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Executive Summary:
Pretzel Crisps is a six year old brand founded by a t wo person team. It competes direc tly with other well- established produc ts in the Snack categor y, but is found in the Deli sec tion of supermarkets (due to easier produc t placement). The company targets women in the 25-49 yrs bracket. In order to gain maximum bang for the buck in their relatively small marketing budget, the brand took a conscious decision in 2010 to aggressively apply social media marketing to grow awareness of the produc t, awareness of its loc ation in the shops aisles and to grow sales.

Increase in sales: 93%

The brand made prominent use of Facebook tools (including coupons and contests), Twitter, YouTube, crowdsourcing, smar t online PR and bloggerfriendly promotion tac tics. Measured 12 month sales increased by 93% in July 2011, the brand counted 18 million social media impressions in 2011, the fan base of the Facebook page grew from about 1,000 to over 250,000 in t wo years and the Twitter account boasts over 5,000 subscribers.

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The first serious step in the brands social marketing effor ts was the introduc tion of coupons to fans of the brands Facebook page. Two coupons were introduced, in consecutive months (Februar y/March 2011): the first was a $1 off offer, and the other was a buy one get one free offer. Coupons were valid for 3 months. The first coupon had a redemption rate of 87%, and Facebook Page fans doubled (to 13,700) in the first t wo weeks after the coupon launch. The second coupon was marketed virally, had a redemption rate of 95% and also doubled the fanbase (to 29,000).

Coupons, sweepstakes and innovative use of Twitter conversations prove to be excellent methods to achieve goals

This campaign was introduced with the help of Buddy Media (w w w.buddymedia. com)

In September 2011 the brand ran a sweespstakes on its Facebook page that promoted new flavours in the brands produc t range. Users could enter the sweepstakes once an hour. A winner was chosen ever y hour, and received a 36 packet package of the new flavored produc t. 100 winners were chosen this way, and the grand winner received a $5,000 prize. Ever y entr y generated a feed stor y, which the user could customize and post. 25% of the entrants did so. The sweepstakes resulted in the page crossing the 100,000 Likes mark (36,000 new fans in one week), and more than 8,000 wall posts were generated. An additional benefit of the sweepstakes, as noted by Pretzel Crisps Direc tor of Interac tive and Field Marketing, Jason Har t y was that 100 people across the countr y got seeded with new flavours, which they then shared with family and friends, thus spreading the message.

Due to ongoing social media campaigns, and strategical content the Facebook Page has over 250,000 fans. The brand sees the page as an oppor tunit y to engage with its customers, build a communit y, reinforce key sale points (such as the zero grams of fat) and promote the brands fun personalit y . The brand engages its customers in conversations about enter taining, office par ties, coupons, tips and contests as well a the produc ts benefits. The brand also used the Facebook platform to launch its contest, as well as to promote the successful One Snack video, distributed via YouTube. About 70% of the company s followers on Facebook and Twitter are women. The key is the abilit y to target demographically and geographically , said the vice president

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of marketing.

The brand monitors online conversations, especially those on Twitter, and identifies those people who might want to be in need of a snack . The company then reaches out to the people, and offers them a free deliver y of Pretzel Crisps. The results are two fold: not only is the produc t introduced to a new audience, but ver y often the unexpec ted deliver y of the crisps ac ts as a catalyst for online and offline conversation. Bloggers often write about their experience of receiving the unexpec ted gift, and talk a lot about the positive aspec ts of the produc t. (see http://askaaronlee. com/pretzel- crisps-twitter/ for an example). This campaign is ongoing, and has contributed greatly to the 18 million social media impressions the company achieved last year. It is also a good way for the company to identify key influencers.

The company used GeniusRocket (w w to crowdsource ideas for a fun YouTube video that would help them better engage with their Twitter and Facebook audience. To date, the video One Snack has received 150,000 views. The video is catchy and memorable, and reinforces the idea that the produc t can be found in the deli sec tion of the supermarket. The video follows three female charac ters as they go about their day craving a snack that satisfies all of their needs.

Sales increased by 93% in a 12 month period Facebook page has over 250,000 Likes Twitter account has over 5,600 followers 18 million social media impressions in 2011 Sweepstakes and coupons hugely successful in achieving campaign goals Fun use of Twitter drives conversations with key influencers

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About Snack Fac tor y (Preztel Crisps) Based in Princeton, New Jersey, Snack Fac tor y was founded in 2004 by snack food pioneers Sara and Warren Wilson. From their humble star t selling funnel cakes at count y fairs, the couple went on to create New York St yle Bagel Chips and Pita Chips (sold to RJR Nabisco in 1992). Today, Snack Fac tor y is reinventing the pretzel categor y with the worlds first spreadable pretzel cracker, Pretzel Crisps. Rethink Your Pretzel! w w

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