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If someone knows how to install "DIS_Install" (It's the operating system OPENSERVER from SCO) and "DIS Program",please

leave some instructions in this file. THANK YOU Posted by I hope this helps you... regards, john DISplus Software Loading Instructions The DISplus software was loaded at the time of updating. These instructions are supplied in the event that reloading becomes necessary. All loading is done with CD23 (or newer) already de livered to BMW centers. 1. Start with the DISplus power turned off. 2. Insert the white floppy labeled "Base Installation DISplus/C1" in the floppy drive. Some DISplus kits may have been delivered with a blue floppy disk. Do not use this floppy at any time during the loading process. 3. Turn the DISplus on using the power button on the front of the machine. 4. After a short time the message "ESC for post screen" will be displayed. Ignor e this message. 5. Data from the white floppy will now be loaded. The green drive light will fla sh. 6. Insert the DISplus base CD when the message "Please insert the DISplus base C D in DVD drive" is displayed. 7. Remove the white floppy and insert the red floppy labeled "Installation DISpl us" when the message "Please insert floppy DISplus Installation" is displayed. 8. Press Enter. 9. Remainder of Base installation is automatic and takes about 1 hour. 10. During the Base system loading the red floppy can be removed anytime after t he message "You can remove the Base system floppy now" is displayed. The floppy must be removed before the DIS plus is restarted. 11. Upon completion of the Base system installation process, the message "System Halted" is displayed. At this point the floppy and the base system CD must be removed. After removal shut off the DISplus by pressing the power switch on the front cover. 12. Turn the DISplus on again by pressing the power switch on the front cover. 13. The next steps are as before (with the DIS). Select the language, country, D IS # (only use a 5 digit code), center name and address. 14. When completed select "End" and "Quit". Do not back arrow or you will lose a ll information you have just input. 15. Now the usual DIS start menu will appear. Select "Administration". 16. Insert the version 23 Programs CD into the CD drive. 17. Activate the drive and select "DIS Installation". Installation happens as wi th all prior software versions. "Deactivate" the CD drive and remove the program CD. 18. Insert version 23 "Update CD" and "activate" the drive. 19. Select "DIS, Update". 20. Enter center code then select "OK" and "OK". Updating takes about 15 seconds . 21. "Deactivate" the CD drive and remove the update CD. 22. When finished TIS can be loaded in the usual manner. The TIS CD must remain in the drive in order for it to

operate. If TIS is selected and the CD is not in the drive error code 32 and 2 w ill be displayed. New Data added Dec 2003 -In, "csabaszeredy" <cszeredy@w Hi!


I also have the floppy disk images. After booting from this floppy you can find "cdinstall" in the directory. cdinstall prepares the hard disk for unix using fdisk and divvy, and makes it a bootable drive. The hard disk size should be less then 2GB or you have to prepare it step by step because the scrip t can not handle bigger disks correctly. After preparation there will be boot, swap, root, and a separated u filesystems on the hard drive. Using cdinstall, copy the files from the CD into these filesystems using the cpi o command. For example: cd /mount /dev /hd0root /dst cd dst cpio -idmuv -I /src /disos5 /ro ot cd / umount /dst Before runing cdinstall you have to mount the cd: mount -o lower /dev/cd0 /src I'm currently analyzing the contents of the filesystems. I have to find and chan ge the passwords. To run SCO Unix you need a very simple PC. It runs with Pentium I also. 128 MB o f memory is enough. May be some special HW driver should not be loaded. I need some time to prepare a simple system, after that I can share it. If you need more info....Good luck, and happy new year. Cs aba An answer to the question posted when another reader tried to use Csaba's steps: Did you create the /src directory? Without successful mount of the CD you can not read it. Before you start cdinsta ll be sure that the hard disk size is less than 2 GB, unless the hdinit script (called by cdinstall) will not execute correctly. Better to read cdinstall only, and do everything by hand. It is easy. First run fdisk. "fdisk" Use all disk tu Unix. Don't forget to activate the partition. Then run divvy, to create filesystems "divvy -i" Let divvy to use the default sizes. Create a separated user filesystem also, the size must be grater then 750 MB (1 GB is OK). Check the last commands of cdinstall to make harddisk bootable. I did not check it because I installed a normal SCO Unix to the hard drive before. If you have the instbb command it w ill do it for you. You can display a text file with the "cat" command. cat cdinstall - if you are i n the etc directory. Then copy the filesystems back from the CD with cpio. regards, Cs --- In, "ysse_y" <jea@s...> wrote: > Works better. >

> Now the CD-ROM is present in the small menu when started up, but: > When trying to mount - CD spin up and say: > mount: /dev/cd0 or /src : No such file or directory? > And cdinstall fails when I run it - is it because of the above 'no' volume mount? > > Rgds > > Jesper > > > --- In, "csabaszeredy" <cszeredy@w...> wrote: > > Hi, Yes. The CD must be the slave drive of primary IDE controller. The master is the hard drive. The small memory model SCO Unix (for floppy boot) can not handle secondary IDE controller. Try it, it should works. Cs do some one have this? DIS version V38 with CIP diskett to dis 33 base white label . .. Base Installation DISplus / C1 red label .....Installation DISplus blue label ....Installation C1