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RFID: Tracking Everything Part 1

9:52 Added: 5 years ago From: zippyuk85 Views: 43,455 Sort by time | Sort by thread (beta)

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Mark of the beast do not get this REBEL REBEL

keeblerelmcookies 4 months ago This has been flagged as spam show cidland 4 months ago

This lady is a fucking paranoid idiot and is dull as fuck

rocky75111 7 months ago

All 7 parts were excellent! This lady really knows her stuff.
fallspeed 11 months ago

What I do is when I get a card is I give a bogus name and information. After a short while i ditch it and get a new one. If they ask for id I shop somewhere else(and leave all the shit right there in the line without paying).
zacthebold 1 year ago


pinball281 1 year ago

she got plastic surgery after dis

BATTLEFEELD3 1 year ago

This made me think of the song "New Abortion" by Slipknot when Corey sings "zero's and one's are everything".... creepy.
YearoftheDragon88 1 year ago

It's just another conspiracy theory. RFID doesn't exist. Barcodes are just decorations.
Txsray 1 year ago

lol wow u must dont know alot about technology stop believing everything that the TUBE tells u
dirtysoufboss08 in reply to Txsray (Show the comment) 1 year ago

dude this is solid proof your ignorant

gotthkid2 in reply to Txsray (Show the comment) 1 year ago

The future is now.Via compartmentalization there are endless amount's of people aiding the implementation of this technology into our lives as we speak,without a clue that it's key purpose is of malevolent intent.People aware of this,and similar technology's(many we hear about all time),rarely speak their opinion of it in fear of ridicule,or simply have no platform to be heard from.The more outrageous something sounds,the easier it is 2 pull off if given time.Gradual assimilation.It's easy.
FKApathy 2 years ago


NoobSayBoot 2 years ago

wait is she for or against RFID and tracking?

Tim Jadeglans 2 years ago

, Her book is called SPYCHIPS. She speaks out the against RFID more than anybody else. She has a radio show talking about this on most all of her shows.
IBMeddling in reply to Tim Jadeglans (Show the comment) 1 year ago

isn't 1984 that strange movie about some guy editing the news? i think i remember it. correct me if i am wrong
Tim Jadeglans in reply to Fight4Privacy (Show the comment) 2 years ago

leave britney Alone.....

twilightdimension 2 years ago

i agree
dragonflynv886 in reply to Fight4Privacy (Show the comment) 2 years ago

For a very long time there has been a wide gray area of compromise where most people live. It's an area for people who don't choose total darkness, but neither do they want to sell out to God. They simple choose to stay in the middle. However; The day has come that the lines are being defined. It is more & more clear what is of dark & what is of light. The fence we once sat upon is being removed. The gray area has now become a clear choice of black or white. Which side will you choose?
mythoughts777 2 years ago

thegovamint 2 years ago

the illuminati bitches will have an x on each one of their forehead. x mark the spot for my sniper gun.
ceetboy 2 years ago

they r really trying 2 control us !!

mijnshit in reply to ceetboy (Show the comment) 2 years ago

Ignorance is bliss.
QuesoChino 2 years ago

QuesoChino 3 years ago

your mum is BULL

darpachief in reply to QuesoChino (Show the comment) 3 years ago

wonderful... turned it all the way up and still can barely hear anything. I know her message is good, RFDI chips are evil... yes... but if i cant hear what she's saying im not going to watch this.
marksman55 3 years ago

soundinnovations 3 years ago 4

STOP supporting the stores using RFID Chips!!! WE CAN TAKE CONTROL..these companies didn't get rich out of thin air, but with dollars of hard working taxpayers. It's like supporting someone for years, then they turn around and stab you in the back..Pass this video on to as many as possible....Thank You and God Bless
renavatio1947 3 years ago 5

they probably will never do it anyway

HeartBreakKid1987 in reply to renavatio1947 (Show the comment) 3 years ago

is she single?
Ericbranson3 3 years ago

Good video thanks for the post.

dermot2222 3 years ago 5

Katherine : Last year I started a seires of videos about the RFID human ID

implant chip. You probably never saw any of the 10 videos. Well I have posted 5 of the best with this video. I hope you approve. You were Brilliant on Cosat to Coast last time. Bless you for your courage and comitment.
CanadaLarry 3 years ago

Why was this video removed....gee I wonder.

