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: JINDAL POWER LIMITED RAIGARH : 100 KV : PO/89/1428 : Z-00376809

The Oil Test Set works basically on the same principle as the High Voltage Test Set. The difference is in the transformer which has a high voltage winding capable of giving up to 100 kV or higher voltage with its mid-point connected to earth. The set is complete with a standard oil test cup, a transparent cover which is electrically interlocked to prevent accidental touch to live parts and a voltmeter for the high voltage and standard gap of 2.5mm. The set is admirably suited for testing the dielectric strength of insulating oils and liquid such as transformer oil, switch oil, askeral etc. The simplicity of the set enables the user to carry out a dielectric test as often as he please and consequently; the set can be used with oil filtration work. For conducting a test, samples of oil taken in a dry container and allowed to stand sufficiently is poured in the test cell in position and with its gap adjusted and locked. The cell should be filled to within a centimeter of the brim and in any case to a height not less than 40mm from the top of the electrode. If the sample fails either at a lower voltage(before withstanding the full time period at the prescribed voltage), the voltmeter should be turned anticlockwise up to minimum position before switching OFF the act sector turning the H . V.ON again by pressing the HT push button for a repeat test. For the motorized oil test set , this operation will be automatic by changing DPDT in one/other way position, similar operation can be obtained. FAULT LACATION Normally, the set should give trouble free service for along time. If, however for any reason difficulty is experienced in operation the following notes will help. If supply lamp does not light on switching ON , check the fuse on the front of the panel and the plug connections and check also that supply voltage is obtained at the plug. If not, supply ON switch may need attention. If the HT ON lamp does not light, the lamp may be defective or the contractor may not be functioning or the push button need attention. The Contractor may not operate if the replay contacts are unclean or defective.

It is important that the control knob of the rotary auto transfer is at its lowest at every operation of the oil set. The H.T. supply can not be switched ON unless this is done. As a safety switch opens when the knob is in any position except the lowest. This precaution that the supplied voltage is zero initially and then raised. INSTRUCTION/OPERATION MANUAL.OIL TEST SET: Oil Test Set is used for testing the dielectric strengths of insulating oil used in Transformers, switch-gear etc. Oil Test Set is MUST for transformer and switch-gear manufacturing unit as well repair shops and maintenance laboratories and other TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : The unit will have the following specifications:INPUT : 230/240V,1 Ph.50 Hz AC OUTPUT CAPACITY : 0-100kV : 1kVA

CONSTRUCTION: All the components are housed is epoxy resin cast on which H. T. output terminals are provided on the top panels. These H.T. electrodes are shaped suitably to accommodate the test cup easily The test cup capacity is of 350 ml. approx. A transparent hood made of clear plastic/Acrylic material is provided on the top of the test cup, so that when the test is carried out. The operator will not come in the hood interlocking microswitch so that if by any change the hood lifted from its position, the H. T. supply will be cut off automatically. CIRCUIT: The circuit is simple one and easy to follow. The mains 230 V AC input supply controlled by an ON/OFF. Switch is fed to the continuously variable voltage Auto transformer is fed to the primary of H. T, transformer though an Air Break contractor which is controlled by front panel mounted push button. The H.T. winding is in two sections, wound in opposites directions. The starting point of each of coil is earthed through a sensing current transformer and other ends are connected to the H.T. electrodes.

INSTALLATION & TESTING: No specific instruction is required for installation. The set is a portable one and can be taken to site. It is just to be kept on the table of suitable height and 3 pin plug is to be inserted in the 5Amp.3pin socket.

TO TEST THE OIL: 1. Adjust the gap between electrodes to 2.5 mm by the gauge provided with punch mark for GO. 2. Fill the cup with oil place it on the H.T. electrodes. Close the hood properly , so as to operate the interlock microswitch which acts as a safety precaution for operator 3. Switch ON the main supply, the corresponding lamp will glow. 4. Press the H.T. ON push button the contractor will operate and H. T. ON lamp will glow. If the contractor does not operate, it means that variac Brush arm is not at ZERO position OR the hood interlock microswitch is not closed as mentioned in 2. The Zero interlocking of the variac is another safety feature against switching on the unit directly at a higher voltage. This will be indicated by the voltmeter reading also. 5. Raise the voltage by the putting control switch on RAISE position. In case the oil sample fails, the unit will trip and the KV Meter which has been provided with a pointer arresting mechanism will read the break down voltage in KV. To lower down the voltage, put the control switch on LOWER position before start of subsequent test. 6. Dimensions: 540 mm Lx520 mm W x 435 mm Height with top cover approx. 7. Weight : 67 Kgs.approx. NOTE: To operate the unit manually, keep RAISE/LOWER switch the position marked MANUAL . MANUAL position of the control switch has been provided to operate the manually in case of any failure in the motor By keep toggle switch in MANUAL position, the variac can be continuously varied to achieve the desired voltage by hand. This facility which has been provided is to be used only in case of motor failure.

SERIAL NO. CAPACITY TYPE OUTPUT INSULATION RESISTANCE BY 500 V D.C.MEGGAR a) Between Input & Earth b) Between Output & Earth c) Input & Output APPLIED HIGH VOLTAGE TEST 2.0 KV R.M.S.FOR ONE MINUTE a) Between Input & Earth b) Between output & Earth NO LOAD TEST a) Input Voltage b) Output : 230V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz. AC : 0-100kV : : More than 100 M.Ohms : : : Z-00376809 : 1KVA : MOTORISED-CUM-MANUAL : 0-100Kv

: : Withstood : Withstood

TRIPPING CURRENT WITH 2.5 mm GAP : 20 Ma AT 22 kV for 6 consecutive test. Date of Test: 28/01/2009 Tested by: Shimpi

We undertake to repair or replace, at our option, equipment or part(s) thereof, manufactured by us and reported to be defective within one calendar year from the date of dispatch from our work/office, free of charges, under the following conditions :1) The exact nature of the fault of the must be specified by the user, after the equipment is tested by the user Manual for the equipment, or in consultation with us where no such manual exists. 2) We shall try to diagnose the cause of the malfunction based on the result of the test as above, and advise the user the corrective action to be taken if the fault is diagnosed to be in the system external to the equipment by us. 3) If the fault is through by us to definitely lie with our equipment, we shall advise the user accordingly. In such a case, the user must send the equipment back, securely packed to avoid damage in transit, to us for repairs, at our works our any such convenient place as we may indicate. The equipment will be repaired by us reasonably promptly free of charge, and sent back to the User by Road Transport charge must be borne by the User. 4) This guarantee in restricted to making goods the defect in equipment supplied by only. Under no circumstances do we accept liability for consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever. 5) If the User is unable to test the equipment himself for any reason, we can provide the service of sending our service person to the users Premises for diagnosing the fault. This service will be provided on chargeable basis, the charges payable by the User to us in advance.


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