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Volume 4 Issue 18 FREE January 9, 2009

Sullivan’s Island • Isle of Palms • Goat Island • Dewees Island

by Kristin Hackler

ullivan’s Island lost another little
part of its soul on December 31,
2008, as the Green Heron shut its
doors for the last time. Opened a little
over 20 years ago as the Wishing Well
by Mr. and Mrs. Grubber, this small
mom and pop convenience store has
changed very little throughout the years.
“I remember when you used to be able
to play pool in the back and buy a single
cigarette at the counter,” said Sullivan’s
Island resident and Green Heron
regular, Rocky Worthman. Although
the cigarettes went back to being sold
in packs, the store still sold everything
a beach going family would need: from
the laundry detergent they forgot to
bring to the beach house, to sunscreen
lotion, baseball caps, fun floats and a
smorgasbord of candy and ice cream.
And because they were part of such a
closely knit community, they also kept
running tabs for almost every family on
the island.
As a child of Sullivan’s island and
son to one of Bert’s Bar’s owners,
Rocky has seen the island change
throughout the years and did not feel
angry when the Green Heron closed; he
felt defeated. “This island is changing,”
said Rocky. “There used to be a time
see Heron on page 2 Polar Bear Swim 2009!!! Check out the chaos on page 19.

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2 January 9, 2009
Heron extinct? Heron from cover

By Heather Holbrook
bell tethered to the handle won’t ring
Island I anymore now that the padlock is secure.
A narrow piece of real estate where

he letter sign outside the Green
kids of all ages used to jockey for
Heron on Sullivan’s Island is
oversized sno cones in a slew of flavors
missing a few letters. It says:
on any given July afternoon, the Green
“Come i r a great b re akfst”
Heron was host to folks choosing candy
If there was room up there it might
necklaces and Charleston Chews from
now say:
wooden bins after church on Sundays,
“Closed. Too bad it came down to
mamas sipping coffee after
this, neighbors. Forced
the SIES 7:40 bell had rung,
by several cosmic What’s going and little hands reaching into a
factors, we’re done.”
Iconic to be sure, the to be next, clunky freezer for semi-frozen
Dunleavy’s ? We all have ‘Mayberry by the
ice cream treats after school.
little store on Middle
Street that, in the old
Sea’ tee shirts, have stocked up
days, was known as
on SI sweatshirts to give to out of town
Gruber’s Wishing Well had struck
folks/wannabe islanders, wandered in to
a balance between all things local
get a sub sandwich or to buy last minute
and tourist. The Heron’s appeal was The Green Heron opened its door for the last time on New Year’s Eve.
birthday gifts like the Edgar Allen Poe
unpretentious and as comfortable as
bendable figure. In its day, this was THE when everyone would wave at childhood. Though the hope is that
a worn-in Rainbow flip flop. But the
place to get a loaf of bread or a stick you when you walked down the someone will step in and bring the
heavy glass door with the Swiss cow
of butter without leaving the street and they would go out of Green Heron back to its former
island. And I happily paid for their way to help you. Now they sandy-floor and first-name-basis
the convenience. won’t even look at you; it breaks glory, we will probably never see
“Put it on my tab” was my heart.” Sullivan’s was once this little community gathering place
an all too common phrase every child’s land of enchantment, again.
uttered by my three year Rocky remembered. Everyone
old son, a phrase I had to rode bicycles, children hunted
explain to him in three year for horntoads, there were endless
old words when he’d toss the expanses of marsh to play in and
same phrase to the cashier at, oyster roasts were held at the drop
say, The Pig or Barnes and of a hat, “It was the greatest place
Noble. No no no no no no on earth,” he sighed. After the
no we have to use MONEY closing of Bert’s Bar in December,
at those stores, son. Some 2007, the loss of the Green Heron
months our tab would be is, to many locals, another sad
$300, listing everything from step away from the island of their
morning coffee and fried egg
sandwiches with friends and
Greek salad working lunches
to fists full of bubblegum
and Saturday night bottles
of red wine. Well, wine back
Civic Calendar
when the Heron had a liquor
Isle of Palms
license. Losing THAT was
Contact: Linda Lovvorn Tucker Tuesday, January 20
one nail in the coffin. Yes,
886-6428 Ways and Means Committee
yes the coffin Heather, tell us
City Hall: 1207 Palm Boulevard 5:45pm
more about the coffin. What
Recreation Center: #24 28th Avenue
Sullivan’s Island
see Extinct on page 3 Tuesday, January 13
Board of Zoning Appeals Contact: Lisa Darrow or Andy Benke
5:30pm at 883-3198
Town Hall: 1620 Middle Street
Public Safety Committee
5:30pm Wednesday, January 14
Planning Commission
Wednesday, January 14 6:30pm
Public Works Committee
4pm Thursday, January 15
Board of Zoning Appeals
Planning Commission 7pm
Tuesday, January 20
Recreation Committee Town Council
5:30pm 6pm

Thursday, January 15 Wednesday, January 21

Personnel Committee Design Review Board
5:30pm 6pm
January 9, 2009 3

Marty Bettelli Luck y D o g P ubl i sh i n g , L L C

Publisher of the Island Eye News, The
a word wi t h an in t erim ma y oral candida t e Island Connection and The Folly Current.

By Ali Akhyari Lynn Pierotti

was with the encouragement of Mayor Publisher

ith the Isle of Palms mayoral should go. The island, he says, is in a
election drawing closer Carmen Bunch, at the time, as well as state of fluctuation and is constantly
every day, it’s time to look his neighbors and friends that he sought changing. However, a balance should Kristin Hackler
at the third and final candidate: Marty a position on the Council. Since then consciously be sought after with the Editor
Bettelli he has served on every Committee and care and welfare of the residents
“The primary concern of any has served as Chairman of every one getting the highest priority. The City,
government is to take care of its except for Ways and Means. he says, should work to bring residents Ali Akhyari
residents,” Bettelli says. Bettelli says he looks forward closer together and foster friendships Assistant Editor
Bettelli has been a resident of Isle to improving the Isle of Palms as throughout the community. With that
of Palms for 40 years. His time as a Mayor while maintaining the sense of in mind, he suggests an annual island Heather Boggs Holbrook
resident began when he and a couple community that makes it a wonderful gathering, specifically designed for the Contributing Editor
of friends rented a home on Cameron place to live. residents after the tourist season winds
Boulevard while he worked as a missile Like many islanders, Bettelli down. The idea is for island inhabitants
technician on a nuclear submarine believes that the beach is one of the to grow the sense of community Swan Richards
during his service in the United States greatest resources of the Isle of Palms that naturally exists in conjunction Graphic Designer
Navy. When he was afforded the and that it should be maintained with with island life and to rediscover the
opportunity to settle, he married his that in mind. However, keeping a blessings that can be forgotten during Brittany Urbach
current wife, Linda, a native Sullivan’s sharp eye on the City’s budget will be the busy summer months. Reporter
Islander, and moved to the Isle of the most important issue for the next For more information, visit www.
Palms permanently. They have been Mayor, he says. Bettelli says the City A candidate forum is
living in the same classic, island-style will have to closely monitor the budget scheduled to take place on January 12 Jennifer Miller
home since 1971. and spend money wisely. at 7pm at the Isle of Palms Exchange Graphic Design
In addition to his tenure as a Due in part to his experience Club with the mayoral election
resident, Bettelli’s experience as a City appointing board and commission following on January 27. Look for the Chelsea Langan
Council member is one of the reasons members on the Personnel Committee, candidates’ answers to the Island Eye Advertising
he believes he would make a good Bettelli recognizes that there are News’ own questionnaire in our next
mayor. He has been a member of the different viewpoints as to how the City issue.
Council for 10 years and he says it should operate and which direction it •

