is becoming “the ‘ship’
upon which it [humanity] sails the seas of the cosmos”, humanity becoming the “Gods” of newly
created worlds. Humanity in Chamber 1 Painting is finally, to a certain degree, “wired” to Creator.

Page 34 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
Small Portal and Vague Animal Form
On the far right is the blue FS, red SI, and yellow SR, eye, almond, and vagina shaped portal
– the gateway to Source (see Part 1; Lock 2003). The portal has a barely visible hair-breadth link
to the top splint of the GM, appearing either to show it helping to pull the overt mass of GM away
(fig. 3), or perhaps even – because it is so small with such a tenuous link to the fracturing GM – to
represent the almost non-existent connection that the current GM and H have with Source, and that
this whole construct including its tenuous link to Source is no longer needed as humanity in the
painting now has its own greater link via the red Source Vibration within its own soul and coherent
There is a curious shadowy animal form with its neck, chin and front legs at the apex of the
GM point splintering away (fig. 3). It seems somehow related to this GM splinter and being
insubstantial in nature could well suggest the falling away of humanity’s weak, illusory
misconceptions regarding the animal species. No longer will humanity be thinking of dominating
and using these marvelous life forms for its own selfish purposes, erroneously thinking them dumb
or useless; but, by contrast, will be accepting of responsible stewardship for these HIs, assisting, and
nurturing them, and living in harmony and caring coherence with them, for they are an integral part
of the HI by definition (G HI ). The recent movie Two Brothers depicts this changing and evolving
human consciousness and attitude towards the animal component of the HI, and how these beautiful
yet wild instruments of Source possess and reflect our own behavioral and consciousness
characteristics (Goddard and Annaud), and in this way assist the evolution of the HI’s consciousness
away from the divisive errors of the past towards the coherent collective unity of our future HI.
Returning to the portal below the animal form, its colors here -- light blue, orange-yellow and
red -- echo to a considerable degree the colors of humanity or SEs and soul cocooned within the new
transformed GM (G OLIN). Their similar coloration shows their intimate correlation, or coherence
between the portal and new humanity as the GP and GM become humanity’s new science, gate and
spaceship to knowledge, travel and adventure throughout the universe (P3, P4). This conjures up, of
course, the famous mythic cosmic fetus imagery in the climatic scene of Stanley Kubrick’s film
2001: A Space Odyssey in which a newborn cosmic humanity finds a new dimension of existence in

Timing and Process of Transforming GM and Humanity

When will this transforming of the GM and humanity occur? The G notes, (GM) imply it has
already begun: “Over the next 20 years [presumably1996/98-2016/18] the genetic mind will become

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increasingly fragmented and thus vulnerable to modification.” It says the cause is a global culture
with expanding intelligent networks and artificial intelligence. However to finish transformating the
GM takes considerably more time:

Within six generations, the genetic mind of the [our] species is stable and becomes a
powerful tool of exploration that the species will come to understand as its “spaceship” into the
multiverse (P3, P4).

But how long is six generations? In the Lyricus material under “Developmental Shifts” three
to five generations is suggested as being approximately 1996–2075 or 80, about 80 - 85 years,
making one current generation about 16 – 28 years with an average of 22. This in turn would mean
six generations currently being 96 – 168 years with an average of 132 years. The G&P however
suggest that it will be 600-700 years before the GM is completely transformed and humanity, or the
collective HI, finds its rightful place in the cosmos. Once the GP is deployed it will, according to the
WingMakers’ material, result in a longer lifespan and presumably a longer generational span of
about five times the present one, of approximately 100 – 116 years, taking us up to around AD 2680
– AD 2780, or 600 – 700 years post-GP. It is possible these “six generations” are of varying length,
from the current 16 – 28 years evolving up to an eventual 120 or multiple hundreds.
The development of OLIN technology then, predicted according to the WingMakers for the
remaining 12 years to 2016, will spur on the transforming of the GM, but it will complete
transforming after several hundred years. Therefore in this WingMakers’ Chamber 1 post-modern
mythographic painting of the transforming GM and humanity we see a process, probably already
occurring, speeding up around 2080 with the development of the GP and the descending UIS, that
continues at ever increasing acceleration, individual by individual for between 600-700 years up to a
time of between AD 2680 – AD 2780. If the 600 – 700 years timing began in 1996 then the earliest
time of complete transformation of humanity according to the WingMakers philosophy will be
around AD 2596. How much of this entire process is depicted within the original Lyricus work
remains, of course, to be seen.
According to James the original artworks from which the Chaco paintings were derived
undulate and move, they are not static. It would be reasonable then to presume that in Chamber 1
Painting the whole process is shown; from the first splintering, cracking and fracturing of the GM to
its eventual useless portion breaking away leaving the Earth and humanity free in the cosmic ocean.
The specific “one shot scene” of the painting here suggests it is either at the time of the discovery of
the GP or sometime post-GP just as collective humanity is to set sail into the cosmic ocean. This is

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an excellent choice of “time” by which to signify, or render, the whole process of transforming the
GM and humanity.
The alleged original in the Lyricus “museum” or “gallery” will, of course depict the
transformation of the GM and humanity of any planetary system rather than the specific GM and
humanity of Earth. How different the two, or their glyphs, are is unknown at present, but clearly a
semi abstract painting like Chamber 1 Painting is obviously an excellent choice for expressing such
a universal concept. This should be born in mind when looking at all the WingMakers’ chamber
paintings. The Lyricus “original” pictures – not the actual planet-based chamber paintings -- will
invariably be depicting universal realities, concepts, and principles rather than specific planetary
ones. They will however apply to all planets, including our own. Perhaps the planet-based paintings
are at times modified slightly in order to relate more directly to the specific planetary species.

