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Environmental Health Internship

Project Background: Governments world-wide, are increasingly recognizing the fundamental importance of tourism because of its ability and potential to: Stimulate business activities in other sectors of the economy and thus contribute to sustainable economic development and diversification, Stimulate rural development, Create jobs, and facilitate economic empowerment of marginalized members of the society, and Alleviate poverty among host communities. Lobitos is a unique location that has world class surfing. The area also has a wealth of resources, notably gas and oil, which is the current mainstay of its economy. WAVES for Development, a registered not-for-profit and NGO in three countries, has wisely identified tourism as a priority industry. WAVES and the community recognize the need to diversify the economic base and develop an industry which promotes the development of sustainable livelihoods through the creation of employment opportunities, particularly for women and youth While there is no doubt that Lobitos has rich and varied natural and cultural resources with potential for tourism development, the area also faces certain challenges in developing and managing tourism on an equitable and sustainable basis. It is therefore fundamental that business planning, development and, its management, marketing and promotion: are driven by the desires of the community be based upon sustainable policies and strategies which guide the entire development process ensure that tourism development is integrated with the development of other sectors; enhance socio-cultural, environmental and economic benefits of tourism; and, mitigate the negative impacts of tourism. WAVES for Development was seeded in 2005 and three years later in 2008 the Lobitos project took off in earnest. The organization firmly believes that surf tourism should be developed according to international best practices that benefit both the visitor as well as the coastal host communities. Organic project growth within WAVES Lobitos led to the establishment in mid-2011 of the Community Surf Centre that serves a platform for multiple WAVES programs. The surf center currently provides tourism information, surf shop, education and awareness, local and international exchange and surf equipment for usage by local youth. The WAVES surf center now employs 4 local youth on a part time basis, 7 days a week and is now completely financially sustainable. The surf center is the platform for building sustainable enterprises, microfinance programs, sustainable building projects and houses a locally operated surf photography business.

Environmental Health Internship Overview Overview: To empower community members in Peru to create a health-supportive environment through awareness and action. Purpose: The Purpose of the internship is to form a University affiliated student organization (WAVES Corps) on campus and recruit a group of 8 to 12 students to travel to Peru to participate in our programming. Other local activities for the group will be defined when the initial group is formed. 5 Year Vision: Over the next 5 years we plan to: mobilize 330 volunteers that lead to the construction of a Community Surf Centre Compound, a Volunteer Hospitality & Culinary Center with greywater, composting and reycling components. assist 100 families improving their home environment by adding cement floors, systems for lighting, improving roofs, installing composting toilets and creating garden, composting, and greywater systems. Establish a Marine Protected Area in Northern Peru that includes Lobitos, Negritos and Cabo Blanco. Methods: Sustainable Construction: WAVES has a grant to build a Centro de Surf, Business Incubator and community education room. Groups can participate actively in the building process and raise funds to contribute to the buildings sustainable elements. Cement Floors / Roofs: Groups are welcome to participate in a project that puts a cement floor or improves the roof in the homes of a local. Currently, many homes have dirt floors and cement provides a much healthier environment. Local Roofs are sometimes unsafe. Locals purchase or finance the cost of the improvement and WAVES provides the balance of the cost in exchange for participating in a WAVES related project. Greywater Systems: Water is a very valuable commodity in the Peruvian Desert. Lobitos is at the end of the water supply pipeline and needs to utilize every drop to its fullest potential. Groups are encourage to participate in the design and implementation of greywater systems to irrigate trees and gardens. Composting / Gardening: Once a greywater system is established, gardening can begin. Gardens can be established as a microbuisness or as a means to provide healthy food to Lobitoans at a low cost. Composting Toilets: Waves is looking for assistance managing waste through the design and construction of a pilot program for composting toilets. Establishment of a Marine Protected Area in Northern Peru: WAVES is working with several stakeholders in the establishment of a marine protected area. This project is not ready for group participation but will be soon, stay tuned. Recycling: Recycling is almost non-existent in rural Peru. We are looking for groups to create innovative and profitable ideas to drive recycling efforts.

Timing: We will be accepting resumes and letters of interest for the internship through September 31st, 2012. The internship will begin with your acceptance and end at the conclusion of your trip.

Intern Qualifications: Interns participating in the Environmental Health Internship will have background related tourism and/or environmental health. Interns will have substantial ability to: Be self motivated, creative, trustworthy and organized. communicate with WAVES effectively Market the opportunity to other students Already have a passion for surfing or willing to learn Ability to fundraise Great sense of humor Business and/or Entrepreneurial experience

Advantages: Advantages for undergraduates are numerous. A few include: - Real world environmental health experience - Surf & Serve at one of South Americas best and most consistent surf spots - Resume Development - Begin growing your global network - Experience a third world culture Travel Costs and fundraising: Travel costs to Lobitos are covered by the students. Costs in Lobitos are $1,275 for two weeks and $975 for one week. Transportation is a separate expense and airfare to Lima and Piura costs approximately $600 - $1,000 from just about anywhere in the US. The lead student organizer will have their travel costs covered while in Peru and will only need to pay for airfare. WAVES has an effective online platform for fundraising utilizing

Application Process: To apply for the internship, please send your letter of interest to For more information on our organization please check us online at: