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Problem Definition

Today all the work at the time of admission of the students is done manually by ink and paper which is very slow and consumes much time and efforts. Looking at this situation its thought to design a Computerized Automated Student Admission System to automate this process using a simple and easy to use system.

1. Student Admission System supports the student admission and registration process, maintenance of students details, branch choices and allotment, documents related data 2. Database maintained by this system contains complete data of the students. It focuses on storing and processing data (insertion, updation) by using web pages 3. Generate student information in formatted html tables visible in the browser 4. Generate Students Choices Detail Report 5. Generates the Document Submission status Report 6. Database stores the list of all colleges with available branches under the university 7. Database stores the details of the students applying for admission in various colleges of the university 8. Database Stores Merit list generated from the students rank in the exam

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A light weight Web based Application Software designed and developed using open sources which can work for a University having several attached Colleges offering professional course like B.Tech. Collect and manage student (personal, choices, documents,) details. Students are admitted according to the college allotted by university according to their merit in examination and their choice of college. Activities like CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) done in the system by the System Admin/Operator will be maintained in the form of tables for auditing and maintaining the integrity of the system

Project Requirements
1. Automate manual paper work done at the time of students admission in the University 2. Eliminate paper work. 3. Efficiently manage the student (personal details, branch allotment, documents) details

Software Required
Operating System: Windows/Linux Application/Web server: Tomcat Front End tools: HTML Database: MySQL Back end coding: JSP and Servlets Client side scripting: JavaScript

Working of the Present System

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1. The student submits a form filled with their choices of colleges along with preferred branches from the available list of colleges and branches they are offering 2. The college-branch allotment list is generated according to the merit based on students rank in the entrance examination 3. The student takes admission form of college from the reception 4. Student fills the form with their personal details 5. The form is submitted along with the required documents 6. After checking if all the required documents are submitted, the student is allowed to deposits the fees 7. At the time of submission of admission form, Student ID is assigned to the candidate by the institute

Disadvantages of Present System

1. Requires a lot of man power i.e. much efforts, higher operation cost and hard to operate and maintain 2. Since, all the work is done on paper; it is very hard to locate a particular students record when it is required

Proposed System
1. Proposed system is an automated computerized web based software system. 2. Its completely based on open source and uses Apache as application/web server, Java for writing code and MySQL as the database, most of the work is done on client side eliminating trips to the server and making it very fast 3. Its centrally deployed on a web server and accessible in the browser running on any of the computer attached to the server, simple and easy to operate 4. Easy to understand User Interface


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