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1. Call to Order Chair Judy Francis convened the regular meeting at 2:58 pm (Eastern Time). 2. Roll Call Members present were Judy Francis, James Davenport, Robert Hill, Tim Brown, Keith Cubic, Royce Maniko, Mike Harper, Mike Kayes, Dennis Sandquist and Joe Scorcio. Charlie Compton was excused. A quorum was confirmed. 3. Finance Report Treasurer Harper presented the latest financial report. He indicated that 29 renewals have been received so far. In July, he will be sending out an email to all former NACP members (lapsed of 2 years or more) to see if they are interested in rejoining. It is likely that some may have missed prior renewal notices. He also discussed a willingness to look at the CPD and NACP rosters and invite members to join the other organization. He cited common interests, broader outreach opportunities (different membership) and greater access to planning issues as possible reasons in his message. He will work further on this idea before the next board meeting. Hill moved and Sandquist seconded to accept the financial report. Motion was approved unanimously Harper also requested a partial reimbursement on the cost of his business mailbox fee that he uses to support NACP activities. Scorcio moved, Maniko seconded to authorize $50 in mailbox reimbursement and that this be included in future annual budgets. The motion passed unanimously with Harper abstaining. To coincide with the new fiscal year, Harper will present a new format for the financial spreadsheet at the July meeting. He will be incorporating the annual budget/work program into the report. 4. Research Activities and Events Update Davenport provided an update on the draft wind farm model ordinance. The draft will be presented at the NACo Annual Conference next month with the final print version to be distributed in the fall. He indicated that a webinar was successfully conducted yesterday entitled Everyone Remain Calm. The multi-organization sponsored webinar focused on ways to communicate effectively without getting derailed on planning and sustainability issues. He will try to get copies of the webinar materials distributed to the board when/if available. 5. Other Business Francis, Sandquist, Davenport, Hill and Scorcio will be attending the NACo Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. NACP is involved in sessions on both Sunday and Monday mornings. The members will try to gather for a dinner on Saturday evening (8:00ish), and also on Monday evening (TBD). Scorcio will make the reservations. He requested any local knowledge or suggestions be sent to him. Francis will compile and distribute contact information, hotel locations and arrival/departure schedules if those attending will send that to her.

8. Next Executive Committee Meeting Date and Time It was determined that the next teleconference meeting would be after the CPD meeting on be Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 2:00 pm (Eastern Time). 9. Adjournment The NACP meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

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