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Volume: 4 Issue: 9

May 3, 2012

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Inside this WEEK: Local Officials Salaries

How much does your local elected official make? Some say service as a public official should be all voluntary with no..

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WCTA Polls Members About Tax or Toll Walton County

Taxpayers Association (WCTA) wanted to know what current public opinion of its members was on the proposed Hwy...

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331Toll Bridge Debate

For Whom The Bridge Tolls The Florida Department of Transportation, (FDOT), has offered to build another two lane bridge by the current Clyde B. Wells bridge if Walton County contributes $75 million to the cost of the bridge. In addition, the FDOT will complete four lanes of 331 between 98 and I-10 by 2017. The need...

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The Wolfes Den


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello once again. A few hot-topics are on the table as of late and the biggest one involves our future bridge of Hwy. 331 and whether it should have a toll on it or not. I have received numerous emotion filled letters about the stress that raising the costs to work in south Walton from families living north of the bay. Many of those letters sent in were from long time residents living in and around Freeport. I suppose living by the water has its price but a change is coming for Hwy. 331 regardless. I figured I might as well give you my opinion for I too, cross the bridge 2-3x a day and could not imagine any discounted rate that would allow me to maintain my current flow without it hurting. Gas is expensive enough. Add $20-$30 a week to that? Even the sun pass type of thing would costs more than most could afford now. There are so many aspects mulled over at these meetings but you do realize that those meetings will not affect the vote. Only you can affect the vote, by voting. From most polls it appears that both north and south Walton residents agree upon the several factors of importance. Now to try and make everyone happy? Good luck. If you have read between the lines is that if you dont vote yes to the 1/2% tax, the county commissioners will toll, period. No voting will be made available about it if the original vote to tax is denied. I hope each of you reading this thinks how more cost effective a tax would be compared to a toll. Mainly from the stand point of cash out of pocket. I know a big concern from most is the amount of additional time it will take when driving to pay a toll besides the expenses of maintaining one. For how many years? How do we know if and when it will go away? From what I have seen throughout the country, a lot of toll roads remained tolled for the undeniable revenue benefits it opens up. There will always be new things to use the money on. New and old ones. You need to make yourself be heard this time around, even though we are Floridians, the re-count state, there will only be one ballot to answer yes or no. I do want to change the subject for a bit. This newspaper and its relative importance it gives. However, I can use help. Do you know of anyone who likes to interview? Gather stories? How about a columnist of a particular topic? Maybe home and gardening, sewing or even another gossip columnist? As you see a columnist can come from anywhere. I have had several good ones over the years and I am open to all ideas and would love to hear input from you!! I offer opportunities most wont. What several folks have said is you miss the fun page which explained is quite simple. The advertisers pay for the printing of this paper. If there is room where I can fit a puzzle or a joke or two I will. (More advertisers = more pages). Would you like to help? Just give me a call or shoot me an E-mail anytime, I would love to hear from you again. This gives a chance also to students to learn part of the industry of the news. I have taught a few kids about things they never thought of involving this newspaper and I would like to help them all. To learn is everything. As many of us can learn something new everyday. No one is perfect, just look on TV. You learn more angles of the standard when being small and local yet it still has its challenges to offer. Ideas are plentiful when you ask of them to the public. People who have yet to know of you and your business are waiting to shake your hand on the streets. With this newspaper I can attack the big topics or play with a few whimsical stories. That in itself makes each issue printed different from those other stands on the streets. Jumping first to grab the headline has taken its toll on me when we were once into that realm. Now its more relaxed and I hope you can tell by the way you feel that the heart is still here, just less stressful. If any of this sounds interesting to you just let me know.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


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Homeless Vet Housing Vouchers

The Walton County housing Agency has received funding under the HUDVASH program that will allow the agency to house 10 homeless veterans during the next few months. The Veterans must meet the following requirements. Must be a veteran registered with a VA clinic or be eligible for registration at the clinic based on DD214, honorable or general discharge and have served 24 consecutive months after 1980 or 30 days prior to 1980. - Cannot be a registered sex offender - Cannot have active warrants - Must be willing to participate in case management services by HUD-VASH social worker - Housing available for veteran and dependants - Veteran must be able o pay small portion of the rent and application fees, as well as portion of utilities. - Veteran must meet income guidelines set for by HUD Walton County Housing Director Tom Baker says he is a veteran and wants to personally assist the homeless vets through this process. Baker also asks that anyone with available 1 or 2 bedroom rental housing to contact his office. Call Mary Randolph at 892-8185.

Walton County Taxpayers Association

As reported by WZEP AM1460

WC BCC Meeting
As reported by WZEP AM1460

Here is a story based on a release from a local tax watchdog group. In a statement from the Walton County Taxpayers Association, they say Walton County is known for its fabulous white beaches, its beautiful architecture, a commitment to the arts and a commitment to the environment and to conservation. They also say the leadership of the Tourist Development Council, those with the responsibility to market our community to the outside world, has targeted a new visitor market-ecotourism. According to the WCTA, the TDC is trying to attract not just beach visitors, but also new kinds of visitors; those committed to conservation and the environment and who will visit our wonderful county year round. The WCTA says it is a fact, the TDC has had the foresight to invest in a partnership ($119,500 annually) with the EO Wilson Biophilia Center. This has brought such notaries as the head of the Smithsonian and the actor/ As reported by WZEP AM1460 environmentalist, Harrison Ford, who has even done a small introductory video for the center. How much does your local elected official make? Some say service as a public The WCTA says the TDC is recommending official should be all voluntary with no salary. Noting the cost to run, the liability taking control of 11.9 acres of conservation and other costs, some say an elected official should be paid a fair wage for the type land in Point Washington State Park for a new of administration they do. visitors center and Nature/Discovery Center. Elected positions can be considered a part time job or a full time job. Even when They note the TDC wants to build on conserthey are not in meetings, elected officials have to follow certain rules and give up vation land, disrupting the ecosystem and breaking up State sanctioned conservation an amount of freedom as they are serving the public. land. Salaries for Constitutional Officers, County Commissioners and School Board members are set by the state. State statutes also says the district school board shall The WCTA asks if this a commitment to hold not less than one regular meeting each month for the transaction of business ecotourism or an act of eco-terrorism? Is this a according to a schedule arranged by the district school board and shall convene in responsible use of our bed tax dollars or a special sessions when called by the district school superintendent or by the district wasteful exercise in empire-building? school superintendent on request of the chair of the district school board, or on They note a public hearing held recently had request of a majority of the members of the district school board. what they call an onslaught of citizens attendThe regular meetings are not the only times officials get together. Meetings can ing and says the overwhelming majority voice also include a special meeting, workshop or closed executive session. These can be of the people emphatically said No. They held before, after or during a regular meeting or anytime publicly announced. Offi- say this means people said No on building in cials might also gather at special events such as dedications and openings, commu- Point Washington State Forest, No on spendnity events and attend out of area events. ing this kind of money on this project, No With the recent change from two general meetings a month to one for the Walton on pushing through divisive agendas, and No County School Board, there has been questions about being paid for attending a on violating the publics trust. single meeting a month. WZEP First News looked into what can be behind the The Walton County Taxpayers Association duties of a public official and what the compensation is. says they agree and encourages all the elected For Paxton, the council met two times for the month April, one a regular meeting representatives to listen to the voice of the peoand one a special meeting. The Paxton City Council regularly meets every 3rd ple and join WCTA in saying NO. They say Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall at 6:00 PM. Any emergency or special Walton can and must do better than this. call meeting is with 48 hour posted notice to the public. During their Budget WCTA is a non-partisan organization with Workshops they will advertise (2) public workshops dates one in August, one in members from both North and South Walton September. The final budget is approved at the regular council meeting in Septem- County, representing the entire county. WCTA ber and all over expenditures for each department and any transfers in/transfers believes that it is vitally important to stay inout. For Paxton, there are no pay/benefits for the Mayor or Council as set forth by volved in how Walton County spends taxpayer the Municipal Charter and also no restrictions in regards the terms of office that money, especially as the County and tax base can be held. grow. WCTAs focus is on limiting the role of In Freeport, the Council holds two meetings a month. They can also have the government and how much money is necessary workshops, special meetings, budget hearings and executive sessions. The mayor to provide is paid $17,300 annually and the Council members are paid $12,360. The do parbasic public services to all taxpayers in Walton ticipate in the Florida Retirement System and are eligible for health insurance cov- County. WCTA believes that a unified group erage. of individuals can make a difference. In DeFuniak Springs, the Council makes $6,000 a year and the Mayor gets $9,000. They are eligible for benefits. So far this year they have met 15 times.