see Extinct on page 3 lawsuit. What a shame. waiting for a break in the Stella Maris Lisa Mitchell
exactly killed the Green Heron? I was in the place at least thrice a parade of traffic. I’ll miss the candy. It Jane McMackin
week for about seven years. I drank just tastes better than the candy at the Catherine Malloy
No ornithological expert myself, Sierra Gibson & Jeffrey Knighton
all I can outline for you is what I have coffee here with Tim while we decided gas station. But what I really miss was
Bobby Cummings
pieced together over these last months. to move to Sullivan’s Island. I met what it never really was; the perfect
Richard Hricik
I’m leaving out every name on purpose. Dawn, my first friend on the island, island bodega. It once was. Almost. Bobby Cummings
I did not interview anyone before I through the Green Heron, was invited Now that the Green Heron has Dimi Matouchev
wrote this, but after talking with most to our first kiddie birthday party while gone the way of another extinct island Mary Gatch
in line at the Green Heron, was offered species, Bert’s Bar, I invite all islanders John Nelson
of the key players at one time or another
I expect I have about as cohesive a my first newspaper job while shopping to reflect on the complexion of our
at the Green Heron, after a hurricane ate community. What’s going to be next, Published by
picture as anybody else around here. Lucky Dog Publishing
Let’s see. In the last three years and in melting ice cream from a warm freezer Dunleavy’s ? Poe’s Tavern?(well of of South Carolina, LLC
no particular order we have no lease, in a dark Green Heron, shared many a course not Poe’s Tavern; THAT’S P.O. Box 837
a lost liquor license, the need for sno cone fest with Marie-Louise and certainly not going anywhere.) How Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
plumbing and roof repairs, debt debt her kids in front of the Green Heron. would the Isle of Palms look with no 843-886-NEWS
debt, the downturn of the US economy, You have your own memories I’m sure. Red & White, no Long Island Grill or
lack of loyal customers, depletion of Mostly good, I hope. no Sea Biscuit? Submit your letters to the editor to:
I’ll miss the Green Heron’s particular Here we welcome the new (Hi
good inventory, troublesome town
ordinances, high overhead, hurt feelings, brand of island funkiness, but I’m not Medley! And uh, hi Home Team BBQ Future deadlines:
mismanaged record keeping and a going to miss Sunday mornings trying whenever you get here) and try to January 14 for all submissions.
to back my golf cart into Middle Street embrace change in 2009. But change The Island Eye News, a wholly owned
because of failure- a failure to survive- subsidiary of Lucky Dog Publishing of
is nothing but sad for everyone. South Carolina LLC, is a free, independent
newspaper published every two weeks and
is for and about the Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s
Island, Goat Island and Dewees Island.
Copies are mailed free of charge to every
active mailbox in our coverage area and are
also available at area businesses and by
subscription to non-islanders. Subscriptions
are $30 per year for non-residents and are
available by sending a check to Lucky Dog
Publishing, LLC, P.O. Box 837, Sullivan’s
Island, SC 29482. Contributions of information,
pictures and articles are welcomed and are
used according to space limitations and
news value and cannot be returned except
by special request. Our editorial content is
primarily dedicated to the area of distribution;
ad space is open to all businesses who want to
reach the Island Eye News market. Complete
ad creation is $50, however, changes of up to
30% of the original ad are included at no extra
cost. All advertising rates are listed at www. under “advertising”.
4 January 9, 2009

2008 Year in
February 14
Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear
Parade at Sullivan’s Island

February 6
The Keenager’s meeting at the
Isle of Palms Recreation Center
featured a special guest who came
ready to show island seniors how
to shimmy away extra weight while
having plenty of fun in the process.
January 10 Jennifer White, a professional
The City of Isle of Palms pledged bellydancer who teaches belly
$2 million to help pay for the dancing at the Rec
beach nourishment project at Center, gave an
Wild Dunes. Councilmember Dee interesting talk
Taylor made the motion which on the history
passed with an 8-1 vote. “This is a of belly dancing
January 1 historic vote for the City of Isle of
2008 Polar Bear Swim before inviting the
Palms,” Taylor said. group to join in.

February 2
January 8
Residents enjoyed part of
the Lowcountry Blues Bash February 9
As the culminating activity to the second The annual Sullivan’s Island Fire
being held at the Isle of
grade money unit, Ms. Utsey’s 2nd grade Department Oyster Roast. Boasting
Palms Recreation Center
class hosted the Sullivan’s Island Elementary the largest crowd to ever attend
School Snack Restaurant.  Parents, the fire department’s winter oyster
grandparents and siblings roast with a little more than 8,000
participated and as part of attendees, the profits from this year’s
the fun, students priced roast went directly to the Charleston
the food, made menus, January Nine firefighters’ fund.
served as waiters and 22
waitresses, used money At an IOP City Council
skills to tally the bill meeting, Mayor Sottile
and made change as swore in Ben Hull as the new
people paid their bills. Recreation Supervisor for the
IOP Recreation Department.
January 9, 2009 5

February 28 March 20
Doggie Day at the IOP Field Day at Sullivan’s Island
Recreation Department. Elementary School. With
the help of teachers and
parents, students
participated in three
open events (jump
rope, three-legged
race and the
sack race) by
grade level and
then worked in
The Conlon Company 9/10 yr old
small groups
basketball team became the 2008
to participate in
Season champs and tournament
as many of the
champs at the IOP Rec Department!
“Buddy Events”
The team held an amazing record
as possible in 1 ½
of 10-1 and was coached by Philip

February 29 March 22
The Isle of Palms Recreation Isle of Palms Easter Egg Hunt
Department competes in the
South Carolina Athletics
Basketball All Start Program.

26 March 4
The Isle of Palms City Council In honor of  the birthday of beloved
unanimously voted to move forward children’s author Dr. Theodor Seuss
with the new Public Safety Complex, Geisel, the Cat in the Hat, (a.k.a. Rick
which houses both the IOP Police Pelletier), stopped by the Edgar Allan
and Fire Departments in two separate Poe Library to read  to over 150 of
wings. Dr. Seuss’ biggest, or maybe smallest,
6 January 9, 2009

March 24
Liz and Ed Morgan of Hugee, SC, began their day
with a quick splash in the Atlantic ocean before April 26
beginning their on-foot cross country journey to A smoking ban for Isle of Palms’
Seaside, Oregon. businesses is first proposed during
the City Council meeting.

