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Acceleration of real estate management in RE/FX and maintenance processes in PM/CS using graphical extensions

For the construction of an integrated data structure for architectural and technical objects as well as for the optimization of its technical and real estate related processes, iFMS implemented as the standard remedy at the Vienna International Airport. iFMS (integrated Facility Management System) is a graphical extension for the existing components of SAP PM/CS and SAP RE-FX. The system optimizes infrastructural, technical and commercial Facility Management business processes which are based and executed in SAP. Furthermore it expands the . functionality of SAP using additional software modules in iFMS. Together, iFMS and SAP form a highly integrated and holistic CAFM.

approximately 18.1 million passengers and a yearly volume of 268.000 tons of cargo is being processed. The airport consists of 160 buildings and more than 760.00 760.000 square meters of floor space About 9.000 rooms are space. rented out. The technical building equipment comprises of more than 5.000 technic ore technical plants and 60.000 components.

Starting point
Airport Vienna uses different IT ifferent IT-systems for managing the buildings and plants as well as for the letting of business areas. Already since 1999 the maintenance of buildings and the car pool has been supported on base of SAP PM/CS. Due to an enormous growth of floo space, floor in the beginning of 2006 Vienna Airport established the SAP module SAP/RE-FX to support the commercial real FX estate management tasks. Through this step a higher level of transparency on master data was achieved. As a result, inconsistencies concern room data, which were concerning caused by the absent integration of processes of technical alterations in CAD as well as of a missing reconciliation of maintenance and the commercial billing processes, were found. To prevent future data datainconsistencies and to fu fulfil the constantly rising requirements on a decision decision-oriented reporting for technical and commercial analysis, the Vienna Airport decided to establish a process integration which is based on the graphical integration of module SAP/RE SAP/RE-FX with connections to the module SAP/PM used for maintenance. Area-related CAD data of all buildings is documented in related AutoCAD on floor-level and used for calculating rentable level areas. To support the data acquisition process during the construction phase and PIT PIT-CUP is used.

Country: Sector: Passengers: Flight activity: Austria Airport 18.1 Mio in 2009 243.430 flights in 2009

Vienna International Airport as a company

Vienna International Airport represents one of Europes few airports which are listed on the stock market. As developer, constructor and operator of the Vienna International Airport, a full spectrum of related services is provided. Favoured by the geographical location in the centre of Europe, Vienna Airport positioned itself as one of the most important hubs to booming central and eastern European destinations. Its growing strategy is based on the positive trend of demand for Far and Middle East destinations and on the above above-average dynamic of the Low-Cost-Carriers. In 2009 Vienna International Airport was the start or end point for

The solution
The project for harmonizing the IT-environment was named IBT Information s systems for building technology. The system supports the holistic approach including strategic, organizational, process and IT components. The necessary Know Know-How was provided by the bidding consortium of m+p business solutions and syskoplan AG. Already during the original design phase of the project the implementation of innovative master data

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management in combination with a graphical component was determined as the main factor of success for acceptance and sustainability of the SAP SAP-based maintenance and real estate system. Furthermore, complete, up-to-date and consistent building and date technical master data are the prerequisites for a successful and trend-setting real estate management. setting Besides the extension of the SAP environment with a graphical complementary system, a significant optimization of the SAP/PM components was carried out in close co-operation with the concerned business unit operation as well as the consultants.

The benefit for project development

Concerning the project development it was clear that the realization of the topic FM focused building construction contributes to cutting of cost and the costs increase of quality during the operational phase of the building. The customer was convinced by the system, regarding the possibility to receive CAD egarding CAD-plans of new constructions from architects and planners according t to a standardised documentation guideline which enables an automatic data generation and seamless integration to the specific SAP modules modules.

Integrated IT-architecture with SAP and graphical extension architecture

Transfer of construction related data

Our experiences within the Logistics and Airport ogistics Airport-sector was a major advantage allowing to accelerate the whole project, to provide sustainable optimization in terms of design of the architectural and technical data model as chnical well as the transfer of practical process requirements for the software.

The new system design in general and the graphical system in particular closes the gap between CAD and ERP systems master data and processes are lifted up to new and a higher quality level.

The benefit for the value-added processes added

A consistent data management throughout the systems AutoCAD SAP PM/CS SAP RE-FX requires an FX integrated mapping of the architectural and us usage view. It simplifies and standardises the important maintenance of real estate data. High quality building plans for a. marketing purposes, which can be generated at the push of the button and directly support the tenancy process process, can be mentioned as a positive concomitant effect s effect.

The benefit for Facility M Management

An existing pool of high quality master data is essential for value-sustaining maintenance strategies and planning sustaining of replacement investments as well as for mass and service focused tendering Some examples: for tendering. outsourcing of cleaning services it is relevant to have the exact size of areas as well as the type of floor cover of circulation areas within the data base. Besides that, for tendering of technical services of specific maintenance groups and plants it is necessary to have detailed information about the plants, its components and performance data as well as the location data.

Even within the first year of usage of the system the customer gains a rise of quality and mer efficiency through a media-consistent and consistent efficient data management.

