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Name Description Blessing Blessing Description Page (+) 8-Again on Animal Ken & free specialty on animal most representing their mien. (+) Can add points of Glamour to Presence and Composure dice pool. (-) -4 untrained penalty in Mental Skills. (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Intelligence. Spend Glamour for +2 to all Stamina rolls for the scene. Spend Glamour, +3 on social rolls with Hobgoblins. +2 to perception rolls. Spend Glamour to heighten senses. +1 to Composure when resisting emotional manipulation, +2 to Stamina when resisting poisons Spending Willpower on a Pers or Sub roll grants +5. If vice is Gluttony, Greed or Lust, Manipulation cost is New Dots x 4 Lethal unarmed damage Spend Glamour once per day, hearing her voice cuts social rolls by half of Nix's Wyrd. Spend Glamour, for one scene, +2 to all Wits rolls except Perception (Wits + Composure). Free Investigation Specialty "Riddles". +2 to resist poison/disease, +3 if injested, 9 again perception when scrounging for items. +2 Speed Triple Defense when Dodging +3 to Climbing Can swim at full speed and hold breath underwater as though Stamina 7 Spend Glamour to grant an ally get +3 on a roll. You're mah bro, bro. Spend Glamour to make a poisonous Brawling attack that deals no damage. Reduced falling damage. Spend Glamour to glide.

The Animals
Fang and Talon (CtL 142) Contracts of the Den (WM 19) Contracts of the Wild (RoS 111)

Broadback Chimera Cleareyes Coldscale

Beasts of Burden Amalgamation Keen Senses Cold-blooded

Stoic Forbearance Goblins Tongue Primal Senses Reptilian Blood The Trickster's Truth Tooth and Claw Consumptive Voice

CtL 102 WM 106 WM 67 WM 67

Coyote Hunterheart Nix

Trickster Predators / Hunters River Maiden Wise / Cunning Animals of Legend

WM 106 CtL 102 WM 107


Inquisitive Instinct

NHGF 102

Roteater Runnerswift Skitterskulk Steepscrambler Swimmerskin Truefriend Venombite Windwing

Carrion Eaters Fast Creepy Crawlies Climbers Swimmers Loyal Pets Poisonous Flyers

Scavengers Nature Runs Like the Wind Impossible Counterpoise Gifted Climber Natural Swimmer Companion's Boon Poisonous Bite Gift of the Sky

WM 67 CtL 102 CtL 102 CtL 102 CtL 102 WM 67 CtL 102 CtL 103

The Boogiemen

(+) Spend Glamour to increase dice pool involving Wits, Subterfuge and Stealth. (+) 9-Again on Stealth rolls.

Darkness (CtL 136) Shade and Spirit (WM 26)

(-) -1 to activate Contracts during the daytime. (-) -2 to activate Contracts while the sun is upon the Darkling.

Antiquarian Gravewright Illes Leechfinger

9-Again on Academics and Investigation rolls. Collectors of Forbidden Keys to Knowledge Can spend Glamour to temporarily use Secrets Encyclopedic Knowledge Spend Glamour to see ghosts Affinity with the Dead Charnel Sight Spend Glamour, gain Striking Looks merit (WoD, p117) for one hour. Gain +2 Trolls Shadow Beauty social when dealing with opposite sex. Spend Glamour to heal self while damaging Fae Vampire Sap the Vital Spark the opponent Thieves and Pickpockets 9-Again on Larceny rolls, with no penalty for Larcenous Fingers poor equipment. Spend Glamour to gain a +2 to Larceny rolls. 8-Again on Stealth rolls. Gargoyle's Grace The Mercurial Visage Lunatic's Kiss Spend Glamour to fall 100 yards without taking damage, +2 to for balancing on ledges. +3 to disguise rolls

CTL 106 CTL 106 WM 107 CTL 106


VL 22

Lurkglider Mirrorskin Moonborn

Winged Monsters Doppelganger and Identity Thief Madness

VM 71 CtL 106 WM 71



Every 24 hours, roll Int + Wyrd vs. Res + Wyrd. Both of you go nuts, humans go crazier. Spend Glamour, roll Perform + Wyrd vs Comp + Wyrd. Listener gets -2 to Resolve, Haunting Nocturne Empathy, Subtrefuge. Free Performance Specialty. Spend Glamour, +1 to defense in shadows (Applies to firearms as well). Spend Glamour, and lick opponent. Opponent gains mild derangement (or upgrades to major) for one week. Can only be used once per week.

WM 72



Light's Aversion

WM 72


Demons Promise of Nighttime Violence Wood Trolls The Monster Under Your Bed Spies, Watching and Listening

Taste of Madness

WM 107

Razorhand Skogsra Tunnelgrub Whisperwisp

Spend Glamour, hand becomes a knife (1L). Gain Melee Specialty Knives. Spend Glamour and look into bird or Keepers of the mammal's eyes. It becomes a loyal pet until Feral Heart next sunrise or sundown. Can spend 1 Glamour to wriggle free of Slither and Squirm restraints or squeeze through tight spaces 9-Again on Empathy and Subterfuge on Turncoat's Tongue conversation/gather info. Spend Glamour to whisper a message within earshot. Ripper's Gift

WM 73 WM 107 CtL 106 WM 73

Embodiments of Nature
Elements (CtL 138) Communion (WM 32) Contracts of the Wild (RoS 111)

(+) Once per day, spend one point of Glamour to increase Health by your Wyrd level for one scene. (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize, except in dice pools for seeming affinity Contracts

Airtouched Apsaras Ask-wee-da-eed

Air / Clouds / Wind Beautiful Fog Nymphs Will-o-the-Wisp

Velocity of the Zephyr Enthralling Mist Taste of Ill Luck

Can spend Glamour to add Wyrd to Speed or Initiative for the scene Spend Glamour, change a target's vice to "Lust". Add Wyrd to manipulation. Lasts 24 hours. Spend Glamour, force a successful reroll at 1. Gain +1 to all Contracts of the Hearth.

CtL 109 WM 108 WM 108


Living glob of Pollution

Di-cang Earthbones Fireheart Levinquick Manikin Metalflesh Sandharrowed Snowskin

Humanoid Jewel Earth / Mud / Sand / Stone Fire / Lightning / Heat Electricity / Lighting Dolls / Mechanical Men

Spend Glamour, breathe pollution. Roll Dex + Wyrd - targets stamina. Target takes one Caustic Caress lethal per sucess unless he can defend. +3 to resist manmade poisons. Spend Glamour, for one scene, everyone Peace of Suffering within 10 yards suffers no wound penalties. Purchase Larceny at half cost. Can spend Glamour to increase non-combat Terrestrial Might Strength rolls at 1-to-1 basis Flickering Acumen Fireflaught's Vigor Artificer's Enchantment Can spend Glamour to increase Wits rolls at 1-to-1 basis Spend Glamour, +2 to speed and intiative. Lasts for a turn per Wyrd. Can learn Contracts of Artifice and make untrained Crafts rolls with reduced penalty Spend Glamour, +1 to Stamina, Resolve, Composure for scene. +2 on grapples and escaping grapples. 9-Again on Intimidation and Subterfuge rolls and can spend Glamour to reroll a failed Intimidation roll Can spend a Glamour to breathe underwater and Swim at 2xSpeed. Cannot breathe air until effect is over or Glamour is spent to deactivate 9-Again on Stealth and Survival rolls. Can spend a Glamour to hide in a normally unhideable area with decent foliage

WM 78

WM 108 CtL 109 CtL 109 WM 79 CtL 109 WM 79 WM 79 CtL 110

Statues made of Metal Forge's Endurance Sand / Deserts Snow / Ice Enveloping Sands The Voice of Ice


Water / Lakes / Ponds

The Gift of Water

CtL 110


Plants / Fungi / Wood

Fade into the Foliage

CtL 110

The Royalty and Glamorous
Vainglory (CtL 146) Reflection (ER 34) Separation (WM 40)

(+) Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion (+) Do not suffer a penalty for untrained social skills. (-) -1 when rolling to avoid losing Clarity