Significance of Chamber 1 Painting

The significance of Chamber 1 Painting is its promise of an epochal freedom for humanity in
the near future with cosmic forces within and without assisting to fulfill humanity’s evolutional
destiny by transforming the GM to one that serves humanity through both its, and humanity’s, direct
access to the GP, FS and SI. In P4 we find in “…this time the new structure of the hierarchy will –
like a glove turned outside in – finally fit the ‘human hand.’” The light ray of UIS and SI still on the
brown outer casing or glove of GM (fig. 1 and fig. 3) show the latter’s direct nourishment from
Specifically the painting shows humanity breaking away from the current survival mode and
saviorship models; the old worn-out concepts; ineffective, imperfect practices; and the belief
systems of a Hierarchical-structured GM that no longer assists humanity:

The time is fast approaching when the veils of control at all levels of the hierarchy will be
rendered obsolete by entities who are destined to pull down the veils and allow sovereign power to
prevail over hierarchical power (P2 “The Shifting Models of Existence”).

We can observe, as before mentioned, the exact colors of humanity, the new HIs/SEs, who
with assistance from SI red, are breaking through the threadbare fabric of the no longer effective GM
of the H at bottom right (fig. 1 and fig. 6).
According to the G notes the GM is transformed due to the eventual ubiquitous presence of
OLIN technology, which will “introduce a meta-language that translates both real-time written and
spoken applications”, thus revolutionizing the GM’s global construct. Skype (see is

Page 37 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
a recent development and precursor. Later it will “create multi-dimensional content that carries its
viewer-participant into new corridors of understanding and illumination.” Thus the GM fragments,
transforms itself – into the brown cocoon in fig. 1 -- and finally will “become the leader of
transformation for entities upon terra-earth instead of its barrier force” (G OLIN). This new GM
nourished by Source is vastly more capable than the old. Once it is established higher knowledge
will be pretty much on tap:

“The genetic mind – as the repository of information defined by the species – operates
independent of horizontal time flows and can provide quantum leaps in knowledge if its higher
dimensional information packets are accessed.” Lyricus, “P and M.” [].

Chamber 1 Painting presents, from the WingMakers and Lyricus philosophical perspective,
an orientation and overview of where we are as a species right now and our destined future
collectively as a species in terms of personal, soul, and scientific development. It portends an
epochal freedom and development, illustrating the time when the “human species has evolved to
become a soul carrier capable of cosmological exploration” (James “SvIg”).
This paper has shown that the post-modern mythographic Chamber 1 Painting represents
the mythological transforming of the GM and collective humanity, where humanity is defined as the
HI, GM, and human soul composite (James, Lyricus: “Teachers, Q&A 13”). The three aspects of the
HI are represented as three colorful areas within the cocoon: lime green being the biological and
body; red the feelings and emotions; and blue/violet the mind, or mental processes. They exist in
coherence with the central light blue soul and brown sheath or border, of GM. The GM is the brown
areas. The human soul, individuated consciousness/spirit, or WN is the light blue central cell within
the cocoon. The red within the light blue soul is the Source Vibration.
The transforming is accompanied by, or at the behest of, the light streak of UIS energy and
its attendant red SI frequency. As is often the case in the WingMakers’ paintings, the three primary
elements of Source are represented by the three primary colors: SR yellow; FS blue; and SI red; the
color characteristics, of course, echoing the respective Source characteristics (see Part 1; Lock
It is possible to view the painting on three different “cell” levels – molecular, personal, and
planetary. The one most evocative of the WingMakers’ philosophy that comprehensively and
accurately echoes the painting’s many details is the interpretation of the central cell as the collective

Page 38 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
soul, or individuated consciousness of humanity, in coherence with the collective planetary HI and
its triune biological body, feelings/emotions, and mind/thought. They are collective because
humanity has finally become one, with the same values and scientific understanding and experience
of Source. The HI in Chamber 1 Painting is therefore both singular and collective.
The glyphs, which in WingMakers’ paintings are generally revelations from ATI, in this
painting are imperfect revelations from a H and GM that has only a hair-breadth contact with Source,
and thus makes a poor deliverer of ATI content. The actual message within the glyphs informs of the
ineffectual survival mode and saviorship model of existence that humanity in the painting is rapidly
outgrowing and discarding, as humanity makes its own direct soul or spirit contact with Source. The
glyphs here express in summation the H’s teachings and methodologies up to the present and
possibly the time of the discovery of the GP or even slightly post-GP.
The painting also depicts humanity evolving from the survival/saviorship model of
existence into the transformational/mastership model of existence.
The transforming of GM and humanity seems to be occurring within the approximate time
period AD 1996 – 2780, and the likely time shown in the painting appears to be either the time of the
discovery of the GP around 2080 or sometime later in the early post-GP period.
This interpretation and especially the title are merely suggestions for consideration.
Possibilities abound. Other possible titles coming to mind are: “Cellular Structure of First Source”;
“Descent of the UIS”; “Mastering Mobilization of the Exploration Model”; “Mastering Motor Skills
of the Transformation Model”; “Evolving From the Saviorship Model to the Mastership Model”;
“Evolving From Survival Mode to Transformation Mode”; “The Aligning of Humanity With Source
Vibration”; “Humanity’s Alignment With Source Vibration.” The reader and viewer is encouraged to
find his or her own interpretation and title.