Local Officials Salaries

The Walton Commissioners met last Tuesday morning and took up the proposed budget from the TDC Council. Answering questions from the public and commissioners, TDC Director Dawn Moliterno said the TDC Council proposes a budget, the commissioners agree to have it submitted with the other county budgets for scrubs and then the commissioners will vote on it during the regular budget process. She said this is a two step process due to the different funding source. She also said the TDC does not work with resident issues due to the state law defining them as promoting tourism. Under Public Works, they scheduled a workshop for the citizens to meet with public works to discuss the recycling program. Commissioner Kenneth Pridgen noted they have already made changes and the County is sorting metals where vendors used to do the work. Commissioners approved the dirt to pave list. It is smaller due to the reduction in gas tax coming in. They also approved two lists of possible roads repair through grants. And the Darlington School is being worked on and Commissioners approved renovation and asbestos abatement. Approval was given to use the Mossy Head School package plant and tie into the school. The next step is to work with Dixie RV so there is enough flow to operate one or the other package plants. Dixie RV also plans to open the motel. Eventually the County will build a large sewer plant in the industrial park. County Attorney Toni Craig presented several case issues and asked the commissioners to be allowed to file, defend, and settle legal action. Craig said these will likely go above the $25,000 limit they previously approved. She said the process would try to resolve the issue then go to court if necessary. The actions were: Howell for contract value reimbursement and Code Enforcement action, against Sandestin Owners Association and against the Department of Juvenile Justice for juvenile detention costs. Two items were tabled and the third approved. Commissioners also approved obtaining a legal intern for the summer and agreed to join in ongoing multi-county litigation concerning Medicaid back-billing. Walton will also help apply for a wildflower grant.

Cont on next pg.

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Health Post
George Roll P.A.-C Seagrove Medical Clinic Call # 850-231-6200 Walk-ins and Appt.s Send health questions or comments to: P.O.Box 1133 Freeport, Florida 32439


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Freeport Mayors Post

Freeport Mayor
Mickey Marse 998 Bay Dr.
Santa Rosa-Beach, Fl.32459 To post a comment or question for the Mayor,
E-mail : Frank@

State Certified-Master Plumber
License # CF-C057978

Texting or even the thought of texting on a cell phone while driving may be distracting enough to cause a car crash for teens. Two new studies suggest that teen drivers who text with their cell phone in any position or even think about texting are more likely to be involved in an accident. Several studies have shown that texting or using a cell phone while driving raises the risk of motor vehicle accidents, prompting bans on texting while driving in many states. But some have suggested that such bans may increase these dangers by causing drivers who text to conceal their phones from view. Using a driving simulator, 22 teen drivers drove under three different conditions: without a cell phone, texting with a cell phone hidden from view, and texting with a cell phone in their preferred position. The results showed that teens who were texting while driving were up to eight times more likely to drift between lanes. They were also twice as likely to be involved in a near crash with other cars and pedestrians, regardless of whether the phone was concealed. Overall, teens who were texting while driving made up to four times more driving mistakes and were often unaware of these potentially dangerous mishaps. The second study looked at whether the thought or anticipation of cell phone use affected the risk of car crashes among young drivers.


We reserve the right to refuse publications of any comments or questions for the Mayor. Thank You.

The Mayor did not have a post this week. Check back next issue for updates.

Salaries cont from pg. 3

Jumping over to Ponce de Leon, the Town Council met a total of 5 times last quarter. Three were regular scheduled, two were special meetings. The Mayor is paid $150 per month, the Chairman $135 per month and the remaining Council are paid $125 per month or $1500 a year. So far this year the Walton Commissioners have met in eight regular meetings, six special meetings and three executive sessions. Walton Administrative Assistant Dede Hinote says the Commissioners are paid $38,077 a year. The Chairman receives an extra $1,500 per year. They are also paid mileage based on an average of 1,852 miles multiplied by the GSA rate. They receive benefits of social security, Medicare, elected officials Florida retirement, life insurance, health insurance, long term disability and workers compensation just like any other county employee.

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Researchers surveyed a group of 384

undergraduate students at the University of Washington about their cell phone use and history of car crashes. Frequent anticipation of calls or messages

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Cell phone use interferes with normal

activities and impacts friends and family

A strong emotional reaction to the cell


Recognizing "problem cell phone use"

The results showed that each 1-point increase on the CPOS scale was associated with a 1% increase in the number of previous car crashes among the young drivers.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Emerald Star News, Inc.

