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SNF compliance programs must be implemented by March 2013. As a leading contract rehab therapy provider, Evergreen Rehabilitation is committed to ensuring to our SNF partners that our corporate rehab compliance program will stand up to an effectiveness assessment based on these key elements: standards and procedures, oversight of the program, training and education, auditing and monitoring, enforcement and discipline, and response and prevention.

Evergreen Rehabilitation is fully prepared to answer the following questions that all SNFs should ask their in-house or contract therapy department:
1. Do you have a Code of Conduct? 2. Do you have Policies and Procedures specific to Rehab Compliance? 3. Do you have a Rehab Compliance Officer who reports only to the CEO or Board of Directors? 4. Do you provide Rehab Compliance training to all new hires? 5. Do you provide Compliance training annually to all employees? 6. Do you have mechanisms in place to communicate to the field regulatory changes? 7. Do you have an Annual Audit plan? a. How do you establish your Annual Audit Plan? b. In addition to your annual audit plan, what other type of monitoring do you perform? 8. Do you benchmark key claims data to identify potential areas of exposure? 9. Do your employees have an anonymous option for reporting concerns? 10. Do you track compliance complaints/concerns? How? 11. Do you have a Complaint Response Procedure? 12. Do you perform monthly Exclusion/Sanction checks? 13. Do you partner with the SNF in performing Denials Management? 14. Do you have a process for ensuring clean claim submission? 15. Do you have a process for evaluating that Medicare documentation requirements are met?

Are you interested in rehab compliance and contract rehab companies? Your largest vendor should be able to provide the right answer to all of these questions.

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As a fully accredited rehab provider, Evergreen is contracted to manage day-to-day operations and therapy staffing for rehabilitation programs that serve long-term care communities and outpatient therapy centers. These rehab programs are located in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities (SNF), assisted living facilities (ALF), and full-service continuing care retirement communities (CCRC). Contact us to learn more about Evergreen Rehabilitation contract therapy services for your business or for a compliance assessment of your in-house therapy department.

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