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Welcome/opening prayer This weeks passage reveals several ways we can honor God through practicing what He preached. Open your time together asking each person to pray that God would help us to live obedient lives.

Aug 26 Sep 1, 2012

Family Time (Read Mathew 7:13,14) Who is Jesus audience? Is Jesus really talking about gates and roads to go through or select? Why do so few find what Jesus is referring to in this passage? (few are willing to live obedient lives) Arrange the group in a circle; whisper instructions to the person on your right; repeat process until last person tells group what they heard. (Wear red socks on Tuesday; eat blueberries on Thursday; smell the roses on Saturday). Depending on kids and competency of the group, start with 1 phrase and then add phrases as the group gets the idea. After a few rounds, ask if anyone set out to sabotage the exercise? Does anyone set out to be a false prophet? How are people fooled to believe a false prophet? (poor understanding of truth, a subtle change in truth, over-valuing personal experience vs. learning doctrine.) Kids Time Creative ActivityConstruct a small sandcastle of dirt; place the empty pot next to the sandcastle; place an object on top of each (green army guy, cross, or similar sized toy) Now spray with the water hose at the base of both the sandcastle and pot. This is a demonstration of how important a firm foundation (Gods truth from the Bible) is to face trials and troubles. You overhear a group of popular kids making fun of a new kid in your class: What response would most kids choose? What would Jesus possibly do? Why is it so difficult to do what Jesus would do? There is a movie that all your friends have seen but your parents have said no to seeing it. Spending the night with a friend, their mom says you both can see it. What is the high road compared to the common road? What if you know your parents will never find out? A kid at school who is often in trouble encourages you to use the classroom computer while your teacher is down the hall. How do you decide if this is a good choice or bad choice? How can you tell if a person is wise or foolish? (wise people choose to obey authority; foolish people choose to do what they want regardless of what their authority tells them)

Adult Time Jesus took every opportunity to guide and instruct his beloved disciples as to which path to choose, yet all strayed, as we do too. This key passage in conclusion to His hillside sermon seems to suggest few will choose to obey Christs authority. In what areas of our life do we choose to avoid Christs path? Why? Imagine receiving a test; the instructor tells you every answer on the test is A. Yet, Jesus is telling us that in every situation that we face the correct answer isJesus. However, we seem prone to wonder and make choices that do not reflect our faith in God and obedience to the Holy Spirit in His leading us. Why doe Jesus make it seem so simple to obey, but we feel it is not easy to stay consistently faithful? What are some practical ways that will help us to stay faithful in our obedience? Have you ever felt very passionate about a position only to find out later that your understanding of all the facts was slightly off? How do we determine what a false teacher or false prophet is today? (their teachings contradict/deny the word of God; consider Deut. 18:22 vs. Deut. 13:4,5; 2 Tim. 4:2-5) Jesus speaks to his disciples helping them understand that what determines good fruit is not just good behavior (Matt 7:22) but from the good that is within the tree. How might you better prepare yourself to recognize a wolf in sheeps clothes? (scripture, consider other fruit in the persons life, seek the counsel of other believers) Prayer Time Lord help us to seek your way by using scripture so that we are found faithful and obedient. Our desire is to live lives worthy to the call that you have for each of us.

Community Calendar One Less Orphan Care Ministry is hosting a barbecue Saturday, September 15 beginning at 5:00 pm in TC130 for any adoptive or foster families. Please RSVP by September 7. Contact: Holly Glenn 817-781-1184, Church Calendar Last Sunday, 87 people attended our first Young Adult Community Group. Join us each Sunday at 9:00 am in TC130 for breakfast and Bible study. Contact: Kevin Boyd ext 120,

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