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Gaetz On Redistricting
As reported by WZEP AM1460

Freeport Meeting
As reported by WZEP AM1460

Freeport Elementary School 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Contest 4th Grade Winners - L to R- Kobe Phillips- 1st place winner Riley Herrington- 2nd place winner Amy Erickson- 3rd place winner A joke: A patient goes to the doctor's office where, much to his surprise the doctor asks him, "Would you please help me with a problem I'm having?" Sure, doctor, what can I do for you, says the patient. "Would you scream in the most earsplitting, piercing screams you can manage? Try to make it sound as if you're in terrible pain." The doctor says. "But why, doctor, you've always been gentle with me and your treatments have never caused me any pain?" Asks the patient. "Yes," Says the doctor in a matter-of-fact tone, "but I have a 4 o'clock tee time at the golf course I don't want to miss, and my waiting room is still full of patients."

State Senator Don Gaetz released a statements saying the Florida Supreme Court approved the amended Senate redistricting plan as submitted by the Legislature. While they remain convinced that their original plan complied with both federal and state laws, they are grateful for the Courts clear direction which guided the Legislature in making changes to eight districts, the Lakeland area and the numbering of districts. The ruling by the Supreme Court affirms that the Senate Reapportionment Committee and the House Redistricting Committee were faithful to their mission. Gaetz says that never during the past year and a half was there a moment when old HouseSenate rivalries that accompanied past redistricting battles interfered with bicameral cooperation and good faith. As Chairman of the Senate Committee, Gaetz says he is grateful to every member of the reapportionment panel, Democrat and Republican. Disagreements on substance were expected and were civil and constructive. He says more than 6,000 Floridians participated directly in meetings, hearings, communications, submitted plans and testimony that led to the result announced by the Supreme Court. He says that if past is prologue, political interests whose partisan intents werent achieved in the 2012 redistricting plan may carry out prolonged litigation to try to win in the courts what they could not win in the ballot box. That is their right. Contrary to the fears or perhaps the hopes of the cynics and the critics, Floridas citizens will now go forward to choose from among their neighbors who will represent them in the Senate and House of Representatives. Those elections will be held on time. Absentee and overseas ballots will be sent well in advance. Early voting will occur as scheduled.

City Planner Latilda Henninger said they have held three public meetings for the Waterfronts Florida program. She told the Council the have been 15 to 20 showing up and that is a pretty good response for the type of meetings. There will be one more meeting next week then the recommendations will be made to the Council. This involves a grant process to upgrade the water fronts in the city. C.W. Roberts is looking to expand their location in Freeport. The roadway construction company is the largest employer in the city. State law now says that anyone in or effected by the test patterns of Eglin has to adopt regulations as far as sound, lights and other aspects. This would be part of the land use. Henninger said they are working hard to modify what was suggested into something that would work with Freeports growth plans. Fire Chief Ben Greenslait asked about rates and opening dates for the Freeport Pool. He also asked to hire additional lifeguards to have enough to rotate the schedule. The Fire Department is tasked with managing the pool and will help train lifeguards. They used 11 last year and the Chief asked to hire six more this year. He told Council some only work a few days a month. It takes three to rotate through a normal heavy use day. The Council agreed to open the pool on Memorial Day, agreed to keep the pay at $9 an hour and agreed to advertise for more lifeguards. Mayor Mickey Marse talked about wells. He said an old well on J.W. Hollington is a good well and they want to keep it as a backup. The well needs a new shed. Marse said the valves between Freeport and Portland can be opened so the water can flow back and forth. The new well off Wagon Wheel is advancing. City Clerk Robin Haynes said the Citys current cell phone provider is switching to new towers. She told the Council there will be less towers and they will have to switch to new phones. She started seeking proposals from other companies and said Southern Linc and Verizon both have government contracts. The two would port the current numbers, provide phones and take care of any switchovers. Council took no action.

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Page 6 Obituary for George Wayne Fortner Mr. George Wayne Fortner, age 66, of Freeport passed away Monday, April 23, 2012. He was born May 1, 1945 in Mobile, Alabama to George and Martha Guledge Fortner. Mr. Fortner was a resident of Freeport. He was Baptist by faith. He was a veteran of the United States Air Force. He graduated from Tuskegee High School in 1963; he also graduated from Auburn University receiving his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. He worked in retail most of his life. Upon retiring to Freeport he began working as a Veterinarian Technician at the Freeport Pet Clinic. Mr. Fortner is preceded in death by his parents. Mr. Fortner is survived by his loving wife of 24 years Martha Weaver Fortner of Freeport, Florida; one brother Jack Bryan and wife Gwen of Mobile, Alabama; one sister Gail Reynolds and husband Earl of Dadeville, Alabama; five nieces and nephews Donna, Tina, Sandy, Ben and Laura and sister-in-law Marie Weaver Myles. Memorial service will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers make donations to your favorite charity. You may go online to view obituaries, offer condolences and sign guest book at Clary-Glenn Freeport Chapel Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

WCTA Polls Members About Tax or Toll

Walton County Taxpayers Association (WCTA) wanted to know what current public opinion of its members was on the proposed Hwy 331 funding options: raising a cent sales tax or implementing a toll. A survey was sent to the membership in March and 795 members in the non-partisan group responded: 31% from North Walton and 69% from South Walton. The response was: NO on the sales tax and NO on a bridge toll. The survey revealed that North and South Walton County members are united on the issues. The sales tax question posed in the survey was: *Should WCTA support the proposed cent sales tax increase for Walton* *Countys share of the cost of the Hwy 331 four - **lane** **Bridge** and Roadway* *from Interstate 10 to Hwy 98? The referendum to approve the tax is May**8th.* WCTA members, 75%, voted overwhelmingly against the tax: 87% of North Walton respondents and 71% of South Walton respondents voted against the tax. The question concerning a southbound toll was: *In the event that the referendum fails, and the **Walton** **County**Commissioners consider placing a toll on the southbound lane of a new Hwy 331 bridge, should the WCTA support the imposition of that toll?* Once again 67% members of WCTA voted NO: The North Walton voters were 77% against, while South Walton members voted 67% against. WCTA says they will not support the increased sales tax or the toll for the Hwy 331 bridge project. They feel that in the fiscal situation that faces the county, Walton should not take on any new debt.

