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Capacity is to be increased day by day - Sailesh Shrestha Namaste!

I am Global intern Sailesh Shrestha( -in nepali language), and I was born in the Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu in August 1985. I am the youngest and my elder sister is married. As my father was Chief Officer in the Government of Nepal, he had to stay in different districts in Nepal during his service. I spent my childhood in different parts of Nepal such as Birgunj, Inaruwa, Sarlahi, Nepalgunz, and Kathmandu which are the major cities. I studied in different schools in different districts and finally I completed my Grade 10 from Kathmandu. I studied Diploma in Architecture Engineering from 2001 to 2004.After completion I worked in Shelter Engineering Consultancy, Jawalakhel. Mostly my work there was to draft the residential buildings in software called AutoCAD. From 2005 to 2010, I did Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Tribhuvan University. During my bachelor study I worked in private architectural and construction firm named Urban Engineering and Architectural Consultancy as a Part time job holder. After Completion of my Bachelors Degree I joined another firm Prajwal Hada and associates where I worked as a Site Engineer and where I had professional experience in my life. Then I joined Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand for my Masters of Engineering in Geotechnical and Geo environmental Engineering in August 2011. During my undergraduate study I involved in HHELP organization (Helping Hands an effort to lift People) through which I volunteered for organizing Blood -donation programs in association with REDCROSS and also volunteered in collection of donation for flood victims in Nepal .In AIT I volunteered for Career fair, Cleaning Flood affected Books in the library from January 24 to February 14. And also I am involved in Nepal Engineers Association-Bangkok Chapter (NEABC), Thailand as a General Secretary. I already completed my two semesters at AIT. And at the ending days of second semester I saw an announcement of K-water for internship through Career Center in AIT. And then I applied and got selected and I am now in front of you. I am very happy and proud that I am doing internship in Kwater.

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is situated between two large countries China in north and India in three sides. Population of Nepal is 30 million and its area is 147,181 sq. km. It has sixty ethnic groups, who speak seventy different dialects and eleven major languages like TibetoBurman, Lhotsamkha, Nepal bhasa, Tamang languages. Most of the people of the Nepal follow the Hindu religion, and rest of the people follow religions like Muslim, Christian, Buddhism etc. 40% people are literate and 50% lie below poverty line.

With ancient culture, and the Himalayas as a backdrop for development, landlocked Nepal has a romantic image. However it is one of the worlds poorest countries. It has some of the worlds highest mountains including Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest, 8850 m, which it shares with China). Lumbini, religious place for Buddhist, where in about 500 B.C. Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam, better known as Buddha: The Light of Asia, lies in western part of Nepal. Nepal can be divided broadly into three ecological zones: the lowland, the midland and the high land. The altitude of the Himalayan region ranges between 4877-8848 m. Majority of the people of Nepal are depending upon the agriculture. Most of Industries are related to tourism, carpet, textile, small rice, jute, sugar, and oil seed mills, cigarette, cement and brick production.Quartz,water,timber,hydropower,scenic beauty,small deposits of lignite,copper,cobalt,iron ore are the natural resources. Rice,corn,wheat,sugarcane,root crops,milk,buffalo meat are the agricultural products. K-water Impression for me: I have understood K-water as a prestigious organization which is doing research in lot of areas, with faculty much larger than I imagined. K- water constructed major dams in South Korea and is involved in water supply as a major distributor, implemented effective flood protections systems .Currently as per my knowledge I know that it provided the design for the construction of Chameliya Hydropower Plant and recently it agreed to help the development of Upper Modi A Hydropower Project in my country. I really hope that K water will help my country regarding Water related Projects in the future. I wish my Nation also to have a successful organization like K-Water so that my country would step towards the development in long stride .Because I believe that my Nation has a large hydropower potential and if we utilize that properly then it would be a big reward for my country and the people. Distinct features of K-waters organizational culture from a foreigners point of view: K water is a managed organization. The K-water team is very hard working, sincere and punctual in their work. I found almost all of the members are PHD holders in my department. I played bowling, swimming, and table tennis with my coworker. And even I learned golf which I have never tried in my life before. I enjoyed lot of dinner parties with my department staffs. And in the dinner party I saw them sharing their views, feelings and sharing love like in a family. K- water is not only a learning place but also a home for me where I got love, respect and care from my mentor, coworker and senior staffs. I have attached a brief presentation about my country Nepal. Please watch it in PowerPoint . Thank you for reading my self-introduction.