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The Crime That Dwarfs Watergate

Who uploaded the forged document? Is there no integrity left in DC? Where is the Special Prosecutor?
After a 10-month investigation all of the experts Sheriff Joe Arpaio has consulted agree that not only is the Obama birth certicate image a forgery, but so is Obamas selective service registration. The penalty for not registering disqualies any individual from employment in the Executive Branch of the federal government.

The Body of Evidence document laying on the White House Website is a forged birth certicate that was intended to authenticate Barack Obamas constitutional eligibility and hoax the American public.

Considering a forged birth certicate and forged Selective Service registration an honest citizen is left asking Why would a person do this; especially one who claims to be the most transparent president in history? Is this why hes sealed his vital records for the past four years? When will Congress do their duty and answer this question honestly and not politically?

Most importantly, with an illegitimate president, dont we have an illegal, unauthorized government?
IF TRUE, nothing Obama has signed is valid. This includes, Obamacare, all the sweeping powers seized by his Executive Orders, and the Supreme Court appointments of Sotomayor and Kagan. IF TRUE, no treaty signed by Obama will remain in effect. This puts our national security in jeopardy as sovereign heads of state question the legitimacy of Mr. Obamas constitutional authority. MONDAY AUGUST 20 2012 // THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Article II Super PAC is working to prevent the destruction of the Constitution and preserve the heritage we leave to our children and grandchildren. The American People are the remedy of last resort. We cannot wait for another tainted election. You can void the presidency of Mr. Obama. You can help. Call Congressman Eric Cantors ofce today, 202.225.2815 and DEMAND an IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION into Barack Obamas constitutional eligibility. Please circulate this message for others to share. Do it NOW! Join us. Its Our America. Its Our Fight. Please support us with a donation and pray for our Nation. Donate by credit card: Or donate by check: P.O. Box 7011, Richmond, Virginia 23221

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