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Dear Aunt Ruby, A few months ago I got a memorial tattoo done for my beloved grandma. Its on my arm and says in loving memory at the top. Grandmas portrait is underneath, and a beautiful poem my grandpa wrote for her is under the portrait. The tattoo artist did a phenomenal job! It looks just like her and I was thrilled with the results. The problem is, I posted a picture on Facebook of the tattoo, and out of the blue a distant cousin sent me a message telling me that the tattoo was selfish and attention-seeking behavior! He said he was hurt in more ways than one because of it. I dont understand. I love this tattoo. I wanted to honor the woman who meant so much to me. Did I honor her the wrong way like he says? Was I selfish? Im so hurt, I guess Im just looking for some input into this. My friends and family say hes jealous and not to give it another thought, but Im obsessing. Please help. Love for my Grandma Dear Love, Please accept my sympathy for your obviously heartfelt loss. Your family and friends are correct that your cousins comments are out of line. You are not responsible for your cousins feelings, so stop obsessing. Whatever has hurt him in more ways than one is not your tattoo or anything you posted on Facebook. You say he is distant. Keep it that way and concentrate on something positive like the fact that you have honored your grandmothers memory. Then go on and build a happy and constructive life. Im sure that is what she would want you to do. Ruby Dear Aunt Ruby, I have a friend who struggles with his son hounding after young girls in his school. I mean this age of time is bad but when its not your kid what can you do? Being that he has confided in me I know whats the truth and from they way the town has it painted it is much more worse. I want to address this lil *@#% but I know that will only get me into a lot of crap. I just want this kid to understand that in these small towns like here rumors can affect ones life, for a longer time than most would think. I know for my own sister has this crap talked about her from people know one ever knew who she was. That is what I meant. After many years of crying and hearing a lot of bad lies my sister not only moved but she also committed suicide shortly after. She said she always felt someone was talking behind her back everywhere she went from all those years stemming from school bullying. Please pass this on so that the people of these small towns mind their Ps and Qs.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Page 7

Happenings in DeFuniak Springs

DFS Council
As reported by WZEP AM1460

DFS Energy and Conservation Expo

As reported by WZEP AM1460

Walton TDC Updates

At the recent Walton Commissioner meeting, TDC Director Dawn Moliterno asked to move the money around to pay for painting the Sandestin Water Tower and put on a Visit South Walton welcome identifier. This is a change for the tower and an additional effort to help get the new branding out there. The TDC will add a 9th Lifeguard stand in Miramar Beach. The Miramar Beach restroom upgrade will take place after the main tourist season. The 2012-13 Strategic Plan and Media Plan was presented. Moliterno said the TDC Council goes through a full day reviewing the plans and then approved them. She explained this helps with budgeting. A resident questioned the inclusion of the planned Discovery Center and had a question about resident issues. Moliterno said the Discovery Center was not built into the budget and they are not making the assumption the new center will be built. As far as the TDC and resident issues, she talked about the TDC being geared towards the visitors, not residents as per the state laws. Moliterno also explained the TDC Council submits a budget to the commissioners for approval to submit to the county budget scrub process. Most departments in the county simply submit a budget request to the business office and it goes through a scrub process. Staff then presents the total budget to the commissioners during workshops. Additional workshops and hearings give the commissioners time to finalize the budget. The budgets have to be submitted by May 7th for review and then the commissioners vote on them later in the summer. The TDC budget is primarily from bed tax collections, as other county departments get their budget dollars from the property tax. Since their revenue stream is from a different source than other county departments, they have the additional step of having the TDC Council approve it before sending it to the county business office. The Discover Center is the building proposed for the intersection of Highway 98 and U.S. 331. It would require a land swap with the Florida Forestry Service. At a recent meeting, a number of residents expressed concern with taking from the forest and suggested finding an alternative site. The intersection is said to be the best location for those coming to the destination. The current location is not meeting the need and commissioners have been talking about a relocation since the widening of 331 south of the bridge was finalized. The Discovery Center would have the normal destination information and include hands on and technological displays that would promote the forest and southern Walton County. Moliterno explained there is a need for a Discovery Center, a more interactive center than the Visitor Center with just maps and brochures. To help with confusion, the commissioners agreed to call the future Discovery Center, wherever it may be located, an Interactive Center.

Jayne Swift with CH2MHILL/OMI said the city has new chlorine tank covers to prevent excess evaporation. Her team designed the covers and purchased parts locally to help save materials. She also said they continue to remove 12 feet of grease from the system. The crews have to manually lift the grease out. Swift says it comes from every lift station, including homes. She said people need to know where to put grease to help save equipment. The lift station at Oakdale Apartments was discussed and design issues are being worked out. The team also sponsored the recent First Friday Breakfast and talked about the Floridian Aquifer. They also donated funds for the Snowbird Day to help pay for the trolley. The Council approved closing Circle Drive for a Middle School fundraiser on May 12th for the Science Club. They also approved, a fee waiver for Destiny Worship Center for the back to school give-a-way registration in June, a closure for CHELCO and for LaRumba to have amplified outside musica on Cinco de Mayo. The Council also made several appointments. Remember Jonathan Dunn, the man from Britton who took over AeroFX at the DeFuniak Springs Airport and then had the contract bought out after a dispute. The city agreed to pay him $685,000 after the litigation. Now he asked the Council to sign a document that gives him a tax advantage, does not cost the city and he will give the city $5000 for Christmas Reflections. After a brief discussion, Mac Work made the motion to deny the request, seconded by Ron Kelley. The vote passed three to one with Kermit Wright the nay vote, saying the money was paid in the past and if they can get $5000 for the city then they should. Councilmember Mac Work said he does not like it when they suspend employees with pay, allowing them to go home and sit on the couch and get paid. He asked to have an option to allow the city manager to suspend without pay. The proposed ordinance will be brought back. The Council hired two new police officers to replace to vacated spots. They also approved splitting the HR and Special Project Manager job between two existing employees for a savings. A training company will be used to assist in any education the two employees and other employees may need. Look south of the interstate and you might see the new elevated water tower. City Manager Sara Bowers said she would like to put Historic DeFuniak Springs on the tower. As the DeFuniak Springs City Council meeting started, resident Janie Griffith said she has received correspondence that the demolition of the old Health Department Building was wasting taxpayer dollars after fixtures and recyclables were taken. She told the Council she felt they received a good contract price and the salvage of any materials were part of the agreement. It was also pointed out the city had already removed any usable fixtures. The person said $60,000 dollars of copper was removed. Council member Mac Work said that would be 10 tons and there is not that much in the building. Assistant City Manager Bill Holloway said as the contractor removed the carpet, it tore up the asbestos tile. He asked to pay to have all the tiles removed. Staff and a contractor will determine the buildings usability after the demolition of the interior is done. A special meeting will be held if needed so the current demolition contractor can continue the work at a discounted price if approved. Council member Ron Kelly said they will be hard pressed to build a new building at the same price of remodeling the building with its size. A resident says he received a high water bill due to a leak when he was not home and asked the Council for help. It was pointed out the city does give a one time adjustment every five years and he had already received one in 2009. The bill was $1650 when the usual bill is $16. He said he did not receive a courtesy notice that there was a leak. Staff agreed they did not send a courtesy notification. Council agreed that since a leak letter was not sent, they will strike down the bill to the normal bill and look at their internal process for leak detection.

