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SHOULD THERE BE A BAN IN A FASHION SHOW Fashion TV should be banned as it goes not provides any sensible to young or even

people.People see fashion tv just to see girls with less or no clothes.They are notinterested in the design of clothes,name.Please use code **** to ban content on your TV. If there are 18% children,then there are (please minus 18)% adults. And I know how the 18% came, if you arestill using head for Sex - then youll.The ban on fashion TV or any other show such as Z Trendz which showsimilar content is definitely justified, since the channel shows content more thannecessary. The channel must realize that the audience..Well this is the 21st century isnt it??? things are subject to revolution.Well idont think The Taliban rules India.Fashion TV banned??? I dont see valid reasons to ban it.Okay if its children getting Though most of the viewers of fashion tv watch it for other reasons thereare genuine fashion watchers in india its a passion and profession for them its like anart for them though most of us dont treat..Huh? Ban? What ban? I havent watched ftv for over 2.5 yrs now, I justwent and surfed the channels to see if it is still there. Ya, it is. Some model in a clayface walking down a ramp, and cool musicBan on Fashion TV justified? Well let me start by telling the people whothink fashion TV should be banned, here are some other things you can ban 1.Wrestling it has violence and sex --- ban it 2...In a pretentious Indian society there lived three persons called Mr. Red,Mr. Blue and Mr. Green each have different opinion about ban in Fashion TV. Mr.Red is a bachelor from lower middle class family..A small point before I start. I am totally unaware that Fashion TV hasindeed been banned! Am writing this, assuming it has!! The question is, whose pointof view are we debating here? Lets look at..Its been long since we have bans on things ...Now its F-tv next time itwll be your mobile phone just bcoz someone overheard ur sensual conversation withur wife.... Justifying the channel.I wonder why it should be difficult ot make judgements abt to ban nudityor not. those ppl who support FTV claims that its somewhat similar in khajuraho,sowhy dont we do the same?? -- Question..>do..Banning Fashion TV is like banning sex! Its just not possible! Sex has been around a long time, and if our ministers who have more than 11 children have to be believed, it will carry on being around,.. I dont Know how much this review of mine is justify. F.Tv is achannel that is relaxing & that does not require any continuity to watch you can see itwhen ever you..he baning of ftv is useless..theere is so much that we shud ban on likeHBO AXN and all foreign channels...why

only catch hold of ftv...coz things are lilmore straight forward in that channel..cum on.. Fashion TV is a channel that depicts the latest fashion around theWorld It brings styles and dressings of the rich and the famous people It includesdesigns of well known designers that Princess Diana..Three models have been sent home from Spains top fashion show after being rejected as too thin.The week-long Cibeles show in Madrid, which started yesterday, bans models with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18, believing them to set an unhealthy ideal for teenage girls. The three models rejected by the organisers had a BMI of less than 16.A BMI of 16 is extremely low, said Susana Monereo, a nutritionist andendocrinologist who weighed the 70 models due to appear at the show. Organisersrefused to name the models, and said that they were not necessarily in danger. Their health might be OK, but their appearance is extremely thin, Dr Monereo said.She said initially that the three rejected models were all British. But organisers backtracked quickly, saying the doctor had mistakenly assumed that the models wereBritish after hearing them speak in English. A spokeswoman said: In fact, they wereof Italian, French and Polish nationality.The fashion show barred models it deemed to be excessively skinny from its catwalksin September 2006. The move, which was copied in Milan and elsewhere, wastriggered by concerns for models health, and that anorexia was being encouragedamong teenagers. Several models died from starvation in 2006 in Brazil and Uruguay.The London Fashion Show has not followed Madrids lead. Many in the Britishfashion industry fear that top models might go elsewhere if they are forced to step onto the scales or to fatten up for the catwalk. The British Fashion Council made a seriesof recommendations last September, including a ban on using girls under 16 years of age. Models will also be required to present a medical certificate of good health fromSeptember next year.The World Health Organisation defines a BMI below 18.5 as underweight. Spain hastaken the lead on the so-called size 0 debate, even asking high street shops to stopusing unrealistically thin one question, Do you think that girls under 16 should be banned from fashion modeling? In some countries the ban has already taken place becauseof the many... Why We Should Ban Underweight Models unnatural thinness is a terrible message to send out. The people watching thefashion shows are young, impressionable women and children. These modelsare young girl...

Fashion body type we see on the runways. It's too simple to blame the fashion showorganizers or designers because they don't dictate the whole machine. But it isfair to... A Career In Fashion Designover again. If it looks good , it is then made in the final material and put infashion shows or put out to sale. Creativity and artistic abilities are crucial... Fashion And Women's Movements In The Past Centuryeverything has been done before. This theory is coming closer to obviousreality, as fashion shows of recent years have visual throwbacks as late as theVictorian... What Is The Role Of Fashion Promotion, And How Will It Develop Over The Next Five Years?Wall of China . . . (Accessed 20 November, 2007)Alexander, Hilary. (2007... Looks In Americaa yong age wanted to be that TV actress or a model. She got runner up afashion show and won a scholarship to a model school where her parents payed two thousand... Zara Fast Fashion brands with distinct identities. Designers are inspired by trade fairs, fashionshows, and luxury brand collection catalogues as it positioned itself as atrend... What Is The Role Of Fashion Promotion Within The Fashion Industry, And HowWill It Develop In The Next Five Years?inside Topshop Flagship Store) However contemporary fashion shows are asmuch about being seen at the event as they are about what is being shown onthe catwalk... Realism And Internaional Relations1992). The EU is a prime example of states acting in a Realist fashion,showing how Realism has been an influence in such a prominent part of International Relations... Impostor Of Prosperity bidding on sports persons, peeking into celebrity lives, paparazzi, page 3,lifestyle fashion-shows, rave parties, brunch feasting, college carnivals, rodeocontests..