Music, and Possible Areas for Therapeutic Research

It might be interesting to see if displaying this picture in the environments of people
immobilized with diseases of dependency, alcoholism, affective disorder and depression would be of
some assistance to them. Perhaps any possible help from the painting might be increased if looked at
while listening to the music of WingMakers: Chamber 10 CD representing the light blue inner cell of
the soul or WN in Chamber 1 Painting; and/or, WingMakers: Hakomi 4-6 CD representing the
“Coherence of the Evolutionary Consciousness” -- the cocoon and all within it. Similarly track one
on the FS CD from chamber one might prove interesting to research in this regard.
Track one from chamber one has sounds of water softly lapping against the shore, and
sounds of thunder. Both of these natural images are powerful multi-layered mythic images and

Page 39 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
symbols. The former representing the setting out for another land or an adventurous journey, and
similarly arriving back home after an external excursion; the latter representing transformation itself
as the Thunderous Silence (see Lock 2004) and its accompanying lightning as the dispeller of
darkness and sudden enlightenment. 12 Lightning, of course, can be seen as represented in the streak
of UIS in the top right corner of Chamber 1 Painting. As they may relate to chamber one painting,
the water – a symbol of spirit since antiquity – is FS gently lapping against the shore of GM. It is
from this shore that humanity sets sail into the cosmic ocean, and finally arrives home with its
Creator. On another mythic level it is the fulfillment of the Prodigal Son parable. The chamber one
music also gives expression to an undeniable celebrative atmosphere of freedom with its primal
tribal-like chants.
Somewhat echoing this music is track six from chamber six also on FS CD. This is not
surprising since Chamber 6 Painting presents a central HI as an individual transformed into the SE.
The central SE’s cyclic ATI/FS communication standing out from the cosmological backdrop finds
its parallel in the music with the recurring cyclic scale of notes standing out from the backdrop of the
musical composition. Chamber 1 Painting represents the individual in transformation too, but here
as a collective global humanity constituting a cell of FS, according to the WingMakers’/Lyricus
The Penn State Milton S. Hershey CMT study cited in this paper showed that “[d]efects in
chromosomes 1 and 17 affect the myelin sheath and cause the nerve impulses to travel more slowly
than is normal.” The free-flowing energies are interrupted or impaired to some degree. We see,
however, in both Chamber 1 Painting and Chamber 17 Painting completely free-flowing
unobstructed energy systems that incorporate the human nervous system. Both paintings share
transformational subject matter (Part 2; Lock 2004): one of collective humanity, the other of the
Listening to the two CDs WingMakers: Chamber 10 and Hakomi 4-6: WingMakers while
investigating the painting seemed to put me in the mood of the painting and perhaps helped trigger
some understanding. The painting seemed to draw me to listen to them, although this was largely
after realizing the relevance of the Hakomi “Coherence of the Evolutionary Consciousness”
information on the website. So that was initially a natural reaction. However I did
feel the music very much in tune with what I was finding within, and what was coming to me from,
the painting.
If you read this paper again, you might like reading it while listening to one of these CDs. It
may enhance appreciation or comprehension of the painting and the transforming of GM and
humanity, as the WingMakers perceive it.

Page 40 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved

For a computer image of the AA structure spiral, or helix, see link:
Chamber 1 Painting is chamber painting 6 on the First Source CD. Others are also enumerated
differently on the CD.
The WingMakers Glossary is available as a free download at link:
Answer to question 72 to James. See link: [ james.html].
See link: [].
See note 2.
See link: [] and jpeg: [http://].
[]. Sep. 9, 2004.
The prints available are: free online version at []; FSCD version;
Collector’s Edition print; Museum grade poster-size print.
See Part 1 “The vagina/eye shaped area between the two transmissions…portal” (Arai, Lock 11; Lock
2003 21).
The Thunderous Silence may not always accompany transformation. This is the way for
some, and how the author experienced it. Others experience it differently. For some it is said to be
preceded by a clear tinkling of bells, that can also be heard on this CD track. Still others experience the
process more gradually, over years.


The author would like to express his sincere thanks and gratitude to the following two
individuals: Mark Hempel for his assistance and efforts in seeing this paper go online,
for his constructive advice, invaluable reviewing, and especially his quality graphics
and skillful publishing contribution that have made this paper available online; and the
enigmatic “James” for making this remarkable exploration possible.

Page 41 - © 2005 Christopher Lock and WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved
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Glossary: WingMakers’ Philosophy
Human Instrument

The human instrument consists of three principal components: The biological

(physical body), the emotional, and the mental. These three distinct tools of
perception, in aggregate, represent the vehicle of the individuated spirit as it interacts
with the physical dimension of time, space, energy, and matter.


The entity model of consciousness encompasses the individuated spirit sometimes

referred to as the Higher Self or Soul. The entity is, in a sense, a fragment of the
Universal Spirit Consciousness of First Source. It is composed of a very refined and
pure energy vibration that is equal to Source Intelligence (spirit). It is the entity
consciousness that divests itself into human or otherwise physical vehicles in order to
collect experiences that evolve and transform its understanding and appreciation of
existence. It is the hub of the wheel through which all of its outposts of form and
expression converge throughout the continuum of time and space. The entity is
sovereign and simultaneously interconnected with all life through the Universal Spirit
Consciousness (Source Intelligence). It is the animating force/energy within all life
forms that is always in search of higher understanding and expression.