April 20
April 19 The 4th Annual East Cooper
Annual Isle of Coastal Triathlon began at the
Palms Yard Sale Isle of Palms County Park and
at IOP Recreation crossed through Mount Pleasant
Department turned out and Sullivan’s Island.  Nearly 200
a total of 54 tables and competitors from 13 states, as well
a variety of vendors. as Canada, Ireland and the Czech
Republic, took part in the race.

March 25 April 24 April 25

The infamous and sorely The Exchange Club Sullivan’s Island Elementary School
misconstrued “Sandcastle Ban” on on the Isle of Palms annual Career Day.  Students in the
Isle of Palms is brought up during celebrated its 60th year third, fourth and fifth grades had the
a City Council meeting. It was later April 10 as a club on the Isle of opportunity to visit with different
clarified that Council was merely The City of the Isle of Palms Palms. speakers from our community.
trying to find a way to keep the completes the renovation of the 21st
beaches safe by requiring that beach Street beach access.
goers fill in any holes they dig in the
beach sand.
January 9, 2009 7
June 12
A Civil War cannonball,
measuring 10 inches across
May 1 and weighing 128 pounds,
Sandbag removal began at Wild Dunes as the was picked up by
renourishment contractors prepared to start dredging equipment 2 ½
pumping in sand. miles off the coast and
was deposited on the
beach at the northern
end of the Isle of Palms
around 3:00am. Since
the project began, workers
on site heard the clanking of
the cannonball bouncing to
May 20 shore.
2008 Isle of June 2
Palms Recreation Center The Island Turtle Team June 10
Baseball Season Champions, locates nest #5 at 56th Isle of Palms Mayor Mike
Charleston’s Landsharks. Avenue. It was the Sottile defeated Mount Pleasant

team’s first relocation


g Councilman Joe Bustos for the


rab of the season and held a Republican nomination for State
yb whopping 148 eggs. House Seat 112.

May 2
The Isle of Palms City May 21 June 5
May 1 Piccolo Spoleto Sand Sullivan’s Island Elementary School celebrated the
Council held a special
Sullivan’s Island Elementary Sculpting Competition. class of 2008 graduation. (front row: Hannah Haskell,
meeting in which they
celebrates May Day. Fifty-nine sand sculpting Sydney Burkhardt, Trey Perry. Back row: Clayton
unanimously voted to award
the Wild Dunes beach teams competed in 4 Fain, Mr. Bryan Smith,  Joseph Perkinson, Kaileigh
nourishment contract to categories. First place Dilks.)
Weeks Marine, Incorporated. winners included the
IOP Volcano, Archeo-
Awesome, Afternoon
Nap, and H.L.Hunley.
8 January 9, 2009
July 4 August 23
On the Fourth of July, Sullivan’s July 30 Friends and neighbors gathered to
Island was bombarded with visitors, The Toni Morrison Society celebrate the beginning of fall at the
as is the custom. However, this year dedicatesda bench at Fort Moultrie in Summer Soiree on Sullivan’s Island.
a particular section of beach was memory of the Middle Passage.
completely trashed. A fraternity/
sorority group was largely blamed
for the littering. According to
Council member Jerry Kaynard,
hundreds of beer cans, along with
other forms of trash, were left on the
beach and even buried in the sand.

July 22
July 23
The Isle of Palms Recreation
The Town of Sullivan’s
Department receives an award from
Island and the City of Isle of
the Municipal Association for their
Palms held their joint annual
“Bark Park”.
Disaster Preparedness Expo
at the Sullivan’s Island Fire

July 10 July 24 August 11

Isle of Palms resident Anna-Raquel The Sullivan’s Island Fire August 21
The Isle of Palms
Robison took home the girl’s title in Department presented their official City Council passed
The South Carolina Department of
$5,000 donation from the funds Transportation (SCDOT) Commission
the 54th Al Esposito Junior Amateur the first reading
Golf Championship at the Charleston raised at the annual Floppin’ Flounder gave approval to a contract that calls
of an ordinance to
Municipal Golf Course, shooting 131 run to Angel Touch, an organization for the rehabilitation of the Ben Sawyer
create a smoke-
the first day and 123 the second. founded by several Bishop England swing bridge on SC 703 in Charleston
free workplace
students to help fund cancer research. County. The contract only permits the
environment on the
bridge to be completely closed for seven
Island with a 5-4
days during the 24 months allowed for
July 26 vote.
the project.
IOP Beach Run and Youth
Fun Run.
August 16
The Isle of Palms held their
10th Annual Half-Rubber
Tournament at the City’s
Recreation Center.

January 9, 2009 9
September 26
a resident
of Isle of
and her
Graeme Crews,
both seniors at Academic October 16
Magnet High School, October 1 Members of the Isle of Palms
traveled to Yale University Isle of Palms and Fire and Police Departments took
in New Haven, Connecticut, Sullivan’s Island on members of City Hall and
and placed 1st in Public temporarily switched the Recreation Department in a
Forum Debate to claim the to well water for the friendly “Kickball Invitational”, a
title of Yale University Public month of October until team building exercise designed
Forum Debate Champions. repairs to a leaky water by Ben Hull of the Recreation
September 5
line under Charleston Department. the City Hall/
Surfers tear up the Isle of Palms surf
Harbor were made Recreation Department squad
as Tropical Storm Hanna passed the
by Charleston Water won the first match 8-5 while the
South Carolina coast.
Systems. second match was a 3-3 tie.

September 16
The South Carolina Supreme Court
ruled in favor of Sullivan’s Island’s September 20 October 4
right to prohibit smoking in the work In celebration of South The 16th annual Isle of Palms
place. Sullivan’s Island amends their Carolina’s annual Beach Connector Run and Walk for
Smoking Ban ordinance to keep it Sweep/River Sweep, Wild the Child was held, a fund
compliant with the Clean Air Act. Dunes Resort employees and raiser sponsored by the Isle
members of the Wild Dunes of Palms Exchange Club to
community, along with the support child advocacy and
Isle of Palms Exchange Club the prevention of child abuse.
September 7 in a Beach Sweep.
The Barbeque for Bucks October 3
benefit was held for Nancy Due to a gale force Nor’easter
Lloyd, 37, of Isle of Palms, settling in over the coastal
who was the victim of a tragic regions of Georgia the
car accident in Charleston on Savannah Saltwater Classic,
Memorial Day in which the which focuses on the capture
driver of the colliding vehicle of Kingfish mackerels, was
died on impact and left Lloyd moved from Georgia to
with severe head, neck and Sullivan’s Island and renamed
bone injuries. the Sullivan’s Island Saltwater
10 January 9, 2009
October 19
Roy Williams led the first Sullivan’s
October 25
Island historic tour of homes and
The Isle of Palms Neighborhood Association
buildings with an informative, lively November 9
Oktoberfest was held at the IOP Exchange
two hour trolley adventure. Williams The National Park Service
Club. Approximately 70 people attended.
is author of the book Images of marks the transfer of
Members enjoyed German beer, brats
America: Sullivan’s Island.  ownership of the Charleston
and homemade dishes from neighbors
Light on Sullivan’s Island
while enjoying the beautiful sunset on the
October 21 from the Coast Guard to the
The Town of Sullivan’s Island National Park Service. The
participated in a Wellness event also featured an Art
Program accompanied by on the Beach display in
a friendly competition. It the old guard house.
was announced that the
Fire Department won the
contest by losing the highest November 15
percentage of body fat The annual Sullivan’s Island Fire
among competitors. They Department Oyster Roast was held
were awarded with a six under the Big Tin. Almost 1,000
month PrimeTime Fitness people attended the event, raising
membership on Sullivan’s between $2,500 and $3,000 for the
Island. Sullivan’s Island Fire Department.