3gdosrsfs 3 years ago 2

before this, they will exterminate 90 % of theworld population, and then they will give you health,energy,transportation and food for FREE, but youll have to accept this rfid chip. if that doesnt work, they will spread a disease and then tell you " the chip is the cure ". youll have no options.
danielbooom 3 years ago 10

wauww! but we cant let it happpen !!!

mijnshit in reply to danielbooom (Show the comment) 2 years ago 2


auroraborealis444 3 years ago 10

666 identifies the Beast. the Beast is different from the people that follow the Beast. The "mark of the Beast" is given to those people that do have the "name" of God written on their foreheads The RFID chip may be a tracking system of the Beast to monitor people: those who have the mark vs. those who have the name. This chip may be used to permit or prohibit people from buying/selling. Thus, it is seperate from the mark and 666. See Revelation 12,13, 14 in the Bible
0Expedition0 in reply to auroraborealis444 (Show the comment) 6 months ago

I forgot to put the word "not" in the above sentence: "The "mark of the Beast" is given to those people that do NOT have the "name" of God written on their foreheads." Correcting my mistake...
0Expedition0 in reply to 0Expedition0 (Show the comment) 6 months ago This comment has received too many negative votes show TheGoodnessIsGood 3 years ago Comment removed Author withheld

Great job Katherine, keep up the fight! Interesting reading is the part of Revelations 18:10 in the Bible is when the merchants and all the people of the world will cry because they can't buy or sell.- is that maybe a polar shift and worldwide loss of electricity? that would cause all the hi tech RFIDs to get knocked out, doesn't it? churchofrealtruth c0m for more information.
sloweatin 3 years ago 4

RFID is like the Lord of the Rings "One CHIP to rule them all, one CHIP to find them, one CHIP to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.
womule2005 3 years ago 5 Comment removed Author withheld

What is a RING if not a CIRCUIT. You are RIGHT. Tolkien had some inside knowledge. Love the REPTILE eye at the top of the tower. Remember in the end though it all comes down like a house of cards when the PEOPLE stand up to the darkness and have faith that good will win over evil. Peace and Love. The danger is real, so is the light.
TheGoodnessIsGood in reply to womule2005 (Show the comment) 3 years ago 3

I hope I get a good number. ;0)

777999777999 3 years ago

Im pretty sure this video reached atleast 200 thousand. But we all know YOUTUBE is not dealing with the people but their own self-interest. I've seen alot of videos especially like this one telling the truth. Not even new to me! But when it comes to entertainment and media hoax that'll stupify people. Hey, they would even hit it to millions all over! They dont care about anyone. Anyway, thanks to Katherine. I know there something wrong with those

gullible credit/debit card commercials!

gearzone2611 in reply to pray4jerusalem (Show the comment) 3 years ago

I've know this thing before but NOT RFID. The ones that our pastor showed was the bar code. But this was like 1996? He was explaining to us(church members), that such private company will be working hard so that this bar code can be transform into a much more efficient thing(chip). And now we hit 2000, I guess he was talking about this RFID Chip! He was telling us that each digits is a code. Im not aware about it. But I guess he was darn right about this chipping/coding thing. Be aware people!
gearzone2611 3 years ago This comment has received too many negative votes show alguienyo 4 years ago

I think that it's important that we have people like Ms. Albrecht, whose calm, mainstream appearance and demeanor allows her to reach through the conditioning of large segments of the population that still think these ideas are "conspiracy theory." That's been the problem with the "rebel" movement. We're all so passionate (and somewhat freaked out) about this, we fail to realize that communicating urgency and screaming about the problem will alienate much of our population to the message. daf
dafremen 4 years ago 2

The New World Order Plus Skull & Bones and this we are dead
arafathcoolguy 4 years ago

The RFID chip has already been placed in your hand years ago! ITS CALLED THE CELLULAR PHONE!!!
4unitedMAN 4 years ago 3

That's true, actually some stores are requiring customers to "text message" in order to get a discount. Why don't we all just be told to wear a friendship necklace for even more discounts? ha ha
IBMeddling in reply to 4unitedMAN (Show the comment) 4 years ago This comment has received too many negative votes show desmodus1991 4 years ago

desmodus1991, I think she is a good speaker she just isn't a dramatic speaker, like people would like to hear. She is just being herself. (I think so anyway)
IBMeddling in reply to desmodus1991 (Show the comment) 4 years ago