The City of DeFuniak Springs will be hosting the first annual Energy and Conservation Discovery Expo on Saturday, May 5, 2012. Exhibits will be at the Caboose on Circle Drive and continue to the Library. The Expo will begin at 8:00am and conclude at 1:00pm. This Expo is FREE and is for all ages. Organizers say the Expo will be an excellent opportunity to explore and discover the technologies and initiatives that can help us individually and as a community save money and reduce waste. They say there will be many hands-on activities and live demonstrations with field experts available to explain and answer any questions. Jason ODaniels says you will be able to observe biodiesel being produced and being used in equipment. There will be a natural gas vehicle, and a vehicle that is electric and gas powered. You will be able to learn about geothermal heating and cooling, solar technologies, wind turbines, recycling and many more innovative technologies. The Expo will also include composting, garden in a bucket and examining live organisms under a microscope. ODaniels says a lot of the Expo will cover items relating to living a more self sufficient lifestyle, such as home canning and gardening. Cindy Permenter says residents might also want to take advantage of an opportunity to get rid of old documents. Shred -It will be available for any individual (no businesses) to bring up to five (5) banker boxes of personal documents (i.e., checks, bank statements, credit cards). This is a fifty ($50) dollar value that will be provided at no cost. There will be an area available to drop -off any old/used/outdated/broken computers, cell phones, monitors that you wish to recycle. If you have any questions about the Expo, please feel free to call Jason ODaniels or Cindy Permenter at DeFuniak Springs City Hall (850)892-8500. May 5th is the day to come to historic DeFuniak Springs and EXPLORE, LEARN, AND RECYCLE at the Energy Conservation Discovery Expo.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012 Obituary for Florence Marie Salvan. Florence Marie Poleresky Polister Salvan was born Sept 14, 1912 and passed away on April 11, 2012. Florence was an exceptional woman, with a great thirst for knowledge, always striving in her life to be an educator, a wife and 'bon vivant'. Florence was of Hungarian descent and was very proud of her heritage. She was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and moved with her family to Detroit, Michigan at an early age. Her life as a college student began after high school graduation at Wayne State University, which put her in the path of her future husband and the love of her life, Dr. Jacques Salvan. During World War II, she worked for Henry Ford at the Willow Run Bomber Plant in Public Relations. Continuing in public relations she worked for the Census Bureau in Washington, D.C. and then traveled to Europe after World War II to help in Americas effort in the reconstruction of post war Germany. Upon her return from Germany, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Education at Wayne State, while working in the Foreign Language Department office. With her degree, Florence taught art, including ceramics, in an inner city Detroit high school for over 8 years. After she and Jacques wed in 1955, they both continued to teach until Professor Salvan retired. For the next 5 years, Dr. Salvan taught graduate French Philosophy at Arizona University in Tucson where Florence fell in love with the mountains and deserts of Arizona. In 1960 they acquired a property in Santa Rosa Beach and split their time between Provincetown, Massachusetts, Tucson, Arizona and the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Florence enjoyed long walks on the beach with Jacques, cooking, ceramics, needlepoint, travel and reading. She was a devout catholic and was one of the early parishioners at Resurrection Catholic Church in Miramar Beach. For many years, she was one of the Sunday readers for which she was very proud.. The Catholic Church provided solace and communion to Florence every Sunday until her passing. Florence was known to those close to her as "Dolly". She was very exuberant and filled with a love for life. Her loving caretakers: Margie, Angela and Cindy, along with Gentiva and Covenant Hospice were there at Florences home to give her comfort and dignity in her final time here on earth. Florence was preceded in death by her husband, Jacques Salvan. She had lost her sisters Margaret, Olga and Georgianna years ago and now goes to join them in eternal peace. She is survived by her two nieces Laurie Gomon Ring of Daytona Beach, FL, Mary Jo Browning of Kerrville, Texas and her nephew, Dr. Martin Gomon, who resides in Melbourne, Australia. Grand nephews Sean Browning, Dr. Travis Browning and deceased niece Amber Browning were also in her family lineage and will miss her greatly. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at the Resurrection Church in Miramar Beach at 11 am. You may go online to view obituaries, offer condolences and sign guest book at Clary-Glenn Freeport Chapel Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.

Unpaid Traffic Tickets May Get Violators' Utilities Turned Off In New Mexico
Residents of one New Mexico city are in danger of having their utilities shut off if they don't pay tickets for running red lights. The city of Las Cruces is considering cutting off the water and sewer utilities of its customers with outstanding tickets in the wake of a $2-million deficit in fine revenue, according to ABC News. When city officials began exploring options to make up for the loss, they found a section in the city municipal code that reads, "The city may decline, fail or cease to furnish utility service to any person who may be in debt to the city for any reason, except ad valorem taxes and special assessments," the station reported. A spokesman in the city's public information office declined to comment to The Huffington Post. But city officials reportedly sent out warning letters to residents recently threatening that they might get cut of from the water and sewer lines. "You are hereby advised that, unless the [red light camera] fines are paid or other satisfactory payment arrangements are made with the City on or before (date) the City will terminate all current City-provided utility service to the residence," an example letter reads. The option is being explored because the city can't take its drivers to court over violations -- the only enforcement they seem to have is the utility plan, according to Naturally, drivers are outraged."There are some angry customers that come in and say it isnt proper the city is going this route," City communications director Udell Vigil told ABC. The $100 fines are diviid up between the city, the state and the camera company that records drivers' license plates.

Grandparents charged with towing kid behind SUV

Two Florida grandparents have been arrested after police say they hooked their granddaughter's plastic toy car to their SUV and gave her a ride. A Sarasota County deputy said he spotted the 7-yearold wearing a bathing suit and no helmet as she was towed behind the SUV Sunday. Her toy car was tied to a trailer hitch with dog leashes. She was not harmed. The Sarasota HeraldTribune reports the vehicle was travelling less than 10 mph. Paul Berloni was charged with driving under the influence, child endangerment and driving with a suspended license. Belinda Berloni faces a child endangerment charge. Both admitted they had been drinking. Belinda said they were just having fun and had been towing the child all day. The couple remained in jail without bail.

Have a Flip Flop Flinging Good Time with Your American Red Cross
The American Red Cross of Northwest Florida will hold its largest fundraising event of the year, the Flip Flop Fling, on Thursday, May 10th at the Pensacola Country Club. The luau-themed evening will feature an exclusive dinner specially created by nationally renowned chef, Jack McNulty, entertainment, silent auctions, networking, and entertainment. Proceeds raised will benefit the local chapters programs and services including disaster relief and education, health and safety training, and services to the military and their families. Auction Items and door prizes include vacation packages, Pensacola Blue Wahoo tickets, spa certificates, fishing gear, golf packages, fine dining gift certificates and much more! Sponsors of the 2012 Flip Flop Fling include Regions Trust, Gulf Power, Baptist Health Care, Total Employee Leasing, ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals and Navy Federal Credit Union. Festivities begin at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $75 per person. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website at or call Jerry Kindle at


FES Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please note that you and your child are invited to attend 5th grade orientation at Freeport Middle School May 10th at 5:30 instead of May 7th at 9:00 a.m.