Sovereign Integral

The Sovereign Integral is a state of consciousness whereby the entity and all of its
various forms of expression and perception are integrated as a conscious wholeness.
This is a state of consciousness that all entities are evolving towards, and at some
point, each will reach a state of transformation that allows the entity and its
instruments of experience (i.e., the human instrument) to become an integrated
expression that is aligned and in harmony with Source Intelligence.

First Source

First Source is the primal source from which all existence is ultimately linked. It is
sometimes referred to as the Body of the Collective God. It represents the overarching
consciousness of all things unified. This includes pain, joy, suffering, light, love,
darkness, fear; all expressions and conditions are integrated and purposeful in the
context of First Source. IT encompasses all things and unifies them in an all-inclusive
consciousness that evolves and grows in a similar manner to how each individuated
spirit evolves and grows.
In most cultures where the term "god" or "goddess" is used to define this
omnipotent power, it often represents an entity that has evolved beyond the range of
human comprehension and who manifests magical powers like manipulating the

Page 1
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natural elements through thought or manifesting as non-corporeal Light Beings. These
manifestations are described and depicted in virtually all cultures of the human race
through its religious texts and mythology. While these may be entities that are highly
evolved in their abilities and knowledge, they should not be confused with First
First Source is not a manifestation, but rather a consciousness that inhabits all
time, space, energy, matter, form, intent; as well as all non-time, non-space, non-
matter, non-energy, non-form, and non-intent. It is the only consciousness that unifies
all states of being into one Being. And this Being is First Source. It is a growing,
expanding, and inexplicable consciousness that organizes the collective experience of
all states of being into a coherent plan of creation; expansion and colonization into the
realms of creation; and the inclusion of creation into Source Reality — the home of
First Source.
This Being pervades the universe as the sum of experience in time and non-time.
It has encoded ITSELF within all life as a vibration of frequency. This frequency is not
perceptible to the three-dimensional, five sensory context of the human instrument,
which can only detect a faint echo of this vibration. First Source is present in all. And
all are able to contact First Source through this tone-vibration of equality. Prayers of
supplication do not stir First Source to response. Only the core expression of the
individual’s tone-vibration of equality will be successful in contacting First Source in a
meaningful way.
First Source has many lower faces. These faces are often thought to be God Itself,
but Gods are only a dimensional aspect of First Source and there are many faces of
God as well. The Hierarchy has made this manifest, not First Source. First Source is
not beholden to any law nor does IT operate in conjunction with any other force or
power. IT is truly sovereign and ubiquitous simultaneously, and thus, Unique. IT is not
hidden or wary of life in any way. IT simply is Unique, and therefore, incomprehensible
except through the vibration encoded within all life.
The other faces of God have been created so the human instrument can fathom
First Source and crystallize an image of this Unique Being sufficient to progress
through the Hierarchy and access the Sovereign Integral perspective. Nevertheless,
what you hold as God, is not First Source, but a facet of First Source developed by the
Hierarchy as a comprehensible interpretation of First Source. We must tell you that
these “interpretations” have been exceedingly inadequate in their portrayal.
Because First Source is Unique unto all creation, IT is indescribable, unfathomable,
and incomprehensible other than through the tone-vibration of equality stored in the
entity level of the human instrument and accessible through the core expression of the
entity. Until there are a sufficient number of individuals who operate from the
Sovereign Integral consciousness, the genetic mind will make access to this vibration
difficult to achieve.

Page 2
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
The Genetic Mind

The genetic mind is the equivalent of a universal belief system that penetrates, to
varying degrees, the human instrument of all entities. In some, it immobilizes their
ability to think original thoughts and feel original feelings. In most, it entrains their
belief system to harmonize with the accepted belief systems of the Hierarchy. In a
few, it exerts no significant force nor has any bearing on the development of their
personal belief system.
There are those on terra-earth who are in training to be Sovereign Entities and are
completely unaware of this training as well as their destiny. When they are able to
become timeless and view the continuum of their lifestream, they will see the thread
that has differentiated them as Sovereign Entities. They will understand how the
hardships and supposed indifference of the universe were actually the catalysts for
their emergence as designers of the new genetic mind.
The genetic mind is different from the subconscious or universal mind as it is
sometimes referred to in your psychology texts, in that the genetic mind has a
peculiar focus on the accumulated beliefs of all the people on a planet from its most
distant past to its present time. These accumulated beliefs are actually manipulations
of the Hierarchy, which imprint on the genetic mind in order to cast the boundaries of
what is acceptable to believe.
So compelling is this manipulation and the boundaries that are imposed by the
Hierarchy that virtually no one is aware of the manipulations of their beliefs. This is
precisely why the WingMakers have interacted with your species from the very
beginning. As culture bearers, we stretch your boundaries in the arena of science, art,
and philosophy. We essentially expand the genetic mind’s “perimeter fence” and
enable it to encompass a larger portion of the “land” known as Source Reality.
If we were to tell you about the fundamental misconceptions of your genetic mind,
you would not believe us. You would most definitely — even your most accomplished
spiritual leaders — find us in contempt of much that you hold true and reasonable. You
would feel fear in the face of our expression of Source Reality because it would be so
clear to you how you have squandered your divine natures in favor of the entrapment
of the genetic mind.
We know this will seem like a judgment of your beliefs, and it is to some degree,
but you must know this about your belief systems: they are largely disconnected from
Source Reality. They are like threads of a web that have become disconnected from
the “branches” of Source Reality by the “winds” of the Hierarchy. Source Reality is
represented in your belief in unconditional love, but of all the dimensions of your belief
systems, this is the one thread that is connected — through the genetic mind — to
Source Reality.
All of the other dimensions are connected to the genetic mind and have no
ongoing connection to Source Reality. The genetic mind, as an intermediary and
reflection of Source Reality, is completely and utterly inept. This is all part of the
primal blueprint that designs the evolutionary pathway of a species through time. The

