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Howard High School Art Department
Ms. Molly Brennan Instructor WELCOME to ART I! You made a good DECISION in CHOOSING this class to fulfill your fine art elective for your graduation requirement. I realize that not all of you consider yourself artists perhaps you are a stellar athlete, a mathematician, or writer. Also, you may think that you do not possess a talent for art. With that said, I want you to know one thing before we start the year: ART IS A SKILL THAT CAN BE LEARNED by engaging the right side of the brain. This syllabus outlines the procedures, policies, and objectives of this course. The last page is an information sheet that needs to be completed by the student AND the parent/guardian and returned by the date indicated. This syllabus will be kept in the students Sketchbook/Binder.

Students will apply concepts about the elements of art and principles of design (refer to visuals) through a variety of experiences in learning the language of art. Activities are designed to build creative problem solving skill through drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and other art disciplines. As students gain a sense of the ways artists find and interpret ideas, they develop an understanding of the role of the artist in a culturally diverse world.

Students will be able to

IDENTIFY the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to develop a basic vocabulary. These Elements and Principles are the backbone to any artmaking activity. RECOGNIZE and APPLY compositional formats used in 2D and 3D masterworks. USE Feldmans 4 step process for making critical judgments to become aesthetically literate. USE various conceptual and interdisciplinary approaches for the development of subject mater including: imagination, observation, memory, verbal to visual and experimental. DEVELOPMENT of compositional formats, problem solving and technical skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and other art disciplines.

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 - Observational Skills
- Media exploration

- Art Elements and Principles - Sketchbook spread

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

- Printmaking - Clay - Aesthetic Theory

- Other media - Sculptural Design - Formal Critiquing methods


There are 5 sections/parts to class every day. The following is the art studios established routine: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. INTRODUCTION/DRILL DEMONSTRATION STUDIO TIME CLEANUP ASSESSMENT/CLOSURE

You will need a or 1 binder for this class. This binder will hold your monthly drill sheets, worksheets and serve as your sketchbook. Sketch paper will be put in the binder for thumbnail sketches, visual spreads, and practice pages.

YOU WILL BE GRADED ON a POINT SYSTEM DRILLS -1 pt each/collected on Fridays or last day of school week CLASSWORK/SKETCHBOOK WORK - 5-50 pts. FINAL ASSIGNMENTS 100 pts. QUIZZES - varies

The Art Rubric is as follows for each FINAL PROJECT Each section is worth 25 points. STUDIO SKILLS Have you use the skills demonstrated by the teacher in a successful way? DESIGN which includes the originality of ideas, creative problem solving, knowledge of art elements OBJECTIVES Have you met the established criteria or the assignment? Have you completed practice worksheets and thumbnail sketches? Have you done the research and daily drills? CRAFTSMANSHIP Neatness, craftsmanship, completion and evidence of pride. ABSENCES/EXTENSIONS/UPGRADES (DO-OVER)
You are expected to complete all assignments by the specified due date. Due dates will be clearly posted. I will give you an extension on any assignment at my discretion. (Final Projects only) If you have an excused absence (by way of a Readmit Slip) you will have the same amount of time you were absent to make up an assignment. UPGRADING If you are NOT happy with your grade on a final project, you can UPGRADE. Upon return of your graded artwork, you will have ONE WEEK to re-do it and submit the artwork to the teacher for a better grade. This policy ONLY applies to FINAL PROJECTS.

TARDY POLICY FIRST TARDY conference with you SECOND TARDY phone call home THIRD TARDY after school detention and phone call home FOURTH TARDY referral to your grade team leader FIFTH TARDY disciplinary referral Tardies are recorded on the clipboard next the door.

PRIDE PACT Art Room Edition

Every class will participate in creating a PRIDE Pact outlining the agreed classroom expectations and behaviors. Students and teachers will sign the PRIDE Pact to signify ownership in their classroom community. 1. How do you want to be treated by me???????? 2. How do you want to be treated by each other????????? 3. How do you think I, Ms. Brennan, want to be treated by you?????????? 4. How should we treat each other when there is some sort of conflict???????? This will be done on the second or third day of class. Everyone will sign it when they feel like theyre comfortable with it. It will hang in our classroom through the duration of the year.

Cell phones and ipods, MP3 players, etc. are prohibited in the art room.
Offense 1: Warning by teacher. Offense 2: Disciplinary referral. It will be written up with or without your knowledge. Please be respectful of this policy.


Food is absolutely prohibited in the art studio.
WATER IS permitted in a CLEAR bottle. Gatorade, Pepsi, Dr. Pepsi, SOBE, etc. is not permitted.
National Art Honor Society (NAHS) and other artsy stuff
The National Art Honor Society is a school-sponsored club that promotes the visual arts in the school and outside community through art shows, Coffee Houses, fundraiser, art sales, murals, teaching art at a local elementary school, and other service-oriented activities. The group meets on Wednesday afternoons. As an Art I student, you will qualify to join the NAHS in December if you maintain a B or higher in Art I. You will be invited to join the NAHS in December if you meet the requirements and will officially be inducted in May.

Annual Spring Art Show In May, the auxiliary gym turns into a school-wide art gallery. Every student enrolled in an art class from Art I to Photo to the AP classes - will display one piece of their artwork in this 2 day show. Hundreds of artworks are on display including teacher and staff artwork.

Please write your LAST name in this box:


Dear Parent/Guardian: I look forward to having your student in Art I this year. I hope you had enough time to read through this syllabus and know what the course is about, what the grading and behavioral policies are, and what your student will be doing this year in his/her art class. Please take some time to visit my class website at (bookmark it!). There I post class updates, homework, pictures, links, documents (including this syllabus!!), important dates and project information. I update it frequently. If you need to reach me at school, the best time is from 2:153:00 at 410-313-2867. You can easily reach me by e-mail at There is also a link on my website to my e-mail. Sincerely,

Molly Brennan

Student and Parents/Guardians, please read the below statement:

Ms. Brennan went over the syllabus, course content, art studio policies, and class structure/routine policies. I know what Ms. Brennans grading policies are and what the consequences are if Im tardy for class. She also went over policies regarding absences (excused and unexcused) and art studio expectations, including

the OO policy regarding cell phones and other electronic devices. I have seen a copy of

Howard High Schools Discipline Ladder and understand its consequences. Ms. Brennan answered any questions I had about any of these policies, and I understand what is expected of me in ART I.
PRINT student name _____________________________Student signature___________________________ PRINT guardian name_____________________________Guardian signature___________________________ Provide the following information, please: Best number and time to reach you ___________________________________________________________ Parent e-mail (optional)____________________________________________________________________ PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN THIS PAGE NO LATER THAN _____________________________________