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Friday, Aug. 17, 2012







Health and Safety News

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Company fined $42,000 for safety failings - A garbage collection company was fined $42,000 yesterday over an incident where a 92kg bin lifting arm, fitted to a garbage truck, fell suddenly and struck a worker on the head. The incident left t... safetowork

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INSI teams up with Free Press for webinars on reporting upcoming US Conventions INSI Blog - Reporting at the Conventions: safety, security and rights for reporters and citizen journalists covering the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention Free Press, the In... INSI

Health & Safety for School - We are here to assist Heads and other teachers with their Health & Safety duties and responsibilities. We can perform a Health & Safety Compliance Audit in your school to examine your records, poli...

michael ellerby

HealthSafety Hertfordshire property developer prosecuted after w orkers put at risk:
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"I'm 32 and battling cancer." - Its not what I was expecting to hear when I went to the doctor. Three months ago, I went to urgent care, thinking I would walk out with a Zpack and a prescription for rest and chicken soup. Howe... Safer Chemicals

Confronting my workplace bully - Speaking of Safety - In my early 20s, I had a summer job sorting mail in a corporate basement. One of my coworkers, who was around my age, was assigned to show me the ropes if I had any questions. But when I asked qu... WorkSafeBC

HealthSafety #FF @RRCTraining training in health & safety, environmental and quality management delivered throughout the w orld:
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HealthSafety Sheffield landlords put tenant's life at risk: Join the conversation

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Gas Leak

Dairy firm sentenced over explosion at Allerdale factory - A national dairy firm has been sentenced following a major explosion at its cheese factory in Cumbria. The remains of the boiler house after the explosion. The boiler house at Aspatria Creamery, on... Health & Safety, HSE

Firm fined after worker injured at waste site

See all - A Staffordshire environmental waste company has been fined after an employee was crushed by a reversing vehicle. The 23-year-old man from Cannock was handpicking waste from a skip at Rugeley Enviro...

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Health & Safety, HSE

Waste firm failed to assess site-transport risks - incourt-content - A worker suffered groin injuries when he was crushed between a skip and a reversing vehicle at a waste site. Ryan Owen, 23, was working as a waste sorter at Rugeley Environmental Waste Services Ltd...

Pyeroy wins 1.1M nuclear sub contract The Global Scaffolding Magazine
SHP Online - Industrial support group Pyeroy has won a 1.1m contract to support the multi-millionpound refit of the Royal Navys Trident ballistic missile submarine HMS Vengeance. HMS Vengeance is the fourth...

Congo mine collapse kills at least 60 | World news - At least 60 people have been killed in a landslide at a remote Congolese gold mine. The shaft collapsed on Monday in Pangoyi, a remote corner of north-east Democratic Republic of the Congo, a local... BritishSafetyCouncil

Landlord prosecuted for endangering lives - A landlord has been handed a suspended jail sentence for endangering lives after a mother, her partner and her eight-year-old daughter were poisoned by carbon monoxide at a flat in Lewisham. Gail C... Health & Safety, HSE


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Letter to the Chief Executive, Western Challenge Housing Association following article in the Sun - I read with some concern a report in the Sun (Thursday 16th August) where it is stated that your organisation has placed a series of restrictions on garden furniture and decorations at a site in Ba... Health & Safety, HSE

Bumbo Baby Seats recalled in the US after scores or reported infant injuries - Four million Bumbo Baby Seats have been recalled after scores of reported infant injuries. Alarmingly there have (reportedly) been 21 cases of skull fractures reported from babies using the seats. ... RoSPA

Airbags Information | Vehicle Safety Advice & Information | Road Safety - This factsheet is a short literature review of airbags and includes advice about common concerns with airbags, and how to use them safely. Car occupants form 64% of all road casualties. In 2010, 13... RoSPA

Business Education
Stratford City Construction Fatality Follows Safety Warnings - In mid 2009 IWW members produced a report on health and safety at Stratford City. Regrettably, it seems their concerns about the nature of working practices on the site have proved wellfounded. On... IOSH

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House price-salary gap widening | UK news - The National Housing Federation said that in 2001 the typical price of a house was 121,769, while the average salary was 16,557. But 10 years later the price of a home had increased to around ... IOSH

Demolition News Video Armac goes to college - Armac Group brings out big guns to tackle demolition of former Bournville College. Armac Group has just started work on the longawaited demolition of Demolition of the former Bournville College si... demolitionnews

Developing course on EM 385-1-1 Need help - Online Safety Community - This thought provoking workplace safety infographic features the top 5 organizations that have made the biggest impact on occupational health and safety. It features the U.S governments OSHA,Conti... Safety Community

Bracknell Forest Homes tells mum 'play equipment must go' - News - getbracknell - Bracknell Forest Standard - A mum who forked out for play equipment for a communal garden has been told she must remove it as the area is not for playing in. Coleen King, 25, spent more than 700 buying swings and a trampol...

Health & Safety Events

IOSH - IIRSM will be showcasing their new publication at Health and Safety Midlands. Entitled Risk Led Safety, Evidence-Driven
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Management by Christopher Jerman & Duncan Spencer, this book aims to strip ...

Safety Matters - my Safety Blog: Social Networking and when not to Twitter

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IIRSM - Like many people, I find that twitter is both amusing and (slightly) addictive. I do not intend to introduce Health and Safety as a reason for not Tweeting, but we should apply commonsense. It seem... michael ellerby

INSI: Covering demonstrations and other civil disorders - Make sure your accreditation is in order and easily accessible. Alert authorities that your news organization plans to cover the protests, and obtain the cell number of the person in charge. ... INSI

Safety Jokes, funny stories - A collection of safety jokes, mostly old ones and the origins are unknown. If any of these jokes are registered copyright please let me know and I will remove. If you have arrived here looking for ... safetyphoto


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Safety Matters - my Safety Blog: Managers need to manage (even when it comes to safety) - Part 4 See all Blaze guts northside Quincy landmark; arson suspected - Quincy Herald-Whig - A historic house at the corner of Fifth and Maple was gutted by fire Thursday afternoon as crowds gathered to watch the blaze. Arson investigators will seek to establish what caused the fire in a b... - Many people assume that when they appoint a contractor to carry out work for them that they have not further responsibility for the safety of the contractor. There have been many cases over the las... michael ellerby



Idaho fire menaces resort town, property toll rises in Cascades - 1 of 3. Smoke from the Trinity Ridge Fire rises over the mountains outside Pine, Idaho August 15 2012. Wildfires roared out of control across the sun-scorched U.S. West on Wednesday and threatened ... Means-of-Escape

OSHA to focus on worker fall hazards Four dead in Thai nightclub fire after lightning strike - Telegraph - "Two are in critical condition from severe burns. One of them is a French man who suffered burns on his torso," she added. "The four dead bodies were burnt beyond recognition. We cannot identify ev... - ATLANTA (WTVA) -- OSHA will begin an enforcement campaign because of an increase in deaths because of construction-related falls. Federal officials say falls are among the four leading causes of fa... InjuryFree


Evanston man killed in Colorado gas well explosion - An Evanston man is dead, killed in a highpressure gas release at an Encana Corp. natural gas well in northern Colorado Wednesday afternoon. Brian Wallis, 60, of Evanston, was killed in the explosi... Vickie Lane


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