Page 3
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genetic mind acts as a buffer for the developing species to experience separation from
Source Reality. In this way, the human instrument is appropriately entangled in time,
space, and the illusions of a disempowered belief system.
These factors, as disorienting as they are to the entity, are precisely what attract
the entity to terra-earth. There are very few planetary systems in the multiverse that
provide a better sense of separation from Source Reality than that which is
experienced on terra-earth. By amplifying the sense of separation, the entity can
experience more fully the individuated essence that is unique and bears the
resemblance of First Source as a Unique Being. This is what draws entities to this
world to incarnate within a human instrument.
So the genetic mind is an enabling force to experience separation on the one
hand, and a disabling force to understand the true characteristics of Source Reality on
the other. This dichotomy, when understood, helps to disentangle the human
instrument and its entity consciousness from the limiting aspects of the genetic mind
and its principle author, the Hierarchy.
Over the next twenty years, the genetic mind will become increasingly fragmented
and thus, vulnerable to modification. This will be an effect of the growing ubiquity of
intelligent networks and artificial intelligence therein. The expanding interconnection of
intelligent networks has a significant impact on the genetic mind because of the
emergence of a global culture that accompanies the arrival of such technologies.

Tributary Zone
Tributary Zones are catalysts for awakening the Wholeness Navigator within the
human instrument for the purpose of helping humanity discover the Grand Portal.
They are separated into three distinct categories:

• Superuniverse-Based Tributary Zones

• Galactic-Based Tributary Zones
• Planetary-Based Tributary Zones

The Superuniverse Tributary Zones are seven in number and constitute the
repository of required knowledge in order to discover the Grand Portal for a life-
bearing planetary system within that particular superuniverse. These are the
archetypes for all other Tributary Zones – either planetary or galactic.
Galactic Tributary Zones are also seven in number and closely resemble their
superuniverse counterparts. They are generally transposed by specialists from the
Central Race, and are established near or within the galactic core of a life-bearing
galaxy possessing sufficient numbers of intelligent, sentient life.
Galactic Tributary Zones are ultimately transposed to a planetary level as encoded
sensory data streams. Generally, this occurs shortly after the planetary system
establishes its first phase of the OLIN Technology or global communications network.
Planetary Tributary Systems are a diverse set of artistic and text-based

Page 4
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contributions created by members of the species who have sufficiently interacted with
the Galactic Tributary Zones in their dream state. In some instances, these may
include works from other planetary systems within the same galaxy. Generally,
Planetary Tributary Zones are created in the form of books, art, poetry, and motion
pictures. They are not encoded sensory data streams, as in the case of the Galactic
Tributary Zones, and they are focused on preparation of the species.

Grand Portal
The Grand Portal is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the Wholeness Navigator
and how it lives, and performs its functions, within the human instrument. The Grand
Portal is the most profound discovery of a humanoid species because it establishes the
species as a member of the galactic community. This discovery usually coincides with
the third phase of the OLIN Technology, which ultimately morphs into the Sovereign
Integral Network.
The Grand Portal is a lens through which humanity may observe Source Reality
and communicate therein. The Grand Portal is the apex discovery of humanity and
ushers in profound change to all sectors of the population. It conjoins science,
metaphysics, art, and the superuniverse, placing humanity in a position to embrace all
dimensions of the multiverse while existing in the third dimension.

OLIN Technology

Intelligent networks are able to operate from a single language with translation
interfaces that enable global intercourse. This means language is no longer a barrier to
communication. Intelligent networks will introduce a meta-language that translates
both real-time written and spoken applications. It will revolutionize the genetic mind’s
global construct, and facilitate the digitalization of your global economy.
There will be many within the Hierarchy, who will object vehemently to the notion
of a global, digital economy, but we will tell you, it will happen regardless of the
complaints and registered concerns. Your most powerful banks, computer
manufacturers, and software companies will merge to create this momentous
technology, and the One Language Intelligent Network (OLIN) will become the
standard operating system of all the world’s computer-based systems.
This will not occur until the year 2008, so it is some time before you will encounter
this globalization of your economy, but all of the systems and architecture are already
being designed and conceptualized in the minds of some of your brightest engineers
and scientists. We assure you, this is not something to be feared, but rather
embraced, and not because of the economic values, but because of the way the OLIN
technology will facilitate the development of a global culture.
As the OLIN technology evolves, it will increasingly become subject to individual
control. In other words, individuals will become inextricably linked into the network’s
entertainment and educational applications, which will become globalized. No longer

Page 5
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will global media companies publish for a geographical market. They will produce
content for a global audience and each individual will define what and how it desires to
be entertained or educated.
The OLIN technology will “know” the preferences and interests of every individual
linked to its network, and by the year 2016, it will be more ubiquitous than telephones
in the late 20th century. Hence, the network will be controlled by individuals, and
producers of content and services will be the “slave” or reactionary force of the
individual. Thus, the individual will need to define their entertainment and educational
desires carefully, or the OLIN technology will deliver content that is undesirable.
We know this sounds obvious and trite, but it is profoundly different than the way
entertainment and education are delivered in your world of the pre-OLIN technology.
The time capsules that the WingMakers have left behind will act as a template to those
who operate outside of the limiting force of the genetic mind, and desire to create
content for the OLIN technology even before it exists. The time capsules will show how
to do this and demonstrate how to create multi-dimensional content that carries its
viewer-participant into new corridors of understanding and illumination.
This is how the genetic mind will fragment and become unable to exert a unified
force upon the human instruments of terra-earth. When it is in this condition it will
yield to the transformation/mastership model of existence and form a synthesis with
it. It will transform itself, and the genetic mind will become the leader of
transformation for entities upon terra-earth instead of its barrier force.

