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Projected ISiS Integrated Transformation Plan

Preferred Supplier Due Diligence Contract Awarded

Service commencement & JV Begins Form Transformation Blueprint for business

6 monthly programme review


6 monthly programme review

6 monthly programme review


6 monthly programme review

Key Outcomes
Innovation culture and services embedded within SCC and TDBC. Robust and fully integrated programme with clarity on vision, long-term benefits and clear accountability. All stakeholders know how they are contributing to achieving the vision and have the resources and methods to succeed. World Class CRM to enable improved customer service. Improved access to information through Citizen & Partner Portals. In-depth knowledge of our customers and communities leading to better tailoring and targeting of services. Customers and Communities empowered to be independent and take control. Consistently higher levels of customer satisfaction putting SCC and TDBC into a league of your own for local government service delivery. Elected members are able to access area-based information in support of wider customer and community engagement. Multi-agency electronic self-assessment (eSAP) enabling the joining together of key parties involved in the assessing the needs of older people. Tailored information & services delivered from locally based access points Independent living at home enabled through the Telemedicine pilot

Developing Transformation Leadership, Governance and processes

Change management, vision, strategy and planning begins

Transformation Partnership Organisation in place

Mobilisation Period

Customer Access

Launch Innovation Services Initial Programme & Change management processes and tools in place. Understanding our Understanding our Customers and Local Customers and Service Delivery Local Service Planning Begins Delivery Planning Promoting Completes Services begins Performance Measurement & Analysis Work Enabling Customer Service Begins Information Centre Begins Telemedicine Telemedicine Begins Completes Citizen & Partner Portal begins Mobile Electronic Single Assessment Process Begins

Revisions to Programme Governance Revised Set of Prioritized Strategic Benefits Modification & Rationalisation of existing project portfolio begins Initial Transformation Roadmap

Promoting Service Phase 1 Complete Phase 1 Begins Information Centre Completes Phase 2 Begins Phase 3 Begins Enabling Customer Service Completes

SAP CRM Phase 1 Start

Citizen & Partner Portal Completes Mobile Electronic Single Assessment Process Completes Citizen Master Data integration Project Begins SAP CRM Phase 1 Completes

SAP CRM Phase 2 Completes

SAP CRM Phase 3 Begins Flexible Office Completes

Enabling Efficiency and Modernisation

Accommodation Strategy, Analysis Begins

Implementation Phase Begins

Flexible Office Begins Mobile Working Begins Home Working Begins

Quick Wins begins Category Management (Discovery & Analysis) begins

My Day Project

Mobile Working Completes Home Working Completes

Discovery& Analysis Completes Category Management Completes

Create Purchasing Org. Begins ERP / Shared Service Begins Education Centre of Excellence Start Somerset Jam Begins Ogilvy Branding Workshop Economic Benchmark 1 Establish Project Framework Completed Design 1st Global Case Study 1st International Reference Visit Somerset Jam Completes Managed Learning Pilot Business Incubator Taunton Accommodation Innovation Centre Set Up Broadband Network Delivery Start Economic Benchmark 2 Broadband Network Delivery completes ERP Completes

Mobile working in place enabling greater one-to-one time with customers. A new iconic building with flexible office space, enabling more efficient processing of customer transactions. A new Shared Service Centre operating to the highest standards of delivery, supported by a culture of continuous improvement. Elevation of the Procurement Function to a strategic level by leveraging IBMs capabilities and supplier relationships in order to ensure at least 75m to re-invest in ISiS projects. Broadband network upgraded to facilitate economic growth, supported by Somerset on the World Stage brand awareness. JV business growth promoted by IBM executives. Creation of a European Institute of Local Government in Somerset. Schools Centre of Excellence delivered. New Business and Innovation Centres established, creating new jobs and attracting new businesses to the area. Supplier Excellence programme delivered. Countywide communications with cities. A motivated workforce, operating in a citizen-centric service culture, underpinned by a professional excellence model. A more flexible and agile workforce, able to accommodate on-going change more efficiently and effectively. People that have the right learning and development opportunities to suit their roles and career needs. Leaders that are highly capable in managing staff through change. Professional development environment created. An Enterprise Architecture delivered that provides the framework enable services to be delivered more innovatively, effectively and efficiently. A more robust, reliable and secure systems environment. An Enterprise Content Management system enabling information to be accessed from anywhere, by anyone with the correct privileges in a variety of ways best suited for that individual. Flexible and scaleable Portal framework to enable direct access to multiple services based around key stakeholder communities. Substantial improvements in broad bandwidth internet technologies to support businesses and increased mobile working. Introduction of comprehensive security and identity management systems. Immediate and sustainable cost efficiencies. Increased service performance, security, reliability/contingency. Significant service improvement from first time touch solutions. Increased flexibility to support growth of Shared Service Centre business. Significantly improved working environment for staff. Increased staff mobility & more efficient working practices. Improved Schools service. Enhanced career opportunities and employment for seconded staff. Maximise the value of council property and assets. Access to specialist resources and world-class innovation as required. Increased connectivity across Somerset.

Social & Economic Development

IBM VP Locates in Taunton ISiS Sales Team Mobilised IBM Delivery Centre

Energy Valley Cluster Creation Team Starts

Washington Link Up Commences

People Excellence

Analysis of Resource Management Begins Culture Change Begins Leadership Begins

Competency Framework Designed

Professional Excellence Begins Skills Assessment Rolled out Professional Development Begins Professional Development Pilot Employee & Member Portal Completes

Employee & Member Portal begins

Technology Enablement

Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture Completes Begins Security Design Completes Integration Platform Design Completes Broadband Planning Begins ECM Phase 1 Complete ECM Pilots Begin Portal Technology Framework Complete

New Integration Platform Complete

Broadband Implementation Begins

ECM Pilots Complete

Citizen Roadmap Completes ICT Transition & Transformation Completes Property & FM Completes

ICT Transition & Transformation Start Staff Secondment & Accommodation Property & FM Starts HR Transition Process Begins Revs & Bens Services Starts Design Print & Postal Starts Procurement Starts Customer Access Starts HR Services & Finance Starts

Business Services Transition & transformation Programme

(Standard Bid)

HR Transition Process Completes

Revs & Bens Services Completes Design Print & Postal Completes Procurement Completes Customer Access Completes HR Services & Finance Completes