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Once a captive bird said this to Hoopoe, the woodpecker, you are my guide and benefactor. I am faltered by my meekness in accepting the truth that you are indeed the seal of Phoenix to me. Though you were very close to me, my stupidity prevented me in realizing that you, only you, are my guide in both worlds, the manifest and hidden. It is quite proper that you are hidden from mankind, but you are the comrade and companion of my soul and essence. I have but one prayer from you: What is the comprehensive mystery of the Kalima, the word. (The Islamic creed, there is no deities but God.) Please explain to me the secret of negation and the affirmation. In answer Hoopoe replied thus: Recite Kalima and learn to read it by your heart and soul that you swiftly grasp and understand its hidden meaning. Observe the arrangement of the Kalima. It is the fine art of conquering the Self without yielding to the self. Annihilate everything within you. When several thousand impressions, ideas and designs exist in you, how could you see the light of Mohammed? Only by abnegation of the self could you see the light of Mohammed in you. Look, when the self walks on the path of the Spiritual Master- the light of Mohammed- lovers are blessed with the vision of the Lord- the Beloved. The empyrean, the throne, the two worlds - the hidden and manifest, all these are in fact inherent in you; they are none other than you. With a righteous and pure heart, call to mind the pure and immaculate that granted spirit - the essence, to a handful of dust viz. human being. There are innumerable idols living within your patched garment. Do not call yourself a Sufi, with those idols still lurking in you. Leave all the idols in one corner; keep one idol with you, which is beneficial to you. One idol that you should keep in your soul is the godly Spiritual Master

Now correct the Kalima with this one idol- the negation of all the deities except the Guru, your Helper and Succor. Understand that this is the component part of the Kalima that has to be negated. Sacrifice your soul quickly to this image and break down the relationship you

have with your body when you behold the Master. Whoever has fallen in love with his Spiritual Master he is certainly in the right path and destined to get united with the Lord. Except through the grace of the Murshid- the Perfect Master none would behold the Lord- Essence. One who remained blind here will also be debarred from the vision of God hereafter In the realm of Love there is no dispute whatsoever with the Perfect Master- it is surrender in total. There is no speech whatsoever when one beholds the vision of Essence. Keep your soul in the remembrance of your Perfect Master, Ahmed. Surrender yourself and make your obeisance in every instant in the mystery of Truth.