November 3 November 7
The Town of Sullivan’s Mayor Sottile
Island passed first reading of officially resigns as
ordinance 2008-10, which Mayor from the Isle
October 31 would make it illegal for of Palms City Council
The Isle of Palms deliveries to be made in the to become the State
holds its annual commercial district before Representative for
Halloween Carnival 7am or after 10pm. district 112.
and Costume

November 22
The Annual Roast by the Coast was
October 24 held at the Sullivan’s Island Fish Fry
A heavy rain hit the islands and Shack and funds raised went to the
flooded most of the roads and homes. Sullivan’s Island Elementary School.
More than 700 people attended Roast
by the Coast, going through 135
bushels of oysters and enjoying music
from one of the Lowcountry’s most
popular bands, the Blue Dogs.
January 9, 2009 11
December 10
A great day for children-related charities in the Lowcountry
as they received proceeds from the 2008 Annual Isle of
Palms Connector Run and Walk for a Child during a Mount
Pleasant Exchange Club meeting.

December 1
The IOP Exchange Club
sponsored a food drive
to benefit East Cooper
Community Outreach.
The Club collected a December 7
total of 1200 pounds of Sunrise Presbyterian held their annual Live Nativity, complete with
food. a barnyard cast of characters, Christmas carols and singing in sign
language. The church even featured a first century Bethlehem village

0 9
2 0
December 11
December 6 December 8 The Isle of Palms Recreation Department
The IOP Garden Club held their The Sullivan’s Island held a very well attended cookie decorating
annual Wreath Sale at the Isle of Palms Council amended their workshop. It’s always good to see kids really
Exchange Club. The Garden Club uses business license fees get into their art.
the profits from their annual wreath sale ordinance to increase
to support their ongoing community by 50 percent for bars
projects. and restaurants instead
of 75 percent, which
moved their rate to
three dollars per $1000.
The rest of the business
community was given
a 10 percent increase in
December 4 the ordinance.
The Isle of Palms Recreation
Department hosted their Annual
Tree Lighting Ceremony on the
Front Beach area of Isle of Palms.
Live entertainment included
the band Two 3 Ways and the
Sullivan’s Island Elementary
School Chorus.
14 January 9, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

 Six million signatures were collected for a

artin Luther King, Jr. day is celebrated on
the third Monday of January and is one of petition to Congress to pass the law naming a federal
only four federal holidays commemorating holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It
an individual person. This year, it will be celebrated on was termed by a 2006 article in The Nation as “the
January 19, 2009. Although the campaign for a holiday largest petition in favor of an issue in U.S. history.”
in King’s name began soon after his assassination in
1968, the day was not signed into law until President His publications include:
Ronald Regan passed it in 1983, and it was not
celebrated by all 50 states until 2006. South Carolina  Stride Toward Freedom, (New York: Harper
was the last state to recognize the day as a paid holiday & Row, 1958). The story of the Montgomery Bus
for all state employees. Dr. King is celebrated as the Boycott.
spokesman for the nonviolent civil rights movement  The Measure of a Man, (Philadelphia: Pilgrim
and was successful in getting the Civil Rights Act Press, 1959). A selection of sermons.
of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed in  Why We Can’t Wait, (New York: Harper & Row,
Congress. 1963). The story of the Birmingham Campaign.
 Strength to Love, (New York: Harper & Row,
Facts about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 1963). A selection of sermons.
 Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or
 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born Michael honor. Community? (New York: Harper & Row, 1967).
King, Jr. on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Argued that he was morally responsible Reflections on the problems of today’s world, the
Five years later, King’s father changed both their for disobeying unjust laws in his ‘Letter from nuclear arms race, etc.
names to Martin Luther, after the Reformation Birmingham Jail’, written in 1963, the same year  The Trumpet of Conscience, (New York: Harper
leader. as his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech at the Lincoln & Row, 1968). The Massey Lectures. Sponsored
 Known for leading the civil rights movement Memorial in Washington, D.C. by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
in the United States Advocating nonviolent protest  King’s doctrine was influenced by the non-violent (Posthumously).
against segregation and racial discrimination. teachings of Mohandas Gandhi.
 King skipped the ninth and 12th grades and  King was Time Magazine’s first African American Sources: MSN Encarta; Garrow, David J. “King,
entered Morehouse College at age 15 Man of the Year. Martin Luther, Jr.” World Book Online Reference
 He received his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology  Was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Center. 2006. World Book, Inc. 13 Jan. 2006; Martin
from Boston University in 1955. Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968. James Earl Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute Site:
 When King received the Nobel Peace Prize in Ray was convicted of the killing and sentenced to 99 ; TheKingCenter.
1964, he was the youngest man ever to receive the years in jail. Ray, an escaped convict, pleaded guilty org;
to the crime in March 1969. He died in 1998.

It’s not the tree,

it’s the spirit
Sullivan’s Island
resident David
shares a little
Christmas joy
in the Southern
January 9, 2009 15
Make your New Year’s financial resolutions
Provided by Jennifer Cox
sure it is still appropriate for your risk • Build an emergency fund. It’s a their price happens to be down.
Financial Focus tolerance, family situation and time good idea to build an emergency fund • Diversify, diversify, diversify. In
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f you’re like many people, you’ve living expenses, held in a liquid account. unusual, though not unheard of: a
made some New Year’s resolutions. Even though you might not bad year for stocks and
Perhaps you’ve vowed to go the have enjoyed looking at your bonds. In the past, it’s
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make some financial resolutions? more you put in, the lower your dollars among an
Here are a few to consider: your annual taxable income. array of stocks, bonds,
• Stay calm. As you’re well aware, And your earnings grow on government securities,
2008 was not exactly a stellar year for a tax-deferred basis, which certificates of deposit
the stock market. What will 2009 bring? means your money can and other investments,
No one can say for sure, but it seems grow faster than it would you can help reduce the
likely that we are in for some volatility if placed in an account on impact of a downturn that
in the months ahead as we slog our way which you paid taxes every primarily affects just one
through the recession. As an investor, year. Furthermore, you can adjust your If you face an unexpected expense, such type of asset. Of course diversification,
your best move is to stay calm and investment mix to reflect changes in as a major medical bill or a costly car by itself, cannot guarantee a profit or
remain focused on your long-term goals. your risk tolerance and your proximity repair, you don’t want to be forced into
Review your financial strategy to make to retirement. cashing out any stocks, especially if see Resolution on page 22

