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Utilization of PETRONAS Technical Standard (PTS) 23 February 2009

By Pau KH, Group Technology Solutions, Solutions R & T Division, Petronas RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY DIVISION
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Introduction to PTS People responsible Value of PTS Going Forward

As of 3/27/2009

PETRONAS Technical Standards (PTS)

What is PTS ?

Its a set of pre-approved technical practices.

Technical reference for all engineers & Technical staff Collection of good practices within Petronas & Industries Reference guideline for Vendor & Contractors Key governance in our Standardizations Program St d di ti P Make reference to National and International Code & Standards
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Source: 20.69 PTS Manual

As of 3/27/2009

Why PTS? y

Standardization Of Engineering Practices ( 5S Principles - Seiketsu) p ) Quality Assurance Technical Integrity

As of 3/27/2009

PTS facilitates our TRADINGS (products marketing and procurement of our plant equipments

Our products complied International Code & Standards, PTS

Equipment and services provided by Contractors & Vendors complies with International Code & Standards, Standards PTS
Source: Corporate mtls
As of 3/27/2009

Help accelerate our Capability Building for our Engineers

Value Poten ntial

Articulate issues and exploit opportunities for Improvement future value I Inspires and connects i d t & people Innovating Enhance existing knowledge/ systems Benefits the whole Knowledge = sharing power Potential of consistency Best practice sharing


Applying Learning Sharing Time

Knowledge at work on common technology What and where to find it Easy access and use No reinventing the wheel Exploit available knowledge

Deposit critical D it iti l lesson learnt Updates of latest technologies t h l i Updates latest National & International Code & Standard requirements Sharing of knowledge Learning from others Applying at work

Source: Capability Development

As of 3/27/2009

Scope covers Engineering Practices in all processes deployed in PETRONAS Plants


LPG Service Station F1 Lubricant Aviation Depot


Gas Processing

Logistics & Shipping



As of 3/27/2009

Gas Transmission

Grouping of PTS


As of 3/27/2009

Where:- AXIS..Petronas Website for KM

As of 3/27/2009

Who Is Behind The PTS?

As of 3/27/2009

In PETRONAS corporate center, Group Technology Solutions (GTS) is responsible to upkeep the PETRONAS Technical Standards applicable for the group

Upkeep relevant Codes & Standards - Maintain set of codes & standards in Knowledge g Platform AXIS
Research and Technology Division Vice President

Formulate & upkeep a Technical guideline PETRONAS Technical Standards (PTS) Ensure validity of standards


Group Research Dr Hamzah A Hamid

Group Technology Solution En. Pramod Kumar Karunakaran

Group Technical Capability Mgmt En. Fadzilan M Daud

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As of 3/27/2009

Group Technology Solutions was set up to support PETRONAS in achieving sustainable world class operations and superior performing assets

Provide value adding technology solutions to achieve l ddi h l l i hi sustainable world class operations & superior performing assets
Accelerate capability development through aggressive recruitment, experiential learning and smart partnership Identify and realise value creation opportunities for achieving operational excellence in both upstream & downstream operations through defect elimination & performance improvement Harness, standardise, maintain & deploy organizational knowledge, new technologies & best practices to push the technical limits of the plants and achieve flawless execution of cap ta p ojects capital projects. Drive networking groups and propagate knowledge based organization by providing integrated collaborative platform


Performance Improvement Mgmt Plant operation mgmt Process & Hydrocarbon Value Chain Asset Reliability & Integrity Mgmt Control Integrity Mgmt Technical Risk Mgmt

Process Engineering
(separation, treating, liquefaction, process safety, reforming, etc) Plant Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Inspection & Corrosion) Process Automation & Optimisation (APC, Instrumentation, etc.)

Technical Studies Technical Assurance Contract Management Technology Development Scale-up & commercialization

KM strategy, security & governance KM Asset mgmt Technical event management & communication


Develop/Attract highly qualified technical leaders to spearhead development of key, pacing and emerging technology p g yq p p y p g g g gy

Triple Plus
As of 3/27/2009

Focus on developing Plant Operations including E&P facilities and R&D Program Delivery Capabilities Build conviction on Technology creates Value 11 11

GTS Organisation Structure

Senior General Manager Group Technology Solutions En. Pramod Kumar Karunakaran
Manager Capability Management

Dr. Suhana Osman

General Manager Group Plant Performance Mgmt En. M Amin B Abdullah Senior Manager Plant Operation Management Pn. Lily Kong Senior Manager g OPI Upstream En. Chang Kin Moh Senior Manager OPI Downstream En. Zulkiflee B Hj. Mansor M Senior Manager Process & Hydrocarbon Value Chain Management En. M Ridzuan B Jalaluddin Senior Manager Asset Reliability & Integrity Management En. M Fuad B Abdullah
As of 3/27/2009

General Manager Engineering En. Pau Kiew Huai

General Manager Plant Project Studies En. Roseman B Rosli Senior Manager Technical Studies En. M Rezana B A Malik Senior Manager g Technical Assurance En. Yaacob B Salim Manager Technology Development Pn. Mariana Bt. Onan Manager Contract Management En. Sumardi B Maulan

Senior Manager Knowledge Management En. Agil B Atan Manager KM Strategy, Security & Governance En. Syed Omar B. Syed Ahmad Manager Knowledge Asset En. Nurazlan Iskandar B. Zakaria Manager Technical Event Mgmt. & Communication Pn. Pn Murni Bt Shariff Bt.

