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_____________________________________________________________________ Canon Utilities Easy-PrintToolBox Version 1.2.0 for Microsoft Windows Instructions *** Copyright CANON INC.

2003-2006 *** _____________________________________________________________________ - Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. - Other brand names and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. ----- CONTENTS ----Before You Get Started 1. Introduction 2. Product Contents Instructions on Using Easy-PrintToolBox 1. Starting Easy-PrintToolBox 2. Changing the Window Size 3. Starting an Application 4. Exiting Easy-PrintToolBox 5. Restrictions on Use of Easy-PrintToolBox ===================================================================== Before You Get Started ===================================================================== 1. Introduction ----------------------------------------------------Thank you for using Canon Utilities Easy-PrintToolBox. This product is a launcher program that allows you to start Canon applications from the desktop. 2. Product Contents ------------------------------------------------This product includes the following items: Canon Utilities Easy-PrintToolBox (hereafter abbreviated as Easy-PrintToolBox) Easy-PrintToolBox is a launcher program that allows you to start applications easily from the desktop. Uninstaller This deletes unnecessary files related to Easy-PrintToolBox. Readme This file. It provides important information about Easy-PrintToolBox. When you are finished with installation, select [Start][Programs]-[Canon Utilities]-[Easy-PrintToolBox][Easy-PrintToolBox Readme] to display the contents of this file. ===================================================================== Instructions on Using Easy-PrintToolBox =====================================================================

1. Starting Easy-PrintToolBox --------------------------------------To start Easy-PrintToolBox, double click the Canon Easy-PrintToolBox icon on the desktop, or select [Start][Programs]-[Canon Utilities]-[Easy-PrintToolBox][Easy-PrintToolBox]. After that, Easy-PrintToolBox will start whenever Windows is started. If you uncheck the [Start Easy-PrintToolBox when Windows Is Started] checkbox located at the bottom left of the screen, Easy-PrintToolBox will no longer start when Windows is started. Note: If you install the software from the CD-ROM that comes with the printer, Easy-PrintToolBox will automatically start when the installation is completed. 2. Changing the Window Size ----------------------------------------After Easy-PrintToolBox starts, you can change the window size by clicking the title bar button. The window size can be switched to three different stages. The next time Easy-PrintToolBox is started, it will be displayed with the same window size that was set when the program was last exited. 3. Starting an Application -----------------------------------------1. When you move the mouse pointer toward a button or text displayed on the screen, an introduction to that application will appear. 2. Click the button of the application to be used. 4. Exiting Easy-PrintToolBox ---------------------------------------Click the [X] button on the title bar. 5. Restrictions on Use of Easy-PrintToolBox ------------------------The following restrictions are placed on the use of this product. Pay attention to these restrictions before use. - All icons of the installed applications that support this product are displayed on the screen. After the installation, you will not be able to change the positions of icons or delete just icons. - If multiple application guides are installed, only the application guide that was installed last can be started when the icon on the screen is clicked. Note:

If the application guide is installed from a CD-ROM that does not contain Easy-PrintToolBox, the icon of the application guide may not be displayed on the screen.