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Scientific Objectivity and Quantum Objectivity


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2009 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Some people think, wrongly, that Logical Positivism should be based upon sense

experience. In fact, real Logical Positivism is Logical Phenomenology which involves

not only sense experience, but also spiritual experience, psychological experience, and

metaphysical experience. Logical Positivism must include logical proofs for God’s

Existence that are based upon irrefutable metaphysical assumptions. Similarly,

developmental psychology discusses levels of consciousness that are found within the

mind and thus do not involve sense experience. Also, Transpersonal Psychology studies

higher levels of consciousness and spirituality. For example, there are empirical studies

which register the brain waves of zen meditators and find them to be different than those

of ordinary waking consciousness. Finally, philosophy of science based upon

phenomenology is open to phenomenological experience, as such, without the limitations

of artificial labels such as “sense experience.” We should redefine Logical Positivism as

“rigorous logical inferences from phenomenal experience,” that is Logical


Bernard Lonergan trashed St. Anselm’s Proof for God’s Existence. St. Anselm

argued that God that which nothing greater than which can be imagined. Anselm argued

that since he had this idea, God then really existed. Lonergan, on the other had argued

that St. Anselm’s proof was faulty because the proof only applied on the level of ideal
logic not the real. Using Thomas Aquainas, I have a new proof for God’s Existence

which meets the requirements of Lonergan’s critique. The Proof is as follows:

1. experience the Universe as Caused by the First Cause.

2. I understand the Universe as Caused by the First Cause.

3. I Judge that the Universe is Caused by the First Cause.

4. The foregoing operations use human reason.

5. Human reason must have an Origin and an End.

6. Reason or Logos is the Origin and End of human reason.

7. I experience the Universe as reasonable.

8. Reason is both the Origin and End of the Universe as well as the Origin and

end of human reason.

9. God is defined as that Reason of which there is no greater Reason.

10. I experience God as Reason.

11. I understand God as Reason.

12. I judge that God Exists as Reason.

Given the fact that we have proved that God exists, it also apparent that Reason and

reason exist and operate. Scientific objectivity is back. God uses Reason as the

Objective Observer of the Quantum Field and therefore Quantum Indeterminacy at Level

4 is gone and in its’ place is Quantum Objectivity.