"VeriChip & Cancer" new CASPIAN report from Albrecht team tinyurl com/4r8z38 BlueBerry Pick'n can be found @ ThisCanadian com "We, two, form a Multitude" ~ Ovid. "Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"
ThisCanadian 4 years ago 2

pump up the volume all the S sounds like SCH

Shadow2271 4 years ago 2 This comment has received too many negative votes show fliegeroh 4 years ago

fliegeroh: why, that would be an 'ism' ageism, racism, sexism: all apply invalid generalizations to a group which isn't applicable to the individual members. usually, they're negative, as in, 'someone religious can't be skeptical'. I'm not a Xian, but that's not a characteristic limited to nonChristians. ~~ BlueBerry Pick'n ThisCanadian com ~~ "We, two, form a Multitude" ~ Ovid. ~~ "Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced" "Do no harm"
ThisCanadian in reply to fliegeroh (Show the comment) 4 years ago 3

Is it right to charge a customer more because they are not a member? Most stores now require either a savings card or a credit card in order to get a discount. She is the only nationally known person speaking out against this insane "sign up or pay more" policy. I am not religious but she makes a lot of sense to me.
IBMeddling in reply to fliegeroh (Show the comment) 4 years ago 5

fliegeroh: Good point about skepticism vs faith, but the evidence around RFID is scientific. Some people need to engage with it within the context of their faith; lucky for us all that the 'Mark of the Beast' line is Revelation, or a huge proportion of Christians would be unmoved by the scientific evidence that

Biometric ID is a step towards RFID, and RFID is both real and a serious danger to human freedom worldwide.
JCLeSinge in reply to fliegeroh (Show the comment) 4 years ago 2

Your browser's Cookie Tracking is as worse.

JustMakingComments 4 years ago

JustMakingComments: Imagine: you protest a corrupt politican & the cops can scan the crowd to identify every peaceful, lawful participant of that protest. the cops with taser rifles, rubber bullets & CS gas. how DEMOCRATIC does that sound? ~~~ Spread Love... BlueBerry Pick'n ThisCanadian com ~~~ "We, two, form a Multitude" ~ Ovid. ~~~ "Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced" "Do no harm"
ThisCanadian in reply to JustMakingComments (Show the comment) 4 years ago 5

Funny you should mention it. I was watching a protest in Houston last weekend and all the participants were wearing masks. I thought it was part of the show but now I think maybe they were hiding their identity.
fliegeroh in reply to ThisCanadian (Show the comment) 4 years ago 2 This comment has received too many negative votes show Lekter 4 years ago

Can I ask you people in the USA a question? When you visit a supermarket do they always ask you if you have a loyalty card? Over here in the UK they ask me without fail everytime I check out and I say "no love, I cut it up because your company kept sending me junk mail and you share information with the Inland Revenue" But they always ask if I have a loyalty card and I wonder if they are told to do this by their superiors.
airscrew1 4 years ago

Yes they do. They are told to do that from the management. Here in the US they actually list the advertised price with card. Example bread sale 99 cents with card (3.00 regular price.) That is very insulting. They are punishing us for not showing a card. This is what freedom is all about? In England they just reward you a percentage right? or do they do the same there also? Either way it's still wrong. These are stores, not country clubs.
IBMeddling in reply to airscrew1 (Show the comment) 4 years ago

Thanks for replying. Over here when I last used a card they gave you points on your card for the amount you spent with the shop. You'd be amazed at just how many people think they're so lucky to be given such a trivial amount when they spend 100 on their weekly shop. As Katherine says we should all pay by cash while we can.
airscrew1 in reply to IBMeddling (Show the comment) 4 years ago

can't wait for the rfid pill...

