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Installation and Operational Guide


MODEL # D-11009

This instruction manual serves as a guide for the Python T-4. IMPORTANT! Please read through all provided instructions and any listed warnings in regards to product use.

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The following provides all the information necessary to safely operate the previously listed products of Feniex Industries, Inc. Please read this manual thoroughly before installing or operating your new product in order to prevent any damage or injury. Failure to follow the listed instructions in the manual may result in damage to your product or personal injury. The product(s) contain(s) high-intensity LEDs. Do not stare directly into the light(s) as eye damage or momentary blindness could occur. Please guarantee all vital components of the vehicle are not in danger of being damaged by drilling holes necessary for installation. Check all sides of the mounting surface before drilling any holes into the vehicle. Do not install this product in any way that interferes with the deployment of the air bag. Doing so may damage the effectiveness of the air bag and can lead to serious personal and vehicle injury. The installer will assume full responsibility of proper installation of the new unit. Please clean the mounting surface before installation of the unit when using tape, brackets, magnet, Velcro or suction cups. The product ground wire must be connected directly to the Negative (-) battery post for effective use of the unit. Please follow all wiring guidelines provided to guarantee long lifespan and productivity. Failing to follow these instructions may result in damage to the product.

Feniex Industries, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for sixty (60) months from the date of purchase for all LED products. Feniex Industries warranties computer systems, horns, speakers and sirens and controllers for 24 months, while coverage for strobes, switches and flashers are for a 12 month term. If a manufacturer defect occurs within this time period, Feniex will repair or replace malfunctioning parts free of charge. If a warranty problem occurs, please contact customer support at 1.800.615.8350 or visit the web site at www. If the product needs to be returned for repair or replacement, call our customer support line to receive a return merchandise authorization number. Operational times will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. central time. Please do not send in product without contacting Feniex first for a RMA number and filling out the return form located at under the About Us tab.


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WARNING: Utilizing non-factory screws and mounting brackets may result in loss of warranty coverage

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Voltage: 9-13 VDC Dimensions: 0.85H x 3L x 0.85 W Current Consumption: 300 mA (milliAmps) T-4/T-6 LIGHT HEAD



Mounting Instructions: See illustration for mounting information


1.) Place the unit with flange against the selected mounting surface.

2.) Mark the areas where the mounting holes will be drilled. If mounting surface is part of the vehicle, make sure no vital components could be damaged by the drilling process.

CE certified SAE J595 certified RoHs and REACH compliant LEDs Meets CCR, Title 13 requirements Utilizes Phillips engineered 4-watt, 5th generation LEDs Flange made from reinforced polypropylene, with high tensile strength and rigidity

3.) Drill two mounting holes in the marked surface, as well as a 0.5 diameter hole for wire passage (if mounting on a vehicle). Make sure to de-burr holes thoroughly. Parts can be found online at, both under Emergency and Public Works sections of the site.

4.) Pass the wires through the 0.5 diameter hole, and secure the lighthead to the mounting surface with the provided hardware.

5.) Proceed to follow the provided wiring instructions.

Feniex Industries, Inc.

Red wire = Positive, 12V power Black wire= Negative, Ground White wire= Dim Wire Yellow wire= Flash mode changer/Sync

Wiring Instructions: See illustration for wiring information:

1.) In order to activate the unit, extend the red (+) wire to a 12V-24V post. Extend the black (-) wire to the ground post of the vehicles battery.

2.) Momentarily connect the yellow wire on a 12V-24V source to select a flash pattern from the 34 available.

3.) To sync two lightheads, connect the red(+) wires from each lighthead together, and connect the black (-) wires from each light head to each other. Change the flash pattern on each lighthead to steady on pattern and connect the flash mode changer (yellow) wires from each lighthead together. This will synchronize the flash patterns of the lightheads.

4.) To configure the heads to alternate, one lighthead must be designated as master while the other as a slave unit. Factory default is master. To designate the mode, connect one unit to a power source with the red wire to 12V(+) and the black wire to 12V(-). To change modes, hold the yellow wire to the ground (black) wire of the unit. When all the diodes turn steady on, this indicates that the light head is in master mode, when half the diodes turn steady on, this indicates the unit is in slave mode. To have the lightheads alternate, configure one lighthead (or pairs) as master and the other lighthead (or pairs) as slave.

Feniex Industries, Inc.