Dynamics of energy usage is changing

By Bobby Cummings, CFP, CFBS, CLTC

he world of energy is Economists have countries, is taking more of an interest Power and the Glory,” reported that
undergoing dramatic long observed that in renewable energy sources. A recent
see Energy on page 21
change. oil price shocks article in the Economist, titled “The
Throughout the 1990s, tend to precede
crude oil prices in the U.S. recessions
United States averaged $20 as consumer
a barrel, with highs of $35 discretionary
during the 1990-91 Persian spending declines
Gulf War and lows of $11 and further
after the 1998 emerging investment plans
market crises, according stall.
to the Energy Information According to
Administration. Since then, the study, the U.S.
petroleum prices have economy would
skyrocketed. have avoided five
“Oil, the Economy out of the past six
and the Stock Market,” a recessions had oil
white paper by Joseph H. prices remained
Davis, Ph.D., and Roger unchanged.
Aliaga-Diaz, Ph.D., of Many emerging
The Vanguard Group, cites past oil economies employ subsidies that
price increases caused by oil supply keep domestic fuel prices far below
disruptions centered in the Middle the world price. As a result, these
East. Notable oil supply shocks include countries consume far more fuel than
the 1956 Suez Crises, the 1973 Arab they would otherwise. By one estimate,
Israeli War, the beginning of the Iranian countries with fuel subsidies accounted
Revolution in 1978, the onset of the for virtually the entire increase in
Iran-Iraq War in 1980, and the Persian worldwide oil consumption last year.
Gulf War.   “Without this artificial demand stimulus,
Today, some analysts believe the world oil prices would have been
dramatic rise in oil prices from $20 a significantly lower,” says economist
barrel in 2001 to more than $140 in Robert H. Frank at Cornell University’s
2008 (before its recent dramatic drop Johnson School of Management. With a
back below $100) results primarily from $2 per gallon subsidy in effect, gasoline
the first global demand shock.   sold in the world market at $4 would
Throughout this decade, the global sell for $2. “The problem is that when
economy has expanded robustly and the price of a good is below its cost,
commodity demand has surged. China people use it wastefully. The external
and India have more than doubled their costs like dirtier air and increased
combined share of oil consumption congestion are hard to measure, but are
since 1990, and many experts anticipate nonetheless substantial,” says Frank.  
that China’s demand for oil will double The good news is that the world,
again in the next two decades.   including poorer, rapidly developing
16 January 9, 2009

The vanishing island cottages

by Mia Burmeister-Laws
A second option, says Bedenbaugh,
Historic and Island is for the citizens to develop
communication systems that encourage
Homes positive action in protecting their local
resources. “Write articles in local

he word “cottage” comes from
papers, set up informative meetings and
the early Middle Ages and can
seminars, use your passion for what
mean different things to different
you believe, but back it up with facts,”
people. For the purpose of this column,
says Bedenbaugh. “Find those persons
“cottage” will refer to the small and
who have successfully won protection
often quaint homes that were initially
in similar communities around our state
built along our coast as getaways for the
and utilize their experience.”
wealthy. In the 1800s in Charleston, the
Although some may feel that
affluent were the only ones that could
protecting historic homes slows a
afford these second homes and who had
community’s economic progress,
the luxury of time to enjoy them.
Bendenbaugh argues the opposite. For
Back then, a cottage was a simple
example, he says that “Folly Beach
wooden structure, consisting of only the
still has that traditional South Carolina
necessary sleeping and day rooms and a
beach feel that has attracted generations
small kitchen; quite dissimilar to today’s
of beach lovers to the area for decades.
beach cottages, which seem to consist of
Embedded in its small business
a minimum of three bedrooms, stainless photo by David Schneider district of family owned businesses
steel appliances and at least two baths. David Schneider of Schneider Historic Preservation completed surveys for the Sullivan’s and neighborhoods is an innate sense
The original cottages had the bare Island Historic District work. He had several favorites, but called this cottage “Sullivan’s
of community that is lacking in the
minimum and required minimal upkeep. Island in a nutshell” - the shutters are a fanciful shade of purple.
modern beach side developments that
Their footprints were smaller in square
pasts. Although current changes in action as a community to protect their have appeared over the past thirty years.
footage than the average sized house,
our market might make these cottages historic cottages and homes with the This is what makes Folly Beach unique
allowing them to be nothing more than a
attractive again in the future, they are addition of a Historic District, which, among beach side destinations in South
simple retreat, a place to relax.
still disappearing at a slow but steady according to the National Register, Carolina. If protected, it will create a
It may well be this quest for bigger
rate. protects homes approximately 50 years more loyal visitor base and sustainable
and better that is pushing out some of
Sullivan’s Island has recently taken or older. Folly Beach has also shown economy over a greater period of time.”
the last tributes to our islands’ simpler
recent interest in protecting historic More on cottages in the next article
structures on the island. I consulted of Historic and Island Homes .
Michael Bedenbaugh, the Executive See you around Charleston!
Director of the Palmetto Trust of South
Carolina - our State Partner to the Please let me encourage your own
National Trust for Historic Preservation- thoughts by sending an email to Mia@
to answer a few questions. or call me at
According to Bedenbaugh, the most 843-810-1000. Let me know what you
important step a community can take in would be interested in learning. You
protecting their historic cottages from can also view this article at any time
vanishing is to have the community in the future on my websites at www.
leaders answer the question, “What or www.
makes our community unique and
attractive to loyal visitors?” and then Mia is trained in historic real estate
act on the answer by protecting those by the National Trust for Historic
positive attributes. Preservation.

Saving the world starts at home

By Hangerhead

ome people blamed the smoking buy local, especially since it usually
ban. Others say it was a change means spending more money. The
in the building’s ownership United States market has been flooded
which resulted in a much higher rent. for years with more affordable foreign
Whatever the reason, everyone who goods and American businesses are
lives on Sullivan’s Island recalls the drawn to inexpensive outsourcing in
closing of Bert’s Bar, the beloved other countries. One could argue that
watering hole. I think some regulars are our government made firing American
still recovering from the loss. Almost workers popular before the current
a year to the day, the Green Heron fad. However, the closing of our island
closed its doors on the same island. No businesses will not result in jobs being
more delicious sandwiches wrapped in shipped overseas. It results in local jobs
love, foil, and sometimes entertaining lost and the loss of the lifelong dream of
sarcasm. No more toys and candy to a friend or neighbor, as well as the loss
delight the youngsters walking into their of a locally based community resource.
own personal wonderland. There are so many factors that can
In our current financial crisis where be attributed to businesses like these
people are getting laid off, jobs are failing, especially these days. Like
scarce, and money is tight, it is difficult rising costs and market fluctuations,
to make an argument for people to
see Localize on page 22
January 9, 2009 17

