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Potential Inferno!!!

Kudankulam, a vital link in the Chain.. M C Raj The cynic will call this a prophecy of doom. DOOM it is going to be when the nuclear lies of Russia backed by Manmohanomics will blast to the full. Many in India then will not live to have a blast. Unfortunately! Is it an exaggeration to say that the capitalist world led by the US has brought the world to near disaster by its maddening pursuit of democracy and development? What is the basis of hope for the Manmohans in India that Kudankulam will not blast like Chernobyl or Fukushima? How is the U pronounced here? Is it as in fluke or as in fuck? Whatever may be the pronunciation, the name has a serious lesson to teach. Germany has learned its lessons. It is building an economy for future generations. It has decided to dismantle all its nuclear installations by the year 2020. A very bold decision indeed! Many Germans are truly happy. Some still wear that stupid look shamelessly. But Andgela Merkel is a no nonsense woman. Remember the way Germany faced the recent global recession. Germany stood out, according to many economists. Memory is fresh! I thought Germany was filled with thick white clouds. The white long clouds actually belong to New Zealand. That is what the British found when they went to colonize the land of the Maori people. They named NZ as the land of while long clouds. I was amazed that even Germany had while long clouds. Leave alone the factor that Germans look at the British as one of their worst enemies even now. Buildings in many cities of Germany still bear the scars of British bombs. The while long clouds of Germany are the new scars of climate change. I literally mistook them for thick white clouds and was floating in romance with the way the clouds were competing with Rhine. I was in the German train. Love it. Inexplicable romance with Her Majesty, the river Rhine as I travelled along her path to and fro! Soon this would become history. The smoke emanated from the nuclear installations of Germany all along the path. The romance was lost as I looked up and realized that the clouds emanated ultimately from those gargantuan chimneys. Germans are still struggling hard to wriggle themselves out of the psychological quagmire that Hitler planted them in. It is a serious pain of guilt. But they have done a good job of establishing a much better democracy than the hotchpotch democracy that the role models of India are practicing, I mean the U square, US and UK. They have boldly ushered in Proportional representation system in an effort to prevent the resurgence of another Hitler in their land. A hard struggle indeed! And now they have taken another bold step of clearing the debris of potential inferno in their country, namely all their nuclear installations. Lest you fantasize viciously that I was born a German in my previous birth, I stop my eulogy of Germany here. How come Monamohan is blaming the Americans for the protest of the people in Kudankulam against the potential nuclear disaster in Indinthakarai? Only some time ago he went all the way to the US to tell the bloodletting Bush that

the people of India love you. Is it because the nuclear technology and its accompanying paraphernalia have come from Russia? Is it not a very old and stale game in India? Only some years back the same government tried hard to execute a nuclear agreement with the US. I thought we buried the ghost of Chanakya. Badly mistaken! The newly appointed Home Minister has stated that there is no evidence of any direct link between the funds that some NGOs receive and the protest in Idinthakarai. The HM perhaps does not come from the Chanakya tradition. Allow the minions to indulge in limitless corruption and then blame the opposition for stalling the Parliament as scuttling democracy. Allow the NGOs to do to the poor what the government has failed to do and then blame them and ban them for being American agents. Wah, Warre Wah! A recent quote from Manmohan, Those who prevent Parliament from functioning, disable the voice of the people. They take away their right to hear their representatives debate issues in a reasoned manner when the case for and against a point of view can be heard. They force them to listen instead only to voices in the street, which is not the place for reasoned discourse. This is brand Manmohanomics. The street where the common people of India live is not where democracy lives according to him. The thugs, the looters, the hooters, the sycophants are the people who can let democracy thrive in India, eh? And how about the seashore where the people of Idinthakarai have assembled to protest? Yes, their voice is not the voice of the people. And how about the police who brutally pushed women and children into the sea? The bullet that took away the life of a young protestor? The army men who rape the women of the North East and Kashmir and shoot young people at their whims and fancies under the safety belt of AFSPA, They represent the voice of the people, eh? Since he is the Prime Minister of India it is only natural that we make him our prime upholder or our prime spoiler. It does not mean that he is an isolated actor in the entire game. It is global and not India specific, this game of development discourse. He is only a symbol, a poor symbol of our skewed democracy, of our screwed development and of our scotched governance. Let us not mistake. It is a designed product, this development. Designed specifically for marketing! Our leaders are excellent salesmen. Globalization is the factory. And many of our gullible citizens are gulpers, avaricious gulpers. No dearth of such blind and nave consumers of attractive packages. The content? Who cares? Everything that brings luxury, comforts, goods, prestige, position and power needs to be consumed. The more one consumes the better is the scale of development. Nation state has been designed to become agent state right from its inception. The agent has to function, perform on behalf of the designers. Any ruler who does not dance to the tune of the designers is easily butchered in the name of democracy. That is the order of the day, the order of globalization. The salesmen of the globalization market, the instrument players in the capitalist orchestra, the dancers, the strip dancers of an elite club of the governing class holding sway over the audience, the consumers! The euphoria, the madness, the captivation floor the consumers, the citizens, the voters and the taxpayers. The streets, the slums, the tribal hadis, the Dalit colonies, the dung heap of

manual scavengers, the seashores, yes, they are the vote banks, the harbingers of the sustenance of democracy. But they dont and should not become part of the discourse, of the deliberation and of the dialectics. That is not globalized democracy. The level playing fields will close their doors by design. They are destined to be caught in the whirlpool of democracy and governance designed for the powerful, the nuclearly powerful. They will be sucked and fucked, the essence of their life will be drained and will be thrown on the streets, the seashores, the drainages, the septic tanks, the marshy farmlands etc. The designs, grand global designs, exclusive designs to exclude nucleus of society! We go nuclear without the nucleus. We believe in licking the cream. The creamy layers! Being nuclear is power. Did someone say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? Is there any surprise then that corruption is an essential part of this governance? Development is being nuclear. The rulers believe it, the citizens follow suit. Does any one think why development throws so much of waste, the people, the poor I mean. Speaking of waste, the people of Kudankulam are seriously concerned about waste, the nuclear waste. That is the crux of the issue. Radiations apart, where will the nuclear waste go? Every nuclear nation has offered its explanations first and apologies later when disaster strikes. How long, how long will the street, the shores, the marshy grounds be able to bear the brunt? India wants to go the full circle without picking up its precious lessons. At least some countries in the West are beginning to feel the heat, the heat of global warming, the heat of climate change, the heat of radiation, the heat of nuclear waste and the heat of impending danger to human race. India wants to travel all the way the West travelled, do all the screwing that the West did to the rest of the world and then may turn back in the way the West is turning back. But it will be too late for sure. Manmohan is reluctant to listen to the voice of the streets. The street says that the Sun is power, the Earth is power, Water is power, wind is power. India has abundance of this power. The resources spent on nuclear power will be a huge waste in comparison to resources needed for tapping this power from the cosmos. If this is not done urgently voices will rise from the streets, shores and grounds to show that essential power of democracy lies in the people. When they rise as one and raise their voices it may become too late for these agents of designed governance. The people of Idinthakarai and those who rise in solidarity with them in Koodankulam have started symbolizing this power. When such symbols become more popular they will begin to fill India with a different discourse, different deliberation, with a different argumentation, with a different antithesis that will throw the guns and bombs, the police and the military to the wind. The heroes and heroines of the Kudankulam struggle deserve a royal salute for generating a symbol. The symbols of Indias maturity have started. India is becoming mature for a revolution. The sooner India becomes mature the better it is for the world.