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The following pages provide a summary of employee responses to the Gallup Q 12 Survey. The first 13 items reflect Gallup's standard items; any remaining items are unique to your company. The survey statements were rated on a scale which required a response from among six response categories:

Strongly Disagree Extremely Dissatisfied 1 Copyright 2

Strongly Agree Extremely Satisfied 3 4

Does Not Apply or Don't Know 5

The statement or dimension averages are based on a 5-point scale, with "1" being the lowest possible average and "5" being the highest average. "Does Not Apply" or "Don't Know" responses are not scored. Your workgroup is compared to other parts of your company. Note the following definitions:

Summary of Q12 Results

Overall Q12 Engagement is measured by the GrandMean which is an average of the Q 12 Engagement items shown below. The higher your score (with a maximum possible score of "5"), the more engaged your fellow employees are.

Top Box Focus

This section contains the spread of responses to the Q12 engagement items (the percentage of respondents who rated a "1" through "5") and the Top Box scores (the percentage of respondents who rated a "5", Strongly Agree/Extremely Satisfied). Gallup India benchmarks provide external comparisons to the Top Box scores.
Top Box (%5) Gallup India 50th % Spread of Responses Gallup India 75th %

1st Unit

1st Unit 44% 55 50 60 50 60 43 47 55 40 56 53 71

33% Overall satisfaction 20% 45 Learn & grow 31 43 Progress 25 46 Best friend 34 41 Employees committed to 29 quality 52 Mission/Purpose 33 40 Opinions count 20 39 Development 23 43 Cares about me 30 37 Recognition 20 41 Opportunity to do best 31 44 Have materials & 33 equipment 58 Know what's expected 44 1st Unit: Gujarat 2nd Unit: TTL Overall Item data % 1 - % 4 not shown when n < 10, % 5 and means when n < 5. Workgroup Numeric values shown when percentages are 5% or higher. India Telecom Best : Grand Mean Best is 4.50

data not shown to protect confidentiality.

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Gallup Item Details

Overall Satisfaction and Gallup Q12 Items

Excellent Work ( 75th Percentile) Good Work (50th to < 75th Percentile) Needs Attention (25th to < 50th Percentile)

Urgent Attention (< 25th Percentile)