Hi! My name is Mikie Track Star and I am one lucky pup! My family and
I moved here from Charlotte, NC, to the Isle of Palms in June. We were lucky
enough to end up in Wild Dunes, where I am a professional beach walker and
tennis enthusiast.
I hang out at
Morgan Creek
Grill when I’m
not sunbathing on
my boat the “Go
I pride myself
on being fashion
forward and have
my Mom to thank
for keeping my
wardrobe up-to-
date. Surf’s up …
got to go!
18 January 9, 2009
Tangled up in mystery plants
By John Nelson

f you are a cocker-spaniel, you may not comb these things out of Fluffy’s fur, you
want to look at this picture! will know what I am talking about. A bur,
Here’s a plant with a kind of brutal once attached, is only going to get more
winter beauty; the drying leaf stalks topped deeply embedded in fur, often needing to
with a constellation of brown, spiny burs. be cut out (carefully) from a tender ear
You might have a feeling that this is a plant with a pair of scissors. I have an idea that
that wants to spread itself around, if it can. the burs sometimes are attached so deeply
And it wants you to help. that they will never fall out on their own,
This is a member of the sunflower and following the demise of whatever
family (and the botanists have determined animal might be carrying them along,
that it a relative of the common ragweed). would still be associated with the carcass.
It is an herb that is widely distributed in In such a case, doesn’t it make sense that
North America, is easily found throughout the seeds within the burs would benefit,
southern Canada as well as every one of our upon sprouting, from an immediately
United States. It is an extremely successful available concentrated dose of fertilizer in
weed, usually found on disturbed ground, the soil?
agricultural fields, cattle lots, roadsides, (By the way, those of you who are
and places that are being excavated. familiar with the paintings of John James
The plants get to be two to three feet tall Audubon will know his depiction of the
with lots of attractive, dark green leaves. Photo by Tony Adcock now-extinct Carolina parakeet, a flock of
Blooming takes place during the summer of wrapping that is abundantly equipped with pointed, them noisily chattering away in a patch of
and each plant produces a number of small, drab soft spines. LOTS of them. As the season wears on, our Mystery Plant.)
flowers. Male and female flowers will be produced the involucre’s spines harden, becoming quite stiff,
on the same individual plant. (Such a plant is termed thus forming the recognizable burs. Of course, the burs John Nelson is the curator of the Herbarium in the
“monoecious,” and another good example of such a will detach themselves quickly just as soon as some Department of Biological Sciences at the University
plant would be corn.) However, it is what those female unfortunate critter runs through them. The same thing of South Carolina. As a public service, the Herbarium
flowers develop into that has really made a name for will happen with obliging socks and trouser legs, so offers free plant identifications. For more information,
this species. you need to be careful around this stuff. visit or call 803-777-8196.
Each flower has a tiny inferior ovary (same goes for Clearly, the spiny burs make an effective means for
everything else in the sunflower family, by the way). this plant to get its seeds into new areas; in this case
“Cocklebur,” Xanthium strumarium
As the ovaries grow, following pollination, they are with the help of an animal. If you have ever tried to
ultimately covered up by a special “involucres”, a sort

Painting with light in a dark world

By Mary Gatch

OCs, or Volatile Organic allergies and MCS (multiple chemical VOCs.
Compounds, are chemicals sensitivity). If possible, make sure your
from liquids and solids that Very high concentrations of indoor home’s and office’s interior
vaporize at room temperature and enter VOCs occur for about six months after spaces are well-ventilated
the atmosphere (a phenomenon known painting with solvent-based paints (especially when painting or
as “outgassing” or “offgassing”). The or finishing floors with conventional working with any chemicals).
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) products. Other common indoor sources Avoid dry cleaners using
has found concentrations of VOCs in of VOCs include paint thinners, wood perchloroethylene (a safe
indoor air to be two to five times greater preservatives, adhesives, detergents, choice is Americlean in North
than in outdoor air, and can occasionally pesticides, dry cleaning solvents, and Charleston); otherwise, air
shoot up to 1,000 times higher (for tobacco smoke. VOCs can be generated out dry cleaned clothes before
example, while a room is being painted). from fabric, upholstery, carpets, returning them to your closet.
VOCs are an important factor in indoor furniture, photocopiers, and printers. The VOCs emanating from
air quality issues such as sick building One prominent irritant is a product dissipate over time
syndrome. The EPA reports health formaldehyde, which is found in high as the chemicals vaporize.
effects from VOCs including “eye, concentrations in adhesives used to bind VOCs from paint dissipate
nose, and throat irritation; headaches, building materials such as plywood, fairly quickly, with most
loss of coordination, nausea; damage particle board, and most fiberboards offgassing occuring during
to the liver, kidney, and central nervous such as MDF (Medium Density the first six months after
system.” Some VOCs are suspected Fiberboard). You’ll generally find a application. Other sources,
or known to cause cancer in humans. lot of formaldehyde in wall coverings such as particle board, may
Key signs or symptoms associated and “wood” furnishings which aren’t continue to offgas for 20 years
with exposure to VOCs include made from solid wood (e.g., furniture, or more. If you already have
conjunctival irritation, nose and throat cabinetry, shelving, and laminated products in your home with
discomfort, headache, allergic skin countertops). Also, Formaldehyde often Opt for solid wood furniture when high concentrations of VOCs
reaction, dyspnea, declines in serum evaporates from paints, varnishes, possible; avoid items made of such as cabinetry made with MDF or
cholinesterase levels, nausea, emesis, chemicals used for sealing and finishing particle board or MDF. particle board, you may want to use a
epistaxis, fatigue, and dizziness.” Some walls, insulation, and interior fabrics. Choose natural, untreated fibers for sealer to minimize the amount of VOCs
of these symptoms are probably familiar window treatments, upholstery, rugs, entering your interior atmosphere.
to anyone who has painted a room or To avoid VOCs, consider the and carpets. Certain types of air purifiers can also
dyed their hair in an enclosed space. following steps: Use natural, non-toxic cleaning help to eliminate VOCs inside your
Scientists are beginning to find When painting, look for zero-VOC supplies. home.
evidence that prolonged or intense paints, stains, and strippers. For new construction, minimize Ventilation is always important to
exposure to VOCs can impact Use zero- or low-VOC sealers, the use of products containing
our immune systems and lead to waxes, and adhesives. formaldehyde or other harmful see Paint on page 23
January 9, 2009 19

Over 2000 people participated in this year’s Polar Bear

Swim. In addition, approximately $15-$20,000 was raised
to benefit the Special Olympics.
Above: (L to R) Tom, Bill, Brian, Darragh, and George
Dunleavy, Caitlin Maher, Katherine and Patti Dunleavy, and
Jamie Maher.
20 January 9, 2009

U.S. Symbols January

1 2

1. OSWN _________________________________

4 5
2. LDSE __________________________________

3. ANMSNOW _____________________________
4. IEC IGTNSKA ___________________________

5. ATNVOCIA _____________________________
6. EWN ARYE _____________________________
10 11
7. CPEEA _________________________________
8. ARAYJUN ______________________________

9. LASGO _________________________________

10. RFSAC ________________________________

Across Down
3. honors the author of the Declaration of 1. let freedom ring 11. NEISMTT ______________________________
Independence 2. Words to the salute to the Flag
4. honors the first president 5. a symbol full of symbols 12. NURTOIEOLS __________________________
7. seen in the air and on coins 6. where the President lives
8. she lifts a torch 13. RNEWTI _______________________________
9. honors the author of the Emancipation
10. first ten Amendments
11. AKA old glory or the star-spangled
12. "We the People..."
13. "We hold these truths to be

Do you know what this?

