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The benefits of collaboration in TOPdesk

Company assets affect everyone
All too often, the responsibility for managing company assets is assigned to one department or person; IT is responsible for the servers, and Facilities for the coffee machines. When it comes to other matters, however, the division of responsibilities is often less strict. When you use TOPdesk in several departments, streamlining your cross-departmental processes becomes easy. This method was prone to errors, and caused a lot of ambiguity among the colleagues concerned.

Clear and user-friendly
A number of years ago, we decided that the abovementioned procedure could be managed much more effectively. The IT department decided to neatly link all items issued to persons in TOPdesk, and to give the HR department access to Configuration Management. In this way, the HR advisor can see for himself which items have been issued to that employee. To create even more transparency, a graphic overview is now available on the Persons card from TOPdesk version 4.3. Even without much technical knowledge, the HR advisor can see which items are held by the employee and who is responsible for them. When an employee leaves the company, he or she is easily informed as to which items should be returned, and where to hand them in. On the final day, an HR advisor can check at a glance whether everything has actually been handed in. Both the IT department and the HR department have saved a lot of time, and fewer items disappear.

…is an HR advisor at TOPdesk and a TOPdesk application manager.

More and more organizations are striving to make their crossdepartmental processes more efficient. In the next three issues of TOPdesk Magazine, you can read practical examples of how your HR department can work with other departments more efficiently in TOPdesk.

An employee is leaving – have they returned the laptop?
At TOPdesk, we have also implemented our own software to ensure that crossdepartmental processes flow smoothly. For example, our IT department handles all records of stock held by TOPdesk employees, such as laptops or mobile phones. The HR department ensures that new employee procedures or resignations run smoothly. At first, these seem to be two separate process flows, but upon second observation an overlap appears. As soon as a colleague announces he is leaving, he must return TOPdesk’s property. In the past, an HR advisor went along to the IT department to ask whether the employee had handed in all their belongings.

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