May blood drives in Walton County and Destin Area

Tuesday 8th Santa Rosa Pharmacy 19 Town Center Loop, Santa Rosa Beach 12 pm to 3 pm Saturday 12th Rotolos Restaurant 985 Highway 98, Destin 4 pm to 7 pm Free personal one topping pizza, when you donate blood Tuesday 15th Destin Healthcare and Rehab Center 195 Mattie Kelley Blvd. 12 pm to 3 pm Tuesday 15th Walton Career Development Center DeFuniak Springs 8 am to 2 pm Free Beach Towel for all donors Wednesday 16th Sacred Heart Hospital Emerald Coast 9 am to 4 pm Friday 18th Wal-Mart DeFuniak Springs 12 pm to 6 pm Free gift card for all donors

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Page 9 Blue Knights Florida Chapter XXV Announces Deputy Skip York Memorial Poker Run Scheduled for May 19 Annual Run Will Benefit the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center The XXV Florida Chapter of the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club presents their annual memorial Poker Run in memory of Deputy Skip York and benefitting the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center May 19. The cost is $20 for one rider and $25 for a rider with a passenger. The ride is open to the public and not limited to Blue Knights members. Registration includes lunch and music following the run at Heritage Cycles Harley Davidson at 788 North Beal Parkway, Fort Walton Beach. Registration will start at 8:30 a.m. with the first bike leaving at 9 a.m. The last bike is expected in by 1:30 p.m. Ride pins are available for the first 200 riders. A unique raffle prize drawing will also take place following the ride. It is unique in that participants are able to pick the items they are interested in winning and not participate in the drawings for items that do not interest them. Deputy Warren K. "Skip" York and Deputy Burt Lopez were killed in the line-of-duty while attempting to arrest a domestic violence suspect near Crestview. York was a member of the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club Florida Chapter XXV. For more information, please contact Bruce Stewart at 850-200-3055 or to volunteer or to donate raffle prizes please contact Katie Crowell at 850-833-9237 x256 or

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The 14 day Overview

Aquarius 1/20 2/18 Pisces 2/19 3/20 Aries 3/21 4/19 Taurus 4/20 5/20 Gemini 5/21 6/21 Cancer 6/22 7/22 Leo 7/23 8/22 Virgo 8/23 9/22

You may feel a bit sensitive during the first couple days of this week. Your instinct might be to hide yourself away, but a little (selective!) company or conversation will, in fact, do you a world of good. Watch for a big mood change around Wednesday; through the end of the workweek, you ought to be networking like crazy, joining up with like-minded others for various purposes and maybe even forming a new mutual admiration society. While it may seem nicer to just go along with whatever's happening as the week begins, the stars say it's important to think critically and stick to your guns. Whether it's a work issue or something in your personal life, be proactive. Note, however, that this doesn't mean saying everything that comes to mind, which may be a danger. Silence is golden, and those who rush to fill it say inadvertently revealing things (let them!). The stars are taking you out of your comfort zone during the first few days of this week. It may be unsettling, but take your time and bite your tongue. You'll want to let your feelings evolve a bit prior to sharing them. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it's time to explore and celebrate differences. Assumptions? No way. Draw others out instead of filling in the blanks yourself. And is it possible to give work a rest this weekend? Be ready to combat your jealous streak as this week gets going. If there's someone else involved, communicate calmly and clearly; if this is all your issue, remind yourself of your real values. Speaking of real value, something that seems to have plenty of it around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday may turn out to be lacking in the end. Don't overinvest in essentially unknown quantities. While the first few days of this week may be fast-paced, you'll want to reduce your speed, both mentally and physically. Work and personal matters deserve thought and insight, while your health deserves good care. Then, while you may have a lot to say around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, make sure you aren't talking at or down to anyone. Respect what they bring to the conversation, and use that sense of humor of yours. Your moods are even more changeable than usual during the first few days of this week. Keep your options mostly open and your mouth mostly shut, lest you do or say something based on a fleeting feeling. Then book that massage, take that day off or do whatever you've been thinking of on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday -- you need to provide some of that care you so generously give to others to yourself now. It'll feel great. This weekend, be sure to set your priorities carefully. You've got a way with seeing right to the heart of people and things as the week begins ... if you take the time to look. It's a very special kind of vision, with special responsibilities -- what shall you do with what you find? Then what you find if you care to try around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is some very interesting stuff in the love department. Want to put yourself out there? You might as well! You're hot stuff now. You may have all your ducks in a row during the first few days of this week, but what about the surrounding scene? What's lurking nearby or underneath the water's surface? Sometime around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, a neglected area of (or person in) your life deserves some care. No time? Come on, you're organized enough to fit it in! With the weekend comes an increased chance of romance -- you might want to plan ahead and be organized about that, too! Change in your financial realm is likely at the beginning of this week -- or maybe there's a change in that area you should proactively look to make? Be businesslike in your evaluations, even though there may be an emotional component. Things soon get more high-minded, with your intellect and ideals highlighted by the stars around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Your brainpower's astonishing, and so is your ability to share your thoughts and ideas with others. You're the center of attention as the week begins -- if the stars have their say. Whatever you apply your considerable passion, energy and vision to really heats up, so prioritize accordingly. Are you going to follow the crowd around on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? There's no need to break any rules, but you do need to go your own way, according to your own values. The stars have a puzzle for you during the first couple days of this week, and there's no single correct solution. In fact, the more you look and think, the more possibilities you'll see. Turn your attention to the important people in your life around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. With the right set of approaches, problematic relationships can become easier, and wonderful ones can get even more full of wonder. This weekend, you're unusually practical -- what brought this on? Use it or lose it. You're particularly perceptive as the week begins, not missing a thing when it comes to work, personal matters and your world as a whole. Your current perspective -- both detailed and holistic -- is especially conducive to good decision-making. Beware of being too future-oriented around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; while those hopes and plans are important, there's more urgent stuff in the here and now. It looks like you'll be getting results this weekend in whatever you choose to do. Good for you!

Libra 9/23 10/22 Scorpio 10/23 11/21

The Freeport Veterans Memorial committee is pleased to announce that they have begun raising funds to add a new monument to the memorial site. The "Fallen Soldier" monument will be a beautiful tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the fight for freedom. Fundraisers will be ongoing over the months to come and donations have already began flowing in. Tim Ard, project chair says "I think after witnessing the construction of the Freeport Veterans Memorial, people know that we are serious and committed to this project. Response to this new addition has been overwhelming, and it is truly a moving piece and will be the only one of its kind." The Monument is being constructed by bronze artist Richard Rist of Baltimore Maryland and GLMCO Memorials of Walton County. Anyone needing information, or wanting to make a donation may contact Ard at 850-585-3304. The unveiling is scheduled for Veterans Day 2012.

