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Nr. Crt. 1 Unitatea de nvare Learning to learn! A:Learning English B: You C: Your classroom
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Coninuturi Skimming the book. Organising vocabulary. Learning habits. Milli Vanilli. Personal profile. Using vocabulary: nouns or verbs? Classroom objects. Spelling Initial testing Classifying wild animals. Asking about the time and price Describing nasty pets, to talk about habits, present simple, wh-question, short answers Body parts, describing a person/animal, yes/no questions, to be Daily activities, present simple, routines, prepositions of time at, in, on Describing birds, adjectives, using dictionaries Can / cant: ability, possibility, permission., short answers Subject and object pronouns. Possessive


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Module I: Animals 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. At the Zoo Nasty pets Quiz time A day with the dolphins Birds Chimps The ant and the dove

7 1.2, 2.1 2.2, 2.3 3.2, 4.2

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Pronunciation: Can: kn/kaen/ka:nt Pronunciation: /i:/I/aI/


8. Revision module I

adjectives 1. Your reactions to nasty animals. Memory game. 2.Classifying vocabulary: nouns or verbs? 3. Present simple, Wh- questions, can.

Halloween 4 2.3, 4.1 W6 W7 W8 Test paper

Module II: Homes 9. Around the world 10. A Moroccan house 11. Your room 12. Families 13. Hot and cold 14. Weekends 15. Unusual homes

16. Revision module II

9. Houses around the world. Wh questions. Present Simple. Made of 10. Letter from a penfriend. Rooms of the house. Prepositions of place. 11. Describing a room. Your Room. There is / there are. 1.1, 2.2 12. Adverbs of frequency Present Simple. 3.1,3.2 Daily routines. 4.1, 4.2 13. Weather. Adverbs of frequency. Imperatives: do, dont. 14. Likes and dislikes: affirmative, negative, questions and short answers. Word stress. 15. Your ideal home. Adjectives. Has got/ have got. 1. Conversation: speaking strategies. Quiz. 2. Adverbs of frequency, prepositions of place, likes and dislikes. 2.2, 2.3 3. Mark your own progress. 2

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Test paper Winter Holidays

17. End of term review

Nr. Crt. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Unitatea de nvare Module III: Stories Fiction Myths and legends Films Life stories True stories What a day! Comics and magazines Coninuturi Grammar and Vocabulary Revision 17. Reading habits and strategies. Favourite + noun. 18.Simple past: affirmative, negative and questions 19. Favourite films. Regular past tense endings: /d//t//id/. Linking devices: First, then, next, after that, finally 20. Simple past. Dates 21.Magazine article.Questions: was/were, did/do. Paste tense verb to be. 22. Simple past of irregular verbs. verb Bingo (game) 23. Comics. There was/there were 1. Speaking: The past. 2. Language revision: Past Simple. 3. Vocabulary. Grading words. 4. Project options 25. Time-line. Looks like Making compound nouns. 26.Plans. Present simple and present continuous. 27. Articles: a, an, the Present continuous. 28. Giving directions. 29. Describing people. Opposite adjectives 30. Past questions with. Who? Strong and weak forms: was / were. 31. Want to+verb. O.R. Nr. ore 2 Sptmna W1/15 Obs

1.2, 2.1 2.3, 4.1

W2/16 W3/17 W4/18 W5/19

8. Revision module III

3 2.1, 4.1

W5/19 W6/20

Module IV:Spies 9. Mission Anaconda 10. Watching the enemy 11. Codes 12. Following people 13. Disguise 14. Interrogation 15. The perfect spy

1.1,1.2 2.1, 2.2 3.1, 3.2 4.2

W7/21 W8/22 W9/23

16. Revision module IV

1. Speaking. Giving directions. 2. Language revision. Present Continuous, Present Continuous / Present Simple, Past Simple. 3. Vocabulary. Using a dictionary: nouns, verbs or adjectives? 33.Your favourite foods. Plural endings/s/,/z/, /Iz/.Adverbs of frequency. 34. Countable and uncountable: there is/ there are, some/ any. Quantities, questions: how much, how many. Plural endings. 35. Listening strategies. Greetings, thanks, apologies at the market 36. Giving advice: must, mustnt, should, shouldnt, have to, dont have to. 37. Giving advice. Why, because 38. Suggestions: shall, would you like, what about, lets, why dont we? Money. Prices. 39. The Earl of Sandwich. Recipes. 1. Speaking. Suggestions. Giving advice 2. Language revision. Countable and uncountable. 3. Vocabulary. Nouns or verbs. 4. Shopping. 41. Shapes: nouns and adjectives. This, that, these, those. 42. Present Perfect Simple Tense. Irregular verbs. Past Participles. 43. A flow chart; drafting, editing. 44. Making predictions. Future Simple Tense

1.1, 2.2 4.2

W10/24 W11/25 W12/26

Test paper

17. S tii mai multe, s fii mai bun! Module V: Food 18. Favourite foods 19. Banquets 20. Shopping 21. Healthy eating 22. Staying alive 23. Eating out 24. Zany sandwiches

1.2, 2.1 2.3,3.1 4.1

W13/27 W14/28 W15/29

25. Revision module V

2.1,2.3 *4.3

W16/30 W17/31

Easters Here!

Module VI: Robots 26. Robot world 27. Tim 28. Programming 29. Madam Zara 30. Cars

Test paper 6 W18/32 W19/33 W20/34

31. The Polanski twins 32. The Malbots

33. Revision

with will/wont 45. Cars in the future. Future Simple with will have to, will be able to *1.3,2.2 46 Plans: going to. Present perfect. 3.1, 4.1 47.Computer games 4.2 1. Speaking. Your recent past. Your future plans. 2. Irregular verb list 3. Using a dictionary: nouns, verbs or adjectives? 2.1, 2.3 4. Project options

W21/35 W22/36