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:Semper idem" A move of the Holy Spirit May God Jehovah be the glory above all else Though

the mountaiins tremble above us Sprinkled with a slight fragrance from the hand of one angelic presence Truth is much sweeter when it comes from above; Shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning call asunder From the smitten rock Through sadness out of trusting service Out of mere gladness taught through its madness In crimsome tide we both run & hide Shades of grass proned in living streams in the desert Through radiant light with sunbeam days to frolic in a haze getting lost in idol maze We fought back the inner slence in our latest fade A window of hope marked upon its dismal pew for only a chosen few A move of the Holy Spirit in full view Shatteed dreams shaped to misery by temporal means Long days filled with solace pierced within its stead Shaped by a light affliction again We made our move out toward the beach far out of reach A move of the Holy Spirit from within The fullness of days Through the storms fret in belief A sweet scent of fresh dew on its resin port Shades of grey filled in tempered to report Colors in variance sought illusion On the pilgrims trip spread abroad over it Why does God confound the weak as being the wise The fullness of days We paid our debt to society Some getting lost in such an overt maze A human heart should rule amidst Total surrender while others resist Time has its temporal vacant lot Some may equate truth for the lie A battered soul inflated from a passerby Stregnth comes with wisdom yet in time will shine Shattered dreams filtered through its illogical means The fullness of days to appease, The black hole of the soul As humans we derive such fleash as success Yet this mere notion of thought always falls short We long to equate eternal truth for a lie Some may factor to look at a horizzon in the Summers Solstice to shine Instead we reside all alone as time passes me by The black hole of the soul Some getting lost inside heavy rock & roll As colors flow tthrough its distant solitude

We will exchange our thoughts to distant solitude among us We will exchange our thoughts to adjust our mood with others The black hole of the soul A reunion of faith in its innate after glow We all fall short & fail to succeed Let's press toward the mark filled with its vested apathy Shine your light burning bright amidst the sea The black hole of the soul released its death toll! Strive for excellence amidst legislation that would resist Nobama with weighted scale of abortion on demand; That I may know him We often get more then one chance to advance in given circumstance.