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Kenyan Ambassador to USA says President-Elect Obama was Born in Kenya

Links to this candid on air admission in November 2008: or

Below is transcript of key part of the conversation

Kenyan Ambassador, confirms Obama born in Kenya
On 6 November 2008 a couple of radio DJs from WRIF in Detroit called the Kenyan Embassy and spoke to the Kenyan Ambassador to the USA. They ask him about the Kenyan national mood subsequent to Obama's U.S. Presidential Election victory. Near the end of the call they asked the Ambassador if President Elect Obama's birthplace in Kenya will be marked with a monument or if tourism will increase there. Read the key part of the conversation below but the interchange can also be heard at the above link.

DJ: One more quick question. Is the spot where President-Elect Obama's birthplace over in Kenya, is that going to be a spot to go visit where he was born? Ogego: The place is already an attraction. His paternal grandmother is still alive... [DJ interrupts] DJ: But the birthplace, will they put up a marker there? Ogego: It is already well known.
The DJ later said he phrased his question "President-Elect Obama" on purpose so the distinction from Obama's father, whose name is also Barack Obama, would be clear to the Ambassador.

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