Bright Ones Dancer Draconic Flamesiren Flowering

Can illuminate an area at will. By spending a Transformed by Light / Goblin Illumination Glamour, can make the light blinding Fire / Ice Dancers, Assassins and Artists Graceful Warriors / Beastblooded Entrancement of the Flame Personification of a Sweet Flower Fae Grace Dragon's Talon 9-Again on Socialize or Expression rolls involving agility and +1 to Dodge

CtL 113 CtL 114 CtL 114 WM 83 CtL 114

Spend Glamour, reroll a Brawl attack, once per scene. +1 to Brawl rolls Spend Glamour, everyone looking must rolle Burning Hypnotism Res + Comp, or suffer -2 to all actions until scene or effect ends. 9-Again on Persuasion, Socialize and Seductive Subterfuge Fragrance


Pretty Messenger

Heavenly Articulation


Charmers and Thieves Thievery's Grace



Perfect Pitch The Tyranny of Ideas Circle of Friends


Artistic Inspiration Taken to be the Fae's Best Friend Rainbowchild / Emotional Epileptic Masters of Twisting Truths



Prismatic Heart


Narcissus's Blessing


Beauty of the Night

Unnatural Chill


Demons of Temptation Vice to Vice and Sex

Spend Glamour, Expression or Persuasion rolls become an exceptional success at 3 die instead of 5 for one scene. 9-Again on Larceny and Socialize rolls involving Agility. +1 to dodge when dodging attacks. Spend Glamour, reroll any failed dice on Expression roll. Harvesting Glamour from audience gains 8-Again. Can spend a Glamour to give a Human +2 to an Expression, Persuasion, Socialize or Subterfuge roll When Playmate is primary actor in a teamwork roll, add +2. If secondary, you may forgo roll to give primary 9-again. Spend Glamour, +2 to resist emotional manipulation for scene. All empathy vs. changeling suffers -1. Subtle changes in everyone's eyes, incurs -3 to describe character, applies to clothes. Even cameras, both video and digital are affected by blessing. Bonus to Intimidate = Wyrd, 9 again subterfuge. Contracts of Darkness are affinity. If target and Succubus have same vice, +1 to all social rolls. If both have Lust, +2. Free Striking Looks merit (WoD, p117). If already owned, . Always know what time it is, +3 on situations that require precise timing. Free Astronomy for Academics, Astrology for Occult.

WM 108



CtL 114

NHGF 122

WM 84


WM 84

WM 109



Music of the Spheres

WM 84


Treasured Item

Weisse Frau

Once per scene, spend Glamour, retake one Alabaster Fortitude Stamina, Resolve or Composure roll (Not for derangement rolls.) Spend Glamour and kiss a target once per chapter. Target gains +2 armor. If target is Kind, Sad Pale Matrons Kiss of Life younger then 13, +3. Does not stack with other armor.

WM 85

WM 109

(+) Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Strength, Brawl and Intimidate.

The Monsters
Stone (CtL 144) Oath and Punishment (WM 47)

(-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Composure (Except for perception rolls, Wits + Composure)

(-) -1 Penalty when using Composure as a defense trait (Subtracting defense from a characters dice pool). Spend Glamour, turn something into any weapon from the Melee Weapons Chart Improvised (WoD Core p170). No -1 Improvised Weapon Mayhem penalty for the Bloodbrute. An enemy at half health grants +1 to the Sepulchral Hunger Ogre's attack rolls. Gain a +1 when fighting undead (Zombies, vampires)



WM 90



WM 90

Cyclopean Daitya

Trackers with Acute Senses Reptilian Giants / Godslayers Cryptids and Urban Legends Giants that Magically Grow Monstrous Eaters Soul Consuming Demons Living Siege Engines Heavy Defenses Ambushers / Cunning Riddlers Lake Monsters

Smell the Blood Cutting Might


The Elusive Gift

Gargantuan Gristlegrinder Oni

Spurious Stature Terrible Teeth Mouthful of Sin

8-Again on Wits based Perception rolls. Fi Fi Fo Fum indeed. Spend Glamour, ignore durability do damage to structure for one attack. Free Weaponry Specialty. 9-Again on Stealth or Survival rolls and can spend a Glamour to reroll a Stealth or Survival roll Spend Glamour, add Wyrd to Size. When returning to normal size, take 1 lethal damage. 2L bite attack Spend Glamour, bite attack once per session. Heal 1 lethal or 2 bashing for every damage dealt. Must be done on Morality 6 or less. When attacking w/ bare hands, ignore 3 durability in objects. Spend Glamour, gain Armor equal to Wyrd but suffer reduced defense Spend Glamour, add Strength to all Manipulation rolls. Can hold breath as though Stamina 7 and no penalty to sight based perception rolls underwater Spend Glamour for +1 occult. +1 to activate Contracts that curse.

CtL 118 WM 109

CtL 118

CtL 118 CtL 118 WM 110

Render Stonebones Troll Water-dweller

Sundering Talons Obdurate Skin Unyielding Voice Lie Under the Waves Black Hex

WM 91 CtL 118 WM 110 CtL 119


Crones and Warlocks

WM 91

The Servants and Craftsmen
Artifice (CtL 134) Animation (WM 52) Forge (RoS 99)

(+) Spend Glamour to get 9-Again on Dexterity for the scene (+) Spend Glamour to add Wyrd to dodge total (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Presence (-) -2 for untrained Social Skills Impeccable Craftsmanship Polyglot's Riddle The Inebriating Elixir 8-Again on Crafts rolls and can spend 1 Glamour to reroll failed dice on a Crafts roll 8-Again on Expression when writing. Wits + Academics to understand written text in foreign language. +4 dice to resist poisons/intoxication; spend Glamour, magically make a drink alcoholic 9-Again on Social rolls that deal with manners or etiquette and can spend a Glamour to get +2 to Manipulation and Presence die pools 9-Again on Medicine rolls, doesn't suffer equipment penalties on Medicine rolls Spend Glamour, complete a simple task almost instantly. Add 2 Glamour to a Talecrafting roll to avoid Cruel Twists of Fate (does not protect against dramatic failure on the roll)

Artist Author

Artists Writers

CtL 121 WM 96


Makers of Alcohol

CtL 121



Perfect Protocol The Analeptic Charm Unseen Labor Turn of the Tale

CtL 121

Chirurgeon Drudge Fatemaker

Doctors Slaves / Servants Talecraft Specialist

CtL 122 WM 96 SaD 64


Gamemasters / Strategists Sabotage


Spend Glamour, win mental based board games. +3 to gamble in games that require both mental skill and luck. Spend Glamour once per day, touch a device Gremlinizing Touch to negate equipment penalties, including with weapons. Grandmaster's Stratagem Inventive Genius 8-Again on Crafts and Science rolls involving mechanisms and devices. Spend Glamour to add Wyrd score in dice to such a roll. Spend Glamour, send a coded message through vibrations in the ground. Can tell the future as though they had the Common Sense Merit Spend Glamour, touch raw meat (Minimum one pound). Can feed equal to Wyrd score, nourishes for 24 hours. Gain Free Iron Stomach Merit (WoD p112). Spend Glamour, improve a tool Has a Weaponry specialty with Bladed weapons Spend Glamour, pick a target. Sing or play instrument and target will be unable to act as long as you continue or he must defend himself. 8-Again to Survival rolls and can survive by eating any plant

WM 96

WM 110



VL 22

Miner Oracle

Underground Prophets Cannibals / Chefs / Butchers Metalworkers Combatants/Sentries Parties / Dancers / Hypnotism

Tappingspeak Panomancy Gourmand's Grotesquerie Steel Mastery Blade Lore

WM 96 CtL 122

Pamarindo Smith Soldier

WM 110 CtL 122 CtL 122


Fiddler's Delight

WM 110


Protectors of the Land / Wildcraft Gardeners

CtL 123

Universal Afinity Contracts

Clause Name Catch (Using the catch only waives Description of Clause glamour cost. Additional costs must Effect still be paid.) Cost Dice Pool SaD 46 Changeling has caught subject cheating in the past without using a contract. Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure Wyrd + Intelligence

Contracts of the Board

The Honest Eye Knowing the Competition Reveal if someone is cheating.