Sovereign Integral Network

The Sovereign Integral Network (SIN) already exists, indeed, has always existed.
However, there has not been a way for it to connect or interface with your
technologies. Terra-earth has created technologies that are largely mechanistic and
electrical in nature, and it is just beginning to understand electromagnetic energy
fields and holographic technology. Regrettably, when technologies are in their infantile
stages of development, they are very often conformed to a military or economic
control application. And this is the case with these emerging technologies.
SIN cannot interface with technologies bearing such an application. Not because it
is impossible technologically, but because it is undesirable ethically. SIN is actually a
sub-atomic network of light-encoded filaments that exist in all dimensions of the
multiverse. Think of SIN as an infinite number of threads of light issuing from Source
Reality, and, like a web, connecting every life form at its entity level to all other
entities and First Source. This is an organic network that is utilized by First Source to
transmit knowledge to entities and to receive knowledge from entities.
SIN will eventually be interfaced with OLIN technology, but this will not happen for
several hundred years. The interface is too far beyond both your technology and
understanding of cosmology, and no planetary system can be fitted to interface with
SIN until it is absolutely pure in its content and application. Only First Source makes
this decision as to when a planetary system can become a node on SIN. This is the

Page 6
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
core purpose of WingMakers, to help terra-earth become a node on SIN before its
opportunity to interface has past.
Each entity is a node of SIN, but so few realize this connection exists other than
through what they read or hear. The connection is real and timeless, and occurs at the
core, innermost aspect of the entity where beats the replica heart of First Source. This
is the repository of First Source and exudes ITS Unique vibration like a radio tower
sends its signals in all directions.
Even your physicists have found preliminary evidence of SIN in their research with
their so-called super string theory. We assure you, however, that this network will
eventually replace all other networks for the primary reason that it is the conduit into
timelessness. And this is the destination that draws all humanoid species, initially,
through a technological portal similar to your Internet, which eventually leads to a
biomorphic portal consisting of the encoded light filaments leading to the non-worlds
of Source Reality.
When a human species transforms its genetic mind to utilize the Sovereign
Integral Network, this then becomes the “ship” upon which it sails the seas of the
cosmos. And in this way, the species is allowed to become “Gods” of newly created
worlds in which it can re-enact the entire process of the Grand Experiment utilizing its
knowledge base and wisdom that was achieved in the previous stage of its existence.
On a grand scale, this process is cast in countless worlds across the multiverse, and
orchestrating all of this wondrous activity of creation is Source Intelligence and SIN.

Source Intelligence

Source Intelligence is the energy-consciousness of First Source that is cast into all
worlds, all dimensions, all realities, all life forms, all times and places. Source
Intelligence is the First Source projected into all that is. Source Intelligence, in effect,
is the "eyes and ears" of First Source, and its role is principally involved in expressing,
upholding, and sustaining the will of First Source. On a more personal level, it is a
liberating force of energy-intelligence that serves to accelerate the expansion of
consciousness and assist those who desire to unlimit themselves.

All That Is

Source Intelligence is the projected intelligence of First Source. Within this

consciousness exists the synthesis and distillation of All That Is. It is an infinite library
of knowledge and experience that can be tapped into through attunement and creative
will. While Source Intelligence is the vehicle of cosmological unity, it also holds the
information of All That Is and "circulates" this information and creative empowerment
to all entities who are willing to reach for it and utilize it for the expansion of

Page 7
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Universe of Wholeness

The Universe of Wholeness is the aggregate of all dimensions and realities. It is

unified and inter-connected through Source Intelligence. It is dynamic and always in a
state of experimental change and evolution. It is simply too vast and dynamic to
comprehend or to establish a measurement of any kind.

Fields of Vibration

The Universe of Wholeness is a vast field of energy that is composed of

innumerable dimensions of perception and existence. Within this macro-universe are
dimensions of existence that are dominant realms of experience like the third-
dimensional reality in which human life is rooted. Each dimension has its unique
qualities of experience and these are known as fields of vibration because the
vibratory rate of each dimension is the determining factor of its existence. The higher
the vibratory rate of a dimension, the more expansive and unlimiting it is. Within the
Universe of Wholeness there are, for all practical purposes, an infinite number of fields
of vibration that an entity or Sovereign Integral can attune to and utilize as an
experiential or dominant reality.

Source Reality

First Source exists in Source Reality. Source Reality is the dimension of

consciousness that is always pushing the envelope of expansion – the leading edge of
development and evolution for the whole of consciousness. In this realm of dynamic
expansion is always found Source Reality. It can be likened to the inner sanctum of
First Source or the incubator of cosmological expansion.