Sudoku 9 x 9, no hints (easy)

5 9 3
1 2 7
7 9 3 1 6 8 2
6 8 5 1 7 2 Send in your answer. If you’re
the first one to get it right. We’ll
9 7 recognize you in our next issue!
9 3 2 1 4 6
9 2 1 3 7 4 6 7 9 8 5 1 2 6 4 3
3 1 2 6 9 4 7 5 8

5 9 3
5 6 4 8 7 3 1 2 9 13. WINTER
A 6 4 1 2 5 8 3 9 7
11 8 5 3 7 6 9 4 1 2 10. SCARF 9. GOALS

4 6 7
A 9
L I N C O L N M E M O R I A L L 9 2 7 3 4 1 5 8 6 8. JANUARY 7. PEACE
S E E A 2 8 6 1 3 5 9 7 4 6. NEW YEAR 5. VACATION
A I Y O 4 7 5 9 2 6 8 3 1 4. ICE SKATING 3. SNOWMAN
R G 1 3 9 4 8 7 2 6 5
W A S H I N 5G T O N M O N U M E N T
E D January
J E F F E R S O N M E M O R I A L (easy)
1 2 Answers for Sudoku 9 x 9, no hints
U.S. Symbols
January 9, 2009 21

Isle of Palms Recreation Center Youth Drawing $85 resident/$90 non-resident IOP Middle School Dance Ages 7 to 12 yrs 6 week session
843-886-8294 January dance on 1/30—TICKETS Wednesdays, 4pm to 5pm
SOLD AT THE DOOR $50 resident/$55 non-resident Salsa Dancing
Lowcountry Blues Bash Per month Ages 12 Yrs +
Saturday, February 7 Island Arcade Day No partner needed
5pm-8pm Saturday, January 24 Youth Tennis Thursdays, 7:30pm-8:30pm
Sunday, February 8 12pm-4pm Learn the basics $35 residents/$40 non-residents
2pm-5:30pm Register your bike, get FREE all day Ages 6 to 8 Yrs: Beginning January 6
$5 admission play on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4pm to Senior Shuffleboard
Children under 12 YRS-Free $5 without bike register 5pm January 13, 10am-12 noon
Doors open 30 minutes prior to 1st Ages 9 to 12 Yrs: Beginning January 6 Must pre-register by Jan. 9
performance Youth Baseball Registration on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5pm to FREE
Fast Start, T-Ball, & Machine Pitch 6pm.
Sports Conditioning IOP Only January 19 to 23 $80 resident/$85 non-resident Speaker Course
Tuesdays & Thursdays Open January 26 to February 6 6 weeks session Wednesday, January 14
5:15pm to 6:15pm $30 resident/$35 Non-Resident 2pm
$60 resident/$65 non-resident $20/$25 Fast start Adult Co-Ed Tennis Outlook & Opportunity
$7 per class Learn the fundamentals How political & economic forces affect
Basketball Free Throw Thursdays, 6pm to 7pm today’s market
Yoga (16 Yrs +) Ages 9 to 12 Yrs $45 resident/$50 Non-resident FREE
12:30pm to 2pm January 16 6 week session Reserve your seat by calling: 886-8294
Tuesdays & Thursdays Friday, 6pm
$80 resident/$85 non-resident/session Must register in advance Intermediate Women’s Tennis Canasta
$10 per class FREE Experience needed First and third Tuesday of the month
Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:30am-2:30pm
Evening Yoga (12 Yrs +) Cheer/Dance Class 9am to 10am Free
5:30pm to 6:30pm Ages 8 to 12 Yrs $85 resident/$90 non-resident
Mondays & Wednesdays Beginning January 13 Youth Tae Kwon Do (6-11 Yrs)
$60 residents/ $65 non-residents/6 Tuesdays, 4:30pm to 5:30pm Beginner Women’s Tennis Saturdays, 9am-10am
weeks $70 resident/$75 non-resident Learn the fundamentals Can enroll in January
$7 per class 6 week session Tuesdays & Thursdays $30 resident/$35 non-resident
10am to 11am

Energy from page 15 (3). They are expecting their 3rd child Investors Services, Inc. (741 Johnnie
Bobby Cummings is the owner of in January 2009. Dodds Blvd. Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464)
China has a large wind-generation
Lighthouse Financial of Charleston. For more information contact Bobby member SIPC.
capacity which is expected to grow
He is a Certified Financial PlannerTM via email at Opinions expressed are subject to
by two-thirds this year, and that the
and Certified Family Business or by contacting his office at (843)884- change without notice and are not
country is the world’s second largest
Specialist and has been in business 9898. To find out a little more about intended as investment advice or to
manufacturer of solar panels. Brazil
since 1990. Bobby’s focus is providing Lighthouse Financial please visit predict future performance. Consult
has the second largest bio-fuel industry,
comprehensive financial planning and the following web address: www. your financial professional before
which already provides 40% of the
investment advice to business owners, making any investment decision. Past
fuel consumed by cars there. South
professionals, retirees, and people Bobby Cummings is a registered performance does not guarantee future
Africa is leading the effort to develop
planning for retirement. He lives on representative of and offers securities, results.
a new class of safe and simple nuclear
Sullivan’s Island with his wife Kristin, investment advisory, and financial
son Tanner (5), and daughter Keenan planning services through MML
The world of energy is changing.
22 January 9, 2009

Boom! An Earth mystery

By Emma Rose Stark, Age 9, SIES 3rd grader
(With help from her mom, Laura Rose)

