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L rn 9 W s to Lear Ways M eY r Make Your Ne P one Sys m ew Pho stem Inve men P estm nt Pay F Itse For elf.

By G Greg Eick ke

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ublisher has strived to be as acc s o curate and complete a possible in the as e The Pu creation of this report, notwi n ithstanding the fact th he does not warra or g hat s ant represe at any t ent time that th contents within are accurate due to the rapidly he s e e changin nature o the Industry. ng of While a attempts have bee made to verify information pro all s en ovided in this publica ation, the Publisher as ssumes no responsib o bility for err rors, omissions, or contrar interpreta ry ation of the subject m e matter here Any perceived slig ein. ghts of specific persons, peoples, o organisations are u c or unintentiona al. In pract tical advice books, lik anything else in life there are no guara e ke g e, e antees of savings made. Re s eaders are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their d n n t individu circums ual stances to act accord dingly. This bo is not in ook ntended for use as a source of legal, business, acco ounting or financia advice. A readers are advise to seek services o competen al All ed of nt profess sionals in le egal, busin ness, accou unting and finance fie elds.

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ucing Greg Eicke g Introdu My nam is Greg Eicke and Ive been working at the leadin edge of voice me d t ng commu unications f the past 27 years. In that tim Ive foun that mos companies for . me nd st are inte erested in t two things when it comes to the phone te eir echnology. Firstly, ho ow to incre ease their p productivity with bette voice and data com y er mmunicatio and on second how to reduce the phone bill. I bring gr dly, e reat news f the bus for siness owner who is looking for impressiv productiv increas and eq r ve vity ses qually enjoy yable cost savings s. er ration for b businesses is the she complex of man phone and s eer xity ny Anothe key frustr data so olutions. Th good ne he ews is that communic cations com mplexity ends with Gre eg Eicke! A do all of its painful implicatio As ons. Almost three dec cades in this industry has ena abled me t develop what I call brilliantly simple phone solutio to ons. These e solution will mak commun ns ke nications an collabor nd ration seco nature for your ond workfor rce. And of course they save yo big dolla in ongo f ou ars oing phone costs another reason w they are brilliant! why e Now on the 9 W nto Ways to Ma Your N ake New Phone System In e nvestment pay for itse elf I pu this docu ut ument toget ther to help people become aware of how IP p w Telepho can im ony mprove bus siness oper rations and improve t bottom line. Ive d the been able to piece all of this together b s because fo the bette part of m career Ive or er my installed, maintain and so Telepho System This ha also allo ned old one ms. as owed me to o e nd on cal provide sound advice from Feet on the Street an Hands o Technic Experie ence so that my clien get the best solution and val for mon nts lue ney

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Many small Te elephony benefits quickly add up to show an y s y w tment ret turn. invest
aspect of c choosing th right tele he ephony sys stem for yo busines our ss A very important a Total Cost of ownership (TCO) This is w ). where many manufact y turers and is the T vendors alike mak large pr s ke rofits after t sale. W the What looks like a grea deal may at y have so ome hidden Gotchas later. Ca alculating t TCO of an IP tele the f ephony system can be co m omplicated, but at least its poss , sible. IP Te elephony sh hines, allowing business owners to expect sa g s o avings and most impo ortantly a re eturn on th heir investm ment. While the benefits of IP Tele s ephony sys stems are r real, theyr not always easy to re y. such as the savings o equipme IT Pers e on ent, sonnel and Telco cos d sts, quantify Some, s are stra aight forwa calculat ard tions. Othe such as making c ers, s customers more comfort table in dealing with o ones comp pany, are d difficult if not impossible to translat into dolla Heres where youll learn nine ways IP Telephon investm te ars. s P ny ment pays fo itself, alo with so or ong ome hints a about how t get at le to east a rough idea of th he value th investm he ment will ret turn.

1. Mas ssive Tel savin lco ngs.

Busines sses spend ding $487 or more on usage pe month ca typically realise a 5 n er an y 50 to 70% reduction in call cost This po ts. otentially sa aves many businesse thousand es ds year. You c either put this in your pocke or put it towards im can et mproving th he every y commu unications t technology that your business d y depends on n. see Multi-si organisa ite ations will s an imm mediate me easurable benefit mo oving to an IP phone s system. On of the b ne biggest sav vings for mu ulti-site com mpanies is call saving s gs betwee branches. Placing calls on the corporate IP data n en network vir rtually elimina ates long di istance call charges a further more com and r mpanies ne fewer eed Telco li ines to ope erate. Thou usands of d dollars per year can b saved in be nterstate an nd companies with office in differe parts of the world. s es ent f global c

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2. Cut phone s t system c costs.

Becaus IP teleph se hony syste ems typically run on licenced ba ased hardw ware, just lik ke your de top com esk mputer, the can be c ey cheaper for even a on r ne-office co ompany tha an a traditional phone system. When the deploymen spreads to multiple sites, the nt e s cessary to have equip pment in savings multiply. For one thing, its no longer nec every s site. Since phone traff can trav via the IP data net fic vel twork it als offers so tangible redundan options for single or multi-si compan e ncy s e ite nies. Less hardware also cu the need for system administ uts d trators in e each site al long with fe ewer costly y mainten nance cont tracts.

