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This serves for Two to Three or Four people Tips: Every time you add an ingredient to your dish,

taste it

Stir Fry Recipe: By: Rika EGAWA (Green Yr. 7 B) Equipment:

Frying Pan (Wok) Spatula (Prefer Wooden) Cutting Board Plate (To serve) Spoons (Tea Spoon, Table Spoon) Knife (Chef Knife, Paring Knife) Bowl(To put your cut vegetables in and the rubbish in)

Ingredients: (Adjust According to your Taste) 1 Table spoon of vegetable oil1 clove or 2 of garlic Minced Chicken soup 1 or two table spoon of soy sauce a tea spoon of chicken powder A pinch of salt A pinch of black pepper 1 Minced Ginger Vegetables Cauliflower of Carrot Snow Peas of Large Onion Mushroom 2 Baby Corn Celery Chinese Mustard Green Cabbage Tapioca Starch 5 table spoons of water

Instructions 1. Cut vegetables that you would like to put in and cut in any size you want. 2. Mince or cut the ginger whatever size and how you want it to be. 3. Put a frying pan (wok) on the stove and your temperature would be high heat or over, then when it is quite hot put one table spoon of vegetable oil. 4. Put one clove of garlic and the minced or cut the ginger in and stir right away until the color changes to a little brown.

5. Add the minced chicken from the minced chicken soup and stir until you have a smell of the chicken. 6. Put all the vegetables in (that you have cut) and stir. 7. Add the 1 table spoon of soy sauce, a pinch of salt,

a tea spoon of

chicken powder and the soup from the minced chicken soup until your vegetables are soft and then stir. 8. Last of all out your tapioca starch into the water until it has dissolved and then put it into the pan. 9. When your tapioca starch has been thick, add a pinch of black pepper and stir again. 10. Taste a little bit of your dish and put ingredients that you think is light(adjust) 11. Remove the frying pan from the stove and put your dish onto a plate 12. You can decorate your plate if you like and do it however you like

When you add mined chicken be careful because it pops and you wouldnt like to burn yourself. Put a lot of black pepper and ginger if you want to because if you put it in your dish has a thick flavor and it is much tasty.


Mum - It was yummy because

I love the taste and it is just right. I love the smell of the ginger when it goes with the tapioca starch and the minced chicken soup. Dad It was yummy because it looked like vegetable harmony and also each vegetable

has a very good combination and it supports each vegetables taste. Sister- It was yummy because it smells good and the sauce is great. Also the vegetables were cut up nicely. The dish was tasty and there is nothing wrong about it.