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Aniket Ajit Bhatkar

Address for Communication A/101, 'B' Building, Patel Shopping Center, Borivali (West), Mumbai 400 092 INDIA. E-mail: Ph: 8655522780 Career Objective: I am looking forward for a challenging and dynamic oriented career where I can completely Utilize my engineering, logical and analytical skills to create a positive difference. Education Qualification: B. Sc. Chemistry Computer Knowledge:- C#, C++ From NIIT

Work Experience 1 year Handling of L.P.G. in CRYOGENIC stage.)

Present job: AEGIS LOGISTICS LTD. (Formally HINDUSTAN AEGIS L.P.G. Co. Ltd.) Mumbai. (2011 onwards & till working.) Designation: Junior Officer Gas Terminal Division is in technical collaboration with TGE i.e. Tractable Gas Engineering Germany. Handling cryogenic storage of L.P.G. / Propane with remote operation using, SIEMENS PLC 7 (WINCC). Dispatch 1000 mt /day. Involve unloading of fully refrigerated L.P.G. /C vessels through prechilled pipelines, storage in double wall cryogenic tanks (capacity 20000 MT.), Reliqification of gas, dispatch through tankers and pipeline. Liquid Terminal Division we are handling A/B/C class product like methanol, ethanol, MDC,EDC, acetic acid, naphtha, EIII MS, BSII MS, SKO, VAM, MEG, SM, fatty alcohol etc. Nature of Work: Operations planning, Shift supervision. Responsible for control room operations, field jobs, manpower and work distribution, monitoring, trouble shooting, utility, safety system, emergencies handling, coordinate with maintenance department, follow Quality, Environment management and OHSAS. Control room operations: Guide to Plant operator for monitoring of process as per set values & interlocks, communication on V.H.F. /U.H.F. sets, wireless, P.A.system, phone, c.c.t.v. Monitoring gas and fire detections, ESD, wind speed and direction, manual call points, Mutual aid. Jetty operations: Unloading of fully refrigerated cargo of L.P.G./PROPANE through prechilled pipelines, involve, berthing of ship, documentation like ullage report, cargo condition, ship shore check list, statement of facts, connection of arm, monitoring & recording of parameters during unloading .communication with ship officer & Terminal control room, safety watch like gas detection, proximity limits of unloading arm, emergency shut down.

Field operations: Distribution of work to operators for tanker filling by submerged intank pump, Reliqification by screw compressors, pipeline transfer by booster pumps, start up shutdown, cooling tower and water treatment, air compressors, P.S.A. Safety system handled: Onsite emergency plan, gas & fire detections, fire hydrant deluge sprinklers, monitors, water curtains, fire extinguishers, PSV, ESD, Mock drills. Fire drills, monitoring of explosive limits by gas meter, cold vent. Hands on experience: Control room operations, screw compressors ( make MYCOM Japan ),booster pump ( make SUNDYNE France ) submerged intank pumps (make EBARA England ),tanker filling involve Oxygen checks, earthing connection, loading arm (EMCO WHEATON ) connection.

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16th June 1989 Indian


English, Hindi and Marathi

B. Sc. Chemistry

Reference: Mr. Kiran Bidi Operation Manager,

Aegis Logistics Ltd.

(Formally Hindustan Aegis LPG bottling Co.Ltd) Mumbai-74 Ph-(022) 25544832 Mobile-9004062443

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(Aniket A Bhatkar)