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Art 1

Friendly High School Prince Georges County Public Schools Ms. Guiles Follow me on Twitter for homework reminders/announcements @GuilesArtClass Text: Glenocoe, Art Talk, 4th Edition Course Description: Art 1 is an entry-level course where students will experiment with materials and techniques, learn how to organize the elements of art and manipulate the principles of design in various art forms, and become acquainted with artists from the past and present. Course Objectives: I. The student will demonstrate the ability to perceive, interpret and respond to ideas, experiences, and the environment through visual art. II. The student will demonstrate understanding of visual art as a basic aspect of history and human experience. III. The student will demonstrate the ability to organize knowledge and ideas for expression in the production of art. IV. The student will demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze and apply criteria for making visual aesthetic judgments. Course Outline: Topic of study/media for this course include the following: Drawing and compositional skills pre-tests Elements of Art and Principles of Design Portfolio construction Art Criticism Drawing from Observation Abstraction Painting Collage Illustration Architecture 2D Design Color Theory Sculpture Multicultural Arts Reading and writing about artists and art Grading Criteria and Policies: 1. Criteria: Class work Class projects/Studio Points/Written Classwork Individual Assessments Tests/Quizzes /Notebook Checks Warm Ups/Homework Written projects/Homework/Sketchbook 50% 30% 20%

2. Grading Policies: a. Grading for all written work and artwork (class work, homework, warm-ups and sketchbook work) will be graded using an established and posted set of criteria. You do not need to be the worlds best artist to earn an A in this class, but you do need to meet the criteria for assignments. b. As a part of your class work grade, you will earn daily Studio Points You can earn points for being on-task, respectful, prepared, on time and follow all classroom rules. If you are late to class without a pass, do not bring your materials (sketchbook, pencil and notebook), are generally unfocused, disruptive or disrespectful, or break classroom rules, your grade will be lowered. c. DO NOT ASK ME WHAT YOUR GRADE IS DURING CLASS. You can come see me before or after school and I will tell you. You can also email me or check for grade updates. d. Grades for work turned in late will be reduced by one letter grade for each day they are late (note: this means calendar day, not A Day or B Day). After five days, late work will no longer be accepted and you will receive a zero for the assignment. For certain long-term assignments, late work will not be accepted. Late homework will not be accepted (unless you have an excused absence for the day it was due.) e. In-class studio work can be made up if you had an excused absence with a yellow slip. I stay after school on most days for those who need to make up work. A yellow slip grants you the opportunity to make up missed work it does not excuse you from the assignments you missed while gone. You cannot make up work if your absence was not excused. Daily Procedure: 1. Come into the classroom, sit at your seat quietly and begin working on the warmup. To be considered present and on time, students must be in their assigned seats and working on the warm-up when the bell rings. Warm Up grades will be reduced by 50% if you are late, and by 100% if you miss the Warm Up entirely. 2. We will go over the warm-up and discuss the days objective. 3. There will be an introductory discussion (possibly about an artist or an art concept or skill). 4. There may be a demonstration. Wait for directions from the teacher before getting up from your seat. 5. We will have studio time to work on class work assignments and artwork. 6. We will clean up the classroom. Wait for directions from the teacher before cleaning up. 7. We will close the lesson with a short discussion/assessment/closure assignment. Extra Studio Points may be given for participation. 8. You will be dismissed by the teacher. Remain seated until the bell rings. Classroom Policies and Expectations: 1. Be on time! Your grade will be reduced if you are late. You must be seated by the time the bell rings to be considered on time. If you find yourself coming late to class, find your seat without disrupting your classmates who were able to make it to class on time. It is not Ms. Guiles responsibility to catch you up on what you have missed. Find an appropriate time to ask a classmate or Ms. Guiles in a respectful way. DO NOT interrupt

instruction if you are late. You will lose 50% of your daily Warm Up grade if you are late to class. If you miss the Warm Up entirely, you will earn a 0 on your Warm Up grade. 2. There will be no conversations during demonstration or instruction time. Keep conversations to a minimum during work time. (outside of class discussions and critiques) It is disruptive and disrespectful to talk while others are reading, writing or making artwork. Being disruptive will result in a loss of Studio Points (Daily Grade). 3. Be respectful Respect your fellow students, the classroom, the materials, other peoples art, our time, and what you are going to be learning. There is a zero tolerance rule regarding throwing art supplies or other objects in the classroom. Throwing things will result in an automatic referral. Please be mature and responsible young adults and demonstrate your ability to use materials in an appropriate fashion. 4. Do not sit on the tables or desks Respect our shared equipment; stay in your assigned seat. 5. No food, drinks, gum, candy or snacks They do not mix well with art materials and can spill on art work. 6. Restrooms You may not ask during the beginning (instruction/warm up) or end (clean up/closure) of class. Use the time between classes to visit the restroom. 7. Dismissal The teacher, not the bell, dismisses the class. The lesson concludes with clean-up, closure and homework assignments. Students will stay seated until the bell rings. Anyone who leaves before class is over will be marked absent. 8. Cell phone policy I do not want to see or hear your electronic devices. Keep them off and away during class. Failure to comply with these rules or any of the Friendly High School rules while in this class will result in the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. A verbal warning A student-teacher conference A phone call home to a parent or guardian A PS-74 referral.

Ms. Guiles reserves the right to expedite the above sequence based on the circumstance at hand. Required Materials: Bring a pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser to class everyday. Due next class: 1 1 3-ring binder or folder with prongs and pockets (something you can put holepunched papers in) 1 set of tab-dividers (4 total) Due Thursday, September 13th (B-Day) or Friday, September, 14th (A-day).

1 8x10 or 9x12 sketchbook (with at least 50 white or off-white blank pages; spiral or hardbound are both OK DO NOT BUY A DOODLE PAD or SKETCH PAD with manilla/newsprint/thin pages. Your sketchbook needs to last all year). You can find these at Target, Michaels, AC Moore, CVS, bookstores, etc. 1 box of colored pencils 1 box/package of regular #2 pencils (at least 8). These will be donated to the classroom, to ensure that there will not be a shortage during the year. 1 Pencil Sharpener You will receive a homework grade for bringing in these materials on time. Extra-Credit Materials: Students can earn extra-credit points by bringing in any of the following for the classroom all year long: Tissues Paper Towels Magazines* Newspapers Soap or hand sanitizer Glue sticks Yarn Rulers Scissors Colored pencils/markers Masking tape Copy paper

* We will be using magazines in the first weeks of school, so make these a priority if possible.

Please sign this portion and bring it to class next period. I have read and I understand the syllabus for Ms. Guiles Art 1 class. Student Signature______________________________________________Date________________ Student Name (printed) _______________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________________Date________________