n Monday, hearing booms in coastal and lakefront areas in South wrote, titled The Lake Guns, “Seneca Guns” refers to
December Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, San Diego, Five the legendary booms heard around Lake Seneca, New
29, 2008, Cities, California; Sonora, CA; Camden County, York, nearly 200 years ago.
at 1:45pm, people Missouri; Knoxville, Tennessee; Galveston, Texas; There are countless stories about booms from the
from Isle of Palms Vancouver, Canada; Norfolk, England; Sydney, days before planes. I found an online article called
beach all the way to Australia; and Sri Lanka. This list is not complete. “Moodus Noises,” by James Mussulman. Moodus,
Dunes West heard Some inland places have heard them, too, like which means “strange noises,” is a Native American
a big sound and felt Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2004, people there heard so word, and it described those people’s own experience
their houses shake. many booms over several weeks that the police force of mystery booms in the area that is now Connecticut.
Channel 2 news increased patrols to find what caused them. They In Mussulman’s article, he lists names given to
reported on a “large never did. booms around the world in the 1800s: Cornwall
boom heard in Mt. Here is the interesting part. In every single case I Thumps (Canada); Water Guns of Lough Neagh
Pleasant,” but I knew read, simple explanations for the noises were ruled out. (Ireland); Detonations of Comrie (Scotland); Barisal
Emma Rose Stark
that wasn’t the whole Seismologists recorded no earthquakes or tremors. Guns (India); air quakes or sea farts (Nova Scotia);
story, because my Military authorities—Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, gouffre (Haiti); baturlio marina (Italy); mist poeffers
Mom was on the beach when it happened. She and Coast Guard, Ministry of Defense in England, etc.—all (Holland and Belgium); Bosumtwi oto atuduru which
other people there heard three booms, not just one, and denied shooting guns or cannons, and they claimed means “Bosumtwi has fired gunpowder!” (Lake
the sounds clearly came from out to sea. they had no supersonic planes flying at those times. Bosumtwi, West Africa). Mussulman also found
This was not the first time a strange boom has been Supersonic planes can go faster than the speed of reports of the booms in Syria; Egypt; “Constantinople”
heard here. In spring, 2008, a loud boom shook our sound, and when they do they make a “sonic boom,” (now Istanbul, Turkey); Switzerland; France; Italy;
house on Forest Trail. It felt like a brief earthquake and which sounds very much like our mystery booms. “Lapland” (now Sweden and Finland); and the Eastern
shook the windows! I didn’t know what it was, so I Sometimes, a reason for a loud boom will be Himalayas.
decided to investigate the mystery. obvious, such as when the Naval Base in San Diego If you want to see more explanations considered
My Mom thought it might be an explosion, so tells the public there will be supersonic planes flying. for these noises, look on the U.S. Geological Survey
we drove around looking for fire trucks. We found But how do we explain the noise when those reasons government website. But don’t expect to find the
firemen at the IOP Recreation Center, but they didn’t are ruled out? mystery solved. Even scientists haven’t found the
know what the boom was, either. They had even If you think it’s hard for us to understand the answer. I love mysteries, which is why I will continue
driven around themselves and found nothing! mystery booms, what about people who heard them in to investigate the mystery of the unexplained booms.
Not finding answers outside, I decided to go the 1800s, when planes didn’t even exist? Lewis and It is amazing to me that even though people have
online.  No newspapers or TV channels reported on the Clark, the explorers sent west by Thomas Jefferson been trying for hundreds of years to explain these big
boom that day, but I did find surprising information. in 1804-06, even wrote about mystery booms. They noises, Earth still isn’t telling us her secret.
I found out that mystery booms just like the one we called them “the artillery of the Rocky Mountains.”
heard have happened here and all over the world for a The name often used today to refer to mystery To share your experiences with mystery booms,
very long time. booms—“Seneca Guns”—was invented by writer or to ask questions about them, please email us at
In the last five years alone, people have reported James Fennimore Cooper in 1851. In a short story he

Localize from page 16

Resolution from page 15 that have received the highest ratings
from the independent rating agencies. many of these factors are out of our control. However, local residents and visitors
protect against a loss, but if you aren’t do have at least some say in whether our local businesses will fail in the next
• Finally, be patient, disciplined
diversified at all, you are inviting couple of years. We can make a conscious effort to patronize these businesses
and forward-looking. The investment
significant risk into your investment instead of those larger corporate companies off the island. We can shop on our
world has taken some knocks lately,
portfolio. side of the bridge whenever possible.
but good investment opportunities are
• Stick with quality. During Despite the financial strain, many of your neighbors are spending money in
still out there.
turbulent times, quality investments your local papers to remind you of their business’ existence. When thinking about
are your best bet for “weathering the where to eat, which dentist/doctor to visit, or where to have a drink after work,
This article was written by Edward
storm.” If you’re buying stocks, look remember the places that are reaching out to you. Christmas has already passed,
Jones, located at 1505 Palm Blvd.,
for those companies that have long but it will come again and there will be other holidays, birthdays, and occasions
Isle of Palms, SC 29451. For more
track records of profitability, strong in the meantime which will require the purchase of something. Our local stores
information, please call the Edward
management teams, competitive
Jones offices at (843) 886-9229 or visit have some of the most unique, character filled gifts you can find. Remember
products and solid business plans. If them.
their website at
you’re considering bonds, find the ones Our local businesses exude the island flavor that drew most of us here. The
new Red Dot on Folly Beach is one of the coolest and coziest wine/liquor
stores you’ll probably step foot in. It’s because it is a Folly store that has reggae
A “Fettered” Santa playing in the background. Bert’s Market is a super-beachy Red & White that
you can walk into with nothing on but sand on your feet and a bathing suit.
From Dunleavy’s and Seel’s on Sullivan’s Island to the Marina Market on Isle of
Children got Palms, our local islands have their own unique resources. It would be criminal
an up close look to trade that in for a made-in-China Wal-Mart t-shirt or a Thick Burger from
at Santa Claus at Hardee’s. The food is much better and you’ll find a much more entertaining
the Poe Library t-shirts on the island, I guarantee you. We should be proud of our islands and
on Sullivan’s should demonstrate that pride by supporting the businesses that exemplify what
Island. Local island life is all about. It’s the residents that have always had the power. It’s just a
man Leo Fetter is matter of wielding it.
said to know the Hangerhead spends his evenings wandering throughout Charleston,
jolly gift-giver philosophizing and pontificating on soap boxes and street corners, sharing his
and was probably life views and ignoring the strange stares at his ubiquitous cranial aerial. He
responsible for doesn’t believe in cell phones or email, but we can usually find him in one of his
getting him to usual hiding places. So if you wish to comment or question Hangerhead, please
appear. write to
January 9, 2009 23

Griswolds take back seat to IOP families

ongratulations to the winners of
this year’s Isle of Palms “Light
It Up” competition. Four first
place awards were given according
to the home’s location and judging
was based on each house’s shining
holiday spirit. The four divisions were
Breach Inlet to the IOP Connector, IOP
Connector to 41st Avenue, 41st Avenue
to Wild Dunes and the Commercial
District. A special thank you goes to this
year’s judges, Emily Dziuban and Amy

2008 Winners
Commercial Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2008 Isle of Palms “Light it up” contest.
1st Place
Windjammer Clockwise from top left: 1- The McArthur Family took first place in the 41st Avenue to Wild Dunes Category. 2- The Parker
2nd Place Family took first place in the Breach Inlet to IOP Connector Category. 3- The Prentice Family was awarded second place for
Wild Dunes Pavilion the Breach Inlet to IOP Connector Category. 4- The Evans Family received first place honors for the IOP Connector to 41st
Breach Inlet to IOP Connector
1st Place
Parker Family 704 Carolina Blvd
2nd Place
Prentice Family 401 Palm Blvd

IOP Connector to 41st Avenue

1st Place
Evans Family 3301 Hartnett Blvd
2nd Place
Leopold Family 4 24th Avenue

41st Avenue to Wild Dunes

1st Place
McArthur Family 12 48th Avenue
2nd Place
Goosgree Family 25 41st Avenue

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