Sovereignty is a state of completeness and inter-connectedness. It is recognizing

that as a human being you have an individuated spirit force that animates your
physical, emotional, and mental aspects, and that through this spirit you are complete
and connected to all other life forms through the Universal Spirit Consciousness
(Source Intelligence). Sovereign beings understand that they alone create their
reality and that they are responsible for their life-experience. They also understand
that all other life forms are equally sovereign and that they also create their unique
realities. Sovereignty allows that the source of liberating information is contained
within the Self, and all that is needed to create new realities is also contained within
the Self. It is the point of empowerment and connection to all through the frequency
of love.

Source Codes

Source Codes are imbedded "activators" that are present within the entity
consciousness. They serve the specific purpose of awakening the human instrument

Page 8
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
to the multidimensionality of the entity and the liberating information that is stored
within the entity consciousness. Source Codes are somewhat analogous to the genetic
coding of DNA to the extent that Source Codes activate specific blueprints of
transformation that accelerate and facilitate the expansion of consciousness. In effect,
Source Codes catalyze the awakening of the human instrument and encourage it to
make the quantum leap from a socialized human to a sovereign entity that is aware of
its connection to All That Is.


The Hierarchy extends throughout the cosmos to the very borders of discovery. It
has branches that extend from every star system, every dimension; and virtually all
life forms are "leaves" of this cosmological tree. The Hierarchy constitutes the grand
indoctrination of species, spirits, planets, and stars as they each evolve through the
branches of the tree. It is an assemblage of externals that desire to invest their
energies in support of a sub-group that has nested somewhere within the greatest of
all structures: the Hierarchy. Service is the operational motive of the Hierarchy, and
in most cases, this translates into the concept of saviorship.
The Hierarchy is composed of entities of all motives that have linked their energies
into subgroups. Think of these subgroups as independent branches of a vast,
cosmological tree – a structure that encompasses all things outside of Source Reality.
The roots of the tree are bound in the soil of genetic memory and subconscious
identity. At the base of the tree the first branches sprout and they are the oldest,
representing the native religions of the specie. The middle branches are the orthodox
religions and institutions, while the upper branches represent the contemporary belief
systems that are newly emerging throughout the universe. The whole tree, in this
definition, is the Hierarchy, and its purpose is to advance the evolution of life through
a superstructure that results in the teacher/student ordering of the universe.
First Source is connected to individuals not organizations. Thus, the Hierarchy is
unconnected to the Source in a vital and dynamic way. The Hierarchy is more
connected to its own collective desire to help, to serve, to perform a function that
allows the use of power in a positive way. In itself, this is not wrong or misguided. It
is all part of the Primal Blueprint that orchestrates the unfoldment of consciousness
from collective to individual and individual to collective. This is the spiral of
integration that breeds wholeness and perfection within the Source Intelligence.

Wholeness Perspective

The human instrument, because it is fragmented and limited to five-senses, truly

desires the Wholeness Perspective; a way to absorb life experience, process it, and
move on to the next thing with grace and ease. This is what is desired, no matter what
name is used to describe it. Wholeness is accepting all realities and moving through

Page 9
 1998 – 2001 WingMakers LLC
them with a feeling of integration, unity, equality, and non-judgment. It means there
are no dualities that are real. It means that all experience is equal and grounded in
the transcendent reality of the One That Is All. And most importantly, it means that
the One That Is All is you, me, him, her, it, that, and those. Nothing is excluded or

Wholeness Navigator

Theories of evolution are layered upon your existing paradigm of a mechanical

universe that consists of molecular machines operating in an objective reality that is
knowable with the right instruments. The universe is truly unknowable with any
instrument save your own sense of unity and wholeness. The perception of wholeness
is forever unfolding in the human instrument because the culture of the
multidimensional universe is rooted in unity.
Plants have root systems that penetrate earth and drink of her substance. In this
way, all plants are linked. Imagine that each plant had a secret root that was invisible,
but was nonetheless connected to the very center of the planet. At this point of
convergence, every plant was indeed unified and aware that its real identity was this
core system of interconnected roots, and that the secret root was the lifeline through
which individual expression was brought to the surface of earth and its unified
consciousness released as the fragrance of individuality. In this same way, all
existence has a secret root that spirals into the uncharted realm of First Source. This
is the field of unity that defines the culture of the multidimensional universe.
All human life is embedded with a Wholeness Navigator. It is the core wisdom. It
draws the human instrument to perceive fragmentary existence as a passageway into
wholeness and unity. The Wholeness Navigator pursues wholeness above all else, yet
it is often blown off course by the energies of structure, polarity, linear time, and
separatist cultures that dominate terra-earth. The Wholeness Navigator is the heart of
the entity consciousness, and it knows that the secret root exits even though it may
be intangible to the human senses. It is this very condition of accepting the
interconnectedness of life that places spiritual growth as a priority in one's life.
The five senses of the human body feed only a small part of an individual's
wholeness. Yet the human instrument clings to these five senses as though they were
the only pathways of experience. The seed vision of the Wholeness Navigator is equal
to First Source. It is a replica of First Source vibrating precisely at the same frequency
and capable of the same feats of consciousness. And the numberless secret roots that
supply First Source with insight, experience, intelligence, and perspective can be
accessed, but not through the five senses which are designed for your ego
The preceptors of the Wholeness Navigator consist primarily of the secret root.
This is the subtle carrier of information that leads you to see the One That Is All and
the All That Is One. This is a facet of First Source that is made manifest in the human
instrument as a means of attracting the human instrument to the life of the Sovereign

