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Credit Management Reports

The following table provides an overview of all the reports that are available for credit management:

Program Function
RFDKL10 Customers with Missing Credit Data
Checks whether the data regarding credit limits is complete and
issues relevant error lists. These enable you to maintain the
relevant definitions either manually or with batch input.
RFDKL20 Reset Credit Limit for Customers
Resets the credit limit information in the control areas.
RFDKL30 Credit Limit Overview
Lists the central and control area data for each customer.
RFDKL40 Credit Overview
Provides a comprehensive overview of the customer's credit
RFDKL41 Credit Master Sheet
Displays and prints the customer master data for an individual
account that is needed for credit management.
RFDKL42 Early Warning List
Displays and prints customers in Credit Management who have
been listed by the credit check as critical.
RFDKL50 Credit Limit Data Mass Change
Changes all the credit management master data together.
RFDKLAB Display Changes to Credit Management
Displays the changes to credit management master data for all
RVKRED06 Check Blocked Credit Documents
Checks all the documents blocked for credit reasons. The report
is started in the background and should run after the incoming
payments programs.
Credit Management Reports
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RVKRED77 Reorganize SD Credit Data
Reorganizes open credit, delivery and billing values. t can be
used in the event of an update error, for example.
RVKRED08 Checking sales documents which reach the credit horizon
Rechecks all sales documents that fall within the credit limit
horizon of the dynamic credit limit check. The report is run at
regular intervals and should be run at the start of each period.
The system uses the current date and the period split for the
open order values to propose the 'next credit check date'.
RVKRED09 Check Credit Documentsin Background
Checks released documents whose validity period of the release
has been exceeded (number of days).
RVKRED88 Simulating Reorganization of SD Credit Data

To run a report:
Choose System 1.
Services Reporting.
Enter the name of the report. 2.
Choose Program 3.
Enter your selection criteria. 4.
Choose Program 5.
Execute or Program Execute and print.

Credit Management Reports
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