Sagittarius 11/22 12/2 Capricorn 12/22 1/19

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Erica's Movie Reel"

Letter to the EDITOR:

ForWhom The Bridge Tolls

331Toll Bridge Debate

Obituary for Mary Watts Hughes

The Cabin in the Woods

This weekend, as my husband and I stood in front of the movie theatre trying to figure out what movie we would watch for our date night, we got stuck between a handful of movies we have been excited to see. We narrowed it down and almost bought tickets for The Five Year Engagement (which I still plan on seeing). However, my husband, an avid horror film lover, has been excited for The Cabin in the Woods since he first found the trailer online in the beginning of the year. I, on the other hand, do not like anything scary, and my husband usually watches horror films with a friend rather than with me, but I put my cowardly lion hat on and insisted that we see the movie that he has been so hyped on. I was fully prepared to find my place behind my husbands shoulder to shield myself from gallons of fake blood and images of torture, but I was glued. From the opening scene to the credits, this film had such a crazy, yet amazing, storyline that I was hooked. I spent the whole hour and a half trying to figure out what the heck was going on. I will admit that there were a few parts that I had to shield my eyes, but this film took the same old storyline from almost every other summer horror film and threw it into fourth gear. The basis of the film is a group of teenagers who go to a remote cabin in the woods for a weekend of booze, weed, and a lake. When one of the girls finds an old diary and read a line out loud, she awakens a family of evil zombies. Let me take this moment to say, this film is NOT your average zombie film, in fact, this film is NOT a zombie film. I know you are thinking, but you just said a family of evil zombies. This film will blow your mind. If you enjoy monster movies, gore movies, or movies that just leave you guessing until the very end, then you will love this film. I promise that this film will completely blow your mind, if not for the content, then for the amazing special effects. I wont give anything away, but it took some pretty amazing minds to think up and execute this film.

If you have any comments or recommendations email me at:

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Mary Watts Hughes, 86, passed away peacefully in her home in Miramar Beach, Fl., Saturday, April 21, 2012 The Florida Department of Transportation, (FDOT), has offered after a lengthy illness. to build another two lane bridge by the current Clyde B. Wells Mary was born November 29, 1925 to bridge if Walton County contributes $75 million to the cost of the John Nevin Watts and Betty Miller bridge. In addition, the FDOT will complete four lanes of 331 beWatts in St. Albans, West Virginia. She tween 98 and I-10 by 2017. The need for four lanes is due to the worked as an Executive Secretary at influx of visitors during Spring Break, summer tourists and Snow- Capital and United Airlines. It was in birds. In particular, the need is strong to be able to evacuate citichurch in Miami Springs, Fl. that she zens and tourist quickly during the hurricane season. The state met her beloved husband, Lancelot Durprefers a toll bridge to come up with the$75 million. A toll would rell Hughes, who was a pilot/flight engiplace the major cost of the funds on workers that have to cross the neer for Pan Am. During their marriage they traveled the world together, London bridge and is estimated to take 30years. being one of Mary's favorite places. An alternate way to pay for the bridge is to put a cent sales tax They continued to travel extensively increase in effect until the $75 million is paid. This tax will not including numerous cruises after their apply to food, pharmaceuticals or gasoline and will not apply to retirement. They were married for 43 purchases in excess of $5,000.00. This tax would put the majority years until his death in January 2011 of the cost on the tourists, the reason we need four lanes to start Mary was a lifelong member of the Episwith. It is estimated the tax would take 15 to 17 years to pay our copal church in Miami and here in Santa portion. Rosa Beach, Fl. She was a dedicated, The May 8,2012 referendum will ask the Walton County voters selfless volunteer on numerous church to vote yes or no to the cent sales tax increase for construction committees and functions. She also volof the bridge. It will not tell voters that a no vote will result in a unteered in the community at Sacred toll bridge. Although a few of the Walton County Commissioners Heart Hospital and Caring and Sharing are opposed to a toll bridge, from the meetings I have attended, they will approve a toll bridge if the sales tax is defeated. The citi- of South Walton County. She and Lance were charter members of zens of Walton County will not get to vote on this decision. Christ the King Episcopal Church from I encourage everyone to vote for the cent sales tax and put the its conception, first at Fisher's of Men burden for payment on the tourists for whom the four lanes are Retreat Center, and then in the double being built. We're talking about 50 cents for every 100 dollars we wide trailer on Hwy. 98 where early serspend on everything except food, medicine and gasoline. vices were held. Mary loved reading and Otherwise, the workers who have to cross the bridge daily will you never saw her without a book in probably have to pay between10 and 20 dollars every week. The hand until the technology of the Kindle actual amount will not be known until the FDOT completes a full and IPad. Mary was self taught on all the study later this year. latest technology from Apple and she Respectfully, was the one person that people would call for assistance. Bill Fletcher Mary was preceded in death by her parWalton County Resident ents, John and Betty Watts, her loving husband Lancelot, her sisters, Mildred The Walton Republican Women Federated W. Dunlap, Helen W. Sovine, Dorothy will be holding their monthly meeting on Wednesday May 16, 11:00 AM at Carrabba's Italian Grill located inside the Silver Sands W. Casto and brothers, James W. Watts and Michael M. Watts. Outlet Mall in Miramar Beach. We are extremely pleased to announce our guest speaker will be Abigail MacIver. Ms. MacIver is Mary is survived by her two stepsons, the Director of Policy and External Affairs for the Florida Chapter Lancelot Hughes, Jr. and wife, Mary Susan Modzel, Paul Hughes and wife, of Americans for Prosperity. She will be speaking on "Economic Janet, and one stepdaughter, Vikktoria Freedom and The Future of Our Country and Our State". A lunch Reres; seven step grand children Dana of Caesar Salad, Pasta Carrabba, bread, beverage and dessert will Hughes and fiance Rikki Garrett, Erin be served. Cost is $18.00 for members and $20.00 for guests. Hunter and husband Greg, Michael Contact Margaret Crozier for reservations at 837-5321. Hughes and wife Annie, Inger Reres, J.D. Reres, Torry Reres, Lance Reres; and one step-great grandson, Garrett Son Is Moving Out joke Bradley Hughes and numerous nieces and nephews. Two men were having coffee when one of them said: "Last night You may go on line to view obituaries, my son just walked into the living room and said, 'Dad, cancel my offer condolences and sign guest book at allowance immediately, rent my room, throw all my clothes out the window, take my TV, stereo, iPhone, iPod, and my laptop. Please Clary Glenn Freeport Chapel Funeral give my jewelry to the Salvation Army. Then, sell my car. Take Home is entrusted with the arrangemy front-door key away from me and throw me out of the house. ments. Then disown me and never talk to me again. And don't forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brother.'" The other man said: "Wow, he really said that?" "Well, he didn't put it quite that way. He actually said, 'Dad, I've decided to work for Obama's reelection campaign.'"

