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Executive Summary of the SIP in 200-300 words.

2. Learning Summary by the student not exceeding 300 words to be submitted along with the Executive Summary. The Learning Summary is to encourage reflective thinking by the student. It should highlight theLearnings in following areas: a. b. c. Application of domain/other knowledge to real life situation/problem Challenges faced in the real world and how to overcome Team work and Behaviour in the corporate world

3. NOC from the Company clearly stating that they have no objection to the Executive Summary being shared in public domain.(may be submitted by August 28, 2012)

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Limitations of the Study: Non response error: It is difficult to get the responses of the respondents to all the questions in the questionnaire and often some are left unanswered. Such questionnaires could not be taken for further analysis. Time taken for each interview is around 45 minutes and it is often difficult to get appointments from the existing dealers as the survey has been conducted during the financial year ending. Small sample size: Since I am dealing with small size of 60 samples, getting a statistically accurate picture of the scenario is very difficult. An attempt is being made to give a truest representation of the population data with this small sample size. Time and quota constraint: Due to lack of time more number of samples could not be collected. I was one of the team members of the survey. So I had to abide by the target give by the team leader. I could not cover sample size as many as possible. Higher number of samples and a more elaborate understanding of the problem would have generated better conclusions. Invalid database: Some of the dealers name provided in the database was no more continuing Beetel dealership. So we can say that the database was not properly updated. Geographical constraint: Since I was part of this study only in the Kolkata segment, it was not possible to analyze the scenario nation-wide. Other constraints: Since the analysis is done based on the existing dealers of Beetel, the brand awareness and perception of Beetel by the non-dealers could not be understood which would have given me a better ground to understand the

brand image. Most of the dealers used to consider the survey process as a waste of time on their part because no steps have been taken in the past after taking feedback. So they were not willing to give time for the interview. Considering the above limitations I have made an earnest and sincere effort to analyze and draw inference based on the primary data collected.