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I, KETAN ARUN JAWALE student of Masters of Management Studies (Semester III) of Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies (BGIMS), hereby declare that I have successfully completed this project on CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR FOR TOOTHPASTE as a part of subject CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR. The information incorporated in this project is true and original to the best of my knowledge. ____________________________________ Signature



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Introduction Toothpaste Objectives Data analysis Findings Limitation Questionnaire

My sincere gratitude goes to all professor especially Mrs Yasmin Singaporewala who have helped me to perform project and be familiar to the practical aspect and uses of theoretical knowledge and clarifying career goals. Finally, if I have mistakenly omitted to giving credits, I want to accept the humble apology and I want them to know that without their support there will have differences in this task.

Ketan Jawale

Consumer behavior is stated as the behavior that consumer display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of products, services, ideas that they expect will satisfy their needs. The study of consumer behavior is concerned not only with what consumers buy, but also with why they buy it, when and how they buy it, and how often they buy it. It is concerned with learning the specific meanings that products hold for consumer. Consumer research takes places at every phase of consumption process, before the purchase, during the purchase and after the purchase. According to Philip Kotler defined consumer behavior as all psychological, social and physical behavior of potential customers as they become aware of evaluate, purchase, consume and tell other about products and services.

The scope of consumer behavior includes not only the actual buyer and his act of buying but also various roles played by different individuals and influence they exert on the final purchase decision. Individual consumer behavior is influenced by economic, social, cultural, psychological and personal factors.

The toothpaste market is characterized by the presence of few large multinational companies like Colgate Palmolive India Ltd., Hindustan Lever Ltd., Procter & Gamble, and SmithKline Beecham. Consumer health care and a handful of Indian companies such as Dabur, Anchor Health and Beauty Products, Vicco Laboratories etc. Traditionally Colgate and HUL were the main players in the toothpaste market of white and gel form. The Procter & Gamble joined the market. Domestic Indian companies like Balsara and Vicco industries used to produce the ayurvedic range of toothpaste along with their other ayurvedic products. Anchor Company that was more famous for its switching products, made a successful foray in to this sector, by launching toothpaste and positioning itself as

first 100% vegetarian toothpaste companies such as Dabur and Baidyanath operated in the toothpowder market.

The purpose of the study is 1. To examine the external factors influencing purchase decisions 2. To examine the consumer awareness of toothpaste 3. To find out how promotional schemes are influencing the consumers 4. To examine how the products attributes influencing the consumer buying toothpaste \


1. Toothpaste Usage Rate

120% 100% 100%





20% 0% 0% Yes No

Figure (1)
Interpretation(On the basis of all 10 respondents, 100% of the respondents are using toothpaste (Figure 1)

2. Consumer Brushing Pattern


30% 60%

Once Twice Thrice

InterpretationFrom the above figure, 60% of the respondent brush one time in a day and remaining 30% twice and apart from this 10% brush their tooth thrice.

3. Frequency of Purchase



Once Twice More than twice 50%

From the above figure, frequency of purchase toothpaste in a month is twice, 50 % and remaining frequency of purchase is 30 % for more than twice and apart from this 20 % once.

4. Awareness of Brands

Awareness of Brands
4% 6% Colgate Closeup & Pepsodent 25% 56% Dabur Anchor Others 9%

InterpretationFrom the figure, Colgate is the most preferred brand of toothpaste which is 56 % while apart from this 25 % respondent preferred close up and pepsodent.

5. Usage of Toothpaste Brands

Usage of Toothpaste Brands

Two Three More than Three 50%

InterpretationFrom the above figure it is clearly seen that 50% people used three brands so far while apart from this 30 % and 20 % respondents used two and more than three brands of toothpaste respectively.

6. Factors which makes Consumer to Buy Toothpaste

Factors makes consumer to buy Toothpaste

15% 40% 15% Price Availability Packaging 30% Others

InterpretationFrom figure, Price 40% is the factor which makes respondents to buy particular brand.