Kold2market 4 years ago

from the makers of rfid pill the rfid dildo

NeloAngelo502 in reply to Kold2market (Show the comment) 4 years ago

RFID can be injected with vaccines

bigjon1359 in reply to NeloAngelo502 (Show the comment) 4 years ago

Lekter in reply to NeloAngelo502 (Show the comment) 4 years ago

only 4,000 views... yet 15 million views on Chris Crocker crying about Britney Spears.. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA
raledrkbld 4 years ago 32

Well, if people would leave britney alone! Ha ha

IBMeddling in reply to raledrkbld (Show the comment) 4 years ago 3

So true my friend. So true. Cris Crock, Britney, Paris, all distractions from what is happening. It's not so much that the technology itself is 'bad' or 'good' per se, but the potential for misuse is so clear and obvious, that all concerned citizens must educate themselves about RFID.
AmbientMusic in reply to raledrkbld (Show the comment) 4 years ago 3

people are addicted to TV. Americans will never wake. it's like trying to get a drug addict off drugs.

jingling30 in reply to raledrkbld (Show the comment) 4 years ago 3

people dont know that TV is one of the most addicting things out there and its a bad way to learn info cuz the media feeds lies to millions
elvinjohn7 in reply to jingling30 (Show the comment) 4 years ago

Oh come on - get a clue! lets focus on the real issues like David Cook and David Archleta last week on American Idol - Now that's something we could all learn from. (I am joking)
IBMeddling in reply to elvinjohn7 (Show the comment) 4 years ago

exacly..but this is the media and how it works..We are doomed if people dont wake the fuck up
petemander1 in reply to raledrkbld (Show the comment) 2 years ago

so true.. and sad

Zekee27 in reply to raledrkbld (Show the comment) 2 years ago

Most people are brain dead. Just look at them when you walk down the street.
clergame in reply to raledrkbld (Show the comment) 1 year ago

I just saw yesterday the new shopping carts with the RFID and you don't have to wait in line if you use your loyal card. This is what is going to push people into accepting this RFID. Along with the discounts included. A lot of what Katherine is saying could be ready in about 6 months. (I'm not sure though)
IBMeddling 4 years ago

You are naive. They will find people. How do you think they invented this shit? 1 person? THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN COMPLICIT IN MAKING THIS TECHNOLOGY. Duh.
D13HARD in reply to KaneFenton4Freedom (Show the comment) 4 years ago 2

If a private company does not hire you because you refuse to be RFID (chipped implant) that forcing people to get chipped. Government or not.
IBMeddling in reply to KaneFenton4Freedom (Show the comment) 4 years ago 3

I agree with you, KaneFenton4freedom. Also It's not just the government doing the RFID meddling. Private companies are just as bad with this. I personally am a liberal but we should all fight this regardless of anyones political side. Thanks again for you speaking out.
IBMeddling in reply to KaneFenton4Freedom (Show the comment) 4 years ago 5

Excellent work!
mannix22mniscs 4 years ago 4

The best presentation I ever saw about the topic. This kind of communication, soft, gentle, polite, and at the same time very to the core, can reach a massive audience. Katherine is great. I'm going to translate these clips in my mothertongue. ~knowledge for peace, peace to know, people have the power!
logosfabula 4 years ago 3

Very good speaker and presentation. Well done, keep up the good work. Will help however I can. Scotty
Scotty1137 4 years ago 2

I issue saving cards! I don't see the harm in having my customers barcoded like the stuff they buy!
IBMeddling 4 years ago

Hey, I was just joking!

IBMeddling in reply to IBMeddling (Show the comment) 4 years ago

o god help u people thts crazy all tht is the mark of the beast get real !!!! God is comeing we r in the end of the world
cerventes761 4 years ago

If these RFID Chips can be read by an antenna signal -- then it ought to be possible to create a detector that can isolate the location of the chip in any

product. This would be an excellent investment for someone with the technical know-how and the capital to back it up. Millions of people worldwide would want to buy one. Somebody out there get on it!
MissBelieve 4 years ago

Zeitgeist is a movie that only MATURE Christians should see, or with a mature Christian. There are some serious lies in the movie about who Jesus is. Most of what they say about the money system is correct, but there are a few flaws in that as well.
songswedo 5 years ago

that's a very good point. but the reality is that most Christians are grossly uneducated about theology, history and science. Any little gay movie like Zeitgeist will rock their boat. this is why the word faith movement is so powerful. "my people perish for a lack of knowledge".
jingling30 in reply to songswedo (Show the comment) 4 years ago

"grossly uneducated" ... You hit the nail on the head. We have a "culturized" religious system in this country. The "all about me" theology has become a powerful seduction.
conspiracy777 in reply to jingling30 (Show the comment) 4 years ago

THis definitely needs to be talked about...word of mouth is how things travel... checkout zeigeist: the federal reserves 1-5
IntelligentCreature 5 years ago

logosfabula 5 years ago



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