Invoked during a rematch of the initial Grant insight on the opposing players tactics competition. The character is using a game Plays a game with the appropriate to the situation at hand Wyrd and gains insight (Chess for a football game, blackjack on a competition or when it's multiple vs. one, poker for battle. every man for himself) Give information to a unit through a board game. Oh god recursion Prepare each piece or card for at least one hour before the clause is activated. Followers must be on hand. / ()

The Living Game

Wyrd + Occult

The Game Master's Table

Wyrd + Manipulation

The Cheater's Gambit

Curse enemy units. Leader will know you've Changeling has played this game with cheated if you didn't get someone who died in the last week. an exceptional success.


Wyrd + Manipulation vs Powerstat + Composure (Enemy Leader)

Contracts of Dream

C:tL 124


locate paths, Hollows Pluck a thorn from the local Hedge and and other fixtures in the shed a drop of blood within a single day Hedge alter events and setting Stand or sit beside target with touching in subject's subject's and his or her own temples dreamscape, even when not inside Double Wyrd for calculating damage, or Carrying a token of favor given to them increase Willpower by freely by an enemy or one of their loved ones or family members Wyrd as health in oniomachy combat. extract items or images Posses at least a single thread from target's night clothes from dreams use dreams to traverse Carry a physical object made by user instantaneously a during the journey. physical distance

Wyrd + Intelligence

Forging the Dream

Wyrd + Wits

Phantasmal Bastion


Wyrd + Intelligence


Wyrd + Intelligence

Contracts of Hearth
Fickle Fate Give someone a -2 penalty on next roll Give someone a +4 bonus on next roll Give someone an automatic success on next roll If used on a target more than once an hour, affects user instead If used to enhance the same action more than once before the next sunset or sunrise, another roll will fail If subject benefits more than once per day, their next action is rolled with a chance die

C:tL 127 -

Favored Fate

Beneficent Fate

Fortunas Cornucopia

Give someone 8-again If used on a subject more than once per day, another roll will dramatically fail on the next roll Make one subject's action an automatic exceptional success If used on a subject more than once within a year and a day, that action becomes a dramatic failure

Triumphal Fate

Contracts of Hours
User or a member of the user's family Restoration of Dawn Restore a weathered Beauty item to prime condition. owned the object before abduction Frozen Moment Thief of Days Freeze an object in time by touching it. Cause an object to age unnaturally, damaging it. Alter the flow of time within the Hedge relative to Earth. Shoot a target forward in time, removing them from action. Learn the Target's Clarity Performed during sunrise or sunset Knows the name of a now dead former owner Smash a time keeping instrument during activation Used when the target is touching or moving through a gateway into the hedge

RoS 102 Wyrd + Craft Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Investigation

Flickering Hours Leaping Toward Nightfall

Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Investigation or Wyrd + Investigation vs Powerstat + Composure DitD 69 Wyrd + Intelligence

Contracts of Lucidity - Activating a Contract of Lucidity is a Clarity Breaking Point

Read Lucidity Touch the target.

Temporary Sanity

Increase Clarity for a few turns. Breaking Point level: 8

Stand on one foot with shut eyes and your arms by your side for a minuet. ( )

Wyrd + Occult Presence + Clarity + Wyrd Resolve + Composure

Loan Clarity for a scene Target has lost Clarity in the last 24 Breaking Point level: 6 hours. Only make one Clarity roll in the next scene, no matter how many Spent the last hour with more normal Breaking Points you humans than Enscorcelled humans or triggered. (Not counting Lost. the Breaking point for activating this Clause) Breaking Point level: 4 Lower the target's Clarity for a scene. Breaking point level 2. The target publicly doubted her own sanity in the last hour.

Armoured Clarity

Resolve + Clarity

Thief of Reason

Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd - Willpower + Wyrd

Contracts of Mirror
Riddle-Kith Skinmask Transfigure the Flesh Dined with a member of that kith within Appear as another Kith. the last week Alter one feature of the Get an object belonging to the reproduced individual Mask. Grow larger or smaller Steal a garment that is either too large or too small to wear as you wish. Transmutes a single bodily feature into an unnatural shape, such Consume the threads of a caterpillar's as sprouting claws or cocoon. elongated legs, granting a variety of potential bonuses Transform into an Commission the creation of object inanimate object of your intended to mimic choosing for one scene.

C:tL 129 Wyrd + Manipulation Wyrd + Stamina Wyrd + Stamina


Wyrd + Strength


Wyrd + Strength

Contracts of the Moon

Lunatics Knowing Glance The changeling can User is dressed as and behaving like a instantly tell if anyone she is looking at suffers medical professional from a derangement. Causes derangements User is currently suffering at least one to temporarily worsen derangement Target suffers temporary severe derangement. Induces temporary Mass Hysteria all around. Target broke an oath to the user

RoS 105

Wyrd + Wits

Maddening Eye

Wyrd + Manipulation Subject's Composure Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Composure Wyrd + Expression

Touch of Bedlam The Madness of Crowds

User is performing for an audience

Lurking Insanity

The character can look intently at a target and cause him to develop a latent form of insanity Target betrayed a close blood relative that manifests only when a specific even or type of event occurs.

Wyrd + Subterfuge

Contracts of Omen
Vision of Strife See someone's worst Target is speaking about their past memory Next turn roll twice and take the better result. User is playing a game of skill Two Glamour to cast reflexively and roll twice this turn. The Changeling sees the most significant or emotionally important Target is under 18 event that will happen to someone in the next few months. Sees a vision of one single turn, effectively letting you replay that turn. A trusted friend or ally suddenly betrays the user

RoS 108 Wyrd + Empathy

Glimpse of Fortunes Favor

( )

Wyrd + Wits

Reading the Portents

Wyrd + Wits

Vision of Disaster

Wyrd + Wits

The Changeling names a single experience Used to bless a mortal under 18 with Tying the Knots of which will happen to good fortune Fate someone, the experience becomes much more likely.

Wyrd + Presence

Contracts of Smoke
The Wrong Foot Nevertread Shadowpatch Murkblur Light-Shy Replace tracks with that of another animal Don't leave tracks when moving Bonus to hide as shadows envelop the Changeling Make target blind for a scene Invisibility Increase the damage of a weapon, weapons must cause bashing damage. Enchant thorns to drain glamour. Lick thumb and smudge it on a mirror Spent at least an hour barefoot within the past day Spent at least an hour away from natural sunlight within the past day Swallow the eye of an insect or an animal Told someone a meaningful lie to someone important to the user within

C:tL 132 Wyrd + Intelligence Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Intelligence vs Powerstat + Resolve Wyrd + Intelligence SaD 49 The changeling uses a whip made of plant material. Clause is used against someone in the service of the characters Keeper or the Wyrd + Dexterity

Contracts of Thorns and Brambles

Bite of the Wooden Fang Leechweed

Wyrd + Occult


As the Changeling moves a path of thorns The character scatters a handful of hedge thorns behind her grows behind them. Slows down pursuit.

Wyrd + Wits

Shield of Thorns


Creates a circle of thorns which attack anyone in them. The changeling grows a wall of thorns in any shape she desires.

Changeling deals 1L to self, pours blood where she wants thorns to grow. The changeling transplants a small shrub from the hedge into where she will activate the clause. ()

Wyrd + Manipulation

Wyrd + Presence

Beast Affinity Contracts

Contracts of the Den
Trespassers Spoor For one day gain a significant bonus to perception checks within one's territory, based on Wyrd. Conceal the entrance to one's territory. Convince a home that one is a resident Carve a burrow in soil or stone. Collapse all or part of one's den. The changeling writes his name on one of the entrances to the territory in chalk mixed with blood. The changeling is holding a live spider in his mouth at the time. The character has openly invited the owner of the location over to his home The character is nude at the time of invoking the clause. The building belongs to the changeling using the clause. WM 19 -

Trapdoor Spiders Trick Cuckoos Ruse Blessing of the Burrow Collapsing the Entrance

Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Manipulation vs Hollow Ward / Security Wyrd + Survival Wyrd + Strength C:tL 142

Contracts of Fang and Talon

Speak with animal (one Tongues of Birds and type, chosen at first use Words of Wolves of Contract) Gain +2 Perception as Beasts Keen the chosen animal's Senses primary senses are inherited Pipes of the Call upon a group of Beastcaller the chosen animal Assume movement Tread of the Swift type of the chosen Hooves animal Cloak of the Bears Massive Form Transformation into chosen animal Give the animal a new name

Wyrd + Animal Ken

Sees or touches the animal of the imitated type Ask the animal to guard or watch the user's dwelling Touch an animal of the correct type In animal's natural habitat or within touching distance of the animal

Wyrd + Wits

Wyrd + Animal Ken Wyrd + Dex

Wyrd + Manipulation RoS 111

Contracts of the Wild - Note: Affinity is shared with Elementals.

