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Dido & Aeneas

(adapted from Aeneid Book IV)

Filmed in 2007 by The LATIN QVARTER Pronunciation: classical Latin Metrical Note These lines are edited from the much longer speeches in the narrative-epic of the Aeneid and retain the metre of the original (hexameter). Broken lines are completed by the following speaker (antilabe). Final syllables which are elided (i.e. almost entirely reduced in sound and run into the following syllable) are marked with an apostrophe. English translation below

DIDO. Dissimulre etiam sprast, perfide, tantum posse nefs, tacitusque me dcdere terr? Qun etiam hbern mlris sdere classem, et medis propers aquilnibus re per altum? Mne fugis? AENEAS. DIDO. crdlis. AENEAS. Nn m meminisse pigbit Elissae, dum memor ipse me, dum spritus hs regit arts, crdo equidem. DIDO. Miserre doms lbentis, et istam r, s quis adhc precibus locus exue mentem. Nec t noster amor, nec t data dextera quondam, nec moritra tenet crdl fnere Dd? Per cnbia nostra, per incepts hymenaes, coniunx, exue mentem. N finge fugam! Ergo exue mentem,

AENEAS. Nn coniugis umquam praetend taeds, aut haec in foedera vn. Dsine mque tus incendere tque querls: taliam nn sponte sequor. DIDO. Num lmina flexit? Num lacrims victus dedit, aut misertus amantem est? Sclicet is Supers labor est, ea cra quits sollicitat. Neque t tene, neque dicta refell. , sequere taliam vents, pete rgna per unds.

AENEAS. Dd! DIDO. Sequere taliam!

Dido and Aeneas G.D.A.Sharpley 2007

DIDO. Did you hope you could do such a dreadful thing and keep it a secret? You betray me. Would you slip away from my land without a word? Why do you put your fleet to sea beneath the winter sky and rush across the ocean into the teeth of the north wind? Are you running away from me? AENEAS. Do not imagine Im running away! DIDO. Then change your mind, you heartless man. AENEAS. I will not be sorry to remember you, Dido, as long as my memory remains and my spirit guides these limbs. I really mean it. DIDO. Then pity this collapsing house, and please if theres still any place for entreaties change this plan. Does not our love keep you here, the pledge you once made with your right hand, the prospect of your Dido dying a cruel death? Think of our marriage vows, the wedding we started, husband, and change your mind. AENEAS. I never proposed marriage or entered into this arrangement. Stop distressing us both with your complaints. It was not my choice to sail for Italy. DIDO. Has he turned his face to look at me? Has he been brought to tears? Has he any pity for her who loves him? For sure this is the work of the gods above, this their anxiety that keeps them awake! Im not keeping you. I wont grace your words with a reply. Go. Set your course for Italy. Seek your kingdom over the seas. AENEAS. O Dido! DIDO. Sail for Italy!

Dido and Aeneas

G.D.A.Sharpley 2007