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May 23, 2012 Douglas J.

Bieker Getty Images 605 5th Avenue South, Suite 400 Seattle, WA 98104 RE: Alleged Copyright Infringement Yeah, We Do That

Dear Mr. Bieker: Please be advised that I represent Yeah, We Do That and Gregory A. Troy with regard to the allegations of copyright infringement that Getty Images has asserted. Please direct all future correspondence regarding this matter to my office. I have had an opportunity to review the correspondence between Getty Images and Mr. Troy. Getty Images has demanded first $875.00 and then $625.00 from my client, but has never provided any verification that Getty has any rights whatsoever in the work in question. Rather, you state that Getty Images is unable to provide further evidence at this time. If this statement is factually accurate, and Getty Images is actually unable to provide the evidence that Mr. Troy requested in his letter of April 25, 2012, then Getty Images could not possibly successfully pursue a copyright infringement claim against my clients. Rather, it would be accurate to say that Getty Images is unwilling to produce the evidence that Mr. Troy has requested. Simply having the image posted on the Getty Images website is inadequate. In fact, it was Getty Images failure to police the on-line use of this very image that has arguably given rise to this situation. If you wish my clients to consider any settlement at all, Getty Images will have to provide the evidence that Mr. Troy requested in his letter of April 25, 2012. If there is a concern that some of this documentation contains confidential business information, we are certainly willing to enter into a confidentiality agreement in that regard. However, absent this documentation, it is virtually impossible to assess whether Getty Images even has enforceable rights, much less the potential exposure of my clients. Further, you have asserted that $625 represents damages that Getty Images has incurred, but you have provided no evidence in support thereof. In particular, you have failed to produce evidence of the actual cost of the image at issue at the time of the alleged infringement occurred. This information is fundamental to any future discussions.

Daniel J. Bieker May 16, 2012 Page 2 Should Getty be willing to produce the above-referenced evidence, my clients will be willing to re-open negotiations regarding a full and final resolution of this matter. Of course, this would require a complete release and indemnification agreement from Getty Images, and my clients admit not liability whatsoever. I look forward to your response hereto.


G. Antonio Anaya