Each success reduces environmental penalties Character spent the last night sleeping outdoors by one to move, hide and perceive Each success increases environmental penalties by one to move, hide and perceive for a target Each success increases speed, stealth and perception by one Create/modify weather patterns


Wyrd + Persuasion

Natures Curse

Target is carrying a gun

Wyrd + Intimidation

Viridian Embrace Calling Wind and Water

User is attempting to come to the aid of a mortal A dozen or more mortals are asking or hoping the user to do so

Wyrd + Expression

Wyrd + Presence

Calling Natures Wrath

Environment attacks everyone withing 50 yards

On land owned by family

Wyrd + Survival

Darkling Affinity Contracts

Contracts of Darkness
reduce resistance to fear or intimidation of either one target or everyone within three yards per dot of Willpower avoid notice by enhancing physical conditions that limit perception C:tL 136 Wyrd + Manipulation Subject's Resolve

Creeping Dread

Used to frighten intruders into dwelling

Nights Subtle Distractions

Used outdoors at night

Wyrd + Stealth

Balm of Unwakeable Slumber Boon of the Scuttling Spider Touch of Paralyzing Shudder

sleeping targets remain Target asleep in own bed and Contract sleeping through all used between sunset and sunrise noises or movements run along solid surface cause the target to move slowly and clumsily Climbing a wall made of stone or wood outdoors, at night Target is alone and already afraid of the Changeling

Wyrd + Manipulation vs Powerstat + Resolve Wyrd + Athletics Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Resolve WM 26

Contracts of Shade and Spirit

Ghostly Presence Speak to ghosts in Twilight Allows a ghost limited ability to interact with the physical world The ghost is someone the changeling knew in life, or the changeling is a Gravewight The changeling presses a drop of her own blood to the forehead of everyone participating in the clause. The changeling has set up a "dead supper": a complete meal served on never-used plates and silver, with a place for everyone who wishes to participate in the intercession, including the ghost. The changeling "feeds" the shade by wounding herself and offering her blood, taking one point of bashing damage per question. The clause is invoked at midnight in a mausoleum, and the changeling invokes the laws of hospitality while the clause is in effect.

Wyrd + Presence

Dread Companion

Wyrd + Manipulation

Haunting Intercession

Allow a ghost to materialize physically for one scene

Wyrd + Manipulation

Waking the Dead

Awaken a ghost and learn its secrets

Wyrd + Strength

Opening the Black Gate

Open a gate to the Underworld

Wyrd + Stamina

Elemental Affinity Contracts

Contracts of Communion
Sense Element Sense all instances of your element within a range based on Wyrd The changeling sits and meditates for at least 10 minutes and makes a successful meditation roll. WM 32 Wyrd + Wits

Primordial Voice

Interact with an element, asking about recent events

The character makes a minor offering to the element polishing metal she is going to talk to, sweeping flagstones, singing for the air, adjusting the lights to make shadows larger, etc. In addition to the effort involved, such efforts also take at least a few minutes of time.

Wyrd + Socialize

The character wishes to share the senses or ask a favor of an example of Remotely scry through the element she is extremely familiar Distant Connection instances of an element with such as the wood of or air in her home or the metal in her car. The changeling performs a significant favor for the element, such as thoroughly cleaning a public fountain, spending an hour or more polishing a large stone statue or hanging up ribbons and bits of paper for a wind to blow immediately before using this clause. When first using this clause on the element, the changeling negotiates with the element, promising some service or other payment in return for having the element as a temporary ally. Successfully bargaining with the element and paying its price are the catch for this clause. The favor asked is invariably hazardous, arduous or expensive


Wyrd + Persuasion

Elemental Servitor

Animates the element to serve as an ally

Wyrd + Persuasion

Elemental Ally

Renders the element intelligent and observant for an extended period, but it can animate for only one scene.

Wyrd + Presence

Contracts of Elements
Cloak of the Elements Armor of the Elements Fury Control Elements Calling the Element Become the Primal Foundation Be protected from all manifestations of the element. Gain 1 Armor, do damage on contact, attack by touch. Direct the element within the area. Call an element to the area. Become a manifestation of the element. Wearing a symbolic representation of the element Touching the element when the contract is invoked Area completely dominated by the element Calling the element solely to entertain Must sit and contemplate a large amount of the element for at least half an hour immediately before

C:tL 138 -

Wyrd + Dexterity Wyrd + Manipulation Wyrd + Wits Wyrd + Manipulation RoS 111

Contracts of the Wild - Note: Affinity is shared with Elementals.

Each success reduces environmental penalties Character spent the last night sleeping outdoors. by one to move, hide and perceive.


Wyrd + Persuasion

Natures Curse

Viridian Embrace Calling Wind and Water Calling Natures Wrath

Each success increases environmental penalties by one to move, hide and perceive for a target. Each success increases speed, stealth and perception by one. Create/modify weather patterns. Environment attacks everyone withing 50 yards

Target is carrying a gun.

Wyrd + Intimidation

User is attempting to come to the aid of a mortal. A dozen or more mortals are asking or hoping the user to do so. On land owned by family.

Wyrd + Expression

Wyrd + Presence Wyrd + Survival

Fairest Affinity Contracts

Contracts of Reflection
See into a reflective Reflections of the surface and see what it Past has reflected. Look through any Glimpse of a Distant surface the Mirror Changeling's face has been reflected in Reflections Grasp Mirror Walk Reach through a mirror Walk through a mirror The mirror belongs to someone the user has a close connection to The mirror belongs to someone who's sworn enmity against the user The user reaches through a mirror he uses most A blood relative is currently being reflected in the surface out of which he's stepping ER 34 Wyrd + Wits

Wyrd + Composure

Wyrd + Dexterity Wyrd + Athletics

Create a duplicate of an The object removed is owned by Stealing the Solid object by stealing its someone indebted to the user Reflection reflection

Wyrd + Larceny WM 40

Contracts of Separation
Tread Lightly Walk on surfaces that could not support one's Wearing delicate footwear which would weight, and downgrade be ruined without this power. falling damage. The character is unjustly imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Deliberately imprisoned by another Changeling The Changeling is unarmed and does not attempt to attack. If the Catch is used attacking ends the Contract and costs 3 Glamour ( )

Wyrd + Dexterity

Become immediately Evasion of Shackles freed from bondage or imprisonment Breaching Barriers Pass through a sealed door or window.

Wyrd + Larceny

Wyrd + Presence

Elegant Protection

Add Wyrd to defense for a few turns

Wyrd + Dexterity

Phantom Glory

The Changeling wears no armour and Briefly enter the Twilight carries no weapons. Using either ends the Clause

Wyrd + Persuasion C:tL 146 Wyrd + Intimidation Subject's Resolve

Contracts of Vainglory
Mask of Superiority Gain a +2 bonus when Pretending to be someone who's status speaking from a comes from looks alone position of authority.

Songs of Distant Arcadia

+(Wyrd) to Expression and Persuasion rolls.

Performing for a rich and powerful group.

Wyrd + Expression

Splendor of the Envoys Protecton

Unable to be attacked by mortals as long as you don't attack or carry Used at a formal party with at least a dozen people. a weapon; supernaturals roll to resist with each attack. In combat that was previously agreed to by both sides. The Changeling is trying to convince people of something she believes to be true.

Wyrd + Presence

Mantle of Terrible Beauty

Force mortals and supernaturals to flee in fear with revelation of unearthly beauty. Create a story so well Words of woven that everyone Memories Never Lived listening believes it wholly.

