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PICNIC CROSSOVER MARKETPLACE Hogeschool van Amsterdam SME Delegation Information


September 17 and 18 EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam

Theme: “New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up”

2012 September 17 and 18 EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam Theme: “New Ownership: the shift from top


We care so much about the future that we are playing an active role in shaping it.

PICNIC is a leading European platform for innovation and creativity. We function as an incubator and accelerator for game changing ideas, concepts, products and services. Through our activities, we address the mega trends of our time and explore how to creatively apply technology in order to meet business, social and environmental challenges.

Why We believe that innovation and creativity are powerful forces that should be used to meet the world’s challenges head on.

How PICNIC believes that bringing together people from many industries, companies and fields and encouraging them to create solutions together is how the world’s big challenges should be solved. We create informal environments where people can step out of their comfort zone in order to collaborate.

What PICNIC organizes activities that inspire, broaden and challenge. We encourage participants to improve, re- imagine and develop unexpected but useful ideas which lead to a better world.

For whom PICNIC participants are curious, engaged and action- oriented. They’re committed to broadening themselves professionally and personally and are looking for people who want to join them in this pursuit. Like PICNIC, they want to play an active role in shaping the future.

they want to play an active role in shaping the future. ABOUT PICNIC FESTIVAL 2012 Since


Since 2006, the annual PICNIC Festival has been one of Europe’s premier events focused on innovation and creativity.

PICNIC Festival 2012 will be an international gathering of approximately 3500 professionals representing business, technology, government and non profit, education and the creative industries.

The Festival will take place on September 17 and 18 at Amsterdam’s new EYE Film Institute.

Festival Theme: “New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up”

Connected technology is empowering people, businesses and organizations to drive change on a local and global scale. The Internet has increased awareness of issues and social media is providing a stronger ability to take action. A new notion of ownership has emerged:

people are taking matters back into their own hands as they realize that everyone has the power to do things for themselves on an even greater scale.

PICNIC Festival 2012’s programming will focus on the impact of “new ownership” in six main areas:





health/life sciences


The Festival will be an active learning environment where companies and organizations can understand this ‘new ownership’ shift. At the Festival, they can question assumptions and then improve and re-imagine by developing new ideas, concepts and prototypes.

The goal is to discover opportunities for transformation:

processes, cultures, products, services, models and experiences.

Festival participants will be able to choose from a wide range of activities. Programming will include:


interactive debates and discussions

co-creation workshops and challenges

start up competitions

the PICNIC Crossover Marketplace SME exhibition

matchmaking activities



PICNIC, in partnership with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce and Syntens, is re-launching a new and improved version of the PICNIC Marketplace, the exhibition for start ups and SMEs which takes place during the annual PICNIC Festival.

Since 2007, the Marketplace has been one of the most dynamic elements of the annual PICNIC Festival. Approximately 100 Dutch and European companies participated in PICNIC Festival 2011.

Future editions of the PICNIC Crossover Marketplace will be integrated into PICNIC activities held throughout the year: during the annual PICNIC Festival, the annual PICNIC Innovation Mash Up and PICNIC City Salons held outside of the Netherlands. PICNIC is in discussions to host PICNIC City Salons in Dusseldorf and Hong Kong in 2012 and New York City and Rio de Janeiro in 2013. !

Building Connections Between the Creative Industries and Top Sectors

The new version, renamed the PICNIC Crossover Marketplace, will kick off at PICNIC Festival 2012 which will be held on September 17 and 18 at Amsterdam’s new EYE Film Institute.

The Crossover Marketplace will highlight promising start ups and SMEs in the creative industries. The Crossover Marketplace will provide a stage for companies that co- create business and social innovation solutions with partners from other (top) sectors such as Technology, Agro-Food, Water, Energy, Chemicals, Logistics and Health and Life Sciences.

Participating companies will showcase new and innovative offerings and engage in matchmaking with investors, incubators and companies which can provide access to capital, technology, facilities, research and advanced business coaching.

The Crossover Marketplace will feature approximately 90 Dutch and European companies over the Festival’s two days.

Participation Criteria PICNIC welcomes start ups and small and medium-sized companies with up to 150 employees. Successful exhibitors should develop game-changing, crossover products and services.

