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Act II Scene II lines 361-End Hamlet (Inception Remake) Cast: Hamlet/ Prryhus - Jack Polonius / Prium- John Bake

Rosencrantz / Greek Soldier Andrew Guildenstern - Keith Mind Thief One/ Greek Soldier- Jonathan Tsang Mind Thief Two/ Greek Soldier- William Miyoshi Setting (In a run-down warehouse, Hamlet is walking back and forth worried and anxious while Rosencrantz is sitting in his seats chilling and acting casual Guildenstern is by the door entrance leaning.) Hamlet- What are they, criminals? How are they escorted? And when are they coming? Rosencratz? Rosencrantz- Have faith. There was, for a while, no money bid for argument till authorities went to cuffs in the question. Hamlet- Isnt it possible? Guildenstern- Oh! There has been much throwing of brains. Hamlet- So have these mercenaries gotten away from the law? Rosencrantz- Aye, they did. Strange isnt it? Hamlet- It is not very strange. For my Uncle the President of Deen-Mark Inc. , and those that laugh at him ten years ago, now buy a hundred stocks apiece for his company in little. Tis is not natural in philosophy. Guildenstern- Ay! I here footsteps . I believe they are arriving. Hamlet- Let me comply with them in this attire which, I tell you, must show fairly outwards. Those mind thieves will be welcomed. But my uncle-father and auntmother are deceived. Guildenstern- In what, my dear friend? Hamlet- I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly. I know a hawk from a handsaw.

(GUILDENSTERN OPENS THE DOOR AND POLONIUS ENTERS) Polonius- Well be with you gentlemen Hamlet- Alas, it is the big baby I see not yet out of his swaddling clouts Polonius- Happily hes the second time come to them, for they say an old man is twice a child. Hamlet- I will prophesy he comes to tell me of the guests . Mark it Polonius- My lord, I have news for you. The mercenaries are come hither, sir. Hamlet- Buzz, Buzz

One fair daughter and no more, The which he lovd passing well. Polonius-Hmph! Still on my daughter. (GUILDENSTERN OPENS THE DOOR AND INCOMES MIND THEIF ONE AND MIND THEIF TWO) Hamlet- Alast, Welcome, Welcome! Masters, you are all welcomed. Come and if you will give us a little taste of your quality. Mind Thief One- As in what my employer? Hamlet- ...You can go inside of me... *cue music Inside of You by Russell Brand Mind Thief One- ...yeah as you say we will delve into your dreams and you will experience the wonders of our skill Mind Thief Two- However, we will need one to stay here create dramatic music Hamlet- dramatic music? Guildenstern- *dum dum dummmmm Rosencrantz-...yeah thatll work Polonius-yep

(Insert drug and dream machine action here Everyone falls asleep and lights flashing and other special effects) Setting in the midst of an ongoing war Rosencrantz- Where are we (tired looking) Mind Thief One- inside of Hamlets dream *inside of you cue Mind Thief Two- Hey look! Its Hamlet and Polonius? What are they doing over there? (HAMLET AND POLONIUS FIGHT AN EPIC BATTLE SEQUENCE) Rosencrantz- At last I know this place, this is the battle of Troy! Mind Thief One- And Hamlet over there is fighting Polonius just like how Pyrrhus fought his grandfather Prium! (EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN HAMLET AND POLONIUS THEN POLONIUS FALLS DOWN AND WHEN HAMLET IS TO DELIEVER T FINAL BLOW HE STOPS AND STARS AT THE DISTANCE) Mind Thief Two- what is he looking at... Mind Thief One-uhm that city on fire? (HAMLET THEN RETURNS TO THE BATTLE AND DEALS THE FINAL BLOW TO POLONIUS AT THAT MOMENT THE LIGHT FLAHSES) Mind Thief One- The dream is collapsing brace yourselves! (BOOM! Everyone resume back to their original costumes and sleeping position except for Guildenstern who is still monitoring the sleeping guys) Hamlet- what happened? (Tired and weary) Mind Thief Two- Some dreams are like this, only the most remembered are the most important to them. Hamlet- I remember one thing in the dream I stabbed someone that looked like Polonius, but it is just a dream I would never stab you Polonius Polonius- youll never get to stab Ophelia either

Hamlet-wait what? Guildenstern- So how was it??

Polonius- Why. They are the best mind thieves in the world , either for inception or deception. These are the only men. Hamlet- Very well, Polonius, Guildenstern, and Rosencratz? Will you see our guests are well bestowed? Ill have a talk with him for a moment. Polonius-Very well. (Every one exits the door except for Hamlet and Mind Theif One) Hamlet- Sir Can you perform a Deception Tomorrow Night? Mind Thief One- Sure can, and what would this be? Hamlet- It would be on my uncle Claudius based on The Murder of Gonzago. Mind Thief One- Very well. Hamlet- Great see you tomorrow then. (Mind Thief One exits) HamletAlast the plan is working. Yea, and perhaps out of my weakness he is very potent with such mind tricks to damn him. The Deception is the thing Wherein Ill catch the conscience of this so called king. END