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GWSC Quidditch Wednesday 29th July 2012-08-28 Rules All players must be running with their broomstick between

n their legs at ALL times. If you are caught not doing so, itll be a penalty shot for the other team. If you are hit by a Bludger, no matter what position (except the Keeper), you must run back to your own goals (with only your broomstick), touch one of them, and then return to playing. The game will begin with the referee throwing the Quaffle into the air in the centre of the ground, where itll be contested by the Chasers from either side (kind of like a centre bounce in Aussie Rules). The Snitch (an impartial person who runs around for the extent of the game with a tag attached to their hip) will be released 5 minutes after the commencement of the match. The Snitch for our games will be allowed to run around the entirety of the courts. Whilst not an entirely non-contact sport, anything overly violent will result in the opposition teams Chasers receiving a free throw of the Quaffle taken from where the infringement occurred, or a penalty shot, depending on the discretion of the referee. All players, bar the Seeker, must stay within the area designated for that match.

Positions Chaser (three per team) your aim is to score a goal by throwing a European handball (which is considered to be the Quaffle) through one of three rings on the opposite end of the pitch. Each goal is worth ten points. There will be a semi-circle marked out in front of the goals which you must be behind when shooting. A Chaser can only take 5 steps with the Quaffle before he/she has to pass it off to another member of their team, or lose it to an opposition free throw. Keeper (one per team) like in any sport, your objective is to stop the oppositions Chasers from scoring any goals. Being hit by a Bludger has no effect on you so long as you are within your marked defensive zone. (and for a Beater to deliberately try to attack you is an infringement which would give your team a penalty throw). When your team is in possession of the Quaffle you may, if you wish, essentially leave your defensive zone to become a fourth Chaser, but make sure you dont stray from your goals insofar that you cant get back in time should the other side get the Quaffle back. Also note that once you are outside your defensive zone you are prone to being knocked-out by a Bludger. Beaters (two per team) the aim of the Beaters is to disadvantage the other side by knocking their players out using Bludgers (dodgeballs). If a player is hit by a Bludger they must run back to your own goals (with only your broomstick), touch one of them, and then return to playing. The last sentence applies also to Beaters from the other team. NOTE: Beaters cannot deliberately attack the opposition teams Keeper when they are inside their defensive zone. If they do, the opposition team will receive a penalty shot at goals with the Quaffle. Seekers (one per team) The Seekers one and only objective is to catch the Snitch (as well as avoid the Bludgers and whatnot). This is the position Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory and Draco Malfoy

and Cho Chang and such plays in the films and novels. A game finishes when a Seeker from either side catches the Snitch, earning 30 points for their team. The Snitch will have a Velcro tag attached to their body, and the Seeker has to tear this off in order to constitute catching it. The Seeker and the Snitch can go anywhere within the limits of the courts.