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SAP RE-FX as a common standard covers the commercial real estate and contract management. iFMS The standard software iFMS is used as an extension application to the SAP modules and provides functionalities which are not provided by the SAP system itself. Primarily these are all graphical functions and in particular the interface to CAD. iFMS is certified by SAP, the system is automatically adjusted to new SAP releases. AutoCAD
Specific view: type of areas

The benefit for Marketing

The new and higher quality of real estate related master data enables a detailed overview over the real estate and floor space portfolio. It also provides the customer with marketing-relevant information including standardised plans for marketing purposes on the push of the button.

On the Vienna International Airport AutoCAD is used for processing CAD plans. All CAD plans are drawn according to the existing documentation guideline which simplifies the management of all architectural views.

The new IT architecture

The main philosophy of the new IT architecture is based on the fact that CAD plans of constructions are structured in a specific, mandatory way which is fixed in the documentation guideline. This structure allows for all relevant graphical and alphanumerical data of the operational and real estate related processes to be read out of the plans by the graphic-based system iFMS. Parallel to the read out, the architectural view on the real estate objects is generated within SAP PM/CS. Therefore architectural objects are provided non-redundant independent from the tenancy view. Besides the perfect support of Facility Management processes also tenant processes, asset accounting and parts of the sales processes are optimized. Now, out of the architectural view how is the physical structure of the real estates the operational view how is the business administrational situation of the real estates can be generated. The unique feature of this solution is the possibility to analyse all graphical information and its relations and even using historical views on the data pool. That means that it is possible to view the space usage on individually selected dates, either in the past or even to make versions for future space usage.

Layout and content of plans for marketing purposes

The graphical extension supports the transparency of all types of complex and highly flexible sub-rental contracts and significantly simplifies their handling.

Overall view of the IT-architecture

SAP components The standard ERP-system SAP provides all necessary functions of business processes for the Vienna International Airport including processes of internal, external and assets accounting as well as logistic functions for procurement, materials management and sales. Special functions regarding Facility Management are provided within the SAP module SAP PM/CS whereas

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The Operational View in SAP RE RE-FX

The branch module SAP RE RE-FX serves to portrait the operation view as the basis of the business processes used for commercial real estate management. The ideal case would be to retrieve that data directly out of the architectural areas, however in praxis the rentable area often differs due to legal regulations or existing rental contracts. This factor is considered by the provision of a or an architectural and operational view.

Advantages of the new IT architecture

The new integrated IT architecture combin the CADd combines world with the ERP-world and hereby the graphical view world with the commercial view onto one real estate portfolio. The connection of the system components unifies the he functionality and views of the objects in the different systems, for the end user. The user can now navigate through the various system components without noticing a change of environment or the limitations of one or the onment other system.

Integrated IT-architecture CAD iFMS SAP e

The Architecture and CAD plan views in iFMS

The SAP graphical extension iFMS automatically, as far as possible, generates a simplified hierarchical object list by importing and mapping the architectural view (CAD plans). The architectural view is generated by highly constructive CAD-Software. Among the objects which are Software. imported from the plans are the various layers, the b block symbols and the room-stamps. Synchron stamps. Synchronously iFMS automatically generates the architecture and its relevant data in SAP PM/CS.

Future potential of the IT architecture

Until now the GTI-project focused on the optimization of the data and process management regarding the asset and technical facility management. This includes functions like the graphical visualization of alphanumerical information. For this reason, rental contract information, planned maintenance actions, service level agreements, supply areas of technical plants or other object related information can be displ displayed graphically using a direct relation to space and areas. Regarding future perspectives, the unified system provides a variety of further useful functionalities functionalities. Among others the business processes to the customer (determination of demands) as well as t the supplier to (recipient of demands) can be improved. Architectural plans of real estates and objects can support the customers (tenants, airport staff and interested parties) or service supply companies regarding orientation within the buildings e.g. to relocate technical plants in case of failure or for maintenance reasons or to gain more transparency in the tenancy process. The terminal operation centre (TOC) is so far the first sector of Vie Vienna International Airport which realized further development

Architectural and Technical Views in SAP PM/CS

The module SAP PM/CS serves to portrait the architectural and technical views as the basis for the business processes of maintenance and service service-orderprocessing. Technical equipment is listed in a hierarchical structured tree (SAP uses the technical place structure) building ical structure); and maintenance related groups are listed and categorised according to DIN 276. Architectural objects are listed parallel in a hierarchical tree, categorised by building, floor (level), room and area. The association of technical equipment to their architectural location is achieved by referencing the architectural view. All objects are issued with a unique key (identifier) which at the same time acts as a distinction for the location and he usage of the object.

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from the GTI architecture to the TOC service manager. This development allows a graphical support of the terminal operation organisation through visualising all scheduled and unscheduled incidents within the terminal area.

The IT architecture is flexibly designed to adjust to future extension or add-ons. Furthermore, the Vienna International Airport has the possibility to reconfirm and even improve its excellent position on the real estate market through innovation and service.

Software and Services

SAP 4.7 Enterprise iFMS

Vienna International Airport, Servicebereich Informationssysteme m+p business solutions GmbH syskoplan AG

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