Participating companies should be active in more than

one industry, focusing on areas such as (but not limited to):


Aging and architecture

Health care





Social innovation

Science & research

Products and services showcased at the Crossover Marketplace should be tangible enough that Festival participants can feel, touch, play and tinker with them and provide useful feedback. Exhibitors should be open to combining their products and services with !"#$%&'!()! the PICNIC Crossover Marketplace to create entirely new offerings.

Crossover Marketplace to create entirely new offerings. Preference will be given to products and services which

Preference will be given to products and services which are:

Inspiring and thought provoking

Impactful on business, society, government, the environment, etc.

Interesting to a wide audience representing multiple disciplines and industries

Fun and playful

Tangible and interactive


Deadline The Hogeschool van Amsterdam is sponsoring ten (10) SMEs to participate in the PICNIC Crossover Marketplace. The final deadline for submitting the names of these SMEs to PICNIC is August 17, 2012. All SMEs are subject to PICNIC’s approval.

PICNIC Crossover Marketplace Program

The Crossover Marketplace programming will include:

Guest lectures and/or workshops

Pitch training and pitching sessions

Private meetings with investors, business incubators and corporate executives

Networking activities

Past Marketplace Participating Companies

OAT, Amsterdam

Past Marketplace Participating Companies OAT, Amsterdam "#$%!&!'()*+!,--)./&0! 1&2/0


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FONK, Amsterdam

FONK is an Amsterdam- based agency with a strong focus on creating concepts and realising applications for mobile devices. FONK demonstrated its iPawn game which combines the traditional way of playing board games with all the digital possibilities that the iPad offers during the Marketplace in 2011. Fonk’s Marketplace exhibition was done together with its client, Royal Jumbo, a leading board game producer. invited to sponsor small delegations of companies that can participate in the Crossover Marketplace.

companies that can participate in the Crossover Marketplace. Participation Benefits Each participating company can send

Participation Benefits

Each participating company can send two (2) representatives and will receive:

2 complimentary PICNIC Festival 2012 passe- partouts (access to all of Festival’s programming)

one exhibition booth of 1m2 : desk, Internet connection, electricity

access to areas in the Crossover Marketplace for private meetings

participation in Crossover Marketplace programming: guest lectures or workshops, speed pitching sessions and daily networking receptions with other Festival participants

logo and company profile in the PICNIC Crossover Marketplace directory on the PICNIC Festival’s Web site



Industry Breakdown

Creative Industry Businesses: 47.5%

Media: 15.3%

Technology and Technology Services: 15.7%

Marketing, Advertising, Creative and Design Agencies: 12.4%

Art and Design: 4.1%

Other Businesses, Business Services and Consulting Firms: 12.6%

Government, Non Profit and Professional Associations:


Education and Research: 13.7%

Urban Planning, Architecture and Building: 3%

Other: 6.5%

Position Breakdown

28% Manager or Director

22% Founder or Entrepreneur

18% General Employee

11% Educator or Researcher

11% Free agent

5% C-Level Executive

5% Other

46% of Festival participants work for a small company <25 employees

Largest groups within Festival participants:


Managers or directors of companies with more than 50 employees


Founders and entrepreneurs of small companies with less than 25 employees

Geographic Breakdown

65% Dutch and expatriates living in the Netherlands

35% international (participants from 36 countries)

Top foreign countries present: Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Austria, United States, Mexico

Gender Breakdown

54% male, 46% female

250+ media representatives

76% Dutch

24% international

SME Marketplace participants

approximately 100 showcased during the Festival

Motivation to attend PICNIC

94% get inspired

69% meet new or existing business contacts

66% hear specific speakers

48% attend interactive workshops and labs

35% generate exposure for their organization, product or service

Benefits of attending PICNIC

61% business development opportunities

51% international exposure

PICNIC Festival attendees meet an average of 9 new contacts and 11 existing contacts during the Festival

Business Development

57% of attendees indicate that attending PICNIC Festival led to or might have led to new business relationships

31% of attendees indicate that attending PICNIC led to or may have led to new business investments

21% of attendees indicate that attending PICNIC led to or might lead them to invest in other businesses

63% of attendees (managers, directors, entrepreneurs and free agents) indicate that they have met young talent

64% of attendees indicate that attending PICNIC led to or might have led to collaborations outside of their industry

Audience metrics taken from PICNIC 2011 Festival. All other statistics taken from previous PICNIC Festival post-

2011 Festival. All other statistics taken from previous PICNIC Festival post- event participant questionnaire results !

event participant questionnaire results

! !