Wyrd + Intimidate vs Powerstat + Composure

Wyrd + Expression vs Powerstat + Composure

Ogre Affinity Contracts

Contracts of Oath and Punishment
Pursuers SevenLeague Leap Jump long distances. Pursuing an Oathbreaker WM 47 Wyrd + Athletics

Determine whether a touched entity has violated oaths and gain Target has sworn or is swearing an Sense Tainted Vows the general impression oath with the Changeling of the most significant oath Gain a bonus to resist Successfully resisted a Court based Inexorable Pursuer some attempts to apply emotional manipulation or attack in the last day. emotional influence. Sense distance and Relentless Pursuit direction to pursued subject. Against a subject who has violated an oath, Cruel Vengeance bashing damage is upgraded to lethal and lethal to aggravated. The Changeling can't stop to rest for more than 15 minutes. Including resting in a vehicle, but not driving. The target is a member of the Changeling's Freehold.

Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure

Wyrd + Resolve

Wyrd + Stamina

Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Manipulation

Contracts of Stone
Might of the Terrible Each success adds one Fighting multiple opponents while Brute to Strength for the turn unarmed Ogres Rending Grasp Display Grandiose Might Gluttonous Feast of Health Each success destroys Attempting to remove a barrier. one Durability Add Wyrd to Strength for non-combat purposes Convert 2 Lethal to 2 Bashing damage or1 Aggravated to 2 Lethal damage The Changeling is using the contract to show off for a mostly non-practical purpose. The Changeling was offered large amounts of food by a stranger.

C:tL 144 Wyrd + Strength

Wyrd + Strength

Wyrd + Athletics

Wyrd + Stamina

Red Rage of Terrible Vengeance

+1 Initiative, Stamina, Strength, Armour per success

The Contract is being used in respond to a loved one being seriously hurt or killed.

Wyrd + Resolve

Wizened Affinity Contracts

Contracts of Animation
Learn the secrets of an inanimate object, learning of secret compartments and a bonus to repair or damage it. Understand how to use a device, gaining temporary skill dots applicable to its use See the history of an object The owner of the device asked the changeling to examine it. This catch does not function if the changeling owns the object in question. The character has at least 10 minutes to talk with the device to learn the secrets of its use. The object has not been used or handled for at least a year. WM 52

Knowing Touch

Wyrd + Craft

Instant Expertise Inanimate Communion Animate Device

Wyrd + Wits

Wyrd + Empathy Wyrd + Manipulation

Commands an object to The character owns the device and has regularly used it for at least a month. act on its own Animates an object for an entire scene The objects owner is a stranger to or enemy of the changeling, and mistreats or does not take adequate care of the object

Command the Inanimate

Wyrd + Presence

Contracts of Artifice
Brief Glamour of Repair Touch of Workmans Wrath Repair a device without Fix an item owned and used by another but never personally used tools or parts Causes a touched device to malfunction, requiring brief repairs Blesses an object, giving it a die bonus equal to Wyrd for a full scene; lasts until sunrise or sunset with a point of Willpower and Promise Leaves. Can jam a device with a look, causing it to malfunction, with significant penalties to repair. Can create a device out of unlikely but thematically fitting components. alter the details of any two dimensional. Reshape small object in minor ways. Conjure small object from pocket Owner of the device stole or cheated or attempted to steal or cheat the Changeling

C:tL 134 Wyrd + Craft Wyrd + Larceny

Blessing of Perfection

Used on an object used and owned by someone the Changeling doesn't know well in exchange for a favor


Wyrd + Wits

Unmakers Destructive Gaze

Touched and examined the object for at least a minute

Wyrd + Presence

Tatterdemalions Workshop

Created in their own workshop with their own tools


Wyrd + Crafts

Contracts of the Forge

Rewriting the Image Trivial Reworking Discreet Conjuration Changing an image of a person in to the user Reshaping a stolen object to use against the person Paying an enemy for valuable info with a valuable object

RoS 99 Wyrd + Expression Wyrd + Crafts Wyrd + Manipulation

Hidden Reality

Paths of Desire

Create or Change some minor feature of reality. open a gateway that leads to anyplace in the Hedge that the character has ever visited before.

Used when creating a way out of a place where they've been confined against their will User has buried a vial of their own blood in the soil of the desired location

Wyrd + Wits

Wyrd + Academics

Seasonal Court Contracts

To buy an ability, Mantle must be Clause Rank - 1. So a level 4 can own the 5th dot, and a level 2 the 3rd. Exception: Clause Level 1 can be taught to anyone.

Contracts of Eternal Spring

Rejuvenates a target, The subject of the clause has freely alleviating suffering offered the changeling some form of Gift of Warm Breath from fatigue and deprivation, and healing sustenance since the last sunrise. bashing damage. Conjure rain, no matter current cloud conditions, potentially up to even a deluge. Downgrade a subject's lethal wounds to bashing, or heal bashing wounds entirely. A mortal human has commented, within the character's hearing and within the past hour, that it looks like rain. The target has honestly professed a heartfelt and deep love, romantic or familial, for the changeling.

C:tL 151

Mantle + Resolve + Survival

New Lovers Kiss

Mantle + Intelligence + Survival

Warmth of the Blood

Mantle + Wits + Medicine

Yesterdays Birth

Age a target by a full season, leaving it as if it were now the height of The character spills two drops of blood on the target object and cups it in her Spring; requires additional Glamour and hands. a willpower dot to apply to humans. Animates the plant life in an area and have it fight on the changeling's behalf. A man bled to death on this soil within the past year.

Wyrd + Medicine

Mother of All Deaths

Mantle + Presence + Empathy C:tL 149

Contracts of Fleeting Spring

Cupids Eye Growth of the Ivy Wyrd-Faced Stranger Pandoras Gift Learn one of the subject's desires Change one of the subject's desires Become someone who the target desire / expect to see Temporarily produce an object the subject desires Used on someone who has kissed the Changeling in the past 24 hours, or who desires the Changeling Using the contract to resolve a Pledge. The changeling has offered food to the target and it was accepted, or the other way around. Used on someone who gave the Changeling a no strings attached gift in the past week ()

Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion - Subject's Mantle + Presence + Subterfuge vs Powerstat + Composure Mantle + Wits + Craft Mantle + Intelligence + Expression vs Powerstat + Composure LoS 39

Alter a subject's desire The subject freely told the Changeling Waking the Inner and force them to his desires. Faerie pursue it above all else.

Contracts of Verdant Spring

Font of Inspiration

Each success is a +1 to Invests his own literal blood sweat or Crafts or Expression tears into the creation rolls Gains a +3 bonus in social challenges. Drawback of being less effective with multiple uses. +4 Bonus to attack pool, but the opponent gets a +2 bonus as well. Sway a crowd in a certain emotional direction

Mantle + Wits + Empathy Subject's Resolve (If subject is opposed) Mantle + Presence + Manipulation vs Resolve + Composure

The Ineffable Gift

Speaks out loud about something she is passionate about

Impassioned Blow

Target has insulted or assaulted by word or deed the changeling in the last hour No one in the crowd knows the user is a changeling

Mantle + Resolve + Brawl / Firearms / Weaponry Mantle + Wyrd + Presence (Extended and Contested)

Spur the Crowd

Verdant, Roiling Heart

Renew Willpower pool as if fulfilling Virtue, drawback of all social Takes an action directly related to virtue actions being tainted by or vice her virtue or vice and a 2 to all social rolls

Mantle + Composure + Empathy

Contracts of Eternal Summer

Remain at a comfortable temperature, no matter Spit on a fading ember or spark what the outside circumstances are.

C:tL 155

Son of the Hearth


Wyrd + Survival

Produce a small light for one scene; extend Ulfs Heart its presence by spending 1 more Glamour. Gain +1 Strength with one success, and Noonday Grasp another +1 with every three successes after that. Let loose a bright light that reveals all hidden Solstice Revelation individuals and challenges supernatural cloaking. Unleashing a beam of focused sunlight that The Lords Dread does Lethal Gaze (Aggravated with Willpower)

Within 5 minutes of midnight

( )

Mantle + Strength + Occult

Eats a chunk of naturally formed ice

Mantle + Stamina + Brawl

Within five minuets of noon

Mantle + Presence + Occult

The target is wearing or touching gold


Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics - Subject's Defense C:tL 153 Wyrd + Wits Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion vs Powerstat + Composure

Contracts of Fleeting Summer

Baleful Sense Character is angry when he invokes this Sense the greatest nearby source of wrath. clause. The current victim of the subject's wrath Redirect the focus of a owes the character a favor, or the subject's wrath. subject has red hair.

