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Berkeley CollegeMidtown Campus Expository Writing

ENG 105: Spring 2010 Instructor: Ilse Schrynemakers, Ph.D. Office: 3rd floor (English Department), Main Building Office Hours: Tues, Thurs: 11-12:00pm, Wednesday, Friday: 10-10:30am and by appointment. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Students will be expected to organize and write college-level essays, integrate research into their essays, and demonstrate competent writing and comprehension skills. Emphasis will be placed on developing ideas on paper from brainstorming ideas through editing and revision. Careful attention will be paid to grammar, spelling, punctuation and the mechanics of writing. Classroom activities include lessons, discussion, textbook exercises, peer review, workshop sessions, and frequent in-class and at-home writing assignments. Come prepared to write! Required Text: A Writers ResourceBring to EVERY class period. In addition, I will provide the web link for your readings. ALWAYS print out a copy of the reading and bring a copy to class on the day the reading is assigned. Recommended: folder for handouts; notebook. Schedule: Week 1: Diagnostic Exam; Brainstorming; Topic Sentences; Paragraph Development Week 2: Compare and Contrast; Introductory Paragraphs Grammar: Run-ons and sentence fragments Reading: Amy Tans Mother Tongue In-class Writing Workshop on Draft of Compare and Contrast Essay Week 3: Cause and Effect; Reading Skills Grammar: Action Verbs; Passive Voice Grammar and Reading Quiz Reading: Peter Singers The Singer Solution to World Poverty found at: Assignment DUE: Compare and Contrast Essay

Week 4: Thesis Statement: The Process of Argumentation Logical Fallacies; MLA documentation Grammar: Subordination and Coordination Movie: Oliver Stones JFK. Grammar and Reading Quiz Compare and Contrast Essay Returned to You Week 5: Argument of Fact Thesis/Antithesis, Claims, Counter-Claims, and Warrants Reading: Jacob Cohens essay, Yes, Oswald Alone Shot JFK: posted under Course Documents in Blackboard In-class Writing Workshop on Draft of Argument Paper Week 6: Voice; Tone; Rhetorical Techniques Reading: to be announced Grammar: Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers Assignment DUE: Argument Essay Week 7: The Process of Definition; Research Techniques Readings: Derek Boks Protecting the Freedom of Speech on Campus; Charles Lawrence: On Racist Speech Grammar and Reading Quiz Argument Essay Returned to You Week 8: Argument of Definition Grammar: Wordiness Readings: Based on Research--Presentations In-class Writing Workshop on Draft of Research Paper Week 9: The Process of Narration Reading: To be Announced Reading Quiz Assignment DUE: Research Paper Week 10: The Process of Narration (contd) Reading: Langston Hughes Salvation In-class Writing Workshop on Narration Essay Research Paper Returned To You Week 11: Business Writing (Resumes, Cover Letters, Email Etiquette) Assignment DUE: Narration Essay

Week 12: Review Portfolios Due Narration Essay Returned to You EVALUATION: Compare and contrast essay: 15%; Narration Essay: 15%; Argumentation Essay: 20% Research essay 30%; Class participation (Quizzes, in-class writing, group work, presentation): 20%; The FOUR ESSAYS (Compare and Contrast; Narration; Argumentation; Research) must be posted into your electronic portfolio. I will be informing you about this process soon. Note: Paralegal majors must receive a C or better to receive credit for the course. WRITING WORKSHOPS AND DRAFTS: You must bring a draft of your work to the writing workshop. Failure to do so results in a half a grade reduction in your final essay grade.

ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTER: Berkeley College offers free tutoring and academic support throughout the school term in the Academic Support Center (ASC), located on the 13th floor, B-building, and on the downtown campus. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: The College expects all members of its community students, faculty, and staff to act honestly in all situations. Actions of Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated. Students who commit plagiarism on an assignment will receive a failing grade and will not have the opportunity to rewrite the assignment. CLASS GUIDELINES AND POLICIES: Attendance: I DO NOT TOLERATE LATENESS. Do not arrive to class later than fifteen minutes or you will not be admitted into the classroom. Students can fail a course for being habitually late. More than 6 absences = Automatic failure of the course, regardless of the quality of your work. Berkeleys attendance policy does not allow for excused absences. If youre not present in class, regardless of the reason, you will be marked as absent. Expect to have a quiz in class every time a reading must be done for a class period. I may or may not give a quiz each time, but you should be prepared for one nonetheless. Class participation: Since this course is discussion based, doing the assigned readings and being prepared to discuss them in class is vital to your success in this course. Any student who does not act with maturity and restraint, as is expected in college, will be asked to leave and marked as absent. Please note: If you miss a class, you are responsible for getting the assignments

from another member of the class. (Please get other students contact information). Make sure all cell phones are shut off. Also, do not text-message in class. If you desperately need to answer the phone or send a text-message, step outside into the hall and do so. Paper Requirements: All papers are to be uploaded into the assignment folder on the date specified. No exceptions. Do not email papers. Papers with excessive typos or showing clear lack of proofreading will receive an F. All essays must be typed and formatted to the specifications Ive discussed in class. If the paper does not meet those specifications, it will not be accepted and will receive an F. All Essays must be turned in on the specified due date. Any essay turned in late will receive an automatic grade reduction; I do not accept essays one week past the due date. REVISION POLICY: Since I believe real writing is about rewriting, I strongly encourage students to rewrite their essays. If an assignment is handed in on time, the student may turn in a rewrite on week after the graded essay is returned to you. This policy only applies to students who submit their work on time; any late submissions can not take advantage of this policy.