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Empowering teachers, parents and learners


ARE YOU.....

Struggling to get your children/ learners to focus and independently manage their school work and personal tasks? Seeking ways to calm your children/ learners who are hyper energetic, loud and over stimulated by media and technology? Battling to get your child to engage appropriately in unfamiliar social contexts?


This is a transformative workshop facilitated by international teacher, healer and eco-villager, Juanita Naidoo. At a time of national and global education reform, planetary climate change and uctuating economic conditions, Juanita, a BPrimEd graduate with 12 years of teaching experience in South Africa, South Korea, the UK and the Philippines is working with school administrators, teachers, parents and learners to facilitate positive change. The Inner School workshops draw attention to the inner dynamics of each member of the school community by facilitating processes to: Reduce stress and increase energy levels of teachers, learners and parents Release stored tension in the bodies and minds of school community members. Redirect inner energy to unleash the bodies core power Revive inner peace to optimise focus and enhance the learning environment. Restore schools as sustainability centres in communities Review practical and powerful citizenship strategies Remind all of their purpose and reason for experiencing the school of life. Juanita offers the following education consultancy services to schools, colleges, universities and families: 1. Staff development for school administrators , teachers, university as well as college students and lecturers 2. Sustainability education, greening the school environment and global citizenship. 3. Presentations and mini-workshops for parents 4. Educational workshops for learners.

Juanita is a country representative for the global education re-form movement, Design For Change and introduces the DFC process to interested schools and parents. As a Ecovillage Design graduate, she offers a range of services to schools that are seeking ways to become environmentally aware and pro-active. For additional information visit, and email