Senior Manager Process Engineering En. Samsudin B Dato Harun Senior Manager Plant Engineering En Razak Hassan Senior Manager Process Automation & Optimisation En. Saifol Mualim B Ahmad Yahaya y Manager Engineering Support En. Noor Hassan B Ismail



PTS Review And Issuance

PTS Update Process PTS Update PTS Endorse Disseminate

Codify Lessons learnt to be included in PTS Identify and capture best practices to be included in PTS Identify and screen new technologies to be included in PTS

Recommended Amendments as the supplement for revision PTS

As of 3/27/2009



Structured and thorough Review Process to ensure integrity of documents

*Approving Parties include Head of GTS, Head of Engineering and Section Heads
As of 3/27/2009


Values of PTS

As of 3/27/2009


PTS Incorporating New Minimum Requirements For Critical Construction Activities, e.g. On line Leak Sealing On-line

Photo Incident of On-Line On Line Leak Sealing

Background g Issue Recommendation

Fatal accident caused by failure of on-line leak sealing at one of the PETRONAS y g plants There is no standard guideline for safe execution of the activity in all PETRONAS OPUs and Plants Developed new PTS 20.213 Minimum Requirement for Implementation of Critical Non-Routine Activities. In addition to on-line leak sealing, the scope of PTS also covered hot tapping & line stopping, hydro jetting & hydro cutting, heavy lifting, safety valve testing and hot bolting Standard guideline to establish safe work practices and to ensure that the associated risk is managed to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)

Value Creation/ Impact

As of 3/27/2009



PTS Incorporating New Methodologies - Measurement

Hydrocarbon Accounting & Production allocation Static Measurement

TANK Production measurement have economic impact

Pipeline Transportation metering Custody transfer (Gas Metering, Condensate metering, Crude Oil metering) Fiscal Allocation Metering Export metering Crude oil Custody transfer Custody transfer Condensate export Metering

Production rate measurement Well Test conventional Meter Multiphase meter Tosites/Subsea T it /S b Wet gas metering Downhole metering Virtual Metering

Pipeline mass balancing

Gas sales metering Plant balancing


Standards setting Problems solving

As of 3/27/2009

Compliance to acts/ regulations/ procedures

Associated facilities meter calibration facilities

Procurement & services Alliance/ Preferred bidders list

Competency & Capability building



PTS Incorporating Lessons Learnt - Column Shell Crack Project

Photos Of Crack At Pipe Support Reinforcement Pad p pp

Column C37-01 Vertical pipe handrail Nozzle reinforcement pad Pipe nozzle Pipe support guide


2 inch pipe

Pipe support Reinforcement pad


U bolt

Background B k d Issue Recommendation

Crack C k was f found at th t portion of Condenser C l d t the top ti fC d Column C 37 01 on th C-37-01 the weldment of external reinforcement pad for pipe support Crack identified at pipe support reinforcement pad was releasing vapor ammonia intermittently. y Engineering, GTS team has recommended the shutdown of the system and conducted thorough inspection We proposed the relocation of the support on the c-channel that is causing the crack at the reinforcement pad upon conducting pipe stress analysis f Avoid crack propagation and potential major release of containment vapor ammonia
18 18

Value Creation/ Impact

As of 3/27/2009

PTS Incorporating Lessons Learnt Good Practices In The Fields

PDI issue
Column PDI impulse lines installed with pockets. Recommendations Tubing are to be run directly vertical with self draining slope to avoid condensation on the H a oid side. Tubings shall be properly secured using brackets

Tubing Slope

Tubing Slope

Tubing Slope
As of 3/27/2009

Tubing Slope
19 19

PTS Incorporating New Inventions:1. Downcomer Distributor 2. Separator Internals3. Advanced p Dispersion Valve Achieving high vapor (ADV-P) Tray 2nd Improving tray liquid liquid separation distribution to gain Generation
mass transfer performance efficiency

4. HP Vapour / q Liquid Distributor (Vapour Horn)

efficiency (99.7% for 10 m particle size)

Alternative to Schoepentoeter inlet device, demister & cyclone configuration l fi ti

Improving performance of ADV-P trays through directional vapor flow and fine gas dispersion (ADV-P & DCD)

Enhancement of liquid distribution in packed column.

More details






Patent Application Serial No : No.: 12/018,882

Preparation for p Patent Filing

Planning Pilot Test & Patent Filing P t t Fili

Development of Concept & BioDiesel Packed Column Application

20 20

As of 3/27/2009

Having PTS Realize Value!

St d di d practices enhance capability b ildi Standardized ti h bilit building Subscribing to PTS reduce Quality give away, Fit For
Purpose only solutions

Extended Asset Life & ensure technical integrity

saving on life cycle costs

As of 3/27/2009


Going Forward

As of 3/27/2009


Going Forward: User (Contractors Vendors):Contractors, Appreciate users feedback & comments users PTS Updates:p Liaison with industry peers y Partipate in Malaysian Standard developments Aspirations: Engineers to become custodians of PTS I Increase PTS users/ usage /
As of 3/27/2009


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