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West Newlands, Somersham, Cambridgeshire.

PE28 3EB UK Tel: 01487 740744 or 01487 842194 Fax: 01487 740040 CAMBS. R.F.D. No. 240

Rapid MkI
12ft/lbs or FAC

Pre-Charged Pneumatic
all calibres all powers


12ft/lbs Rapid MkI with a Vortex Silencer

Whisper Quiet Combination

This is the rifle made for the hunter. Pull back the bolt and the pellet is into place. Close the bolt and you are ready to fire. All this can be done in a second without taking your eye from the scope. This ultra quiet hunting rifle is devastating in any shooting situation. The world class Anschtz barrels fitted to .177 and .22 calibres and selected Walther barrels on .20 and .25 calibres see to that . Seven or twelve shots in .22 cal, twelve shots in .20 and .25 or 17 shots in .177 calibre can be taken with deadly accuracy with minimum fuss, utilising the same faultless magazine system proven on the SLR 88/98.
Optional Accessories
7, 12 or 17 Shot Magazines (depending on cal)

The .22 and .177 calibres are most popular in the UK as there is a large selection of pellets to choose from. Accuracy is outstanding in both calibres and they are available in 12ft/lbs and FAC specification. The .20 calibre is the most popular calibre in America, the reason being, that it hits as hard as a .22 calibre but is flat shooting like a .177. It will transform your approach to shooting whether targets or live quarry. The effective range of a 12ft/lbs version will impress even the most discerning air gunner. However, the FAC version shows this as the most efficient of all calibres. The combination of weight against a relatively small cross sectional area makes long range highly accurate shooting a reality. The .25 calibre is only available in FAC and is fitted with a longer barrel. It has adjustable power; for example, using 27 grain H&N Ram Points you can get between 33ft/lbs with 70 shots to 40ft/lbs and 33 shots just by adjusting the rear cap. Best accuracy is acheived with 30 grain H&N Baracuda, lighweight pellets exceed 900 fps. All of the Rapid Range of rifles are available an FAC version. All can achieve a humane killing distance of 60 yards, although it is possible to kill at a distance of 70/80 yards if you have the skill & marksmanship.

Upgrade to the Large Bolt Handle (as fitted to the Rapid MkII & MFR) for a more comfortable grip.

Always know the energy of your rifle with a Chrony Chronograph. Powered by one 9v battery so can be used almost anywhere.
See accessories sheets for full range

No other manufacturer comes near to the reliability and accuracy achieved from the Theoben 7, 12 or 17 shot magazines.

Bolt action pre-charged pneumatic 12ft/lbs and FAC .177, .20, .22 and .25 calibres 7, 12 or 17 shot rotary magazine Ambidextrous Walnut Stock 2 stage Sporter Trigger Pull 1-lbs Vortex Silencer Recoilless

400mm (16) barrel on 12ft/lbs Weight: 3.2Kg (6.9lbs) without scope Length: 1000 mm (39.4) 524mm (21.5) barrel on FAC Weight: 3.3Kg (7.3lbs) without scope Length: 1083 mm (42.7) 600mm (23) barrel on all .25 cals Weight: 3.4Kg (7.5lbs) without scope Total Length: 1200 mm (47.3)

Calibres .177

Power 12ft/lbs 17ft/lbs 20ft/lbs 23ft/lbs 12ft/lbs 27ft/lbs 12ft/lbs 30ft/lbs 33ft/lbs 35ft/lbs 40ft/lbs

Shots 200 70 50 40 270 40 300 50 70 60 33

.20 .22 .25

Outfit Includes; Ambidextrous Walnut stock with chequered pistol grip, 1 x 400cc buddy bottle, multi shot magazine, scope mount set including allen key and full instructions.

Shots per charge with a Rapid MkI fitted with a 400cc buddy bottle.

If you like the feel of the Rapid MkI but you would like more shots, why not try the Rapid MkII.
The manufacturers reserve the right to change the specifications and/or prices at any time without prior notice. r1_a4 05/04