Goblins Malignance

Friendless Tongue Sundown Eyes

Stir a person to fury with harmless words. Quell all conflict in an area temporarily.

The clause's target wears a ring on the left hand. The character is suffering wound penalties and has taken at least two points of lethal damage.

Mantle + Manipulation + Subterfuge vs Powerstat + Mantle + Presence + Socialize - Subject's Composure Mantle + Stamina + Animal Ken

The Flames of Summer

Enter an unstoppable The sun is within five minutes of its fury; gain +2 to Physical zenith, and the character has called out rolls and ignore all a formal challenge to an opponent. wound penalties.

Contracts of Punishing Summer

Smoldergrip Makes an object unbearably hot to the touch. Creates a blinding beacon that distracts all attackers. Summons up a ring of flaming thorns that forces a target into oneon-one combat. The Changeling sports a real sunburn The Changeling is holding a real, burning torch. The Changeling has one or more scars from the last battle with this foe.

LoS 59 Strength + Wits - Objects Size Wyrd + Presence vs Highest Wits + Composure within sight. Wyrd + Resolve - Subject's Stamina

Battle Bright

Crown of Clashing Fire

Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun

Inflicts a sun stroke on the target, resulting in The Changeling strikes with a metal either mounting weapon he forged, has to hit with mechanical penalties or substantial metal part. aggravated damage (target's choice). Turns the area into a The Changeling meditates under a blighted waste land that Summer Court flag or pendant she inflicts penalties on all helped make. combatants.

Wyrd + Stamina vs Stamina + Composure. This is after an attack.

Scorched Earth

Wyrd + Strength

Contracts of Eternal Autumn

The plant or tree is unclaimed or the Ripen a portion of a Changeling has permission to harvest Last Breath Isaac plant from it. The plant has the Changelings name or Wither a plant to Winter moniker carved into it or written on a Withering Glare or age an animal. tag. The character can name two diseases Damage a foe through that the subject has suffered or is Brother to the Ague suffering, and one that the subject dehydration. fears. The character catches a naturally falling Riding the Falling Transform into a cloud leaf at the moment of the clause's Leaves of autumn leaves activation. The character holds a key encased in Tears of Autumn Bring about a hailstorm ice that finishes thawing at the start of the ritual.

C:tL 159 Wyrd + Manipulation Mantle + Presence + Science Mantle + Dexterity + Medicine Mantle + Dexterity + Survival Mantle + Manipulation + Occult C:tL 156 Subject does not know the Changelings name Wyrd + Wits Mantle + Manipulation + Intimidation

Contracts of Fleeting Autumn

Witches Intuition Tale of the Baba Yaga Learn one of the subject's fears

The unnatural fear the character evokes Invoke fear of intended is based upon a myth, urban legend or actual threat with which all subjects of object in subjects the Contract are familiar.

Immune to mundane attempts at fear and Heart of the Antlion resistant to supernatural fear. Scent of the Heart of the Antlion for Harvest friends. Become the subjects Mien of the Baba fear. Scare them badly Yaga enough to actually deal damage

The character consumes a spider or other vermin that has literally been scared to death. Two of the subjects greatest fears are each other. One of the subjects greatest fears is actually the character.

Mantle + Resolve + Investigation Mantle + Presence + Expression (Extended) Mantle + Wits + Empathy

Contracts of Spellbound Autumn

Warlocks Gaze Detect the presence of Physical contact with non-allied the supernatural, even supernatural being other than another deliberately obscured. changeling. Hears and is heard by ghosts. Learn abilities and purpose of item of power (token or else). Power to speak with authority of True Fae to hobgoblins and other Gentry minions, even to those incapable of speech. Violate the pledge without falling under its Sanctions. Cools a room, potentially by a significant margin. Freeze the surface of a body of water, potentially affecting quite a large area. Inflicts an area with intense cold, causing penalties to all within. Ghost in the area wants to communicate. The character has stolen the item from a friend (without permission) or been freely given the item by an enemy.

LoS 79 Wyrd + Occult (vs. Powerstat + Compusure if target supernaturally concealed) Wyrd + Expression Mantle + Intelligence + Occult


Smiths Wisdom

Arcadian Commandment

Character knowingly comes unarmed and unarmored to the presence of entity to be commanded. Begged to enact this clause by someone who will knowingly come to disaster on account of his betrayal.

Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Resolve

Oathbreakers Honesty

Wyrd + Resolve (extended) C:tL 162

Contracts of Eternal Winter

Jacks Breath The character hears someone shiver or tastes someones sweat. The character first spells out a name or idea he hates with liquid on a dry surface There is a bell ringing within 20 feet of the character.

Wyrd + Survival

Touch of Winter

Mantle + Intelligence + Science Mantle + Dexterity + Stealth Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics - Subject's Defense Mantle + Presence + Occult C:tL 160

Riding the Devils Jawbone

Fallen from the Timbers

Blasts a target with cold The contracts target is wearing silver and ice, inflicting lethal jewelry that has a religious meaning to damage and penalizing her. all of their actions. The moon is in the sky and the character can hear a wolf howling.

Summons a lasting Witchs Paradise snowstorm over an area.

Contracts of Fleeting Winter

The Dragon Knows Determine the source of sorrow someone is experiencing. Forces a subject to temporarily let go of their sorrow. The character looks into the subjects eyes for a moment. The subject has accepted something from the character in the past 24 hours.

Wyrd + Empathy Subject's Composure Mantle + Manipulation + Subterfuge - Subject's Resolve

Slipknot Dreams

Fills a subject with sorrow over a painful Faces in the Water memory, inflicting social penalties. Eliminates a subject's ability to feel positive emotions for a time, Fallow Fields, suffering social Empty Harvest penalties and an inability to regain Willpower via virtues or vices. Paralyzes a subject Every Sorrow a with grief, rendering Jewel them briefly unable to take any actions. Reduce the Effects of pain and discomfort by success Reduces dice pool of supernatural fear effects by Wyrd Damage from an attack is ignored for a round, to be applied next round

The subject is carrying a photograph or some other image of an older relative or ancestor on her person.

Mantle + Intelligence + Investigation - Subject's Composure

The character has made the subject happy (or happier) within the last 10 minutes.

Mantle + Manipulation + Intimidation vs Powerstat + Composure

The subject has tasted one of the changelings tears.

Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion vs Powerstat + Composure LoS 99 Mantle + Resolve + Occult Mantle + Composure + Expression Mantle + Resolve + Survival

Contracts of the Sorrow-Frozen Heart

A Mere Vessel for Loss Fear is Nothing Pierces skin with a thin needle Empties his hands and leaves them open at his side Contemptuously tosses a chunk of cold iron on the ground.

Grief is Stronger than Death

Remorseless Strike

Next Brawl or weaponry Slashes himself with a sharp instrument attack target suffers and takes 1 lethal additional bonus damage equal to Wyrd Bestow previous clauses on others as well. Clutches target with one hand and anoints with ashes of a suicide victim or victim of a crime of passion.

Mantle + Resolve + Brawl

A Cold Hand on the Heart

Mantle + Composure + Expression

Directional Court Contracts

To buy an ability, Mantle must be Clause Rank - 1. So a level 4 can own the 5th dot, and a level 2 the 3rd. Exception: Clause Level 1 can be taught to anyone.

Contracts of the Four Directions

Mindfinder Finding the Flow Know the direction to any target Ignore environmental penalties Confuses a target, causing them to take many wrong turns, effectively penalizing speed Changeling has a lock of hair from the target. The character successfully meditated for one full uninterrupted hour within the last 24 hours. The changeling succeeds in touching a magnet to the target's bare skin.