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Integral consciousness. Let the secret root and the Wholeness Navigator guide you,
and let the five senses be expressionary tools of the entity, rather than collectors of
separatist thought for the human instrument.
How do you access the secret root? Its portal of observation can be broadly
defined as the integral awareness. This is allowing yourself to be aware of how you are
integrated to life outside of your physical body. It is the feeling and perception that
you are a holographic entity that is woven throughout all things and time, and when
you touch into this feeling, you recall a frequency of your consciousness that is the
Wholeness Navigator – the mysterious Allness that is nurtured by the secret root.
This is not a state of being that the human instrument will attain. Rather, it is a
feeling of oneness and wholeness that the human instrument can glimpse momentarily
and, as a result, transform its understanding of its purpose. The Wholeness Navigator
pulls the human instrument into alignment with the entity consciousness where it can
view its role as an extension of the entity consciousness into terra-earth, and the
entity consciousness as an extension of the human instrument into Source Reality.

Evolution and the Concept of Time

When an individual evolves in consciousness it is quite different from the

evolutionary process in terms of the physical body. For example, an individual can
make a quantum leap in consciousness within a single moment in time, while in
contrast, the physical body is gradually shaped over thousands of years. Thus, the
entity transforms through a process of remembrance, while the human instrument –
particularly the physical body – evolves through experience in vast stretches of linear
The individuated consciousness of the entity is the fragment of First Source that is
seeking to be remembered within the human instrument. It lives in an eternal state of
nowness and represents the continuity of time and consciousness across all
dimensions of reality. In other words, all dimensions of time are simultaneously
experienced by the entity consciousness, however, upon terra-earth, the human
instrument is usually only conscious of one dimension of time, typically calibrated in
linear seconds.
This is why time plays such a significant role in the evolution of three- and four-
dimensional structures like the human instrument, but has very little influence on the
transformation of consciousness itself. The human instrument is grounded in a
physical body that is constantly being shaped by experience, emotion, and thought, all
of which is self-created. On the other hand, the entity consciousness is the
multidimensional Self. It is the union of all the different aspects of consciousness that
are invested within the time/space universes through instruments of contact; be they
human or otherwise.
The entity may simultaneously inhabit a thousand human instruments spread
across 200,000 years of linear time. To the human instrument of a specific time
period, it will seem to be the one and only existence, but to the entity, all of its lives

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are occurring in nowness. The entity consciousness is the “hub” around which its
various human instruments connect in to like spokes of a wheel. And the outer rim of
the wheel is represented as circular time within the dimensions of planetary life.
All of the “spokes”, or time-based lives, are linked together at the entity
consciousness where they converge into non-time. From the entity consciousness,
through the portal of the Wholeness Navigator, this same experience is transmitted to
First Source, processed by Source Intelligence, and returned to the entity
consciousness as a form of energy that enlarges the entity’s perspective on matters of
destiny, existence, and purpose. It is virtually impossible to express this
interrelationship between First Source, Source Intelligence, the entity, the human
instrument, and time. Time makes it possible to segment this knowledge into
fragments that can be shared between individual human instruments.
The human instrument is a composite of mental, emotional, and physical
capabilities linked together to form a vehicle for the entity consciousness to experience
planetary life. The human instrument evolves to better fit the needs of the entity. The
entity transforms from a pure vibratory, individualized expression of First Source, to a
Sovereign Integral who has created its own experiential reality, and re-defined itself
by the planetary experiences therein.
Eternity, while it may seem to exclude time, is nonetheless a form of absolute
time that is not isolated into a sovereign reality, but instead, integrated in all realities
like a thread of light that draws the disparate realities into union. In this dimension of
union––where the entity consciousness is whole and all realities converge – time is
articulated not by the linear progression of seconds, but rather, by the expansion of
the vibration of equality or love. Thus, in eternity, time is simply re-defined by a new
value system upon which entities establish and recognize their growth.

Models of Existence

There are two dominant models of existence that shape the interaction and
destiny of the human race. These models of existence are:

• The Evolution/Saviorship model

• The Transformation/Mastership model

Each human is developing their belief system from one or both of these models of
existence. The evolution/saviorship model is the dominant model that is promulgated
by the Hierarchy. Its basic tenets are that life evolves through the Hierarchy's
teacher/student methodology, and that various teachers (saviors) are presented to the
human race that enables sub-hierarchies to develop and control information. In so
doing, individuals are disempowered and disconnected from their sovereignty. The
underlying equation of the evolution/saviorship model of existence is:

human instrument + Hierarchy = God connection through saviorship.

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In the case of the transformation/mastership model of existence, its principle
tenets are that the entity is limitless, deathless, and sovereign. All information flows
from Source Intelligence to the entity, and, it is therefore the responsibility of the
entity to become self-enlightened and self-liberated by attuning itself to Source
Intelligence and "detuning" itself from the Hierarchy. Each becomes their own master,
and each transforms from a human being to a Sovereign Integral within the cradle of
time and space. The underlying equation of the transformation/mastership model of
existence is:

Entity + Source Intelligence = First Source equality.

One of the challenges of the individual is to recognize these two dominant models
of existence and integrate them in order to design a synthesis model. The synthesis
model is slowly emerging on terra-earth, and with high probability, will ultimately
become the dominant model of existence in this universe. It will be the model of
existence that is best able to unify consciousness without impinging on the
sovereignty of the entity and First Source. It will allow the entity to be the vibrant
container of Source Intelligence and explore new fields of vibration as a fully conscious
outpost of First Source.

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