7. Factors which makes Preference of Toothpaste

Factors affects on Preference of Toothpaste

10% 20% 40% Brands Quality Flavor 30% Others

Interpretation40 % of the respondent said brand is the factor which affects their preference of toothpaste while 30 % agreed on quality.

8. Preference of an Attributes

Preference of an Attributes

20% 35% 15% 10% Healthy Tooth & Gums Long lasting Freshness Prevention Of Tooth Decay 20% Whiteness Use of natural hubs

InterpretationFrom above data, its clearly seen that 35 % respondent said healthy tooth is the attribute which help them to select best toothpaste for them.

9. Person who Influence Consumer to Purchase Toothpaste

Person who Influence

5% 20% Friends 15% Kids Parents Spouse 40% Self 20%

Interpretation40 % of the respondent agreed on they are influence by parents to purchase the particular toothpaste.

10. Which mode of Promotion Consumer gets attached

Type of Promotion attached to Consumer

10% 20% 45% Advertisements Celebrity Banner 25% Others

InterpretationAdvertisement is mode of promotion to which 45% of the respondents are attached while 25% for celebrity.

11.Factors which makes consumer to buy Toothpaste

Factors makes to buy Toothpaste

5% 15% 35% Gifts Discounts 25% 20% Extra Quantity Price Off Others

InterpretationFrom above , Gift is the factor which affect consumers behavior while buying toothpaste and apart from this 25% said extra quantity makes them to buy toothpaste of particular brand.

12.Switching to the Brands

Switching to the Brands

Impact of Packaging 5% 21% 10% 16% Price rise of Current Brand Scheme Of Brands Advertisement Impacts Consumer brand is not applicable To try New Option Influence by Other

10% 18% 20%

InterpretationAdvertisement impact is makes respondents to switch over brands which is 20 %.

Consumer behavior is not exactly predicted one; somewhat it is predicted with the help of research activity. Starting and ending of the survey ends with only one statement Consumer is King... So the companies concentrate in analyzing the requirement of people thoroughly to satisfy and retaining the consumer This study revealed that there are some important factors considered by the consumer for decision making. Brand image, advertising, and offer play an important role in purchasing toothpaste, sometimes based on the offer the consumer compare with competitor product and select the best one. Product attribute also analyzed by the consumer for deciding a brand. Switching of one product to other company product is mainly based on advertisement, brand name, packaging, availability and price rise etc. So the companies analyze all these factors and find out the best suitable tools for promoting their toothpastes in India


Followings are some of the limitations of study:

The sample size chosen is limited to 10 only because of time and financial constraint

Data collected may not be a representation of entire population. The time duration of this project is limited. Information given by respondents may be correct and may not be correct


1. Do you use toothpaste: a) Yes b) No 2. Number of times do you brush your teeth per day? a) One b) Two c) Thrice 3. What is frequency of purchase of toothpaste? a) One b) Two c) More than two 4. Which is your most preferred brand? a) Colgate b) Close-up or Pepsodent c) Dabur d) Anchor e) Ajanta f) Others 5. How many brands of toothpaste you have used so far? a) Two b) Three c) More than three

6. Which factor makes you to buy toothpaste? a) Price b) Availability c) Packaging d) Others 7. Which factors makes you to prefer toothpaste? a) Brand b) Quality c) Flavor d) Others 8. Which attribute is most preferable to you for selecting toothpaste? a) Healthy tooth & Gums b) Long lasting freshness c) Prevention of tooth decay d) Whiteness e) Use of natural hubs 9. By whom are you influenced during purchase toothpaste? a) Friends b) Kids c) Parents d) Spouse e) Self

10. By which mode of promotion are you getting attached? a) Advertisements b) Celebrity c) Banner d) Others 11. Which promotional tools make you to buy toothpaste? a) Gift b) Discount c) Extra quantity d) Price off e) Others 12. For which reason you switch to other brands? a) Impact of packaging b) Price rise of current brand c) Scheme of brands d) Advertisement impact e) Consumer brand is not available f) To try new option g) Influence by other

13. Feedback ( Optional & Open )


Thank You!!! For giving your Precise time.