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CATERPILLAR” ss ‘September 1988 = Operation & Maintenances. : So 3408 and 3412 nee ee and EPG Diesel Engines 81Z1-UP Q\ IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Most accidents involving engine opers jatety rules of precautions. An accident can ing potentially hazardous situations: Improper operation is dangerous and could result in injury or death. READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS AND WARNINGS BEFORE OPERATING THIS ENGINE. @ outlined in the “Safety” Section of jon of operations where hazards exist. Warning decals have also been put on the engine to provide instructions and to identity specific hazards which, it ot heeded, could cause bodily injury or death to you or other persons. These warnings in the Guide and on the engine ns that may result only in engine damage are identified by CAUTION decals on the engine and in the Guide. pillar cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that ht involve a potential hazard. The warnings in this Guide and fon the engine are therefore not all inclusive. if an operation is not performed as specitically recommended by Caterpillar, you must satisty yourselt that it is safe for you and others. You ‘should also ensure that the engine will not be damaged or made tunsate by the method of operation you choose. ‘The proper and safe lubrication and maintenance procedures for this engine, recommended by Caterpillar, are outlined in the "Lubrication & Maintenance” Section of this Guide. Improper performance of lubrication ot maintenance procedures is dar erous and could result in injury or death. Read and understand the “Lubrication & Maintenance” Section before performing any lubrication (oF maintenance. FOREWORD ‘This guide contains operation insttuctons and bce tion and maintenance information, ‘The operation sectonis a reterence for the new oper: stor and a retrosher for the experienced one. Read — ‘Staty — and Keep It handy. lustrations guide the operator through correct proce ‘ures of checking, staring, operating ané stopping the engine ‘The maintenance sections a guide to equipment care ‘Te tustrated, step-by-step natructions are grouped by servicing intervals. ems inthe Lubiction and Manto nance Chart” are raferanced to the detased instructions that folow Use the service meter to determine servicing ite: vals, Calendar inervais shown may be used stead of Service meter intervals f they provide mare convenient Servicing schedules and approximate the indicated ser- vce meter reading. Recommended service should al ways be performed at the terval thal occurs f Under extremely severe, dusty of wet operating com tions, mere requent ication than spectied inthe ‘Laincation and Maintenance Chart” may be neces Perform service on items at mutes of the original ‘equrement. For example, at Every 500 Service Meter Unis, alza service those items bsted under Every 250 Service Moter Uns, Every 80 Service Moter Units and Every 10 Service Meter Unis ‘Some photographs in this publication show details or attachmants that may Be diferent fam your engine ‘Also, guards and covers may have boon removod for Iustrative purposes. Cominuing improvement and advancement of product design may have caused changes fo you engine which fire not Included nthe pubieaton Each publication I reviewed and revised, as euied to update and include these changes in lator edions Whenever a question arises regarding your engine or this pubteation. please consult your Caterpilar dealer for the latest avaiable information, Engine Identification Caterpilar engines are dentiied with SERIAL NUM. BERS and ARRANGEMENT NUMBERS. in some cases MODIFICATION NUMBERS are also used. These nur bors are shown on the serial number plate mounted on the engine CCaterpilar dealers needa these numbers to deter rine wich componente ware included on te engine when ft wag assembled at the factory. Ths permits ‘accurate Identification of replacement part numbers Ordering Parts Qualty Caterpiar replacement parts are avaiable from Caterpilar dealers throughout the worl. Thee parts stocks are upto date and clude al pars normally Fequirod 0 protect your vvestment In Caterpilar er fines. When ordering parts, your order should specity the quant, part number part name and sal nomber frrangement number and modiication number of the fengne for which te parts are needed Fin doubt about {he part azmber, please provi your dealer wth com plete description ofthe nooded item,