Thursday, May 3, 2012 2005 Skyline Park Model Trailer 41x12


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Friends of the Walton County Coastal Library HUGE BOOK SALE, May 19 from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00

The Emerald Star News office # is: 850-585-0262 Located in Freeport Florida

p.m. There are many, many titles to choose from. Find Non-Fiction, popular Fiction, New Authors, and Children's Books. You can also find Cookbooks, Garden and Design, Need a sign? History Collection, Art Books and much, much, more. Don't miss this HUGE Book Any size, style, design Sale in the community room at the Coastal Vinyl lettering, car wraps, banners, Branch Library. Plus, take this opportunity business cards, etc. to join the Friends of the Coastal Library! Design/layout services available. As a new member to the Friends, shop the Call for FREE estimate. 585-0262 pre-sale on Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with your minimal tax-deductible contribution membership of $10.00 dollars to Handyman-25yrs. Exp. The Annual May Day Fest & BBQ Cook-Off help support your local library. Please conAll phases of home repair./remodel will be held on May 5th at the Wee Care tact Linda L. Thompson at the Coastal LiFree estimates. Excellent work for a Park in DeFuniak Springs. Softball, enterbrary (850) 267-2809 437 Greenway Trail, great price. For more information tainment, family fun, and more. Santa Rosa Beach, FL Call: ESN @ 850.585.0262 Free admission. for more information. The activities will begin about 8 am with<http:// opening ceremonies at 10 am. Visit> Yard Work or extremely reasonable rates. Let me call 582-6026 about the BBQ Cook-Off or Rosemary Beach Farmer's Market help clean up your area. Call ESN: call 520-4290 about softball or the festival. Rosemary Beach,FL: Applications are cur850-585-0262 for details/times. rently being accepted for those who grow SAVE THE DATE... Grit & Grace, Inc. organic vegetables, fruits, raise plants, make Four-posted bed, 101 snacks, breads, pastries, candies, or produce years old. Perfect for Cordially invites you to join them for the milks and cheeses, and other foods, to be part antique lover. 2012 kick-off reception for the production of of the Sunday Farmer's Markets being held at Life at the Landingsand Beyond Rosemary Beach, FL. The Farmer's Market will coincide with the weekend West Indies June 14, @ 6 p.m. The Florida Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood Markets, throughout the summer months. Market days are: DeFuniak Springs, FL It will give those attending a chance to hear Sunday, May 13, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, June 10, from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. about this years production, meet the play write and director, have a chance to join the Sunday, July 15, from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Grit & Grace organization, and the opportunity to meet the cast and crew of this years production, as well as, members of the production from years gone by. All those interested in selling their products to SunCheck us out on Facebook/ day market crowds of 2,500-3,000, are encouraged to apply for this exciting event. For more informaRegrets only - 850.830.9625/ tion, call Hilltop Productions at 1-850-951-2148.

Volunteers needed at the Alaqua Animal refuge. Must be 18 + For more information call (850) 880-6399


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excellent opportunity-call now!! Positions available with little to no exp. With leads. Call 850.585.0262

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only 44% of the children in the court system have a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem, Freeport has lots of cases that need volunteers. Please consider volunteering, it only takes a few hours a month after you are trained, and makes a big difference in the life of a local child. Visit fill out the application, save it and send it to you will be so glad you did!!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

CARIBBEAN FUN - ID# T378319 2br/1.5ba, two-story bungalow directly on Black Creek. Dock w/electric. Storage shed, dbl carport. Must see! $189,000

ACREAGE-HOME-SHOP - ID# T88495 1.79 acres w/brick 3BR/2BA, 1,800 SF on corner. BONUS 30 x 60 metal workshop!! Short Sale, As-Is. NOW ONLY $175,000

6 ACRES-SHORT SALE - ID# T379251 Near Eglin AFB Reservation. Over 1,600 sq. ft. w/3BR/2.5BA. Updated kitchen, s/s appliances. Pole barn & more. $164,900

EMERALD SHORES - ID# 88485 Protected water with easy access to the Intracoastal & Choctawhatchee Bay. CW&S available. Tremendous potential! $159,000

BAY HARBOUR - ID# T356156 With dock & seawall in place. Power & water avail. on dock. Ready to build! Owner financing considered. $189,900

10 ACRES - UNRESTRICTED Close to Choctawhatchee River, w/easy access to boat launches. Survey completed. Owner Financing Available. $60,000

GREAT PRICE! - ID# T402715 Bayou Bend S/D interior lot with water access to LaGrange Bayou. Beautiful oak trees. Restricted. CW available. $29,900

HOME WITH 7.5 ACRES - ID# T490918 3BR/2BA, 2,910 SF brick home. Workshop & carport. CW&S avail. Needs renovation. Zoned R-3. Bank Owned. $149,500

WATERFRONT DEAL! - ID# T88494 Almost 1 acre on Mallet Bayou! 3BR/2BA home with 1,514 SF. Dock w/ power & water, fenced yard. $236,500

HWY 90 ACREAGE - ID# T483643 Owner financing available with 10% down and flexible terms! Over 4 acres of level land with public water available. $75,000

MALLET BAYOU - ID# T88486 Waterfront lot in Emerald Shores w/ great westerly views of Bayou. Lucky fishing in local waters! City W&S avail. $134,900

BAYFRONT LOT - ID# T88493 Bay Harbour lot being offered at an unbelievably low price. Not a short sale! Owner Financing Available. $149,000

THE FLORIDA GOOD LIFE - ID# T305914 RIVER RENDEZVOUS - ID# T416049 LAGRANGE BAYOU - ID# T88497 1st class cabin on Choctawhatchee. 3BR/3BA, 3BR/2.5BA, 1,836 SF cottage on LaGrange 4BR/3.5BA w/over 2,100 SF on 1.3 acres. 9 approx. 1,700 SF. FP, vaulted ceilings. 50x70 Bayou. 1st floor Master BR. Open kitchen w/ ft. ceilings & new Florida rm. Oversized metal bldg. across street included. $299,800 granite countertops. Dbl garage. $369,500 garage + studio. Covered boatlift. $519,000

BAYOU PARADISE - ID# T88496 Elegant custom home features 2,617 SF, 3 BR/2.5 BA w/ office & open floor plan perfect for entertaining! $749,000


Ph: 850-835-4153