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My appeal to Native Americans I grew up 'native' in the sense I was in harmony with nature as a little boy..

I even looked Native.. I have never lost that spirit in my 49 years.. I would love to be 'adopted' by a Native group.. It has been a life-long 'secret dream' of mine.. Not about economical benefits.. Not about materialism.. But about our common spirit. I suppose I might choose a Native name such as Sam Sparrowhawk (in honor of Ursula Le Guin) or something like that.. I have always had an affinity for the arctic wolf so another great Native name could be Sam Whitewolf.. Also, I have been somewhat a loner much of my life so Sam Lonewolf would also be appropriate. This is not a trivial discussion. A name embodies your spirit or bent. My western name: Salvatore G. Micheal says absolutely nothing about me except for the fact I'm a Westerner with Western upbringing. But my spirit is Eastern and all about harmony and community. How do we rectify this situation? ..A long time ago, when I was a teenager, I knew a Native in Petoskey, Michigan. I can't remember his name but I can remember his 'story'.. I told him of my envy of Native Americans and how they can (at that time) get financial assistance for higher education if they are at least 25% Native (in a recognized group). In other words, all you need is a grandfather or grandmother who is 100% Native in order to get university financial assistance. His reply was awakening: Sam, you don't want to be a Native. We are the downtrodden on the planet. Even blacks look down on us. I simply could not believe my ears. It took me half a lifetime to understand his words. Our species is comical in its attitudes: we plunge a knife into the heart of lady-nature and expect her to embrace us as a lover. We are so casual and deferential toward her that it becomes comical. We parody marriage. Modern times are a Shakespearean tragedy of global proportions. ..I have some friends in academic circles.. I know some PhDs.. They are surprisingly humble.. How this relates to the current discussion is somewhat fantastical in nature.. I have recently approached the President of my university about RIO, the Regenerative Initiatives Organization. Just a few days ago, I published that document then took it down after only a few hours.. Why? Because human beings are not ready for their own salvation. ..I was treated with 'kid gloves' at MSU by two different departments in two different colleges within the university. Why? Because at that time, 30 years ago, I was a kid.. Now that I am a man with sophistication, I cannot tolerate that patronizing attitude toward my ideas. Don't blame the messenger! Is it my fault humanity has plunged a knife into the heart of lady-nature? Is it my fault we have such a deferential attitude toward our mate? Is it my fault human beings are snobbish and patronizing when it comes to 'young whipper snappers' like me? No. But I have an obligation to inform humanity that we are on the brink of self-destruction.. Yes, I've been a green-fanatic most of my life.. Yes, I'm willing to put the health of Earth above our needs. Yes, I realize my intense stance is a turn-off. Yes, I realize that most people are simply concerned with day-today survival.. But this does not change the fact: we are on the brink of total global catastrophic ecological melt-down. ..Because of my needs and the needs of RIO, I have recently become an expert in reliability and general systems theory. If I can teach a professor about linear systems, who teaches linear systems, then I am

an expert in linear systems. Further, the Holy Spirit has given me undeniable data that is an extension of linear systems theory an absolute requirement in systems theory. This new discipline is called regenerative engineering. It's a direct import of John Hardman's 'regenerative leadership' notions into engineering. This may seem somewhat 'esoteric' and difficult to grasp or appreciate. But I assure you, future-history will vindicate me and 'my' ideas; the profound impact on science will require a number of years to evince.. Why? Science adopts incremental change by its very nature.. Science is incremental.. But there is something disjoint in our precarious situation: the incremental nature of science is not appropriate for our current global crisis. We must revolutionize science now. How do we do this? I appeal to all Native American scientists and engineers to join my cause: RIO. Join RIO, make RIO your primary goal/target/priority, and publicly endorse RIO.. In this transactional world, we all want something in return. I propose the following arrangement: 1. Native American scientists make RIO top priority for their group agenda. 2. I will devote myself and some RIO future assets to their group. This amounts to a contract/promissory agreement between RIO and the interested Native American group(s). As RIO founder, I have this authority. ..My own personal interest in RIO is singular and almost insignificant.. My personal feelings on the matter are: 1. You can commandeer RIO and make it your personal life purpose with one qualification: you must be true to its Charter. 2. You can 'write me out' of the script in such a way that I don't/can't participate; I don't care as long as you are true to the Charter. 3. Finally, I only require a little acknowledgement that I was founder of RIO. That's it. RIO and me in a nutshell.. I have tried my best for 42 years to live an egoless life. God has 'rewarded' me with RIO and regenerative engineering. I gently suggest you (humanity) accept this gift from God graciously and with recognition of the Holy Spirit that inspired it all. The Holy Spirit is 'built in' to the Charter of RIO explicitly. Read it. Study it. Realize the implications. In True-Love, Little Big Sam