WM 134 Wyrd + Survival - Subject's Wits Wyrd + Wits

Inequity of the Center

Wyrd + Manipulation vs Powerstat + Survival

The Hundred Steps

Powerful blessing upon The character has two working an area to protect it compasses somewhere on his body from intruders

Wyrd + Resolve

Harmony of Portals

Walk between two doors, potentially separated by several miles

The character possesses the key to both doors.

Wyrd + Stamina

Auroral Court Contracts

To buy an ability, Mantle must be Clause Rank - 1. So a level 4 can own the 5th dot, and a level 2 the 3rd. Exception: Clause Level 1 can be taught to anyone.

Contracts Potential (Dawn)

Light the Path Learn of the motivation of an action or statement Determine the nature of a relationship between two people through a translucent strand that connects. Increase extra dice when spending Willpower. Drawback of target being unable to regain willpower for the next 24 hours. Previously caught the target in a lie.

SaD 138 Wits + Wyrd vs Powerstat + Composure

Read the Web

The Changeling shares a Pledge with the target

Intelligence + Wyrd Subject's Composure

Martyr's Will

Deliberately shed a few drops of blood

Wyrd + Resolve

Changeling and Subject are conversing Temporarily change the about Virtue or Vice targeted as the targets Virtue or Vice. result of the Contract. Massive benefits towards a goal, such as 8-again, etc. Drawback: Target is using this Contract for a If goal is not reached Tenacity of Hope selfless Purpose. within time period, suffer penalties until goal or equal time is met. Shift the Foundation

Mantle + Manipulation + Expression vs Composure + Subterfuge

Wyrd + Resolve

Contracts of Entropy (Dusk)

Babel's Curse Traget cannot speak, write or communicate

DitD 141 The Changeling writes the targe'ts name or commonly used nickname ona piece of paper and tears it into tiny pieces The changeling has consumed at least one serving of a cafinated beverage within the last hour The changeling is a member of the Dusk court and proselytizes to the target(s) for a minimum of five minutes The changeling is standing on something which obviously marks a small (Roughly 5x5) area. If the Changeling uses this catch to activate Contract, all effects of the Contract The Changeling herself possess the Contract which she is targeting and has activated it within the last 24 hours. Int + Expression + Mantle Resolve

Sense the Inevitable Gain/improve Danger Doom Sense merit +2 to all Resistances rolls for 1 turn per success +1/success to Brawl or Weaponry for 1 turn per success against a specific target. Target receives -2 Compusre if Nullify a contract as it starts or as it is in progress

Wits + Occult + Mantle

Gift of the Skald

Pres + Persuasion + Mantle vs. Resolve + Wyrd Res + Brawl or Weaponry + Mantle vs. Comp + Wyrd Int + Occult + Mantle Level of Contract

Hero's Stand

The Center Cannot Hold

Goblin Contracts
Note: Goblin Contracts are not chained and any clause rank can be bought with no prerequisites. Clause Name Benefit Change a single roll into a rote or a chance roll Change a chance roll into a normal roll or a normal roll into an exceptional success Drawback Catch Cost Source

Contracts of Goblin Fortune

Fortunes Favor Must spend a willpower dot. Must spend a willpower dot. Used to protect a close friend from harm Used when striking a blow against a mortal enemy

RoS 117 Wyrd + Manipulation

Fortunes Swift Blessing

Wyrd + Wits

Fortunes Bane

Exceptional success become normal successes, normal successes become Must spend a failures and chance willpower dot. rolls dramatically fail at 7 or lower until the next sunrise or sunset Escape from any Must spend a pursuit or confrontation willpower dot. Rescue anyone abducted by the Fae Heals any and all wounds or diseases Must spend 2 willpower dots. Must spend a willpower dot.

Target publicly lied about the user to turn public or official opinion against the user

Wyrd + Subterfuge vs. Powerstat + Resolve

Distracting the Hounds Recalling the Lost

User is being pursued by Hobgoblins Used to recall a child younger than seven Used to heal or cure a blood relative Target is a blood relative within three generations

Contracts of Goblin Transformation

Healing Sacrifice Seven-Year Gift

Wyrd + Stealth Subject's Powerstat Wyrd + Occult RoS 120 Wyrd + Medicine Wyrd + Stamina

Target does not age for Must spend a the next seven years willpower dot.

Changeling permanently loses the color of his eyes and his Makes a human feel beauty, becoming Target must be fed an item of Trading Beauty for more positively towards bland and colorless food the user prepared Love the Changeling (Though never ugly) or downgrading Striking Looks merit. Change a target's opinion on something Must spend a resolvedot. Causes someone to believe an abstract ideal

Wyrd + Manipulation -Subject's Composure

Changing Minds

The Fatal Transformation

Kill the target

Must spend a stamina dot.

Target has slain one of the user's blood relatives

Goblin Contracts of the Wyrd

Mantle Mask Signs of use The decorates her skin with a Temporarily disguise remain for twice as sign appropriate to the Court your Mantle as another long as the she is disguising herself as. Court's disguised mantle.

Wyrd + Persuasion Subject's Powerstat + Resolve Wyrd + Intimidation vs. Powerstat + Stamina DitD 65 Wyrd + Occult

Daunting Force

Nothing Hidden

The Changeling becomes intimidating to the subject While the Contract is active, the Changeling may roll to notice supernaturally concealed things. Automatically become aware of any Contracts nearby. Ignore low Clarity modifiers to noticing Wyrd related phenomena and gain a bonus to Kenning

All Glamour costs are increased by one for 24 hours.

Brandishing a drawn weapon.

Wyrd + Presence Composure Wyrd + Occult

Significant negative Burn the feather of a keen Perception sighted bird and rub the ashes modifiers to the on your eyelid. following scene.

Wyrd Eye

All Perception for things unrelated to Breaks a pair of prescription glasses. the Wyrd is penalized.

Wyrd + Occult

Pay the cost of the The Changeling has been a Block a Contract as it is target of a Contract cast by the The Fatal Clause Clause you are being activated. attempting to block. subject in the past 24 hours.

Wyrd + Occult Subject's Wyrd

Unclassified Goblin Contracts

Note: Goblin Contracts are not chained and any clause rank can be bought with no prerequisites.

1 Dot Contracts
Shooters Bargain Blesses the next three shots fired from a weapon to mitigate penalties when attacking. One of the three shots is automatically reduced to a chance die. In a fight scheduled beforehand. Wyrd + Dexterity CtL 164

If the user lies while the contract is active, however, Gain the ability to they lose any ability Used at an official Sight of Truth and Lies instantly tell if a person to tell truth from occasion is lying. lies, believing all but the most blatant fabrications. Gain a sudden simple Trading Luck for Fate insight into the immediate future. This is done in return for a minor turn of bad luck. Using the contract to win at gambling.

Wyrd + Subterfuge

RoS 114

Wyrd + Wits

CtL 164

2 Dot Contracts
The guardian can not distinguish between a blow that would actually do harm or a playful shove. Make a clarity roll Upgrade a Token, at 5 dice when you permitting it to be used next sleep, in dreams. regardless of your current Clarity. Summon an invisible guardian that strikes back the instant you're attacked. Currently suffering at least one lethal or aggravated damage from a hand-to-hand attack Wyrd + Dexterity Rites of Spring 114

Calling the Guardian

Dream Rendering

Used while naked.

Wyrd + Wits

SaD 109

Diviners Madness

Gains a brief glimmer into the past or future of Causes temporary a person, place, or insanity. thing. Causes one of the changeling's doors Opens a door, no to be similarly matter how it is barred. opened for another some time soon. This illusion lasts only for a time though, and when it expires the deceived parties automatically know who was responsible for the deception.

Divining the past or future of someone the changeling is in love with. Opening the door to someone who confessed his hatred towards the Changeling.

Wyrd + Wits

Lost 165

Fair Entrance

Wyrd + Larceny

Lost 165

Fools Gold

Guises an object to look like something else, potentially appearing quite valuable.

Clause is used to deceive someone who's lied to the Changeling in the last 24 hours.

Wyrd + Manipulation

Lost 166

Sandman's Bargen

The user can takes Makes a dream real Lethal damage Used after staying immune to disruption by when hurt inside awake for 24 hours Oneiropomps the dream.

