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English for Engineers Common for I MS and I B.

Tech Courses Subject Code: ENG101 Version No: Course Prerequisite: Clearing the EPT Objectives: Students Can use English language effectively with proper grammar and vocabulary to suit the needs of the present world. Can differentiate various forms of writing according to the situation and tone. Can become aware of cross cultural communication Expected Outcome: The learners will be efficient in English language with the development of the four skills of communication LSRW CONTENTS (THEORY) UNITS DESCRIPTION Nature, process and barriers of communication Time, tense and tense consistency E-mail Etiquette Writing Effective Sentences-sentence coherence, length, avoiding ambiguity and thematic emphasis Use of voice (Impersonal passive) Writing formal letters (Call for quotation, Placing order) Types of communication: Intra-personal, Interpersonal, Groupverbal and non-verbal communication Indian English Describing a process Writing Definitions Letter Writing-Letter of Complaint and Apology Concord Cross-cultural Communication Conditionals Paragraph writing Coherence- Jumbled Sentences Paragraph: Definition. Identifying the Topic Sentence. Order (Examples, reasoning, cause effect and compare contrast) Managing Paragraphs (Using Connectors) HOURS L T P C 2 2 3

Reading Skills - Scanning Skills, Skimming Skills, Intensive Reading Skills, Word meaning and Recognition Cloze Test Use of prepositions

CONTENTS (LAB) UNITS 2 DESCRIPTION Listening to casual conversations Speaking: Introducing myself, Strengths and Weaknesses Speaking: Asking for Information, Interrupting and disagreeing Speaking: Telephoning Skills (Through Role-plays) Speaking: Adzap Speaking: Taking Roles in an Event HOURS

Text Book: Compiled and prepared by the English Division, SSL, VIT University Reference Books: Rizvi,M.Ashraf, Effective Technical Communication, Tata McGraw Hill, 2006 Ibbotson,Mark, Cambridge English for Engineering, Cambridge University Press, 2008 Technical Communication Today Second Edition Authors: Richard Johnson-Sheehan Cross Talk: Communicating in a Multicultural Work place Authors: Sherron Kenton & Deborah Valentine Publisher: Prentice Hall (Sep 1996) Business Across Cultures: Effective Communication Strategies Authors: Laura M English, Sarah Lynn Publisher: Addison Wesley longman

Mode of Evaluation: Assignments/Quizzes/Seminars/CAT/Term-end