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School: Empowering teachers, parents and learners

At a time of national and global education reform, planetary climate change and fluctuating economic conditions, Juanita Naidoo, a BPrimEd graduate with 12 years of teaching experience in South Africa, South Korea, the UK and the Philippines is working with school administrators, teachers, parents and learners to facilitate positive change by drawing attention to the inner dynamics of each member of the school community by facilitating workshops to: Reduce stress and increase energy levels of teachers, learners and parents Release stored tension in the bodies and minds of school community members. Redirect inner energy to unleash the bodies core power Revive inner peace to optimise focus and enhance the learning environment. Restore schools as sustainability centres in communities Review practical and powerful citizenship strategies Remind all of their purpose and reason for experiencing the school of life. Juanita offers the following education consultancy services to schools, colleges, universities and families. Logistical information for each process can be provided upon request. 1. Staff development for school administrators, teachers, university as well as college students and lecturers The processes are in the form of presentations and experiential sessions that allow participants to de-stress and engage in some simple, practical ways to exude an infectious calmness and to share their passion for learning. Teacher workshops thus focus on the following areas: Stress management Team-building Motivation Remembering purpose The techniques used for de-stressing and facilitating deep relaxation include the following and are shared as both knowledge and experience: 1. Breath control, movement to music to reduce stress and to release tension and limiting thought forms. 2. Understanding how the body and mind emanate information through simple electro-magnetic energy awareness and brain wave activity 3. Visioning and drawing images of the self as a source of limitless power, video presentation of personal transformation processes 4. Guided visualisations to experience the inner self, asking the essential questions, Who Am I and Why Am I Here and thus listening to the answers that are always within. 2. Sustainability education, school environment and responsible citizenship As a Sustainability Educator, Juanita shares curriculum alignment strategies for teachers wishing to make long- lasting meaningful change in the school environment whilst meeting curricular demands. She shares service

and environmental education strategies that illustrate how a community garden as well as waste, water and energy management systems can be student led and curriculum aligned whilst enabling the school to reduce carbon dependency and increase food security. In essence the area of focus is on how schools can become Sustainability Centres in communities. Example: An online presentation illustrating curriculum alignment of service and eco links: Juanita has been the Philippines representative for Design For Change (DFC) since 2010. DFC is a global education re-form movement that empowers learners to be the change they wish to see in the world. It employs the use of a simple toolkit. These are the 4 steps of the design process: DFC is simply about reminding 1. Feel-What do you care about that you children and schools of their true would like to change at your school or in your purpose and is global platform for children who are implementing community? change in their communities and are thus responsible citizens. Some of the stories from across the world 2. Imagine-Visualise a long-lasting solution have been about community gardening, recycling centres at schools, responding to climate 3. Do-Decide on a time and do it, in a small change, cleaning rivers, beaches, group of 3-5 learners who are guided by an stopping smoking and child marriages just to name a few! In adult mentor. other words, children are being enabled and empowered to be the 4. Share-tell the story on a global platform guardians of being that they already are. To find out more about DFC (video, presentation) visit: As a DFC country representative, Juanita introduces the DFC process to schools by doing presentations to school administrators, class teachers, environmental club members and other school community members who wish to participate. She is available to initiate the process in classes by introducing the FEEL and IMAGINE steps leaving the teachers and learners to self-govern the DO and SHARE steps. She also does introductory processes with parents who wish to engage in this transformative process. 3. Presentations and mini-workshops for parents The processes for parents are in the form of presentations and mini-experiential sessions that allow participants to de-stress and relax. Use of progressive videos from TED as well as videos and online prezis created by Juanita, allow parents to develop their own insight into the paradigm shifts in education. Parent workshops thus focus on the following areas: The home as a classroom, each family member, a teacher. Inquiry techniques to enhance childrens learning at home. Individual learning styles and providing the best conditions for each child. Example An online guided inquiry into the DFC process:

The techniques for the de-stressing and relaxation processes are as above. 4. Educational workshops for learners The processes for learners are experience based. Allowing for a range of learning styles to be met, learners who are kinetic, auditory, visual, tactile, verbal, musical, energetic, soft-spoken etc are each allowed to find their own space within the workshop. Learner workshops include the following areas of focus: Relaxing the body and awakening the peaceful, focussed mind. Regulating behaviour through regular self-observation. Observing the body, mind and heart as the inner teacher. Re-awakening the inner artist and dancer by unleashing creativity. Deep listening and visualising a vision for being the change Whilst similar techniques as above are used, Juanita deepens the Inner School experience with learners in the following ways: 1. Responding to a range of music by allowing the body to follow the varying rhythms. 2. Breathing techniques to calm down after strenuous activity or experiencing heightened emotions. 3. Altering volume, voice, emotions, movement, speech, breath and thoughts in response to music and prompts. 4. Observing the images that come to mind during the guided visualisations and drawing or painting these images. 5. Employing the DFC process to empower learners to listen within and visualise a vision of how they can be responsible citizens, enabling change in their local community. Learner workshops could be class based or assembly visits to engage a whole grade level. About the facilitator A South African, BPrimEd graduate and teacher of twelve years, Juanita has worked in South Africa, South Korea, the UK and the Philippines at government and private schools. After awakening to her purpose, the remembrance of essence and experiencing self-realisation through spontaneous transcendental experiences of enlightenment, she left her job and previous life to dedicate herself to being a bridge within schools and communities. As a teacher she has been sharing powerful healing resonance in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa, empowering people to embody self and thus planetary healing by awakening to their true nature by facilitating various Inner processes. She has been living at Maia Earth Village for the past year, as self-sustainable eco-community that she is co-founding in the Philippines. She is also a Sustainability Educator and graduate of Ecovillage Design through the University of Catalonia and works with individuals and communities seeking to transition to a more harmonious way of living, by reducing energy consumption and becoming more resilient in the face of imminent climate change. Earthing Essence: A video documentary about the facilitator What is the Inner School? In truth the inner school is simply learning that is happening everywhere, with everyone as our teachers and students, as we are equally learning and unlearning, returning to the remembrance of essence. In the Inner School, through the observation of the inner self, we create positive learning experiences simply by observing our own thoughts. By thinking of and seeing our own essence, we allow everyone we come into contact with to remember their own. Speaking to the highest potential of our children allows them to never forget, that which is never forgotten. Who We Really Are and Why We Are Here. Inner School Singapore: A workshop with parents and children For queries and additional information email or call 0027844411166. Visit to find out more about Juanitas awakening process and work experience.