Wyrd + Resolve

SaD 110

3 Dot Contracts
Curses the user to suffer a dramatic Allows the user to failure on the next erase any one memory Subterfuge roll to from the target's mind. get someone to believe a necessary lie. This contract blesses a subject with potent healing, even curing aggravated damage. For the next day any further damage they suffer is mirrored upon the user of this contract. The next attack they suffer doing lethal or aggravated damage does the previously avoided damage as a bonus. Used to make the target forget about an event in which the user betrayed the target Wyrd + Manipulation Subject's Composure

The Blessing of Forgetfulness

RoS 115

Burden of Life

Target was injured while saving the Character from harm.

Wyrd + Empathy

CtL 166

Delayed Harm

The user avoids damage from one attack.

Character is unarmed or otherwise unable to defend herself.

Wyrd + Dexterity

CtL 167

Hospitality's Hold

Gain bonus (equal to glamour spent) maintaining hospitality in a location, mark violators

Take a similar penalty on all actions not related Own or be primary to maintaining resident of location hospitality, except against violators

Willpower + Wyrd

GotU p29

Mirror Mirror

The Changeling spies on another through a mirror,

The target will see the Changeling The changeling when she next breaks the mirror. looks into a mirror.

Wyrd + Resolve

SaD 53

4 Dot Contracts
The changeling must also swear an oath to the subject and suffers similar penalties if he Used when making breaks his oath a treaty of alliance but the nature of or non-aggression the Goblin Oath is such that both parties may suffer if only one is unfaithful. Used to best a rival or enemy.

Goblin Oath

The changeling can bind another character to an oath. The party taking the oath has difficulty breaking this oath, and if she does, disaster will strike her down.

Wyrd + Intimidation

RoS 115

Good and Bad Luck

Accurately guess the Suffer a bout of outcome of an event bad lack that would be difficult to afterwords. predict.

Wyrd + Wits

CtL 167

Call the Hunt

Calls a Wild Hunt from out of the Hedge.

Haha oh man what were you thinking. Character is in the No seriously nice Hedge going dumbass. You deserve this. Changeling is marked with a fiery crown showing he was the one that activated the contract.

Wyrd + Presence

CtL 167

Royal Oil

Target is covered in magical, highly flammable oil.

Drink a tablespoon of castor oil and suffer from stomach cramps.

Wyrd + Dexterity

SaD 54

Goblin Ward

Draw a magical mark; Any changeling not attuned to it and steps near it will suffer from hallucinations and confusion. When the ward is activated it will affect everyone nearby, even those attuned. High Clarity Changelings must roll for loss.

The creator cannot use his Seeming Blessing for as long as the ward continues to exist.

The ward is painted with the blood of a murdered enemy.

Wyrd + Occult

SaD 54

5 Dot Contracts
Drains a target splashed with blood of all Glamour Used against someone who The user is drained murdered a blood of all Glamour as relative. (Glamour well. expenditure is not negated) + All Glamor Wyrd + Presence


RoS 116

Lost and Found

Escapes from captivity or pursuit, seemingly by chance, but always automatically.

Escaping someone Another enemy is who knew the made aware of the changeling escapee's new personally for over location. a year.

Wyrd + Presence

CtL 168

Mad Trespass

The keeper spied Given a gift by the Use a dream to spy on on knows where to keeper or it's a Keeper find you until the servants. following dawn. -3 to perception while the contract Devour a dream for a is active. The user Devours a child's verity of potent benefits cannot sleep and dream halves all traits until they can sleep.

Wyrd + Composure

SaD 110


Wyrd + Wits

SaD 111

Name Goblin Fruits

Amaranthine Babel Gum Blushberries Buglewort Chu Chu Culm Cocorange Coralscalp

Looks like a small, red eggplant. Grows in Hedge Cities. Pink lichen that resembles chewed up gum. Pink fruits slightly larger then cherries. Mushroom that appears almost identical to Nightcap. Effects of both can stack. Grows in Hedge Fields. Bamboo filled with red liquid.

Heals 1A, limited to once per scene. Understand all spoken languages, forget how to read for one scene. Healing fruit. 1L or 2B healed. +4 Initiative for scene Intoxication, +2 social, -2 dexterity, wits or intelligence for one scene. Intoxication equivalent to a shot of liquor smoke to Increase sense-of-self, followed by hallucinations

CtL 223 CtL 113 CtL 223 CtL 224 WM 113 GM 21 GM 21


Restores 1 point of spent Willpower. After first Bitter and minty leaves, usually made into a Coupnettle, for 24 hours, still restores, but tea. imposes cumulative -1 to composure.

CtL 223

Outside Hedge: Hallucinogenic drug. Grows in Hedge Jungles. Yellow, conical Restore one willpower, -3 all dice pools The Cousins Trumpet flower with no scent. Must be brewed into a including defense and initiative. Within tea. Hedge: +2 Wyrd when shaping the Hedge. Dactyl Dream-A-Dupe Slightly intoxicating, looks like a purple Nectarine. 9-again on social rolls, but hard not to vomit up Healing fruit. 1L or 2B healed.

WM 113

GM 21 CtL 223


Mealy seeds inside a pod, similar to peas.

Healing fruit. 1L or 2B healed.

CtL 223

Fear Gortach

Highly addictive grass. Can affect mortals and supernaturals. Must succeed Wits + Composure to pull away, and reroll if you run into more Gortach in the next scene. Gluttons get a -3 on these rolls. Grows in Hedge Farmlands. Grows in the shape of a scarecrow. Crack it open and smear it on yourself to gain benefit.

Makes consumer hungry/loses benefits of other Fruits

CtL 223


+1 to Defense, -2 to Social rolls for one hour.

WM 112


Fae must roll Wits + Composure to find you Tiny, crimson berry about the size of a pomegranate seed. Very rare and bitter, but at -5. Lasts for minutes equal to your Wits + essentially turns you invisible to the Gentry. Resolve. Extended actions in same scene lose penalties; sleep whole day after to maximum of 7 days. +3 to stay awake for extensive amount of time; sleep whole day after to maximum of 7 days.

AN 59

Jarmyn Fruit

Grows with Jarmyn Leaves. Forces sleep.

CtL 223

Jarmyn Leaves

Grows with Jarmyn Fruit. Forces sleep.

CtL 223

The Judas Yew

Eating does 1L damage due to potent poison. Grows in Hedge Deserts. Tree with red Allows you to go 3 times the length without berries that grows out of walls in elevations. food or drink. A Blossom that curls upwards at the end of the leaf Mushroom that appears almost identical to Buglewort. Effects of both can stack. Grows in Hedge Tundras, on the horns of fierce Hobgoblins. Lichen that must be scraped off and eaten completely to take effect. Very rich, pungent moss used in soups. Effect only applies if eaten raw, about a salads worth, in the field. Healing fruit. 1L or 2B healed. Halves Speed until accumulates 4 successes on Stam + Res

WM 111


CtL 223


CtL 224

Pedicle Velvet

Heal 1L damage. Gain +1 Stamina for 6 hours. Next time you have intercourse, it will result in pregnancy. Loses 1 Willpower and can't spend Willpower for scene

WM 114

Pitt Moss

CtL 224

Gallowsroot Ropy vine shaped like a noose. Grows in Hedge Bogs and Swamps. Looks like a reed with a knobby outgrowth. Foul smelling acorns. Dispersed among trees completely randomly. Parchment-like leaf that is crumpled up when casting your contract. The fruit is safe to eat. The thorns are hard and sharp, and can be used as a weapon. Acts as Strength 3 attacker with a garrote for 3 turns. Single-use lockpick, adds +5 to any lockpick roll. -1 dice pool to everyone within 15 feet. CtL 224

Hog Eye

WM 111


CtL 224

Promise Leaves

Lengthens certain Contracts' duration

CtL 224


Thorns can be used as (1)L, Size 1, Durability 1 weapon

CtL 224


Oozes out of trees in Hedge Forests. Just a Vermin follows you around, -2 social penalty, dollop on your skin summons masses of 1 initiative and defense. vermin that follow you until removed.

WM 112

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