3. Sof phones and SIP phones can sla purch ft s P s ash hasing co osts.
Usually the larges part of an IP Telephony inves y st stment is phone hand dsets. It is possible to replac desk pho ce ones with Softphone where y es your desk t PC is top ted phone with the additio of a low cost head on w dset. convert into a p hones are l low cost in the sub-10 dollar r 00range, whic is much less than a ch SIP ph digital k telepho system handset. This sounds great bu youll ne to be key one m ut eed aware o the pote of ential functionality loss in using a generic h s handset as many s rd manufa acturers do not suppo all of the function and 3 p o ort eir ns party hands sets. Buyers beware! A vendor for a comp Ask r prehensive demonstr e ration before making your pu urchasing d decision.

4. Trim networ infrast m rk tructure installation and m maintena ance costs.

An IP te elephony s system runs on the sa ame infrast tructure as your data and s applica ation netwo This is where you telephone plugs int the same blue cable ork. ur to e as your computer r r. Existing deployme g ents dont s much in the way of savings however when see s relocati or retro ing ofitting offic can sav thousan of dolla because there is n ces ve nds ars no need fo additiona phone ca or al abling. On average IP Telephon deploye on the P ny ed same d data network infrastru ucture save approxim es mately $210 per desk top. A sm k mall SME 50 user site can see savings of m 0 more than $ $10, 000.0 00.

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5. In h house ad dministra ation.

With tra aditional digital key te elephone s systems, ev very time it necessa to move ts ary e, add or change us sers, youll have pay t compan that dep the ny ployed the system. It sed an er ach P y requires specialis knowledge and ca cost ove $200 ea time. IP telephony ms ers onto any ph hone and h have all the parameters follow eir system allow use to log o them, n negating th need for any chang he r ges, unless the user is moving t another s to branch office perm manently. S Simple ads moves an changes can easily be s nd s eted by juni staff me ior embers on most IP Te elephony s systems. comple

6. Red duce staf costs a ff and extend opening hour rs.

Organis sations wit branch o th offices can use their c corporate IP data netw work to put calls through to an alternate receptionist; in fact w suitab bandwid e with ble dth onist can o operate effe ectively fro their home office. Interstate branch om receptio offices can extend their opening hours by taking advantage of the diff d s e ferent time n confusing fo business this is or s, zones. Daylight saving time zones can be very c ny s ness benefit. where IP telephon systems can help your busin R ive esponse) a ACD (a and automatic c distribu call ution) The IVR (interacti voice re features of IP pho system can ofte handle c one ms en calls as well as a pers can. Th son hey ers e ons ng name, and make sure calls get to e let calle choose from optio includin dial by n the righ employees. That m ht means custo omers dial 0 for oper rator less o often, and m may even m make it poss sible to do without a r receptionis altogethe st er.

7. Sen your s nd staff hom me.

The ability to acce the full features o an IP phone system from any ess l of m ywhere and et on ployees ea asily work f from home. A theres a broadba Interne connectio lets emp oyee and a cost savin for the c ng company. C CBD real e estate and perk for the emplo ime are on the increa n ase. Workin from ho ng ome 2 days per week can save t s the travel ti average Australia worker $ 000 per annum on fuel and v e an $3 n vehicle upk keep. Work king from ho ome is not for everybo and all industries however for those w can, it s, r who t ody has sig gnificant be enefits for e employees and comp s panies alike e. Smart p phones allo users th ultimate in Mobility whereby users can literally ow he e y appear to be at th corpora desk w r heir ate when they a actually working from home or are y perhaps a custom mers office.

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8. Be smart ab bout cust tomer ca alls.

d ure nefit that re esults when a custom call doe n mer esnt go to Its hard to measu the ben voice m but is instead ans mail swered by a live pers son. IP tele ephony systems allow w users to easily co o ontrol sophi isticated ca routing o all options. Calls ca be distr an ributed bas on sed Callers pho numbe C one er/s Time of da day of w T ay, week Date D Hour of day H User prese U ence status to name a few. s

These a all easily set by e are each user s their tim is used e so me effectively. The most likely outcome of this feature is custom satisfac e mer ction impro ovement ov a cost ver saving. an me g e ll ng oductivity. Staff ca save tim handling the issue in one cal enhancin their pro With fle exible call r routing call lers get the very best opportunit to reach the right e t ty person in your bu usiness the first time e every time. .

9. Sav time c ve click-to-search an click-t nd to-call.

Clicking a button or name on the comp g puter scree instead of pressing keys on t en g the desk ph hone may s save only a few seco onds per ca Multiplie by hund all. ed dreds of ca alls, it could save quite a bit of tim In fact, click-to-ca and other persona productiv d e me. all al vity features can save individual employee around 3 minutes per week. e l es 30 s dly, unctionality and more y e Some less tangible benefits are more user friend more fu ty. flexibilit

Measu uring Inta angibles s.

While m many of the above be e enefits of IP telephony systems dont produce easily P y measur returns on investm red s ment, that doesnt me theres no way to know their ean s o value. I recomm Id mend review wing many case studies of deployments in similar y n industri or enterprises. It m be possible to es ies may stimate the financial benefits an e nd a good vendor sh hould willing provide such infor gly e rmation.

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Greg went on to ensure that the options t t e that he provided w were desig gned to acti ively enhan nce our business without ex r xcessively s stretching our Greg also fr reely advise without ed budget. G favour, on so olutions wh hich were o outside of h his commerc realm. cial

100% N Quibb GUARA Noble ANTEE f ness fixed l line telepho accou one unt If your busin sage is $48 or more per month Im not ju 87 h, ust us con nfident that I can prov t vide a powe erful business c communica ation solutio that pay for itself, I on ys , guaran ntee it.

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